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Title: Callismon

NathanS - October 30, 2009 03:42 AM (GMT)
General Statistics

General Information
[Species Type] Callismon
[Attribute] Virus
[Elemental] Decay
[Level] Mega
[Type] Artificial
[Subtype] Synthetic Beast

Locational Statistics
[Mirage Island] Murkwood Bog, Mon Omega (higher cliffs)
[Another Side] Vestibule


[Normal Drop]
[Data Drain]

Digivolution Chain
[From] Minotarumon
[To] unknown

Combat Statistics

Total 25,550/30,000
[Hit Points] 7000
[Data Points] 140
[Strength] 5500
[Defense] 6000
[Focus] 2500
[Constitution] 3050
[Speed] 1500


[Special Attacks]
Passive (lvl#): Bear Rage
When Callismon drops below one half of his hit points he gains +xx to his attacks

[Normal Attack 1] Rodeo Bullet
Elemental. Decay. Damage, effects
Callismon fires energy bullets of decay energy from the three-barrel gun on his right arm.

[Normal Attack 2] Deep Forest
Physical. Non-Elemental. Damage, effects
Callismon lashes out his enemies with his clawed hand.

[Finisher] Bear Bite
Physical. Decay. Damage, effects
Callismon bites his enemy with a mouth filled with salvia charged with decay energy.

[Standard Defense] Name
Prevents xx physical Gun Shield
Callismon blocks incoming attacks with his large gun hand.

[Mental Defense] Demonic Beast
Prevents xx elemental damage
Decay energy wraps around Callismon and, um decays incoming attacks.


Miscellaneous Information
[Climate / Terrain] Dark, lightly wooded
[Frequency] Highly Rare
[Organization] Single
[Activity Cycle] Nocturnal
[Intelligence] Sapient, moderate

Night Vision: Powerful
Decay Channeling, Powerful
Heightened Senses, Mastered

Special Ability
Demonic Ancestry
The dark energy in Callismon increases when a demon digimon is on the battlefield increasing his attacks by +xx.

Umbra Walker: Callismon powers are halved while in daylight
Acute Light Weak: Callismon sustains +xx damage from light-element attacks, regardless of the level of the attacking digimon.

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