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Title: A L B U S . Whispers
Description: Phase 02.0x.01

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:52 AM (GMT)
The nature of the original structure was now almost impossible to perceive; apparently, AngeKikota's accelerated growth had overrun the keep quite some time ago, and various sections of it had broken apart, now suspended among the branches of what had once been a small copse of trees. A path had been cut through the immense, now bamboo-like grasses of the Plains leading to a stair constructed at the base of one of the massive trees; walkways were suspended between the shattered pieces of the original building, but the adaptation of the stronghold to its new surroundings seemed to still be in progress, workers moving or flying around, operating lifts and ropes to raise the now-abundant building materials to higher levels. Vines and oversized flowers of a myriad of bright colors had carpeted the ground and sprouted up the sides of the trees; with the yellowish light filtering down from above, it was actually quite beautiful.

AngeKikota had radioed ahead to let his sister know he was coming, under the pretense of delivering a personal apology for the havoc his actions had wrought on her stronghold. In truth, he did not want Luxis studying the extent or nature of his forest too closely; she was the only one of his siblings who had been directly effected by his unnatural growth so far, and though from what he knew of the girl it was not in her nature to concern herself with such things, it was best to be sure she would not jeopardize his plans. He had left his Cathedral some distance away, high in the sky above the Plains, so as not to alarm her, and had come alone despite Asylum's protests. His detour from Kikota's ultimate destination was a slight annoyance, but he could travel much faster than the Overlord in his current condition, and so had plenty of time to concern himself with other matters for the moment.

As AngeKikota approached the foot of the ascending path, two guards barred his path -- a pair of Gazimon, no more than a nuisance; most likely the real defenders of Luxis' hold were elsewhere. AngeKikota could have simply flown straight into the canopy, but he felt it best to observe the formalities and let events play out by Luxis' book for the moment. The Gazimon glanced at each other, visibly nervous, as he stopped before them.

"I have come to call on your mistress," he announced politely; it was difficult but not impossible to keep his annoyance at their lack of respect in check. Hopefully the guards had been informed of his impending arrival, but from what he had heard of Luxis Sussurae, she had a tendency to let whimsy and caprice govern her actions.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:52 AM (GMT)
"Luxis?" one of the Gazimon growled, looking over to the other. "Did she say she was expecting anybody?"
"Not to my memory..." The one looked back to AngeKikota, giving him a brief once-over before turning to the other, "but I'll bet this one of her siblings." The rabbit tilted his head slightly. "I'd be right, right?" His inquiry was a little confused, but definitely sincere.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:52 AM (GMT)
"Indeed; I am AngeKikota, Lord of the Crystal Cathedral." With a gesture, the heavy bamboo stalks parted briefly to reveal his shining stronghold hovering in the distance. "I am afraid that I am responsible for the current state of her keep; I have come to offer my apologies, and perhaps render assistance in its reconstruction." AngeKikota allowed the tall grasses to fall back in place, returning his gaze to the rabbit who had addressed him. "I spoke to Luxis briefly before my arrival, but I did not really expect a welcoming party, considering your mistress' habits. If someone could simply take me to her, I would be grateful." The urge to render judgement on these two impudent Rookies ahead of schedule was tempting, but as always AngeKikota kept his expression benign. He was not like most of his siblings; unnecessary violence was not an attractive means of accomplishing his mission.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:52 AM (GMT)
"Oh-- oh!" one exclaimed suddenly, and with a sharp hand-signal motioned for the other to stand aside. He bowed slightly, looking up again and murmuring: "Of course. Of course... yes. Please, follow us. She's been overlooking the restructuring of the Keep."
He began to move forward, stopping after a few paces to pull aside one of the Gizamon and relay instructions. With a nod, the Gizamon hopped off, taking his position at one of the pulleys. The Gazimon turned toward the seraphim and bowed, indicating the wooden platform that would lead them up to the canopy.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:52 AM (GMT)
The makeshift elevator was a crude way to ascend to the upper reaches of the newborn forest, but following his Gizamon guide was much easier than searching the entire area for Luxis himself -- and more polite, considering AngeKikota was in his sister's territory now. Nodding at the rabbit with a smile, he stepped gracefully onto the platform and clasped his hands behind his back, tilting his head back a bit and meditating on his surroundings as the lift began rising.

