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Title: Bosch // Revelations

Grim Wolf - January 5, 2009 05:06 AM (GMT)
"We've been at this for some time," mused Raidon, leaning heavily back in his chair.

"Which bit, sir?" Shadra queried. She had managed, somehow, to stretch herself into cat form and was curled up on the ground, her swamplight eyes fixed on Raidon.

"Hmmph," he grunted. "Having fun?"

"More than you would believe," she shot back. He stared at her for a moment before shrugging and closing his eyes. "What's your bet for their formation?" she asked after a moment.

"Two or three groups. Simon will be with the smallest one."

"Don't have it down exactly, hmm?" she asked, amused.

"It's a battle, not a game of chess," he scoffed. "The rules are entirely different. Besides, it's all the same to me." He yawned. "This is endgame, one way or another." He immediately fell asleep.

"Idiot boy," Shadra sighed fondly, getting to her four feet. She stretched in luxurious cat fashion, and in the midst of that stretch somehow retook her human form. She gave him a once over to make sure he was still in relatively good health and then strolled out the door.

The smaller team arrived at the backdoor. Simon took a cursory glance around to make sure they were all together and in the right place-not hard, the Void was fairly distinctive-and then turned towards them. "Right," he murmurred. "Suri, take point. Kaidis, watch our backs. Myste..." he looked at the Phoenix and smiled. "Thanks." He turned back to the door, drawing his guns and digivolving them into the tonfa-like constructs he'd come to favor recently. "Let's move with some speed, eh?"

At the front of the building, Caster, Leader, and the army of Tamers and Digimon made their arrival. They had some time to prepare themselves for the imminent arrival of a rather large enemy team, and Caster and Leader, at least, took advantage of it-the former digivolved to Sorcerermon, the latter to Cactumon.

The attack team itself was predictably Shikata in substance but significantly stronger than the party they'd faced during the battle at the Mage's Valley.

Significantly stronger, but not entirely unfamiliar to some of those present. Eight Elders, all armed with the traditional staffs of their kind and the cowled-looking heads. Eight Shikata, fanning out over the Tier with their eyes visibly narrowed into slits.

And, standing near the back, four hulking creatures-almost human except for the shadowy substance of their bodies, thought not their clothing and armor, and their massive size. One was a hooded, armored, strangeley elegant looking creature with black antlers sticking out of his head and a white sword held lightly between his hands. One was a massive brute with an axe of beaten gold slung over one shoulder, his body draped in furs. Near at hand and garbed in a robe frigtheningly similar to Sorci's was one with a scepter of some entirely unbelievable violet metal. And one stood with no weapons at all-might have been just another Shikata, if it hadn't been for the purposeful, martial stance and the significantly more powerful form.

They began to move as one towards the invasion team.

Sword Lord: 4000/4000
Axe Lord: 5000/5000
Scepter Lord: 3000/3000
Fist Lord: 3500/3500

Elders 1-8: 2000/2000
Shikata 1-8: 700/700

Chaos Shadow - January 6, 2009 04:00 AM (GMT)
Myste emerged first within the hangar of the Equinox, nearby the door that would lead into the building. Close behind her were Suriumon and Chaos, who put some distance between themselves and the opening to allow for Simon and his Biyomon to emerge. She counted down from thirty, anticipating that he would come out within a few seconds to--

It was more than a few seconds. It was probalby nearly the end of the portal's time. But Simon did vault in, along with the Biyomon, and Chaos listened to the quick instructions.

She pulled her weapon out of the sheathe and transformed the blade into a gun, looking at the door and going through the mental excercises, hopefully that they would be able to assuage the terror still coursing through her body.

Calm. Cold. Get yourself together. Inhale. Exhale. Relax. Pull the trigger.

You can do this.


warriorjames - January 6, 2009 06:01 PM (GMT)
Ancient, Wingman, Josh and Haruhi appeared near the front of the Equinox Base. This place truly was a wonder unto itself, but now wasn't the time to stare in awe; right now, they had to create a distraction to allow time for Chaos and the others to get in. Ancient looked at Nova.
"Alright, Nova, you call when we go in."

karma-1 (0+(1+0))

Dragon-of-flame - January 8, 2009 07:42 PM (GMT)
Kaidis only grunted in responce and did as he was told. Hiroshi took flight and Digivolved into Archeoptemon who was then lowered himself so that Daniel could climb aboard.

"I'm not sure what we're meant to be doing yet so we'll just do what we can for now." Daniel said. "Good luck Kaidis!"

