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Title: A L B U S . Visitation
Description: Phase 02.01.02

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:53 AM (GMT)
The flight to the Tai Temple went far smoother than it had gone on her previous visit. Chaos had the luxury of not being attacked on her way in, and did not fall of the Digimon that was carrying her to their destination. Abavmon had no troubles sliding through the forest trees and setting himself outside of the temple perimetre. The flight had taken a few hours, over which time she had closed her eyes and tried rather desperately to sleep.
It didn't really work. But Suriumon was out cold for much of the journey, regenerating his spent energies as best he could, so some good came out of the otherwise uneventful flight. She didn't strike up conversation, and she rebuffed any attempts to make it, at first responding with a noncommittal "Eh," or pretending not to hear anything (easy enough; the wind was whipping by and carrying their words behind them), later on curling up and pretending to sleep.
Instead, her mind wandered in circles. AntiTamers, evil clones, it sounded like a terrible point taken from a terrible soap opera. She had only met her own evil clone once thus far, however, and she had been-- frightening, in part because of the darkness of the location. Chaos had always had some sense of flair for the dramatic, whether she knew how to put it to use or not; apparently, her Anti had inherited that.
And inherited what else? She couldn't remember. The difference had been startling between the two, and she hadn't had any opportunity to sit still and think about for a long, long while.
Now she did. And she attempted not to by running songs through her head. It didn't help her that she wasn't able to sing them; that would have commanded her attention more completely. Instead, they became a background noise, and thoughts continued to run through her mind.
For instance: Where the hell had Aurora gotten off to? That Kikota guy, what about him? Had Narsil survived, and was it in her best interests for him to have done so? Why hadn't she seen her own alter for more than one occassion, and had Suriumon been cloned as well? Why did they steal his book? Why couldn't she sleep?
Too much to think about, she thought darkly. Thoughts impede sleep patterns.
They landed at the Temple, and Chaos looked up, lightly poking Suriumon in the shoulder. He stirred slightly, growled, and opened on eye to glare at her. "What?"
"We're here. You can get a proper bed inside."
"S'long as nobody evil comes in and tries to pretend she's you again," he mumbled, standing up and more falling off the dragon than anything. Pulling himself to his feet, he sent an unfocused gaze to the wall of the Temple, and smiled. "I do like it here."
He was worse off than she had realized. Sliding off of Abavmon's back, she took Suriumon by the scruff of his neck and helped to half drag him up the stairs and to the door. She was about to call out for one of the locals to provide aid, when the door cracked open, and a Renamon's head appeared through the crack, tilting slightly to look at her.
"You're back?" she said, pulling the door open a bit more-- not all the way, enough for them to slip through. "Your friend will be accompanying you?" She was referring to KC and Ignicumon, once the dragon de-Digivolved. Chaos nodded.
"We need room and board," she said finally. "I'm sorry to thrust this on you--"
Suriumon mumbled something incoherent, probably stating that they were not, in fact, sorry in the least. The Renamon raised a paw to her lips to usher silence.
"Please come in quickly," she said, beckoning them forward. "We will close the door behind you until your friend comes up, and we will open it only for him."
She blinked and prepared to ask why, but decided it would be better to simply follow her instructions. She continued dragging Suriumon up the stairs, at a quicker pace this time, made even quicker when she gave up and began carrying him again, and made it through the door, which the Renamon quickly shut. She took her post looking through the peephole for when KC would come up, looking briefly over her shoulder and indicating through head gestures that she should continue a bit further into the temple.
Chaos obliged, placing Suriumon on the floor, and opened the inner doorway.
Hallway stretched out before her, but the lights that usually illuminated the passage were dim, and the candles looked like they had been burned nearly to the end, left for a long time. At the far end of this particular hallway, one of the Renamon was kneeling before a statue of Zhuquaiomon (they had entered from the southern entrance), occassionally making gesticulations with her hands.
A few feet of walking forward, and they were greeted by a third Renamon.
"Wolf," she said gently, kneeling to Suriumon. "Come here; you will be able to rest well."
Suriumon offered no complaints, and without a word she ushered him into one of the nearby doors. Chaos made to object -- she felt rather powerless without knowing that the wolf was there, even if he was totally out of it -- but the Renamon simply pointed down the hallway, and the girl steeled herself, then walked down alone.
The face of a Kyuubimon peered out from one of the side halls up ahead.
"Come this way," she said, flitting back behind the wall entirely before appearing again. "Your Digimon associate is already being cared for...? Good. Your friend will be asked to separate from his Partner as well."
"Suri isn't my-- what's this about?" Chaos stuttered, unsure of how to begin communicating with the Kyuubimon. She wasn't accustomed to the ways of the Renamon, but they all seemed jittery, and the temple doors were usually left open in invitation. Something was deeply amiss.
"Sakuya may be able to explain--"
She cut herself off, looking over her shoulder, and then whirled and disappeared. Somebody had probably called her. The Renamon praying at the altar was unaffected.