Tasting the subtle but strong streams of Creation energy around him, AngeKikota briefly wondered what had become of Luxis' target. He had not heard much about the Human girl since he had finished commandeering Angel Island. Surely Luxis hadn't had much time to track her down if she had been busy rebuilding here... unless she had already finished her tasks before his own interference had sidetracked her.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:52 AM (GMT)
Blue Embers began to dance around on the ground below AngeKikota in a very fast manner. This immidiately got the Gizamon attention and scared him into accidently letting the pulley go. The Fires then began to dance more rapidly and moved towards the Gizamon as it began to take form of Edge. Edge grabbed the pulley with one hand to keep it from letting the canopy fall. He then looked at the little Rabbit with a smile as motioned him to come back to what he was doing, "Sorry for the scare, I always make entrances like this."
Edge then looked up at AngeKikota, who was looking down at him in distaste because of the momentary canopy. A slight mist then began to form around Edge quickly as Kai began to form in a much smaller size than usual. He made his serpent body as small as a snake as he wrapped around Edge to mimic his Dragon Tattoo. Edge then began to speak to AngeKikota, "My mistake for scaring the Gizamon, coming to visit Luxis as well?"

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:52 AM (GMT)
"Guess that makes it a party."
The Gazimon looked up, stunned, as the small conveyor locked into position near the top of the canopy. There was more light up here, the branches above were thinner, but the way was still little more than dappled with sunlight. Standing at the top, smiling down to her siblings as they rose, was Pandora.
She closed her eyes and nodded, opening them again and jerking up slightly in order to give a small wave of acknowledgement to AngeKikota. "I'm sorry I never said a proper hello," she said easily, stepping away from the platform and back, motioning for both of them to move ahead of her along the branch-cum-platform. She removed her glasses and quickly wiped the lenses off on the corner of her shirt, replacing them and looking further along the branch, toward the hollowed-out trunk of the tree. "Although I wasn't really hear for Luxis. I more got curious as to why there was a massive forest in the middle of the Plains."

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:52 AM (GMT)
Edge looked up to Pandora... and then over to AngeKikota. He let of a slight smile, "I just thought good brother here getting out of church for once was a miracle in itself. Then I remembered that I came by the Plains not to long ago and i completely forgot to pay Luxis a visit. I have no problems socializing with my siblings except for one in particular."
Kai then snaked her neck forward to speak, "Master AngeKikota, Master Pandora. Great to see you two once again. You two have any urgent plans after checking out things here?" Kai asked.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:53 AM (GMT)
"Hardly," she said nonchalantly. "I was heading for the Freezeland -- check up on Abikari, if she happened to still be there -- but I got distracted when I noticed a large swath of forest mysteriously infringing on the Endless Plains-- and the mountain, come to think of it." She looked over to AngeKikota curiously. "What did I miss during my prolonged absence?"

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:53 AM (GMT)
Edge's eyes dimmed slighty, "Checking up on Abikari... hmm. Interesting" He then smiled at Pandora before his eyes returned to their natural gleaming state. He then turned to AngeKikota as his happy expression died. He awaited for him to speak.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:53 AM (GMT)
"Ah... this forest is my doing," AngeKikota explained, gracing his brother and sister with a polite smile. The fact that two more of his siblings had happened to take an interest in Luxis' stronghold at the same time he had chosen to visit was an unfortunate coincidence -- at least, he was willing to assume it was for the moment -- but AngeKikota immediately decided to turn the situation to his advantage; now he could discover if any of the three were getting suspicious of him at once, insure that they didn't catch on to his personal agenda, and dispel any doubts they might have of his loyalty to their master. "I am afraid I may have gotten a bit overzealous in making things more challenging for my counterpart; it was difficult to keep my own powers in check after using them on such a scale for the first time, but I have brought the growth under control now." Letting a frown play across his lips as he glanced at Edge -- his siblings would expect him to be annoyed by his pointlessly flashy entrance, after all -- he continued. "I have some time before I need to check on Kikota again, so I thought it prudent to call on Luxis and see if I could make amends for the effects my actions have had on her stronghold."