With that, Hiroshi took to the air while Kaidis fired his Desolation Blaze at the nearest normal Shikata. If circumstances permitted the it would make sense to get shot of the weaker ones first.
Desolation Blaze-Elemental. Fire. 375 damage, Burn90 [20%]

Adrian.Creed - January 10, 2009 05:22 AM (GMT)
[ When I made the original post I assumed we were all moving through one portal. I'll move along as if they had entered from the front.
And Skydramon never followed after Rie ]

"Welcome to the Equinox Base." Skydramon said as the portal spat them out in front. "Home to the--"
"Villains and infested by mysterious, shadowy figures of doom?" Fuguumon chimed in. Rie brushed herself off, took a cursory glance at her gun and digivice then released a tired sigh.

"I should have let the group with the purple-platypus adopt you. They looked too happy." Rie replied. Fuguumon perked up as a momentary flash of heat and scarlet light tore off from Kaidis and hurtled off into the distance, illuminating the approaching mass of enemies.
"Well shit." She muttered darkly. The hacker took a glance down at Fuguumon, then grasped her digivice.

"Ready, set, kill." She growled, readying the digivolve menu for quick access.

warriorjames - January 10, 2009 05:36 PM (GMT)
Ancient smirked and looked at Rie.
"You're in a hurry to get into battle, aren't you?"
"Well, we are suppose to be the distraction, aren't we?" Wingman implied.
"I suppose that's true. Alright then. Wingman, Haruhi, Let's get moving. Josh, I really need to get to work on you."
"No joke. I really hate the fact that I have to sit these things out due to my lack in strength."
"It's not that, it's your stamina I'm worried about. Wingman...Haruhi, you guys ready?"
"Yea," Responsed Wingman as he digivolved to MagnaXVeemon, who then greatly dimmed the light comig from his wings. Haruhi, meanwhile, just shook his head and digivolved to AncientWyvernmon before speaking.
"This is going to be one hell of a ride."
"Well, taking on this many opponents is kind of a first to all of us. Let's all agtee on this though: If we feel like we're getting overwhelmed, we call a strategic retreat and try and lead them into an ambush."
"Uh...If we feel like we're getting overwhelmed and fall back, we're probably going to get killed."
"You forget, Wingman, that we have Chaos' digivice, which will give us the floor plans for the battlefield in question."
"We may not have time for that," Haruhi implead, "They're moving towards us!"

karma-4 (1+(1+2))

Grim Wolf - January 12, 2009 01:08 AM (GMT)
"He must have cut the power," Simon said aloud. "It's the only explanation. He couldn't have gotten through any other way." He went through the back door, one gun drawn. "Question is, how?"

He waved them all through, then-for better or worse, they were going hunting. "Think the Terminals will still be running?" he asked. The lights were on, after all-it was possible they were on auxillary or some such.

Haruhi was entirely correct-they didn't have time any longer.

The Elders stopped advancing all at once, aimed their staffs together, and unleashed multiple blasts of shadowy force, burning over the ground towards their targets. This was no the best-aimed attack of all time, but it served its purpose-keep the invasion team from making any headway.

This gave the other team the time they needed to advance the rest of the way.

The Sword Lord spun his blade and went for his opponent-Wingman, standing glowing and glorious near the front. Which was all to the good, but he made a rather easy target in the Void, and this time-unlike during their battle at the Valley-the Sword Lord wasted no time in challenging him.

He'd be ready. He'd be ready, or he'd be dead.

He slashed once in midair, unleashing a crescent of fire that sped forwards towards Wingman and immediately sprinted after it, his sword spinning rapidly as he moved. Of the eight Shikata present on the battlefield, four of them made a beeline for Haruhi, slashing crazily to suppress him. The other two went for Josh, doing the same.

The Axe Lord, with a roar that actually left bass-like vibrations on the skin of all nearby, rushed forwards almost gleefully. In a single bound he cleared the others, drew back his axe, and rushed for Skydramon. He knew how damnably elusive the dragon could be, and was not letting him get away. At the same time, one of the Shikata fired off a rapidly moving bullet of darkness at Fuguumon.

The Scepter Lord, without a beat, swung his scepter in a great curving arc and slammed an incredibly wave of force at Caster. Caster actually leapt towards it and sped over it, landing neatly on the ground beyond it to stamp the ground and unleash a great wall of earth towards his opponent. merely slammed it out of his way with a single well-placed blow of his scepter, but they were now facing each other intently. Leader did not get by so slickly; the Shikata that went for him moved too quickly. It delivered a rapid slash that he only narrowly-and sloppily-parried. Staggering back with new furrows in his front, the warrior gave a cry and slammed his sword into the ground, unleashing a long line of spikes that impaled the Shikata in question.

The final Lord-the Fist Lord-peered at Enix for a moment, tapping one foot, and then beckoned him forwards, shifting his position to one more defensively inclined.