Thoroughly confused, she continued to move forward.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:53 AM (GMT)
They entered the thick forests surrounding the temple, making sure not to lose the group by keeping to the treetops. He watched the girl disappear through the doors of the southern entrance. The preistess reverted to her rookie as they began climbing the temple steps. A flash of light occurred above them, but before they could reach the door, a small congregation of Renamon blocked their path.
"What is your business here?" they demanded. Their eyes eventually strayed to Rouge, one of their own kind. A couple gasped.
"We are here to rest." Roeck replied. Rouge remained silent. She knew better than to speak in a moment such as this. Whispers ebgan to travel among the group of Renamon until one of them finally stepped forwards slightly.
"Unfortunately, we will not accept the likes of her," the Renamon said almost in a scolding tone. An expression of annoyance showed itself on Roeck's face.
"Exactly, what do you mean by 'the likes of her'?" Roeck took a step forward, which caused the group to jump slightly on relfex. "I though the occupents of the temple were peaceful creatures who only lived in peace and to help travellers passing by?" The Renamon remained silent.
"I hardly doubt she's a traveller," another one replied, "You two have the stench of blood reeking from your garments. And her..." The Renamon trailed off.
"Well," Rouge finally said, "can you atleast refer to me as something other than 'her'? I do have a name you know." She finished coldly.
The tension between the two groups were evident as a trio of Taomon landed between them. They seemed to have noticed the small problem from their posts above.
"What is the problem here?" demanded one of the Taomon.
"We come in peace and are here to seek shelter," Roeck said,"but this group of Renamon won't grant us passage? Is this how the residents of Tai Temple treat travellers who look different?"
"Look different? You have the scent of blood all over you!" one of the Renamon screamed from behind the Taomon.
"And don't you ahve blood on your hands as well? The only difference is that we cannot wash as much as you can so the stench stays longer." The Renamon fell silent. The way Roeck and Rouge looked, dishevelled and dirty, told them that they hadn't had a good rest in a long while. The Taomon looked at the Renamon.
"We, the residents of Tai Temple, are a peaceful group of creatures who will accept others who come in peace, even if their past is questionable." The Renamon parted ways as the three Taomon led them up final flights of stairs. "And we welcome you to our home. You will be attended to shortly."
As they reached the doors, they bumped into the dragon and his tamer who still hadn't entered yet it seemed. Roeck stepped forwards.
"Greetings," he said. What a...lame way to say hi. he thought.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:53 AM (GMT)
Deimosdramon landed near the Temple, and quickly let go of his ultimate, descending to rookie in a flare of light. The Aero-Wings dissipated, and Phoenix pocketed the card. He nodded to Starius. Theys tayed close to the base of a tree concealed in its shadows, before Phoenix made another nod.
And they both shot off at a breakneck pace, sticking to the mid-canopy of the trees and darting from branch to branch with uncanny ease. Starius flew beside him, alerting them to direction changes. Nearby, darting off in seperate directions were several water clones produced by the Tear with an exact physical makeup of both the digimon and its Tamer. Phoenix had to be carefuly of his footing; a thin layer of mist had been applied to the soles of his feet to mask a possible scent that the Kyubi could pick up on, while his chakra reserves applied grip to the bark.
"Quick, this way!" Starius barked.
Phoenix bent on his right leg and shot as a blur to the right. "I hate this! How are we supposed to kill them when they can escape from anything?!" Phoenix growled, as they continued to weave through the trees towards the perimeter. "Maybe the Renamon can answer that." Starius replied.
Phoenix flicked the D-Arc on, scanning for the clones, giving them a pulse with the Tear. So far, a total of five different copies of him spread out through the forest, while 4 clones of Starius went in opposite directions ( there had been a fifth, but it had been eaten). They landed in the garden of the temple, as unceremonious as it may have been it softened the landing considerably.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:54 AM (GMT)
Carris had lost sight of them for very little time, and it was inconsequential anyway. She knew where they were going; the only bastion of civilization in the area. How predictable.
Entering the facility was out of the question; she was strong, the the Temple guards could easily outnumber and overwhelm her, and she preferred not to kill unnecessarily (unlike some of her siblings and their respective original incarnations, apparently). But if she caught him before he entered--
There. Staggered right into the garden.
How incompetant are ninjas these days? she thought dryly, and flicked out of existance with the power of the emerald, reappearing directly on top of Starius and smashing him hard into the ground, burying the dragon's head into the dirt as she landed directly on top of him. Ignoring the dragon she was standing on, she turned to the ninja. Calling up more of the power of the Green Tear, a bubble of emerald energy formed around her, and then exploded outward, sending off a shockwave around the immediate area.
"I understand you're mostly useless without your ability to channel your gemstone or your jutsus," she said. "I'd like to test this theory."
She lunged.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:54 AM (GMT)
Is this the best idea? Fighting so close to the temple?
Odin landed behind the ninja. He laughed. "Yes, I would also like to see this theory tested out..."

