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Nikki Jordan - October 22, 2011 10:50 PM (GMT)
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<div class="appname">SUMMER NICOLE JORDAN</div>

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<div class="appstats">25 (July 5), TAKEN, HETEROSEXUAL, MUSICIAN, UPPER</div><br>

<div class="appheader">Come take a walk on the wild side</div>

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This is a girl you’ll either really love or really hate. Maybe you’ll find medium ground somewhere, but that probably means you haven’t spent enough time with her. <b>Honesty</b> is definitely her most dominant personality trait. Some may even say she’s too honest, but Nikki isn’t really sure there is such a thing. Being blunt, yes, she is guilty of that. Her words are usually very carefully thought out - and she never talks just to talk - but no matter what she always says what's on her mind, and you can always rely on her to tell you how it is. The way she sees it, if you’re not being honest, then you’re lying and/or hiding something, which just leads to trouble. And if there’s anything she doesn’t need in her life, it’s drama and trouble.<br><br>

Nikki’s <b>independence</b> is something to be admired. If you’re someone close to her, it’s something to get frustrated over, too. The girl just won’t let people help her. The idea of having to rely on people to make it through doesn’t sit well with her, so she does her best to do everything on her own. Every once in a while, there are times when she does need help. After all, she’s only human. However, if she’s letting you help her – and especially if she’s asking you for it – then it’s likely that the situation is serious and she’s already exhausted all of her other options.<br><br>

She may not like to rely on people, but she still loves them. Meeting people and making new friends are something she never gets tired of. Her <b>friendly</b> and <b>outgoing</b> disposition make those things easy for her to do, and they're especially helpful for when she has to do interviews, as a journalist and an entertainer. It may not seem like it, but she does keep her friends at somewhat of a distance, and not just when it comes to helping her out. There are, though, those select few who worm their way into her heart and inner circle. Those are the ones she considers her family and would do anything for.<br><br>

<b>Compassion</b> has always been a strong suit for her. She's a great listener and a good shoulder to cry on. However, she's not going to coddle anyone. If you whine and complain about every little thing or bring bad situations upon yourself, then there's really not much she can or will do for you. She tries to be <b>empathetic</b> and <b>sensitive</b> when dealing with people going through a rough time, but in some situations, tough love is the only effective method, and she's been known to use it.<br><br>

Back in the day, Nikki was definitely one to love a good party. She had a wild side – not a promiscuous side – just a regular partygirl side. Good music, some alcohol, and awesome people were all she needed to have a great night. At 25, she still has fun nights out, but staying in has become more her thing. She's not a total <b>homebody</b>, but she has definitely come to appreciate the comfort of being home. It should be noted that when she is drunk, she does tend to become more blunt, if that’s possible. And her mouth has gotten her into trouble a couple of times.<br><br>

In terms of relationships, romantic or not, Nikki is far from the clingy type. Her independent attitude carries over everywhere, and though she may love the people in her life, she likes room to breathe. However, that doesn’t mean she dislikes physical contact. She’s a hugging machine, so don’t say you haven’t been warned. Nikki can’t be more of a man than her boyfriend. That means the chances of her investing time in a guy who’s overly lovey-dovey or who is constantly feeding her cheesy lines are slim. Not to say that she isn’t a sucker for cute or romantic gestures, but she isn’t looking for the typical prince charming. Basically, hearing “I love you, you loser” is much more appealing to her than, “I love you so much, bby, I can’t live without you<3<3<3”<br><br>

Random tidbits:<br>
She rarely swears. At most, she'll throw out a "badass" or something else minor. She has to be pretty angry to make anything truly vulgar come out of her mouth.<br>
She appreciates people who can loosen up, have fun, and not care about what people are going to say. Life's too short to let yourself be embarrassed. If she spent all her time worrying about what people said about her, she'd never get on stage.<br>
Unless it's challenging her independence, she's pretty good about compromising. She's steadfast in her viewpoints, but she's not nearly as stubborn as people seem to be these days.<br>
Lose her trust, and you won't get it back. Not without a fight at least.<br>
Don't take advantage of her kindness. It just won't end well.<br>
She harbors a love for Harry Potter, N'SYNC, Saved by the Bell, and classic Disney. No shame.


<div class="appbox3"><div class="appsubhead"">LIKES</div><div class="appwrite2">

family, friends, music, playing the piano, writing, journalism, New York City, the South, traveling, Starbucks, performing, Reeses, dogs, text messages, movies, fireworks, chapstick, going out, staying in, giving gifts for no reason, ice cream, shopping, vintage fashion<BR><BR>
blue eyes, nice smile, good sense of humor, independent, musically-inclined, family-oriented, protective, intelligent, goofy, sweet, compassion, doesn't let her push him around


<div class="appbox3"><div class="appsubhead">DISLIKES</div><div class="appwrite2">

flying, spiders, drugs, a loss of control, gossip, lying, cheaters, ignorance, discrimination, losing sleep, obnoxious alarms, people who judge others for trivial things, McDonald’s, cigarettes, addicts, politics, cattiness, getting sick<BR><BR>
arrogant, shorter than her, ignorant, no personal hygiene, clingy, addict, dishonest, uptight, possessive, lazy, conceited, no spine


<br><div class="appheader">No one even knows how hard life was</div>

<table width="500px"><tr valign="top"><td><div class="appbox2"><div class="appsubhead">HISTORY</div><div class="appwrite">