Caster, 1750/1750
Leader, 260/420
Sword Lord, 4000/4000: Crescent Slash, 500 Damage.
Axe Lord, 5000/5000: Grand Cleave, 650 Damage.
Scepter Lord, 3000/3000
Fist Lord, 3500/3500
Elders 1-8, 2000/2000: Gatling Shadows, 90 damage per shot, 4 shots, aimed generally (36 Shots fired, in case you can't do the math).
Shikata 1-4, 700/700: Five-Fingered Slashes at Haruhi, 260 Damage.
Shikata 5-6, 700/700: Five Fingered Slashes at Josh, 260 Damage.
Shikata 7, 700/700: Shadow Shot at Fuguumon, 270 Damage.
Shikata 8, 555/700


Chaos Shadow - January 12, 2009 01:21 AM (GMT)
"Myste said that the power to the defenes was down. I'm fairly sure the terminals are included under that. Anything that isn't related to climate control and lights, really."

She had actually asked, at one point in time, who thought it was smart to only have backup power for things like lights and air conditioning. She had been informed that the only situation where the power would be knocked out to everything else would effectively be a situation where you didn't want anything else running. Certainly seemed to be the case.

"Get an opportunity to look at 'em, you could give it a shot," Suriumon said. "Whatever good it'll do you."

Dragon-of-flame - January 13, 2009 06:16 PM (GMT)
Kaidis swerved in an attempt to avoid the shots that were aimed at anything that stood in the way. Inevitebly, he was struck by 3 of them.
"KAIDIS!!!" Daniel cried out but despite the fact that Kaidis had taken damage to his wing, he was able to take to the air again but was a little slow. He lunged foreward and struck out with his Cyber Swipe. Hiroshi meanwhile was now circling the battle field and was quick to chip in with an attack of his own.
"Skyward Barrage!!"
Kaidis-Cyber Swipe-Physical. Darkness. 330 damage, HeavyBleed50 [20%]
Hiroshi-Skyward Barrage-Elemental. Wind. 130 damage, auto-hit

warriorjames - January 13, 2009 07:58 PM (GMT)
(Simon, where are the bios for these enemies?)

Nova - January 13, 2009 08:55 PM (GMT)
[Shikata and Elders stats are here though I must admit they are kinda strong for creatures with low stats such as theirs. I would assume the payout will be worth it.]

Chaos Shadow - January 13, 2009 09:00 PM (GMT)
[ The actual damages from each are listed at the bottom of the thread; the Elders in particular are severely out of whack for the new system. They aren't as powerful as the original post suggests they are. ]

Nova - January 13, 2009 09:06 PM (GMT)
[They still serverly out of whack. Shikata's only have 200 Focus, with attack elemental attacks that deal close to 300. Nothing I can't handle though.]

Nova - January 13, 2009 09:06 PM (GMT)
Enix looked over to the rather bulky Fist Lord and stared at him.

"I think he is waiting for you partner." Mutter Nova, who was still flying in the air, hovering at least 15 feet up.

Enix began to slowly walk forward, "I know that." The energy crystals on Enix's body began to glow brightly, "RiseArashidramon digivolve too..." A Large lightning bolt came down from above and hit the dragon head on, "ApoclaSuukoudramon!" The Cyborg Dragon held out his gun and tainted the Fist Lord to come after him, "Ready when you are."

Words: [-Battle Status-]
Post: 0 [-Battle Status-]

Chaos Shadow - January 13, 2009 09:25 PM (GMT)
[ I think I was taking Shadow Shot and Shadow Cannon as-- wait, why was I considering them physical? ]

Nova - January 13, 2009 09:32 PM (GMT)
[If you want me too i can convert them fully to the new System... I'm not busy at the moment.]

Chaos Shadow - January 13, 2009 09:50 PM (GMT)
[ I think I took care of the offending attacks. I think. ]

warriorjames - January 13, 2009 10:09 PM (GMT)
Ancient grabbed Josh and forced the two of them out of the line of fire. The two took a few moments to recover before looking at the opposition.
"It looks like hanging on the side-lines isn't going to work, Josh."
"And, upon that note..."
Josh digivolved into his Greymon stage, knowing that things were going to get very rough for him. Regardless, the saurian digimon unleashed his Fire Wall attack at one of the Shikata that attacked him.

Wingman, meanwhile, had issues of his own to deal with, side stepping the two Shadow Shot attacks that almost hit his feet while blocking the Sword Lord's attack. He knew that things were going to get absolutely insain, and, knowing that going close range was virtually a death wish with the present numbers, the angelic saurian fell back some from the Sword Lord and called upon his Gate of Destiny to try and damage the Lord.

Haruhi, on the other claw, had taken to the air, thus bypssing the attacks made on him, and was taking a look at the present situation. He knew that all of these opponents had to take a hit simultaniously. The dragon digimon then unleashed his Ancient Shockwave in the hopes that it would even the playing field slightly.