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:54 AM (GMT)
KC tried as best he could to keep up with Chaos. He and the dragon quickly followed her as she slipped in though the door. KC heard some voices behind him, and he hesitated. He looked, but saw nothing. He continued to the door, and they waited for it to open.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:55 AM (GMT)
We may fight on its grounds, but it's not as dangerous as letting him enter the temple. The worst that can happen is that they dispatch the Sakuyamon; if that happens, I'm confidant in our abilities to mustre a tactical retreat.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:55 AM (GMT)
Aurora was too dizzy to recall anything more than cold rock against her face and the feeling of leathery wings across her back. Maybe she was drooling, or maybe that was blood trickling from the corner of her mouth. Her head ached; her chest burned; her hands, as tired as she was, shook as she sprawled over the Temple's stone floor. Her eyes, barely open, tracked back and forth like radar sweeps. Left, right, back and again, seeing nothing coherent.

Darkness. Her vision was fuzzy; she thought she saw flares of light here and there, but it was all just a blur; maybe it was a window, maybe some kind of energy, maybe just her mind playing tired tricks on her. Only the sound of wind and rustling reached her ears; from the faint itching there, she thought that there was dried blood around them as well, but she wasn't sure. Her skin felt numb, barely cold, losing the last of its touch.

Sleep...just let me go to sleep...

No. The last shreds of her logic commanded that she stay awake. Blind and imcapacitated as she was, if she slept, that would be the end.

So she forced her half-glazed eyes open and stared at all the fuzzy lights...

The Renamon had attempted to move the fallen mutant-human, but MorphoHikanemon had crouched into protective mode and bitten at their heads when they tried to move within range. Despite his ferocious appearance, they read his blue -- not red -- glow and carefully positioned stance as a sign of defensive action and let him be as he guarded his Tamer. With one wing draped over her, he bared his ragged teeth at observers and watched them pass by.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:55 AM (GMT)
"Please, this way--" The Kyuubimon tilted her head down one hallway, but Chaos was clearly looking down another.
"There's a big crowd in here. What's been going on with you guys...?"
"Oh." The kitsune padded over and looked into the room. "One of your fellows has been... a bit uncooperative, I suppose it can be said."
Uncooperative... probably that damned ninja, she thought darkly. Signaling that she would follow the Kyuubimon in a minute, she took a quick detour down the pathway. The Renamon blocked her view -- damn, they were tall -- but she managed to find her way through the crowd anyway, asking permission to pass, which they generously gave.
Chaos blinked.
"Oh... that' ain't Narsil..."

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:55 AM (GMT)
Something seemed familiar, but she didn't know what. Maybe it was a sound, or maybe a sense, or...ah, whatever; it wasn't worth trying to figure out now. The cold rushes zipping up and down her near-numb spine kept her on edge, but tired as she was, she only twitched her hands more and rolled her eyes back, closing the lids and falling into darkness again. Her tongue tasted iron; with each shallow breath, the red trickle from the corner of her lips widened and then shrank.

MorphoHikanemon snarled when Chaos approached; the evil Tamer clones could look so similar, and he had been duped once before. Fangs gleaming wet in the light, he growled a primitive warning and extended a claw forward on the stones. Below his wing, Aurora seemed almost comatose, moving and trembling but with no conscious thought.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:56 AM (GMT)
"Woah, boy," she whispered, edging slightly closer to MorphoHikanemon. The Renamon seemed agitated by this, but didn't attempt to stop her. Instead, she came to a rest just beyond his immediate reach, and stared at him. He didn't look like he was going to lunge and take her head without necessary provocation, but if his Tamer was injured--
"Erm... peace offering?" she said blandly, smiling a lopsided smile as she drew her Digivice from its belt. She set it on the floor and slid it forward slightly, toward MorphoHikanemon; let him inspect it. Just to be sure, she also drew a thread from her pocket and held it out to him.
Held out the item at the end of it to him.
Her Crest gleamed dully, difficult to discern in the light filtering though the window, but it was shiny; Crests only got shiny when they were in possession of their respective Tamer. She didn't know if he would accept it, but maybe--
Worth a shot--
Unless she got her arm eaten--

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:56 AM (GMT)
MorphoHikanemon narrowed his dark red eyes, extended his head forward, and took a long, hoarse breath. Nothing smelled any different than it should. Nothing looked different. The Crest was shining. It all seemed in order...

