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 'Cos I am the living proof!, 3 characters|2 males+1 female| open pbs
Kaydence Romero
Posted: Sep 11 2011, 06:01 AM

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Group: Lower Class
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cristiano ______

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24-29, lower class , cook / mobster , the gangster with a heart, pb: ramon rodriguez (negotiable)

Okay, Kaydence already referred to him as Cristiano so I'll just use that name. Cristiano was born and raised in Corona to a middle class family. He always was a troubled, yet wild child, trying out drugs and starting rebellions against his parents. Eventually, he got in contact with the wrong people and joined a gang. It was all fun and games for him until he saw his best friend die due to one of the constant gang wars. Since he was present at the crime scene the police arrested him, assuming that he had something to do with the murder of his best friend. However, after few weeks he was released. Traumatized by the current events, he started to isolate himself, locking himself up in his apartment. There was nothing to do in there, after all it was small and wasn't fully furnished. Cris took a knife and started to cut up some vegetables, actually finding joy in that activity. Cris found safety in the culinary arts and started to cook. But due to his past and his rough looks nobody wanted to accept him as an apprentice. Well, except Mr. Ortega, the owner of the Portuguese restaurant where Cris is working as the cook.

And now to their relationship. Kaydence lives in Corona for about seven/eight months now and works as a waitress in the restaurant. Cristiano and Kaydence befriend each other fairly quickly since they are both extroverts (although compared to Kay he is slightly calmer) and they always work the same shifts. How come they work the same shifts? Well, Cristiano developed a crush on Kaydence and since she would always be alone in the restaurant at the end of the day, he asked Mr. Ortega if it would be alright if he shared the shifts with Kay so he could protect her if anything ever happened. Mr. Ortega, not thinking about ulterior thoughts, agrees to the idea. From then on Kay and Cris always have the same shifts and work together. They constantly tease each other and play around, trowing flour at each other's faces. Cristiano will eventually tell Kaydence about his crush on her BECAUSE (and that's where the second character comes in) he is jealous of Kay having a fiance. I'll explain that later...

Anyway. He thinks that he is safe. That the murder of his friend won't effect him anymore. He is wrong because during the time where he is flirting with Kaydence he encounters a former gang member who tells Cristiano that he still has debts to pay to the gang boss which he HAS to pay if not they'll kill him and everybody connected to him. Cris has no other choice but to join them again and starts selling drugs for starters. However, he tries to keep that a secret from Kaydence but he does flirt and goes out with her nevertheless. From that on I don't I would like to let it flow but I do know that Kay's sister will try to interfere and they will get into trouble because of the gang.

So, yeah. I'd like Kaydence to have somebody who has a crush on her because she feels all alone. They don't have to end up as finals because I think that it would be too early to decide such a big thing in Kay's life already. But someone who she can cuddle up to and have roller coaster rides with would be fun.

________ ______

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24-29, upper class , business man , fiance , pb: open

So, whoever played with Kaydence always, or mostly, gets a short glimpse into her family life. Her mother is a little dictator at home while Kay's father is rather chill. ( That's the initial reason why Kay is called the female version of her beloved Dad) Anyway, Kay's mother is totally crazy about getting her children married off. Her oldest son is already married and her oldest daughter is engaged to an famous actor. In Salome's opinion Kaydence is in an eligible age to get married and since Salome knows her daughter, meaning that Kay isn't ready to get married and tied to a person, Salome decides to take matters into her own hands. She went to a dating agency to find THE man for her youngest daughter and eventually found a young and wealthy business man who has trouble to find the perfect bride himself. Salome tells him that Kaydence would be ready to marry him, generally tempts him to ask for Kay's hand in marriage which he does for some odd reasons (Kay's mother is damn persistent and convincing). However, he doesn't tell Mrs. Romero that he was going to seek Kaydence to finally meet her.

And that's were the story hits off. I'll call him Jim for now. He arrives in Corona and tries to find his future bride but can't (after all she is just a poor lower class person). Eventually he sees her when she has one of her singing jobs at the venue. He follows her outside and introduces himself but Kaydence doesn't believe him and starts laughing and leaves. He follows her home but she refuses to talk to him since she thinks that he is a crazy stalker or something of that like. Then she goes to her second job, the restaurant where he appears during the course of the day and wants to talk to her. Kaydence finally thought about the encounter and figures that it was her mother's fault, so she agrees to talk to him and perhaps even spends some time with him. Don't worry, Jim is not in love with Kaydence, he just wanted a wife for prestige aspects. However, Cristiano misunderstands the situation, after all Kay told him about it, and gets jealous. I think at some point it could come to a physical hassle between the men but Kay settles the matter. Kaydence tells Jim that she doesn't want to be married and that it was all a big misunderstanding from her mother's side. Of course Jim is slightly disappointed that he can't bring a wife to his home but he sees that he and Kaydence can become friends. They annul their engagement and Jim keeps on living in Corona, enjoying the change of location.

This is a plot I always wanted to play since I imagine it as hilarious when her mother takes over her daughter's life and decides that she should have a husband.

candece vanessa sousa romero

user posted image

27, upper class , socialite / TV host , the older estranged sister , pb: open

Now I want to expand the Romero family. I am requesting Kaydence's older sister, Candece Vanessa Sousa Romero. The name is NOT negotiable because Candy's and Kay's similar names are a running gag in the family. I want to see some sister action between them because they aren't THAT close. SO, a little background. Kay and Candy are the daughters of Antonio and Salome Sousa Romero. Candece looks like her mother, she has blonde hair and green eyes. During the time when their father was in war (he was a soldier) they were the best friends and always held together. However, when they moved to Germany and attended school their paths split. Kaydence kept on attending school while Candece dropped out and started her career as a model and TV show host. With 23 Candy decided to go to America and try her luck there. Up til now she appeared as a guest star in many series, is a TV show host and due to her engagement to an actor, she is living the wealthy life of a socialite. Right now she lives in Corona, just like her younger sister. She sees Kaydence walking around the city from time to time but didn't find the courage to talk to her sister since they aren't at the best terms. Candece always mocked Kaydence and disrespected her for being not as popular as her, of course Kay isn't an innocent lamb and shared her part in their estranged relationship. And since Candece left Germany (making Kaydence 21 and attending the university) the sisters haven't talked to each other.

I know it's sad so I want them to rekindle that relationship. Since Kaydence is stubborn she won't do the first step and would wait for her sister to do it, Kay has the feeling that she would disturb Candece's life. Of course Candy has to stay true to her rather bitchy and snobbish personality but this is her baby sister we are talking about. The best time for them to rekindle would be when the fiance incident occurs so they could share few laughs about their mother and Salome's crazy plan. And during the time when Kay has to cope with Cristiano's crush on her, then they have a Gilmore Girl likish relationship. Then one day Candy sees Cristiano selling drugs on the streets, of course she knows about the little thing that her baby sister and the cook have and tries to warn her sister who doesn't believe her and thinks that Candece doesn't want her to be happy. Again Kaydence cuts of all connections to her sister but this time Candece doesn't let go and wants to save her sister from Cristiano.

Her PB is open because the Romero children differ from each other greatly although they all three have the same parents (can be seen in Kay's darker features and Candy's lighter features). Who knows, perhaps I might invade this site with the whole Romero family, ha ha.

For any information about Kaydence -> her app!
Just reply to this thread if you have any interest in making Kaydence less lonely (:

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