"Luxis is just inside here," their guide murmured as he gestured to a wide, ornate wodden door set in part of the original building, reluctant to interrupt their conversation. AngeKikota turned to Pandora, a genuine smile playing across his face as he stopped before the portal. He had kept an eye on his sister at first since her re-emergence, but the girl seemed to be adapting well enough to her new incarnation.

"Last I saw Abikari, she was assaulting the Imperial castle with Odin and Zaqueia; you may wish to ask one of them about the seige, as I was merely an observer, but I am sure it is quite a story. However, I must admit I am curious... your own fate seems unique among the rest of us, and I find myself wishing our master's plans would allow me such an experience... what was death and ressurection like, sister Pandora?"

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:53 AM (GMT)
Edge sighed as he walked towards the portal, He hit the Gizamon on top of its head with a gentle closed fist, "loosen up pal, not all Antis are crazy... I think." He then turn back to face AngeKikota "Didn't something like this appear next the mountains of Mons Omega as well? To be more precise my home of Flare Crater? I would think since you were closer to Flare Crater I would of got an apology first, unless your are truely a gentleman and believe in ladies first?" A smile cracked across Edge's face.
"As far as our sister's case, I'm just happy to see her reborn more than worrying about the logics of how it felt. That question you just asked her seemed to be more along Zaqueia's line of thinking, and if my memory serves me right Angels such as yourself usually just do as they are told. The only Angel that I can think of that showed as much curiosity and "accidental" flexes of power as you do AngeKikota was named... Lucifer I believe. He defied his master, God, and we all knew what happened to him."
Edge's eyes turned serious for only a faction of a second, before turning back into his usual playful state, "I have to much time to read Bible data in that lonely volcano of mines.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:53 AM (GMT)
"Ah, but you'll recall I am not actually an angel," he replied, returning Edge's playful tone. Though he hadn't interacted with him (or anyone else) very much, AngeKikota had found Edge was really one of his more tolerable siblings, unlike a few others he could name -- much less cold and violent. However, he seemed to be fairly insightful... "And our master is no God, or he would have no need of us, his children, to do his work. Still, his power and wisdom are undeniable. I would follow him to the ends of this world and the next if he asked it of me." He chose his next words carefully. "I was above Mons Omega at the time; of course it was the epicenter of the growth. But since the vegetation did not actually breach the borders of the Crater, it did not occur to me that it might have caused you any trouble. If it did, I apologize." His smile faded to a more neutral expression. "But should you really be so surprised in my interest in the afterlife, Edge, when you have just compared me to a celestial being? Speaking of Zaquiea, however... Pandora, this is something else you may be unaware of. The ninja has openly betrayed us and our master, claiming to serve the will of another. As a matter of fact, I have met this 'Orochimaru' personally; in the guise of our brother, he paid a visit to my Cathedral and tried to coerce me into his service as well." Seeing Edge's surprise, he shook his head quickly. "I reported the event to our master immediately afterwards; if he did not relay its specifics to the rest of you, he surely had his reasons. I am not sure what hold Orochimaru has over our brother, or what their ultimate aims may be; at the moment, their actions seem to be rather random, and..." AngeKikota trailed off as he realized Asylum was trying to contact him. "A moment, please." His eyes lost focus as he turned his attention to his partner. What is wrong? You seem distressed, Asylum.

I have been monitoring events on the island as you commanded, my Lord, the archangel replied quickly. Something ominous is happening. Your brothers and sisters turn against each other! AngeKikota's expression became troubled as Asylum relayed the information. Returning to the conversation at hand, he clasped both of his siblings urgently by the shoulder.

"We must speak to Luxis immediately. I have very distubing news to share with all of you. It seems open fighting has broken out between our brethren -- what could have driven Odin and Abikari to turn against us? First Zaquiea, and now this..." Why is our master doing nothing to forestall this? Surely he would have forseen it... there must be a reason, some part of his grand plan... after all, Pandora's death served a purpose... could he have encouraged them to kill Koudet and Artemis? But why, when they...