Nevertheless, he took the crest in his mouth, hanging it around a lower tooth, and then leaned down to pick up the Digivice. He would at least hold them for ransom. If she so much as twitched the wrong way, he could shatter the Digivice and keep the Crest with him.

That is, unless they were props, just designed to make this clone look like Chaos.

Could he afford to be paranoid?

Possibly, possibly not...Aurora wasn't waking up any more, and she wouldn't respond...

They were friends. Chaos seemed suitably tired and harangued. There was no Digimon here -- fishy, but possibly a benefit to him should something happen. And he would stay nearby, ready to take the girl's head off should Aurora change for the worse.

Growling through clenched teeth, he muttered a few words of warning and raised his wing to let her pass.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:56 AM (GMT)
With the tear's abilities surpressed, Odin lunged forwards, swords drawn and crackling with electrical energy. He phased through the boy's body and slashed at the ninja's legs.

They stood at the Gates and the three Taomon conversed with the gatekeepers. Then, with an eerie creaking, the doors opened and they entered the large temple. They waited near the door as the three Taomon went off to find someone to attend to them.
"I wonder where that girl went to?"

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:56 AM (GMT)
"Thanks," she said quietly, more disturbed than thankful by the dragon's actions. Whatever foolish inclination had prompted her to confront an Ultimate-level dragon had decided to drain from her, and she was vibrantly aware that MorphoHikanemon was probably going to eat her if she blinked at the wrong time.
Moving past him, she instead came up to Aurora.
"Damn," she managed, kneeling down, perplexed. "What happened to her...?" She rummaged through her coat for a moment, and then swore harshly and quietly. Of course; her doppleganger had stolen the Green Tear. She had intended to tap it for the healing properties and channel the energy to Aurora (and herself; she was still a mangled mess and really should have thought of activating the Tear well before this point).
Chaos looked over to shoulder to the dragon. "What...?"

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:56 AM (GMT)
"I found her like this, here at the Temple. I don't know what happened." He shifted, folding his wings, craning his head to stare down at Aurora. "If you do anything to her..."

She heard vague sounds but couldn't piece them together. Something low and rough...something else at a medium tone. Opening her eyes, she tried to focus on something, but her gaze was weak and she only saw blurs.

The steel-blue stare settled on Chaos, though it didn't seem to see her.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:57 AM (GMT)
"You'll eat me," Chaos finished. "I'm very much aware of that." She carefully looked over Aurora, sweeping across her to try and gauge how bad her injuries were. She felt marginally better as she did so; lacerations abounded, but nothing seemed seriously deep, and the blood trickling from her mouth was not steady. Something might have been cut internally, but the bleeding was minimal; she would probably survive.
Unless there was other hemorraging in there. Whatever had attacked her at gotten her badly on the outside, but the internal workings--
If I have to remove a glass shard twice the size of your heart from that same organ, so help me God I'm going to cry. The thought made her chuckle to herself and took away some of the nervous edge, but she swallowed it quickly; MorphoHikanemon was even more on edge than she was (understandably).
"She's coming to," Chaos said suddenly, looking over to the Renamon. "Don't you have doctors or something?"
"Not in the typical sense--"
"Whatever the best you've got it," she growled. "Come on, go fetch somebody!"
The Renamon froze, taken aback by the orders, but bowed and bounded off into the Temple. Chaos silently cursed herself for not ordering anything earlier.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:57 AM (GMT)
The sound intensified; despite not knowing what the words were, if there even words, she felt a shot of adrenaline run up her spine. Overwhelming it, though, the strange force and energy that burned through her pained her enough to keep her prone. It was like floating in space, creating an internal pressure that threatened to burst her skin should she try to move. Whatever it was probably wasn't there, but...she didn't want to chance anything happening.

She tried to make a decent sound, but she didn't have the energy, and congealed blood had pooled in her mouth and throat. All that came out was a rough bubbling sound vaguely directed toward whatever was speaking at her.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 01:58 AM (GMT)
Odin's Radio hmmm as Edge tried to make contact, "Brother I'm on my way to the Temple as I speak. I'll be coming in low so Nobody will notice me and Kai. Is there any paticular place you would like to meet up?" The Radio then went silent, Edge awaited an answer..."