Fire Wall-Elemental. Fire, 245 damage, Trap [20%]
Target-Shikara 5

Gate of Destiny-Elemental. Celestial, 480 damage
Target-Sword Lord

Ancient Shockwave-Elemental. Celestial, 460 damage, shockwave 25%
Target-Elder 3

(I hope I hit that correctly)

(adjusted now. Man, I love the edit button)

Grim Wolf - January 14, 2009 02:58 AM (GMT)
Erm...Ancient, the Sword Lord is attacking you. Did you not notice that, or...?

Adrian.Creed - January 14, 2009 04:56 AM (GMT)
[ I should start keeping track of word count for Karma . On Friday ]

Skydramon's head snapped around at the energy discharge and then forward towards the sudden thud of the Axe Lord as it landed, then hurtled across the ground with astonishing speed for its bulk. He took a step back as the Axe Lord's arm swung back--

"Karma Cycle!"

A sheen of white energy engulfed the incoming axe blade and threw it off course, swallowing the incoming energy shots simultaneously. Pleased with the result he turned and sprinted off to the right, filled his air with wings and took to the air--

"Skydramon digivolve to--" He roared, engulfing himself in light. His form twisted on itself, molding into a ball before unraveling as a sinuous dragon--
"Tianlongmon!" He cried, emerging from the cocoon.

warriorjames - January 14, 2009 11:02 AM (GMT)
(Sword Lord, 4000/4000: Crescent Slash, 500 Damage.

That's what you put down for the sword lord. You didn't indicate who the target was through that.)

Grim Wolf - January 15, 2009 02:22 AM (GMT)
I apologize for not noting it at the bottom, but in the post itself it does say the Sword Lord launched an attack and Wingman and then rushed at him. Would you do me a favor and amend your post?

warriorjames - January 15, 2009 11:03 AM (GMT)
(already taken care of if you read my post over)

Grim Wolf - January 16, 2009 04:51 AM (GMT)
I'm much obliged to you, Ancient. I won't make the same mistake twice. Also, everyone follow his example and please keep track of the damage to your guys.

"I s'pose," Simon sighed. "It's just..."

"You want to be out there with them, don't you?" Agare commented dryly. Simon flashed her a look but she was only giving him a sardonic smile, and Simon had to admit that it might very well be true.

Worse, though, was the fact that he had no idea why Raidon would want the Manor. What could he gain from it? What advantage did this place present?

"Well, I'm not the damned ArchMagus," Simon snorted. "What do you think we should do?"

The Shikata who Kaidis chose to attack was moving to follow-up his original attack on Haruhi and so was spread wide when Kaidis' blow came. He whirled about as he felt the near-at-hand income, however, and gave a tremendous cry as he rushed forwards, slashing wildly at the black dragon.

The Shikata Hiroshi fired upon was not so lucky. It was struck full in the back by the windy force arrayed against it, buffeted wildly by its power. With one of the strange cries only the Shikata seemed capable of, it whirled back and fired off a fast-moving bullet at Hiroshi. As it did so, however, Leader dashed forwards and rammed his sword into it, spinning as he did so for extra damage. "Much obliged!" he shouted at the bird.

As Enix moved in, following his digivolution, the Fist Lord gave a nod and dashed forwards. He was fast, too-far faster than would have been expected-and more or less flickered passed his opponent. Then, from behind, he slammed out with his left fist, moving so fast that he broke the sound barrier.

Josh's attack actually had some significant effect on the oncoming Shikata. The shadowy beasties seemed, in this case, to be more akin to cannon fodder than anything else-line breaks, made only to disrupt the formation. But even if that were the case, they were succeeding with unnerving accuracy. The Shikata he caught, however, had its movements entirely sealed by the fire around it. It glared hatefully at Josh, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The Sword Lord sidestepped the Gate of Destiny, looking at Wingman almost as though he were ashamed. He stepped forwards again and then dashed forwards, bringing his sword up by a thrusting blow that seemed fast beyond reason.

As for Haruhi, he'd managed to break the careful formation Raidon had laid out by launching a direct attack on the Elders. The Elder in question looked up and then was slammed by the attack, throwing him back from the advancing line and leaving him dazed and unable to rally himself for an attack.

Skydramon managed to stop the Axe Lord's attack, but unlike the Sword Lord and the Fist Lord the Axe Lord was in no mood to face his old opponent in an honorable battle. As the dragon broke the cocoon to emerge in the world newly empowered, the Axe Lord was already in the air and hurtling back downwards for a second earth-rending axe attack.

As for the Scepter Lord and Caster dueled, Caster finally gained the upper hand as he wove around an elaborate construction of black spirals that his foe constructed and snapped his fingers, raining lightning down. Unfortunately a near at hand Shikata leapt over it, taking the brunt of the attack, and with a chuckle the Scepter Lord pressed his attack.