When they are the ones who have accomplished their missions? Could it be that the master has no further use for them? AngeKikota could not forestall the dark suspicions creeping at the back of his thoughts, but he was reluctant to share them with Pandora and Edge. He needed to make sure they did not see any betrayal in him as well, and any words that put their creator's motives in doubt would look bad for him... however... "Edge, you have captured your opposite, correct?" He, too, might be in danger... AngeKikota glanced warily at Pandora. Is there some other reason for your presence here? Have you been tasked to fraternicide as well?

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:54 AM (GMT)
Edge began to shift uneasily as he looked back to Pandora and then back to AngeKikota, "You mean Nova? He's captured but he isn't dead or anything. I rather keep him around, I don't dislike him or anything and it maybe fun to fight with the orginal me every now and then, but getting ride of him all together makes me feel uneasy."
Kai then snaked his neck forward to AngeKikota as Nova turned back to to Pandora. Kai then began to address AngeKikota, "Why are you interested in Nova's condition all of a sudden Master AngeKikota?"

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:54 AM (GMT)
"Death," she said slowly, "is rather unimpressive; hurts quite a bit before the fact and during it it's little more than cold. And afterward, there's nothing; as you can probably imagine. Being reborn is almost as unexciting; just like... waking up." She managed a faraway smile. "Of course, we're little more than data constructs; it might be more interesting if our mortality were more... final. As for Abikari, I've never actually met her; I was more curious than anything to see what she's like."

She listened to him first relay the informaton on Zaqueia, and waited for an opportunity to give input. However, he was cut off -- no doubt having a conversation with his Digimon -- before relaying the next bit of information.

"Yes... Zaquiea. And the others." She nodded, looking off into the distance, in the general direction of the Bog. "Zaquiea I can't account for. I have a feeling that time will require us to eliminate him, but for now...he seems to be doing relatively minimal harm."

Unfortunate, she thought darkly. Of all your edits, Master, this is the only one I wonder about. And anticipate.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:54 AM (GMT)
Edge responded stiffly in body language to just hearing Zaquiea's name. There had always been something about that guy that just made Edge want to throw him in a pool of lava and watch him burn. However, there was a time and place for everything, Ninja-boy had to wait.

Edge patted Pandora and AngeKikota on the shoulder then smiled, "You two can have a interesting conversation about death and rebirth all you want, but I rather not be involved with dying. In a conversation or in digital reality. I'm going in to see Luxis." Edge then turned and began to walk towards the portal-like entrance. Kai said his goodbye to both Pandora and AngeKikota as well, and then the pair where gone.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:55 AM (GMT)
AngeKikota stepped inside on Edge's heels. The room was well-lit -- mostly because one wall was completely missing, open to the sky. There was no sign of Luxis, but he could hear voices conversing from just outside the opening. Stepping closer, he glanced around over the edge of the floor.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:55 AM (GMT)
"No need to be impatient," Pandora whispered darkly, turning and following her siblings into the room.
She had a feeling they were here for ulterior motives, although the seraphim had seemed... startled, to say the least... by the idea of fratricide. He had not been present during their conversation concerning the Master's orders to eliminate the baggage -- not simply those who had completed their mission, but those who seemed lax in picking up the slack among their siblings and helping for the full benefit of the group (which was a strange thing; she understood nobody wanting to help one another out for the sake of helping one another, but eliminating or assimilating all of the Tamers would be of great importance to everybody's goals, if only just to get them out of the way) -- so that was understandable... but Edge had been there.
Edge knew about the orders coming from the top. The orders she had conveyed.
The orders she was not going to carry out.
Abikari had apparently already heard the message she had been moving to deliver -- no doubt from the Secundus, although how Enjou heard it was anybody's guess -- and Odin had taken off for Koudet immediately, which seemed... peculiar. Even for his intent, leaping off to kill Koudet so quickly had been an unexpected development. At least a moment to consider and weigh the options; even if Koudet was on the list to be eliminated, he might have been convinced to rejoin the main hunt. He seemed -- in one form, anyway -- to be enough of a sadist, and he may very well not have been aware of the orders to take on the remainder of the Tamers.
Convert first. Then assimilate. Or not assimilate at all.
Chances were that if Luxis had succeeded in her attempts, she wouldn't leap back into the fray; at least, not if it weren't a game. Which it might well be; some concentrated game of chess. One where the black pieces had decided to move first. And happened to overpower the white pieces considerably.
She tapped the shoulder of one of the passing Salamon.
"Where is Luxis?" she asked.
"She's just finishing up some things," the Salamon responded easily, flashing a smile. "If you'd like I can run and fetch her..."