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:00 AM (GMT)
A flash of orange slammed into the Tamer, and the fox sailed over, landing on the opposite side and whirling around, her tails flicking angrily. Narrowing her eyes and growling, she turned around totally only to find a Renamon standing over the Tamer, now lying on the ground behind it.
Not an ordinary Renamon. Gold fur was a much duskier colour, its eyes didn't seem to gleam as much, and it was littered with razor-thin scratches, larger wounds, a slash running ragged from the right hip to the upper left shoulder. White gauntlets were medium gray, the yin-yang on the back replaced with a colourless gemstone.
"You are..." Carris began, tightening slightly.
"They call me Nari," the Renamon explained. "You are?"
Karyxmon's eyes gleamed darkly, her lips drew back in a snarl, and then she turned away.
"Odin," she said, looking over to finally adress the cyborg; she had been mostly ignoring his presence. "I think it's best we leave. This one is..." She looked over to the Renamon. "Abnormal."
"Peculiar is a better term," Nari said smoothly.
Carris walked stifly away, back into the brush, utilizing Odin's radio to sent a communication back to Kai. "Operation temporarily cancelled. We'll have to come to him later."

Nari watched them leave, then moved slightly, looking down to the Tamer she had slammed into the ground. "You all right? Get in the Temple quickly, I myself shouldn't be out for very long..."

The Renamon returned after a moment, bringing with her one of the Kyuubimon. The Kyuubimon gently shoved her way through the crowd, then looked down at Aurora, sending her eyes to Chaos.
"An injured virus," she said.
"Injured Tamer," Chaos said hotly. "Can you do something?"
"Of course. It will be... minimal. My equipment is meant to deal with Digimon. But perhaps I can heal some of the wounds."
The girl nodded and backed off slightly, giving the Kyuubimon room to work. 'Work', however, was too strong a word; the fox turned her head around and plucked a small flask tied to her waist, bringing it forward and placing it on the ground. Using her forepaws, she removed the stopper, then carefully picked up the bottle in her jaws and lifted it, tilting her head slightly to drip the water on the external wounds. Four drops against the skin, and then she withdrew.
"Wh-- That's it?"
"The properties of holy water are incredible and in limited supply," the fox said. "I do what I am within my abilities to do. You will have to make do."

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:00 AM (GMT)
Phoenix nodded and got to his feet, bruised and cut in mutliple places. He picked a blade of grass from his hair. "Thanks." He murmured, helping STarius up. "We had a few others with us... one of them was a girl, named Chaos, and a cynical wolf." He added. They made their way inside, Starius winced as he tried to retract his wings to his sides; the left hurt like hell. Ouch... that impact damaged by wing Starius sent to Phoenix.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:01 AM (GMT)
Grudgingly, he complied with Carris' request, slipping into the forest after her, leaving the ninja and the strange Renamon in the garden as he muttered something inaudible.

He travelled through the halls of the temple, wandering aimlessly with Rouge through the many corridors and and hallways. He heard a small shuffle from behind and turned to see a battered boy and his digimon limp through the hallway with some Renamon accompanying them. Breaking into a run, he met up with the boy and asked, "What happened?"

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:01 AM (GMT)
"Depends, we've been hunted, attacked and so far we've all gotten the crap kicked out of us." Phoenix replied, wincing from a twinge of pain racing up his shoulder. "Where did you come from?" Starius asked, as a Renamon flickered into existence next to him, swiftly checking his wounds before snapping its fingers towards a Kyuubimon. The kyuubi nodded, and dissappeared behind the doors.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:01 AM (GMT)

Aurora curled, her eyes squeezing shut; the Virus screamed and blazed, forcing her voice into a hoarse groan of protest. The water burned...even though she felt her wounds sealing, her skin shifting oddly under a damp sensation, Enjou's influence rebelled against the purifying liquid. And, at the same time, something else entirely...what was that?

But the water still burned, and all thoughts perished.

"D...d...ah..." Any attempts at words failed; her tongue was limp and sticky; her throat was barely open; she burst into a coughing fit. Flecks of blood spotted the rocks, and the coughs retreated to pained gasps that continued until she managed to spit a palm-sized slick of congealed blood onto the stones.

MorphoHikanemon lunged when Aurora reacted to the water; his teeth came to rest against Chaos' head, one curving row covering either ear, breath blasting her hair. A hissing voice growled above her.

"What did you do?"

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:01 AM (GMT)
She flinched, but somehow felt more annoyance than fear by the dragon's presence. Perhaps the compounded exhaustion of the last several days had finally begun to take its toll and had moved her beyond caring.
"I'm trying to help her, you know," she said icily, looking up into the dragon's maw before immediately looking down; even if the threat of death had left her emotionally drained and unresponsive, the putrid, hot breath at least elicited a basic physical response and left her feeling mildly nauseated. "Now look here. Lacerations are being sealed, and the blood clotting her windpipe is no longer doing so. I dunno what other affects it might have, but physically, I believe these are positive signs of recovery."
She looked over Aurora briefly and felt a faint twinge of panic. What if the physical recovery wasn't enough? She assumed the reaction was just something that happened; given her injuries, it was normal to anticipate that some complication would arise. Still-- she knew that in the Digital World there were complications beyond the physical. Something inside her-- maybe?
Maybe that was it. The Virus was having some sort of reaction. It didn't help at all to assuage her fears, but that seemed logical, and it helped to calm her somewhat. Enough that she could frown and glare at the dragon. Would have glared at the dragon, anyway, if its eyes rather than its teeth had been level with her.
"Go on and eat my head," she growled, feeling more cranky than specifically angry. "Gonna kinda suck for me, but if you think it'll help your Partner, be my guest."