Haruhi, meanwhile, had taken the fight to the Elders and his blast had hurt and incapacitated three of their number...but had, simultaneously, left him the only aerial target in the whole area. The whole contingent of advancing Elders focused their attacks on him, filling the air around him with blasts. Moreover, three of the Shikata who had staged the original assault turned on their heels and began to launch their own blasts. Regardless of how Haruhi moved, he was going to suffer this round.

And the last Shikata on the field went rabidly for Josh, who had sealed out his ally. He slashed with a scream of rage at Josh's exposed back.

Caster, 1750/1750:
Leader, 260/420:
Sword Lord, 4000/4000: Shadowpierce at Wingman, 630 Damage.
Axe Lord, 5000/5000: Grand Cleave at Skydramon, 650 Damage.
Scepter Lord, 3000/3000:
Fist Lord, 3500/3500: Mach Punch at Enix, 600 Damage.
Elders 1-3, 1540/2000:
Elders 4-8, 2000/2000: Gatling Shadows at Haruhi, 85 Damage per hit, 4 hits.
Shikata1, 700/700: Five-Fingered Slash at Kaidis, 170 Damage.
Shikata 2-4 700/700: Shadow Shots at Haruhi, 180 Damage.
Shikata5, 455/700: Waiting.
Shikata6: 345/700:
Shikata7, 700/700: Five-Fingered Slash at Josh, 170 Damage.
Shikata8: 170/700: Shadow Shot at Hiroshi, 180 Damage.


Nova - January 16, 2009 05:18 AM (GMT)
Enix turned and took the punch to the face as he slid back a little, laughing as he did so, "You punch like a Girl! Magnum Revolver!" The Dragon Man quickly pulled his gun and fired at close range, and since the Fist Lord had so nicely lined himself up right infront of Enix it was an expected sure hit. Enix then jumped a few times backwards to work some room in between himself and the Fist Lord.

Nova meanwhile moved away from the battle, flying up and trying to get a bird's eye view of things. Keeping an headcount on the enermy and allies alike.

ApoclaSuukoudramon "Enix": 1700/2000 (Wyrm's take half damage from all physical attacks.)
DP: 120/130
Attack: Magnum Revolver
Elemental. Machine. 430 damage (560 Because of DarknessSlayer), DarknessSlayer30%
Target: Fist Lord (obviously)

Words: --- [-Battle Status-]
Total Words: 0
Post: 0 [-Battle Status-]

Chaos Shadow - January 16, 2009 01:15 PM (GMT)
Chaos bristled, but did not actually respond to the sneer. She remained silent for a moment, eyes shut, and said, very slowly, "It would be my guess that you know Raidon significantly better than I do. Since we're dealing with him at the moment, I would think you would be better equipped to answer the question." She looked up to the interior of the manor and then added, a little airily, "You seemed to have some idea of what you were doing when you divided us up. I'd assumed you actually had a plan. Silly me."

warriorjames - January 17, 2009 03:40 AM (GMT)
Haruhi went wide-eyed and dove for the ground, landing himself near where Wingman and the Sword Elder were engaged in combat...but not without taking two Gatling Shadow shots from two of the elders. The Wyrm digimon shook his head and watched as Wingman back-flipped out of the way of the elder's attack before landing on his feet a few meters away.
"Smooth move, Wingman."
“"on’t thank me yet."
Wingman now knew that this fight with this Sword Elder was going to have to most likely be done in close range combat, be it for physical or elemental moves. Baring that in mind, Wingman’s sword was engulfed in fire before the angelic saurian charged for the elder. No sooner had Wingman taken off for the elder, he noticed what appeared to be a blast of Celestial energy of sorts aimed for the same target. Knowing that Haruhi was in the same general area, Wingman knew that he was trying to help out his attack. Hopefully, one of both of these assaults would hit.

Josh, meanwhile, tilted his head in curiosity. What in the net was that thing doing? Was it waiting for him to attack so it could launch a counter attack? Well, Greymon weren't exactly ones to not try and blow something up. And so, Josh unleashed another Fire Wall attack at the same Shikara, hoping the attack would do something to it.

Fire Wall-Elemental. Fire, 245 damage, Trap [20%]
Target-Shikara 5

Ancient Excalibur-Physical. Fire, 210 damage, Flinch [20%]
Target-Sword Lord

Ancient Shockwave-Elemental. Celestial, 460 damage, shockwave 25%
Target-Sword Lord

(I think I hit that right)

Adrian.Creed - January 18, 2009 03:11 PM (GMT)
[ Psst. Where can I find Axe Lord's info? ]

Grim Wolf - January 18, 2009 05:47 PM (GMT)
Nowhere. I'm operating from my own notes. Seeing as the Lords are onetime enemies I'm not going to make a Shatajinn profile. They're custom builds.