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:55 AM (GMT)
"May you please do so kind Salamon?" Edge injected smiling at the Salamon after it responsed back to his sister. Edge keeping his half ghost form active. He perfered it highly and it wasn't so much of a pain to maintain. Kai while wrapped around Edge closed his eyes. It seemed he was dozing off for a nap... A mega level digimon dozing off for a nap... cute. Edge himself just waited. He was excited to see his sister again.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:55 AM (GMT)
The Salamon was so taken aback that it nearly wheeled out of the treehouse. The explosion of energy and joy had been completely unanticipated; especially since the three guests were being peculiarly monotone.
Luxis bounded out from behind the closed door, a grin plastered from ear to ear, and waved invitingly, if overzealously. "Hey guys!" she cried. "I haven't seen any of you for a while! What's up?"

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:55 AM (GMT)
Edge got up and strolled over to his sister, shifting from his ghostly form to his full physical body he lifted her up and swung her around one good time with a hug before putting her back down. This awoke Kai in the same process.
"Hey sis, I was in the area earlier but I was to busy to stop by. So I have come by to just see how is your hunt going along. AngeKikota and Pandora wanted to check on you as well to see how things are going for you." He said with an honest smile.
Kai then snaked his head forward and did his usual greetings to Edge's siblings, "Hello Mistress Luxis, It has been a while."

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:55 AM (GMT)
AngeKikota had never spent much time with his siblings; in fact, this little family gathering was the first time he'd seen any of them in person since the events his master had set in motion had begun, the false Zaquiea notwithstanding. Still, he was not incapable of socializing.

"It's good to see you doing well, Luxis." His response, though certainly not as enthusiastic as Edge's, was cordial enough. "I actually have a more concrete reason for visiting; I am to blame for the damage done to your keep, and I wish to make up for it properly. I hope my actions have not inconvenienced or distracted you too much, and I wanted to ensure there was no ill will between us."

Edge and Pandora had not seemed surprised by the news Asylum had conveyed. Perhaps they had already been aware of the situation, but if so it was more than a bit disturbing that they weren't concerned about it. His own opinions of his siblings' motivations and techniques aside, they were still an integral part of his master's plans, and AngeKikota had thought at least some effort would be made to pursue other options before it was decided execution was the best course of action.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:55 AM (GMT)
Luxis shook her head. "Nope. No problems here." She smiled, even more broadly, seeming to beam with excitement. "This place is pretty cool, actually. Lots more fun than the plains was. All that grass-- not much but grass. But trees! And tree limbs! This is-- amazing!"
She promptly jumped off of the platform, grabbed one of the hanging vines, and used it to swing herself to a lower branch.
Pandora blinked.
"I-- I'd forgotten how perky she was--"

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:55 AM (GMT)
Edge walked to the edge and looked down, "No kidding... But I'll pick her perkyness over a certain person's superiority complex anyday." He said to Pandora casually. He then turned back to AngeKikota.
"Well brother it looks like you have done our favorite jungle girl a favor instead of causing problems as you thought. Also, I was wondering if you wanted my help hunting down your other half? Because quite frankly i'm bored."

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:56 AM (GMT)
Pandora tilted her head in a mock-questioning look. "And who, dear sir, would you be referring to?" she inquired, pouring the politness over her words as thickly as she could. She looked over the edge, to Luxis, and smiled. "You certainly have made her happy..."