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:02 AM (GMT)
The response was no surprise to him as he had been following the girl and boy who mysteriously vanished into the temple. He looked at the boy who was quite dirty, and then at who he assumed was his partner, a white dragon.
"I see," he looked back at Rouge who preferred to stay hidden in the shadows of the corridors that ran throughout the massive temple. "I was travelling by and decided to rest here. Then I saw some girl and boy battered and in similar manner as yourself entered ahead of me and then you appeared. The temple isn't in any danger, is it?"

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:02 AM (GMT)
With a faint growl, MorphoHikanemon pulled his head back, dropping the Crest and Digivice at Chaos' feet. Aurora was breathing smoothly now; at least she seemed to be recovering per Chaos' logic. He shuffled back a few steps and crouched next to Aurora, watching her with a look of concern.

Aurora opened her eyes just enough to see colored fuzz scattered across her view. A large black blob to her right...something tan-colored to her left-front.

"Whos'ere?" The words came out messy and faint, but they managed to shape into coherent sounds, at least. Her throat burned; the water still left her skin hot and her hands shaking, but its initial effects had ended and thus the Virus had slackened its retaliation.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:02 AM (GMT)
"No. It was about to be though," PHoenix replied as the Renamon escorted he and Starius deeper inside the Temple towards the corridor leading to a healing chamber. He glanced out a window, looking out to the still charred grass where Pandora had been killed, and Zaquiea had assumed an identity, down to the headband and the symbol of suna etched into the metal.
The false identities face had been so familiar...
He stopped as the realization hit him even as the Renamon motioned for him to continue towards the room. "Sir, you need medical attention..." he heard her quitely urge. For all the crap he had heard the doppelganger's siblings giving him... Zaquiea was far stronger and more cunning than he appeared...
"Is everything all right?" The Renamon asked kindly, feeling the digimon's paw calmly on his shoulder. He blinked, swallowing hard. Before another word could be heard, he swayed and the floor leapt up to swallow him, followed by the white stun of impact and the drift into unconciousness as chara exhaustion overcame him.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:02 AM (GMT)
A blue flame spiraled twenty feet away from the temple, as the Ethereal Flame began to take shape it turned into Edge and Kai landing on the ground. Kai was still in Mini snake dragon form wrapped comfortable around his master's body and neck. Edge then turned slowly towards the temple... It was quiet.
The Anti ran his fingers threw his hair and sighed, "Man Kai, looks like we missed all the action." He said in an almost disapointed tone.
Kai blew out a small stream of Blue flame from his mouth, "Well, I don't see why your making a big deal out of your brother anyway. His fate is already sealed." Said the dragon, being the voice of reason.
Edge continued to sighed... that was until the blue crystal on his neck lost its glow. Edge then picked it up and looked at it, "Hmmm... I guess the crystal has finished coping Nova's data and permanetly entered it into my data core... I guess I don't need Nova anymore."
Kai snaked his neck around so he could get a better look at the Crystal, "Well... What are we gonna do with them then?"
Edge smiled, "Absolutely Nothing." Edge then materialized the Indigo Tear from inside the Crystal and put it in his pocket, "Nova won't be needing this..." He then took the crystal off of his neck, He didn't need it to mantain his ghost abilities anymore. He then cocked back then tossed it towards the temple grounds. Edge then turned away, "Let go find Odin."
Kai nodded, "Right." They then turned back into a Ethereal Flame and Whispered off...


The Crystal landed on the temple grounds and broke apart on contact, Nova and Sei then materialized completely unconscious. This did alert a few Renamon and a Kyuubimon enough to get some help from someone inside the temple.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:02 AM (GMT)
"There," Chaos said darkly. "Looka that. She's mostly coherent again."
She leaned forward slightly, still keeping her distance from Aurora, and clipped her Digivice back along her belt, more out of instinct than rational thought. The Crest remained in her hand, something for her to play with out of nervous energy, and then, finally, she sighed. "We might be okay..."

