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  1. somebody calls you you answer quiet slowly
  2. do me a favor, baby
  3. I've Been Dying to Reach You
  4. words, wars, and symphonies
  5. do you hear that?
  6. converstion is a lost art
  7. kiss me through the phone }
  8. "I'm gonna toss this thing into a vat of acid.."
  9. whisper sweet nothings_//
  10. dwelling place for demons
  11. sometimes i talk like a turnstile
  12. what's up doc?
  13. Scream & Shout
  14. it's never too late to call you
  15. But You and Your Heart
  16. all good naysayers, speak up
  17. sing another sha-la-la-la
  18. can you hear me now?
  19. ring, ring,
  20. cardboard box stalker
  21. i've been talking to the wall
  22. reaching for the phone
  23. hello, hello, hello?
  24. call me,
  25. call me irresponsible
  26. Hello Sunshine,

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