I will tell you that Grand Cleave is his Normal Attack2 and he doesn't actually have any defensive moves, though.

Adrian.Creed - January 19, 2009 04:37 PM (GMT)
[ Shikata would make a nice addition to the Shadowlands, servants of the IdolGods ]

Tianlongmon coiled the muscles across his sinuous body, craning his neck to observe the Axe Lord as he plummeted through the air, then tore off to the side, snapping his body around to avoid the lethal axe blade.

He landed a short distance away and dug in his claws. "Rie!" He called to the girl, looking back towards her. "Take cover!" He warned, then looked forward and opened his maw:
"Corona Spear!!" Tianglongmon roared, loosing a concentrated bolt of fiery energy at the Axe Lord.

Tianlongmon: 3000 / 3000
Corona Spear: Fire Elemental, 430 damage, Burn100 [20%]

Chaos Shadow - January 19, 2009 06:12 PM (GMT)
[ Except I'm pretty sure the nature of the Shikata isn't related whatsoever to the ShadowLands. And I don't think the IGs would want them anyway. ]

Grim Wolf - January 19, 2009 07:12 PM (GMT)
It's not completely unfeasible, I think, but it's pretty damn close.

Dragon-of-flame - January 22, 2009 06:34 PM (GMT)
The Shikata came at Kaidis so quickly that all he could do was brace for impact. The blow knocked him off course but he was quick to regain altitude and strike back with his own claws. Hiroshi had no time to respond to Leader for he too was in trouble. He was sent spinning in midair, almost throwing Daniel off in the process.
"Sorry about that..." Hiroshi said sheepishly.
"No biggie!" Daniel replied. "But maybe we should back off for a bit."
Hiroshi nodded and did as he was told but not before screeching loudly to fire a powerful shockwave at Kaidis's Shikata. Shortly after that, he accepted an HP Chip that Daniel had offered him. They couldn't afford to take any chances in this battle...
Kaidis:HP-1260: Cyber Swipe-Physical. Darkness. 330 damage, HeavyBleed50 [20%] (Target-Shikata1)
Hiroshi:HP-345: Prehistoric Call-Elemental. Wind. 150 damage
Daniel-Used 1 HPChipIII on Hiroshi (+175HP)

Grim Wolf - January 26, 2009 01:27 AM (GMT)
[Wingman, you missed Shikata7's attack on Josh. That being said...]

Simon sighed. "Sorry," he relented. "I'm just...tense, is all." He thought for a moment before being struck by the full weight of his stupidity. "Hang on," he groaned. "I can just scan the place." He let his vision enter Download mode, swept his eyes around the manse looking for the characteristic bright lights of living things...

Stopped. Did a double-take.

"We need to go," Simon said. He grabbed Agare and turned around, heading for one of the near-at-hand doors. From another door in the room came Shadra, man-sized and laughing. "My, he guessed accurately," she snickered.

"Hang on, there's just one of her!" Agare shouted.

"No, there's not," Simon replied grimly.

The Bakemon came drifting through the walls then-first only a handful, but before long there were thirty or forty, coming from all directions in an endless stream.

Ghosts in the mansion, Simon thought grimly. Raidon's still got a sense of humor.

The Fist Lord did not attempt to dodge the attack, bracing his hands in front of his body so that the attack was somewhat weakened. The dragon had some resistance to physical attacks.

How interesting.

As the Fist Lord fell back, holding his own rather neatly against the powerful attack, the Shikata who had attacked Josh while his attention had been drawn by his comrade gave a little scream of triumph as his attack bit home, and then delivered a second slash immediately thereafter. In front of Josh, the Shikata patiently took the blow and then, with a similar cry, unleashed a Shadow Cannon right at the Greymon.

Haruhi's attention to the Sword Lord would end badly for him. As the line of Elders reformed and pressed their advance, aiming their staffs and waiting for the Shikata to fall-they didn't want to contribute to their deaths-three separate Shikata went for the dragon. One of them brought the fight up close and personal, slashing wildly, and two of them fired off bullets of dark force, all three intent on keeping the dragon's involvement to a minimum.

The Sword Lord could hardly ignore the attacks coming at him, however, and with them coming from two directions dodging would be difficult.

So he didn't dodge. He held his sword up and a field of dark energy formed around him. The field repelled Wingman's sword attack entirely and severely diluted the effect of Haruhi's pulse attack. He glared at Wingman reproachfully, dissapointed by his reliance on his comrades.

The Axe Lord, for his part, didn't even make an attempt to get out of the way of the attack. He let it slam into him and through him, and then laughing slammed his own axe into the ground, unleashing a pulsing wave of force towards the opponent, a sweeping wave equal parts darkness and physical force.