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:56 AM (GMT)
Edge chuckled lowly, he knew his sister was humoring him, He then turned to Pandora and mocked Ninja Boy by doing a few handseals.
"You know... I can't remember his name." Edge chuckled again, "He had funny colored eyes, purple fingernails, fluffy clouds, assbite personality, ... any of this ringing a bell sister?" He said with a bright smile

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:56 AM (GMT)
"Possibly," she responded, furrowing her brow as if concentrating on some elusive thought. "Although I can't quite recall his name... such a pity. Seems like such a nice guy."
She laughed. More at the situation than the terrible joke. Harbingers of the apocalypse, all of them, and here they were, biding their time with petty squabbles and sibling mockery. Life -- such as it was -- was a strange, gorgeous thing.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:56 AM (GMT)
As Edge and Pandora joked around, Kai began to unwrap himself from around Edge. He then began to grow in size as he flew over towards Luxis slowly.
Edge looked at his dragon as Kai's body was encase in a weak aura of blue ethereal flame, "Hey partner what you up too?"
Kai looked back at Edge as he reached a respectable riding Chinese Dragon size, "I'm going to see If Luxis wants to ride me. Swing from trees is fun but I bet riding a dragon would be more interesting."
Edge scratched his head,"... Good point. But don't burn her accidently. Everyone isn't immune to you heat like I am."
"Yeah yeah I know." Said the Dragon as he slowly made his way over to Luxis.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:56 AM (GMT)
Though his pretense for business with Luxis was no longer a concern -- he should have known ahead of time that his sister was not one to take offense easily, or look too deeply into something, but he was still relieved that he had checked for certain in person -- AngeKikota decided it would probably be wise to stick around a little longer to keep an eye on Pandora and Edge. The shortcomings of all his brothers and sisters aside, he did not wish to see any of them dead, not even the foolish Zaquiea (though it would probably become necessary to deal with him in some way eventually). They had been created exactly as their Master had intended, strengths and flaws alike, and so there was a reason for every facet of their personality. It was the rest of the Digital World and its inhabitants whose judgement he was bent on rendering; in any case, he still had his own concerns to worry about protecting. Edge's offer, however, was an interesting one... and if it was true that his less active siblings were being targeted, perhaps it would be best to give him something to do. At the very least, he would be too busy to focus on what AngeKikota himself was up to.

"It is a relief to see my actions seem to have had no ill effect on our sister," he said finally, realizing he had been absorbed in thought a bit longer than he should have been. He glanced at his brother, his eyes narrowing as his smile deepened. "Edge... as a matter of fact, I do believe my counterpart could use another challenge. If you would like to have some... fun with him, then by all means you have my leave. I realize you are not quite as bloodthirsty as some of our other siblings, but all the same... deal with anyone accompanying Kikota as you see fit, but please refrain from killing him." He turned fully to face Edge. "If you are interested, the Overlord is near the border of Mons Omega at the moment, in the company of a Devimon I believe. I will be staying here a while longer; I can have Asylum meet you to appraise you of the specifics of Kikota's current location and situation if you wish..."

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:56 AM (GMT)
Pandora looked down to Luxis, smiling faintly, then frowned, hearing some indistinct mutterings originating from her radio. With a growl, she brought the radio up and turned the volume to a more appropriate setting.
A signal from Odin, asking whether it would be too much trouble if her target wound up dead. She closed her eyes and massaged her temples, exhaling an exhasperated sigh. It would be a bit of a problem, but not much of one, yet still--
"Does this involve him?"
"Yes, this does involve... him."
Father, give me the strength to deal with this incompetence...
"Given the circumstances, I think it would be best if we-- fix the problem before it gets out of hand. My better half is on her way."
End of signal, and it was everything she could do to keep from pacing across the tree limb jittering wildly about the sheer idiocy of the situation.
"Speaking of ninjas," she began, letting the words hang in the air. A dread conversation starter, more and moreso with each passing day.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:56 AM (GMT)
Edge smiled at AngeKikota as he accepted his offer for some help. Edge's body then faded back into his part ghost form as he started to give off his blue ethereal flame aura, "Brother, That sounds great, and don't worry about me killing him... or any other of the targets. Althought if I capture him where would you like for me to take him? Also having Asylum give the the details of there capabilities would be fine as well. Knowledge is power after all.
Edge then turned to Pandora, "Do you have any Errands that you want me to run for you sister?"