<img src="" height="200" align="left">Mitchell and Valerie Jordan moved around a lot before settling in Corona in the mid-eighties. They wanted to experience the world before starting their family because they had always been told that once they had kids, they’d never get the chance. It was true that their partying was put to an end, but the adventure never stopped. In fact, once their daughters, who are only a little less than two years apart, were born, they seemed to be going constantly. Dance rehearsals/recitals, music lessons, and sports took up the majority of their time. They kept busy and did their best to do everything they could to give their girls a privileged lifestyle and plenty of opportunities to do whatever they dreamed of for the future.<br><br>

<img src="" width="200" align="right"> While Daniele took the education route and planned on enrolling at a top-tier university, a sixteen-year-old, starry-eyed Nikki decided to finish up high school early and devote her time to her band. Most parents might have tried to persuade their kids to re-think decisions like that, but her parents encouraged her. They even pushed it, wanting her to do what would make her happy. Soon, the band started writing more seriously, investing time in the studio, and doing local shows. After releasing a self-recorded EP, they signed to an indie label and started touring. It was three of the best years of her life, filled with a lot of memories and lessons learned. After some time, though, things started to slip away, stealing her joy of being in the band. It wasn’t until one of her bandmates lost his life to drugs and alcohol and another one’s ego got just a little too big, that she finally gave up music for good just shy of her twentieth birthday. It was hard, but touring and the “rockstar life” just didn’t appeal to her anymore. Instead, she took her love and knowledge of music to AP Magazine.<br><br>

<img src="" width="200" align="Left">She spent four happy years there, working her way up from intern to editor. It wasn't a bad gig at all, and Nikki found herself genuinely content for the first time since in a while. Working at the magazine allowed her to immerse herself in music without the drama of getting caught up in its poisonous lifestyle. She even got to crash a tour or two, which she loved, especially when she didn't have to deal with the pressure of performing. During her free time, or whenever one of her friends talked her into it, Nikki found herself dabbling in music again. After all, it had been a part of her for so long that she could just drop the performing aspect of it entirely. Therefore, she would write or sing something here and there, but it was never on a professional level.<br><br>

<img src="" width="200" align="right"> Despite the time she spent away on tour, most people, including herself, probably thought she’d never leave Corona. After all, why would she? Her family was here, her friends were here, and her job was here. She had everything she needed. However, after a short stint on tour with her best friends – something that took a lot of coaxing, since she hadn’t done it in years – she had the sudden desire for change. So as soon as she started talking to a few musicians she had known previously through work and her old band, she took a leave from AP, packed up, and trekked across the country to settle in Nashville with Austin, his brother, and two other members of their new band. It was only supposed to be temporary. Write and record the album with the band, then come back to Corona. But a few months went by, the album was finished, and she still found herself in Tennessee. Now it’s over a year later, and she’s still there. She misses her friends and family dearly, but things feel right for her. But she’s coming back to Corona. Well, not <i>back</i>, back. She’s making her way homebound for the holidays. Whether or not she’ll stay… That’s to be determined.



<div class="appbox4"><div class="appsubhead">FAMILY</div><div class="appwrite3">

<img src="" width="100"><br>
Mitchell Jordan<br><br>
<img src="" width="100"><br>
Valerie (St. May) Jordan<br><br>
<img src="" width="100"><br>
Daniele Jordan<br><br>

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<br><div class="appname">DEV</div>

<div class="appstats">EAST COAST</div>

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If, at the beginning of the night, someone told Sierra she would be in this situation, she'd shake her head and laugh. She wasn't the jealous girlfriend; she never had been and she swore she never would be. Therefore, for her, this was one of those unexpected moments that always seemed like some surreal bad dream when she was in them. However, this was no bad dream. Surreal, maybe, but 1oo% real. She shook her head when she saw him struggling for an answer. <b>”Don’t worry about it. I’m not trying to guilt you."</b> She started to do busywork so that she had a "reason" to avoid his gaze. It was the first time she was ever glad to see a basket of laundry that needed to be folded. <b>"I just… It was just something I had in my head.”</b> Sierra wanted to emphasize that this wasn’t supposed to be a guilt trip. One, because it really wasn’t. And two, because she didn’t want him saying things just because he felt bad. That’d make it even worse. "Here, let me tell you what you want to hear because I'm making you sad for no reason." Yeah, that wasn't at all what she wanted.<br><br>

Suddenly putting down the t-shirt she was folding, she turned to look at him. If she had been in his shoes, she would have probably thought she had a revelation. In reality, the girl's brain was just catching up with the emotions flying out of her mouth, and she felt like she needed to offer some logical reasoning to combat the ridiculousness of earlier. <b>”I know how I get in relationships. I’m selfish. It’s the one time I’m truly selfish and fully willing to admit it.”</b> Really. Honestly. It’d be the only time that confession came out of her mouth. <b>”And I guess that… I don’t know, I feel like I’m sharing you.”</b> Sierra knew he wasn’t sleeping with anyone or anything like that. That’s not what she meant. But in an emotional sense, it was kind of like Michelle was his second girlfriend, and that was difficult to deal with. She shook her head again. <b>”Wow, sounds even more ridiculous out loud.”</b> The words were an afterthought muttered under her breath. But once they were out, she was back to avoiding eye contact, picking up the shirt she had dropped moments before. A part of her hoped he would get fed up and walk away, but she knew the chances of that were slim.

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