The Shikata who'd been attacking Hiroshi redoubled his efforts, firing off a Shadow Shot at the great bird and his Tamer. At the same time, both Kaidis' and Hiroshi's attacks slammed home on the Shikata. leaving the creature alive but too dazed to perform a counter.

The Shikata Leader was fighting dove backwards and then snapped off a bullet of black force towards the warrior plant. The bullet hit home, sending him staggering backwards, but he managed to assemble enough relative coherency to shove his sword into the ground, unleashing one of those long lines of earthly spikes that speared the shadowy beast.

Caster and the Scepter Lord were, by this point, quite frustrated wtih one another, because neither of them could land a blow. They were roughly evenly matched; every time the one managed to break through, the other figured out a way around it.

They now stood glaring at each other, and then in a move which exactly mimicked one another threw out their hands and unleashed a gout of light and dark force. The problem was, the power of the blasts was exactly equal, so nothing happened.

"Oh god damn it!" Caster exclaimed. The Scepter Lord nodded in agreement.

Caster, 1750/1750
Leader: 80/460
Sword Lord, 3930/4000: Aura of Mastery, Prevents 600 of any Damage.
Axe Lord, 4570/5000: Black Impulse at Skydramon, 600 Damage.
Scepter Lord, 3000/3000:
Fist Lord, 3340/3500: Block, Prevents 400 of any Damage.
Elders 1-3, 1540/2000: Advancing, cautious
Elders 4-8, 2000/2000: Advancing, cautious
Shikata 1, 220/700:
Shikata 2, 700/700: Five-Fingered Slash at Haruhi, 170 Damage.
Shikata 3, 700/700: Five-Fingered Slash at Haruhi, 170 Damage.
Shikata 4, 700/700: Shadow Shot at Haruhi, 180 Damage.
Shikata 5, 210/700: Shadow Cannon at Josh, 200 Damage.
Shikata 6, 345/700: Shadow Shot at Leader, 180 Damage.
Shikata 7, 700/700: Five Fingered Slash at Josh, 170 Damage (First Five-Fingered Slash guaranteed)
Shikata 8, 170/700: Shadow Shot at Hiroshi, 180 Damage


Chaos Shadow - January 26, 2009 01:49 AM (GMT)
Chaos wheeled and nearly hurled herself straight into the mass of shadow that was standing at the door.

"Oh come on," she growled. "No break? Ever?"

"That isn't the main problem," Suriumon growled, standing at the ready behind her, his hackles raised and a growl at his throat. Chaos half-stepped back and looked over her shoulder.

"Ah," she murmured. "Shit."

warriorjames - January 26, 2009 08:27 PM (GMT)
(Ok, I misread Simon's last battle post. Eh, whatever. I‘ll bite the bullet. No pun intended)

Ancient went wide-eyed as Josh was about to get bombarded. One of the Shikata had already nailed him and now it was going in for round two…not to mention that there was another Shikata going for him. Haruhi wasn’t much better off either with three Shikata trying to take him on. It honestly appeared like Wingman was the only one who was safe presently. Ancient Knew he had to keep hinself ready, and so kept his hand on his digivice.

Josh, meanwhile, had no choice but to take the Five-Fingered Slash. He blamed his arrogance for not taking care of that one. Regardless, the same Shikata as well as another one were moving in. Taking the opportunity, Josh blocked the Shadow Cannon attack with his Claw Shield before firing his Fire Wall attack at the injured Shikata. True, it did result in taking the second Five-Fingered Slash, but if I meant getting one opponent off the field it was well worth the trade.

Haruhi, on the other claw, had a few more Shikata to deal with; however, he also knew he could use this to his advantage as well. Haruhi blocked the Shadow Shot attack with his Wind Shield. Though this did allow the two Five-Fingered Slash attacks to hit, Haruhi barely felt a thing. He then countered by firing his Ancient Shockwave Attack, which would greatly injure the three Shikata who had attacked him…not to mention the Sword Lord.

Wingman, meanwhile, finally realized that the Sword Lord wanted a hand-to-hand fight with no external interference. True, there would be Haruhi’s attack this round, but after that…Wingman smiled.
“I think I’m beginning to se your point of view. All you want is a simple one-on-one that involves hand-to-hand combat with no external interference. My apologies for not realizing this sooner. If you’d be willing to give me a few moments, I’d more then willingly accept you challenge.”

