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Meredith Sexsmith - September 28, 2011 12:51 AM (GMT)
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<div class="appname">MEREDITH LYNN SEXSMITH</div>

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<div class="appheader">Come take a walk on the wild side</div>

<table width="500px"><tr valign="top"><td><div class="appbox2"><div class="appsubhead">PERSONALITY</div><div class="appwrite">

Just like every great story has two sides, so does Meredith. There's the side that most see, and then there’s the side of her when her father is around or she's representing her mother's charity, or the family name. But overall she is a determined young women who does her best to go above and beyond in everything she does. Like most people she has her moments of craziness, but it all depends on whom she is with and where, after all she has her families name to up hold.
Now, the side of the twenty three year old you'll see at first glance all depends on her mood. Normally she's a happy go lucky person who goes after what she wants, be it a job or a man. Either way she's determined to get what she wants. Most people think she's the type of girl you'd want to take home to meet your mother, but really you probably wouldn't. She's a tease and a flirt. She's not afraid to admit that she likes her men older, usually ten or so years her senior, but really as long as their single she's willing to take a second glance. Yes, she may flirt a lot but really she can't help who she is. Just don't ask her about relationships, they're just not her thing at all. You'd think with two parents so madly in love she'd be all for settling down and finding the one, but that's far from the truth. She avoids relationships at all costs. She doesn't really know why she is so afraid of falling in love, but she's quiet content with keeping her heart under lock and key while she's sleeping around. To her a relationship just means being tied down and having traveled from city to city her entire life Meredith is not the type of girl to settle for one place for long, let alone a person.
Now if you're lucky enough to catch Meredith when she's around her parents, mostly her father, you'll find she's a completely different person. She's the apple of her father's eye, his little princess and she's plans to keep it that way as long as possible. She doesn't need her father to know that she floats from bed to bed of different men, or that she likes her men older then her. No, he doesn't need to know that his little girl isn't such a good girl after all. But when he's around she tends to act like a goody two shoes. She's not uptight, but she does watch where she steps. She doesn’t' want to break her father's heart, because deep down she knows that he'd be heart broken to find out what his daughter is really like. He's already lost his son to the life style of New York, he doesn't want to lose his baby girl to the one of California.
All in all, at first glance Meredith is a quirky hard working women who would do anything for those she cares about. She's a total sweet heart who knows how to get what she wants and usually goes for it. Just don't get her mad, because the girl's got a rather nasty temper and she's not afraid to hold a grudge for more then a few days; some even years. But if you take the time to get to know her past the flirtatious outer core she can be the best friend you'll ever have.


<div class="appbox3"><div class="appsubhead"">LIKES</div><div class="appwrite2">
  • Cars
  • Dogs
  • Thunder Storms
  • The Beach
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Travelling
  • Walking
  • Painting
  • Her Family
  • Goals In Life
  • Good Hygiene
  • Sense of Humor
  • Nice Eyes & Hair
  • Older

<div class="appbox3"><div class="appsubhead">DISLIKES</div><div class="appwrite2">
  • Driving
  • Popsicles
  • Birds
  • Spiders
  • Kool-Aid
  • Most Television
  • Socks
  • Pencils
  • Newer Cars
  • Cats
  • Cheaters
  • Bad Hygiene
  • Extremely Vane
  • Huge Ego
  • Arrogant

<br><div class="appheader">No one even knows how hard life was</div>

<table width="500px"><tr valign="top"><td><div class="appbox2"><div class="appsubhead">HISTORY</div><div class="appwrite">

Growing up with a famous father who was constantly touring with his band; The Stray Cats, and a mother who was running her own charity; Future Endeavors, was difficult for Meredith and her brother Jordon, but none the less the Sexsmith family managed to make it work. Ryder often made sure that his band, The Stray Cats, always had at least a month long break every four months so that his children could live at least somewhat of a normal life. Yes, their father was constantly playing shows at night and sleeping during the day and their mother on the phone or in meetings, the two children were never really alone. They had a nanny and their grandparents to keep them company and help with there schooling. Since his family was the most important thing to him Ryder made sure that both his children got to have as normal as a life as possible. Often they were both pulled out of school for a week or two at a time, due to their father traveling over seas. But still no matter how much school they missed, neither child could complain. They got to live pretty much all over the world, having homes in Corona Heights, Honolulu, New York and Paris. But no matter where they currently called home Corona Heights would always be the home of the Sexsmith family, it was the place where Ryder, Angela, their children and parents were all born. It would have most likely been their home year round had Ryder's band not gotten a record deal.
As she got older school got harder, due to her families life style. Neither her nor her brother wanted to be away from their parents or friends for that long, so it was difficult. Ryder even had the idea of taking a break for four years while they wished highs school, but both Meredith and Jordon insisted he continue doing what he loved. They'd make it work, they always did. Now, Jordon took the opportunity to travel with his father, spending his days int eh back of a tour bus doing his school work. While Meredith chose to stay home in Corona Heights with her grandparents so she could have as much as a normal life during high school as possible. Relationships were never Meredith's strong point, but when she was fifteen she met Mitchell. The two hit it off right from the get-go. They dated for two years. Everyone thought they were the golden couple, that they'd get married and grow old together. But shortly after her seventeenth birthday the pair broke up. Telling everyone it was on mutual terms. Less than four days after the break up Mitchell up and disappeared. Now, only a select few actually know what happened to Mitchell, where he went, why him and Meredith really broke up.
Now when she was twenty her father decided it was time for him to settle down and spend more time with his lovely wife, so the two packed up and moved to Paris, leaving Meredith with their home in Corona, while her brother romped around New York. Really, not one of the members of her family no the whereabouts of her older brother besides that he's somewhere in New York. They also know the fact that he did marry a hooker and the couple now have two year old twins, Cassie and Grace. It doesn't really bother Meredith all that much, because once the two kids hit their teen years the siblings grew apart. Yes they were extremely close growing up, but really it was all the attention they had. But now that their older the two haven't talked in years.
Now that her parents are off frolicking around Paris, her mother still managing her charity over seas. Meredith has completely taken over their Corona Heights home, making it as much her's as possible. Also, she's helping out her mother by organizing events for the charity in the states.


<div class="appbox4"><div class="appsubhead">FAMILY</div><div class="appwrite3">
  • Ryder Sexsmith, Father, Retired Rock Star
  • Angella Sexsmith, Mother, Retired Photographer And Founder Of The Future Endeavors Charity
  • Jordon Sexsmith, Brother, Twenty Five, Unknown
  • Nikki Sexsmith, Sister In Law, Twenty Two, Unknown
  • Cassie & Grace Sexsmith, Nieces, Three, Unknown
  • <a href="">Luke & Ivy</a>

<br><div class="appname">SARA!</div>

<div class="appstats">TIME LORD, LOOK BELOW, MARS</div>
Darcey Hammond, Ferguson Banks<br>Robert Alamain, Sebastien Beauregard

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Meredith Sexsmith - September 28, 2011 12:55 AM (GMT)
tada. tis finished my loves.

Skylar Randolph - September 28, 2011 01:36 AM (GMT)
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