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:57 AM (GMT)
"Very well," AngeKikota's eyes lost focus for a moment as he communicated with his partner. "Asylum will rendezvous with you when you are ready to depart and accompany you to Mons Omega; your plans from there are up to you, but if you require his assistance in any form he is at your disposal for the moment."

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:57 AM (GMT)
"I very well might--" Pandora began, looking over to Edge darkly. Zaquiea had made an openly adverse move, attempting to take out not only his target -- or do whatever he would with him -- but also her own target, and CK's. She had little problem with her own target being eliminated -- a minor loss, nothing more -- but to have Zaqueia act upon it independently, that was where she had the problem.
She prepared to lay out her woes to her brethren when, quite suddenly, Koudet fell through the tree canopy and landed awkwardly on the platform.
Pandora stared at him for a moment, then knelt down and frowning, poked him in the shoulder. "Dude," she said finally, "what are you doing?"
"Odin," he panted, flipping onto his stomach and pushing himself up slightly. "Odin was trying to kill me-- I fled from the Bog and into the Forest, where I chanced upon Zaquiea and CK. Odin was too preoccupied with taking out Zaqueia to notice that his original target -- that would be me -- had slipped past and continued in this direction. I sensed that some of you were present--"
"Kill you? Whatever for?"
"Uselessness. Idleness. I admit that having successfully eliminated my target has made me... lax... in my other endeavours, but I had recieved no word from the Master concerning anything, I had assumed that I was done with what needed to be."
"A fair guess," she said, reaching out her hand and rising, helping him get to his feet. "Where's Servus?"
"I'm afraid I've no clue." He looked up to the forest canopy, to the various pulleys and systems set up in the treetops, and arched an eyebrow. "And what, pray tell, has happened here...?"

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:57 AM (GMT)
Edge stared at Koudet for a second, he was quite surprised to see his brother just pop out of... nowhere. Edge then ran his hand threw his hair for the matter of he couldn't find the right words to say.
Kai however slowly brought Luxis over to where Koudet was and then put her down, he then readjust his size once more and flew over to Edge and wrapped around his master finally laying his head on Edge's left shoulder and beginning to speak, "Excuse the comment Master Koudet but it looks as if Master Odin gave you a servering of whip ass in a can."
Edge slightly tapped Kai over the head with his right index finger, "Quite Kai." Edge thought, "As far as this place, It was an accident of our brother AngeKikota, No harm no foul and Luxis likes it. So it works out fine." Edge then began to hover off of the ground, "Exactly where is Odin and ninja boy at the moment?"

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:57 AM (GMT)
"I had no desire to fight him, and I admit that he caught me off-guard. Perhaps if I had been more aware-- Never mind." He looked over to Luxis and smiled. "How fares your journey?"
"Just fine," she said nonchalantly. "Just been adjusting to the trees." She remained perfectly stonefaced for another couple of seconds before beaming at him. "Isn't this cool! I mean, look at all the stuff around here! Vines n' this n' that n' the other I mean this place is so much fun! A lot more fun than the big nothingness I had before-- boooor-iiiiing."
"Indeed," Pandora offered.
Koudet looked back to Edge. "I left them fighting near the fringe of the Bog and Forest. I imagine they may still be there, but the situation could change abruptly."

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:57 AM (GMT)
Edge thought for a second as he and Kai hovered in the air, "I... Think me and Kai are going to go check this one out, but... If Odin isn't in the Bay of Silence do you have any idea where he would go next?"

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:57 AM (GMT)
He shook his head.
"I'm afraid not," he admitted. "He probably took off after Zaqueia, or one of the other targets, if Zaquiea managed to ooze out of the situation, as he is wont to do. Astonishing, that shinobi is; tenacity of a cockroach."
"Personality of one, too," Pandora added. "He finally made an offensive move against us, huh..."