Suriumon groaned and opened his eyes. The Renamon sitting in front of him immediately placed a hand on his head and willed him rest again, indicating her wishes silently by applying pressure to his forehead. Deciding that it was a good idea to listen to the Renamon, he obeyed, resting his head on the mat again.
"How long have I been here?" he asked after a moment.
"Perhaps half an hour," she responded quietly. "You need more rest."
He agreeded silently and curled up slightly, a faint chill racking his body.
"You've lost a lot of energy," she said simply. "Your recovery will take quite some time. You've been attempting to combat the abominations across the island, yes? The... anti-Tamers, as it were?"
"Whatever you're calling them," he growled. "They're... stronger than I would have given them credit for being, considering what they're modelled off of."
"We've activated all standard safety procedures across the Temple," the Renamon said. "More advanced tactics can be activated at a moment's notice, although we are hoping to avoid a complete lockdown..."
His head rose slightly off of the ground again, but it stayed there, despite the Renamon's protests. "In the event of a complete lockdown, are the catacombs left open?"
"Yes. Sakuya selects an elite guard to stand watch there--"
"Then why haven't you instigated a complete lockdown?"
"If we had, you and your associates would not have been able to get in."
"Of course... I hate to order you around, but lockdown now would be your best possible option. Pass that-- pass that on to your superiors for me."
"Of course..."
The wolf smiled, and then fell into unconsciousness again.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:02 AM (GMT)
" 'aos?" Aurora narrowed her eyes, peering up at the figure. Her view was slowly shifting back to what it should have been, but it was still fuzzy; her ears, though, managed to pick up familiar voices. " 'sat you?" She tried to push herself up from the ground, failed, and fell on her face again. The ground was cold, nice...she wanted to stay there and sleep...

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:02 AM (GMT)
He watched at the Renamon dragged the boy and his digimon off to wherever. Falling unconcious seemed to be the new thing to do these days. He turned around and attempted to find his way around the massive sanctuary, but to no avail. Finally, after seemingly walking in circles, Roeck strode over to a nearby Renamon and tapped her slightly over the shoulder.
"I saw a battered girl and her wolf companion rush in here from earlier. Can you take me to them?" The Renamon's eyes narrowed and her voice became a chilling poison as she hissed "Why?" Roeck stared back unflinching at the fox' tone.
"Curiousity," he replied calmly. They stood there for a couple of minutes, not moving a muscle, until Rouge appeared from behind, sending a shiver down the Renamon's spine as Rouge whispered, "If you don't trust us, send some of your precious gaurds to escort us then."
The Renamon gulped before signalling three more Renamon to follow her, drawing a slight chuckle from Rouge as they were lead through the long corridors and hallways of the temple.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:03 AM (GMT)
"Yeah, it's me," Chaos said slowly, flinching slightly as Aurora began to sink again. She reached out and took her by the shoulders out of instinct, then thought better of it and instead adjusted herself so she could support her friend's back by offering a leg to lean on.
"C'mon," she murmured. "No sleeping. Not like this, anyway." She looked over her shoulder. "She's your Tamer," the girl snapped suddenly, glaring at MorphoHikanemon. "You gonna try and do anything?"

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:03 AM (GMT)
The Renamon gently tossed Seidoudramon and Nova onto one of Kyuubimon's back, She then slowly walked into the temple as a few Renamon followed her to take the Tamer and his Digimon to a room of their own to rest up. Judging from their bodies they weren't really hurt, just rather knocked out for the moment. As the Kyuubimon reached the room the two Renamon that followed her took the Tamer and his Digimon off her back and placed them in beds, and then left the room leaving a lone Renamon as a guard.


Seidoudramon awoke before Nova did, he looked around and wonder where he was, The last thing he could remember was fighting Edge and Megiddodramon. After that he could remember some random bits of convosations that Edge was having with some unknown people. However the only memory that stuck out was Edge saying either "Brother" or "Sister" a lot. The Dragon got up out of the bed and caught a glimspe of himself in the mirror and stared, He remember himself as Zashudramon. His body shape and size was pretty much the same, however his coloring was a much brighter tone, Insidea of having black lustering scaled skin he was cover in a shiny almost sparkling like scales of white. His abdomen area which was once white eas now golden and the Crystal on his forehead which once lighted up with the power of the storm was now gleaming with power of soul and holy energy. His eyes were still gold but a much more vibrate gold. They shined with hope. He heard a voice in his head demanding himself to call himself Sei instead of Enix, "Sei huh? I suppose I can live with that."

Sei then walked over to Nova who was still sleep. He went into his pocket and pulled out his Soul Storm D-Tector and tapped Nova on the head with it a couple of times. Waking him up... or rather waking him up kind of rudely, "Wake up Nova, We have to find out where we are."
Nova opened his eye slowly and quickly grabbed his Digivice before getting a good look at Sei, "... Enix?"
"Yeah... I don't know what happened to me, But there is something inside me that would rather you call me Sei."
Nova still half sleep mumbled, "Sei?"
"Yeah Sei, I think its short for Seidoudramon."
Nova then started to remember how he got here, "...Where in the hell is Edge?" He then felt around for The Indigo Tear of God... he couldn't find it, "..."
Sei stared at Nova as he frantically searched threw his clothes, "Whats wrong Nova?"
Nova was pissed, unintentionally changing into his dormant transformation form, "THAT SON OF A BITCH STOLE ME TEAR!!!" Nova roared out in a loud dragonic voice that surely got everyone's attention in a 50 foot radius.
The Renamon who was standing guard and few others who had heard bursted into the room and looked around as if there was an attack, "Whats wrong?!" She asked.
A few things started to click for Nova, Renamon... Temple-Like atmosphere... Tai Temple
His body then went back to normal as he looked at the group of Renamon, "Ummm Sorry for the outburst. I was having a moment."
Seidoudramon sat on the end of Nova's bed, hopefully the Renamon wouldn't attack them.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:03 AM (GMT)
Knocked out of his stunned state, the black dragon growled, bent low, and nudged his head under Aurora's waist. Pushing her up onto his back, he shifted so that she balanced and then turned to face Chaos.

"I don't know where the Renamon want to keep us all. I'll follow you."

Aurora simply watched the world through half-open eyes. The strange pressure was still there, like something waiting to come out...

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:03 AM (GMT)
She allowed him to take her on his back and nodded, indicating the hallway they had come down. "I'm not entirely sure where they'd like us to be, either, but I saw one of them lead Suriumon over in this direction and told him emphatically to sleep."
Had she heard that? Maybe she was making it up; she couldn't quite remember. If she had been a Renamon she'd have told him to sleep.
She began to lead the way down in the appropriate direction, glancing over her shoulder occassionally to make sure the dragon and the woman were both all right. She didn't worry so much about MorphoHikanemon -- he might have been a little bumped, but she would have been more disturbed if he didn't show any signs of damage -- but it set her at ease to worry about both of them.
Her mind was going and she knew it.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:03 AM (GMT)
They walked down a long hallway, their footsteps echoing in through the silent passage. They heard voices coming from the other end and stopped. It was that girl he saw from before and riding something like a dragon accompanied by another girl. "There they are..." he said as the Renamon stood silently in watch, "Hey!"

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:03 AM (GMT)
Chaos rounded the corner and flinched immediately, whirling to look in the direction of the voice. She stared down the hall, blinked, and the mild consternation that was bubbling within her turned to absolute confusion.
She pointed just to make sure they knew who she was talking to, and said simply, "Who the hell are you?"

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:03 AM (GMT)
Phoenix lay motionless on the mat, absolutely unconcious. Each time his mind would try to bring him back into the waking world the low level of chakra would quickly surpress his mind and leave his thoughts swirling uncontrollably. Memory flitted through the events of the previous days. Pain flashed through his body as memory came upon the anti's crimson eyes as they seemed to strain as the triple-bladed spiral twisted into them before plunging him into hell.
Starius rested nearby, keping an eye on him. Personally he lacked the necessary traits for medical techniques even though he was of the Soul Elemental.

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:04 AM (GMT)
"I should be asking you the same question," he began, breaking into a run towards the girl and the mutant dragon thing. "What the hell did you people do to Native Forest; why the hell were things blwoing up every which way; and who are you?" He took a deep breath and exhaled.
"I am Roeckr, Roeck for short since no one is able to pronounce the ending properly." He turned to introduce Rouge, but she had already bowed and began introducing herself.
"I am Rouge, a CrimsonRenamon, as you can tell from my unique colourings." The Renamon around her replied with scoffs and mumblings. "You can also tell the difference between me in species by simply comparing me to those childish buffoons behind me." The snickering died away as Rouge leaned back and crossed her legs in a sitting position as she began hovering in the air. "We are very interested in the recent events around you and your friends. Care to share?"

Odin cut through the bushes and vines. He had followed Carris into the forest and still was. Levi finally caught up with him as he stopped for a moment. "Carris, what exactly are you planning to do? We can just let them live inside the temple for the rest of their pitiful lives..."

ChaosShadow - November 23, 2008 02:04 AM (GMT)
MorphoHikanemon bared his teeth. "What did we do to the Forest? Look, you--"

Aurora, in a slurred voice, interrupted him and waved a limp hand in the air. "Waitasec. Look 'ere. Stuff's chasing us."

Her Digimon clarified. "Corrupted copies of us, plus more abilities than we have."

"Stuff's trying to kill us."

"What she said. And we don't trust you." He lowered his head and clamped all his claws around the stones, making it clear that he wasn't going to move if they tried to go past him and that he was ready for any oncoming attack.

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