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:57 AM (GMT)
Odin's voice cracked through the radios of everyone present.
"Since Zaqueia has left us," Odin began, "Carris, Levi, and I have been in pursuit of his target. Seems he has fled into the Tai Temple. Any suggestions? I don't want another prolonged conflict, like storming the Temple. Last time that happened, everyone got away in the chaos. However, if left with no choice, then storming the temple will be..." he trailed off and waited for a reply.

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:58 AM (GMT)
"I am greatly troubled by the direction events are taking," AngeKikota sighed. "If our loyalties to each other and our Master fracture any further now, our plan may be in danger, despite our successes so far. Still... the actions of the rest of our siblings can at least be explained, but if Zaqueia has become openly defiant, we have no choice but to deal with him. At the very least, we must detain him and bring him before the Master for proper judgment." He turned to Koudet. "If Odin attacks you again, I will try and dissuade him, and defend you if it becomes necessary; for now, I recommend we all focus on Zaqueia. Hopefully, having the ninja as a mutual target will help sate his apparent bloodlust and deter him from any further attempts on your life. The sooner we resolve this betrayal, the closer we will be to fulfilling our goals." He turned his attention back to Luxis, who seemed to be getting bored of the conversation and itching to do something more interesting. "Luxis, I do not know if you are at all interested in chasing down our wayward brother, but I believe I can speed up your efforts here enough to free you of the responsibility." A smile creased the corner of his lips slightly at the mention of 'responsibility' and 'Luxis' in the same sentence.
Taking a seat, AngeKikota spread his wings about himself like a cloak, his tail curling around to make a circle. "This will only take a few moments." Closing his eyes, he placed his palms against the smooth wood beneath him, concentrating as his power began to flow through the living objects around him. He passed briefly over each of his siblings present in turn, then reached further, an amber aura surrounding him as his consciousness expanded. The mammoth forest began whispering around them, leaves rustling softly and branches waving gently despite the lack of a breeze. This was a much more focused process than when he had initially grown the forest; that had merely been an uncontrolled release of power, while now he was aware of every individual leaf, every ounce of sap flowing around him. Bark began to creak quietly as new growth surged around them; connecting each tree with natural walkways, growing new and stronger vines in convenient places, forming large, flat hollows in trunks and between branches, and strengthening the supports for existing structures. His actions served a secondary purpose, however, as a last resort to assure the motives of his brothers and sisters; he was now completely vulnerable, his attention divided, and if anyone wished to turn on him, there would be no better opportunity to strike.
Taking advantage of the connection he had already made, AngeKikota extended his awareness further for a few seconds, through the web of life that stretched to encompass the entire island. A naturally occuring phenomenon, one not of his engineering, but a useful one; and such a glorious sensation, to be able to feel the flow of energy between all living things! He did not envy Odin and his cold, lifeless metal; but it was to his siblings he now turned his attention, checking on their condition, ignoring their counterpart Tamers for now. The cyborg, barely within the range of AngeKikota's ability to detect, but there, hovering near the Tai Temple; CK, somewhere in Odin's wake; Zaquiea, attempting to hide himself -- no, AngeKikota could tell Pandora his exact location if she wished; Abikari was somewhere outside of his awareness, possibly in the Void, and...
Artemis. Artemis was dead.
A small gasp escaped AngeKikota. There might have been the possibility of his brother being in the Void as well, or even the Otherside, but if that were the case he would at least be able to sense a residue of his last location on Mirage. AngeKikota could feel no connection to his soul whatsoever, as if he had never existed. No... he was mistaken, there was still a slight trace, but... it was corrupted, and mingled with a disturbingly familiar signature; and AngeKikota realized why he had had difficulty locating Abikari. She was different, in a similar way that Pandora was now different, yet...

Sister, what have you wrought?

Chaos Shadow - November 23, 2008 05:58 AM (GMT)
Edge closed his eyes and began to think... The traitor Zaquiea had gotten away with his treason for way to long, now it was time to bring him in. Edge's eye's opened once again, "If anybody has any useful information on Zaquiea and/or knows exactly where he is tell me. There is a lot of thing I can easily overlook, but flat out disloyality to the Master... Is not one of them." Said Edge as he looked over his Brethren.

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