Fire Wall-Elemental. Fire, 245 damage, Trap [20%]
Target-Shikara 5

No move

Ancient Shockwave-Elemental. Celestial, 460 damage, shockwave 25%
Target-Shikata 3


Adrian.Creed - January 28, 2009 02:56 AM (GMT)
[ I visualized Axe Lord's attack as being....Really powerful despite the damage. So I ran with it ]

Tianlongmon's body tensed as the Axe blade struck the ground, sending cracks running across its surface. The Axe lord laughed, almost amused by his powers as a layer of thick black energy gushed from the cracks, amassed itself--
Axe Lord's attack tore forward at a horrific pace, forcing Tianlongmon to hastily construct a barrier; attempting to put some distance between himself and the attack.
It failed, fish-failed as Adrian would've said, in a grand way: splintering and buckling before succumbing to the repulse of darkness, followed by a tremendous explosion of shattered rock and soil.

"Wingman!" Tianlongmon roared over the blast. He flipped himself around and corrected his free-fall. "He's going to try and expend as much of your stamina as physically possible!" He warned, landing with a heavy thud as his jaws opened wide, picking a random enemy--
"Shining Bullet!"
A compressed orb of scorching light sprang from his throat and knifed towards one of the Shikata (7).

[ 2715 / 3000 ]
Shining Bullet : Holy Elemental, 410 Damage, Burn2[30%]
Target: Shikata7

Dragon-of-flame - January 30, 2009 01:58 PM (GMT)
OOC-Ack! I could've sworn, I'd replied to this!
"HIROSHI, LOOK OUT!!!" Daniel cried.
Hiroshi saw the attack and calmly allowed his feathers to take on a Metallic sheen to deflect a majority of the damage. He was still knocked back but was able to retain altitude.
With no attacks heading Kaidis's way, he was free to take a deep breath and fire away.
"Desolation Blaze!"
Kaidis-Desolation Blaze-Elemental. Fire. 375 damage, Burn90 [20%] (Target-Shikata1)
Hiroshi-HP-165: Steel FeathersPrevents 100 physical damage.
Daniel-no move...

Nova - January 30, 2009 04:57 PM (GMT)
No fun, he is playing defensively. Thought Enix to himself as he kept his distance from the Fist Lord, Okay, so one of his attacks that Mach Punch thing of his. He can block elemental attacks by simply blocking normally it seems. Which means no defense lag, which sucks. Judging from his strength it has to be mega level... I really dont want to use that much power fighting this guy... It isn't always what I want though.

The Dragon then attempted to flee, jumping into the air and flaring the boosters on his jetpack and flying over to the weaker Shikata. With his gun still in hand he kept and eye on the Fist Lord in case he gave chase, he was hoping he would.

ApoclaSuukoudramon "Enix": 1700/2000
DP: 120/130
Time Binding
Target: Fleeing, Watching the Fist Lord

Words: --- [-Battle Status-]
Total Words: 0
Post: 0 [-Battle Status-]

Grim Wolf - February 1, 2009 08:38 AM (GMT)
"This is clearly our smartest idea ever," grunted Agare. "Where do you even get this many Bakemon?"

"I find it's best to leave questions of Raidon's resources unasked," Simon replied grimly. "Suri and Chaos-"

"They're fine."

"Good." Simon hesitated, then spied a small door off to one side and sprinted for that. He immediately stopped and turned around, eyes blazing. "Hurry, please!" he called out to Chaos.

The Shikata still by Josh's back gave a cry of triumph and fired off one of the long, raking beams of black that caused os much damage. As he did this, however, Tianlongmon's attack struck him and sent him, shattered, rolling away.

The Shikata in front of Josh shook his head and simply ducked sideways, letting the wall of flames slide past him. At the same time, he unleashed a Shadow Shot to teach Josh not to underestimate him.

Haruhi's fierce attack slammed hard into one of the Shikata assaulting the vast dragon, throwing him and two of his cohorts backwards. As they fell, however, they were able to fire two clumsily aimed but still rather dangerous black orbs of power. The other did not get so lucky-it simply exploded in one of those black flashes which signalled the death of a Shikata. The other Shikata was able to stay free of the attack's range by being high in the air when it occurred. He came down atop Haruhi, slashing wildly.

The Sword Lord hesitated a moment, then nodded and let the sword fall lightly to one side. It would, it decided, let Wingman prepare himself, but if the angelic dragon made any move to fight anyone else but he...

Well, the Sword Lord would deal with it. As easily as he slashed through Haruhi's attack to leave him utterly unscathed in the aftermath.

Tianlongmon's clumsy defense against the Black Impulse simply set the Axe Lord's bloodlust bubbling even further. Wtih another feral roar the Axe Lord dashed forwards, bringing his axe back for the kill.

Leader exploded towards his foe, spinning rapidly to deal additional damage to the creature. The flurry of slashes tore right through the Shikata, leave it screaming, and it immediately fired off a raking beam of shadow. This Leader narrowly sidestepped before leaping high into the air, bringing his sword down in an enormous slash that simply tore the Shikata apart. Panting, the cactus staggered backwards.

The Shikata Kaidis chose as a target didn't even have time to respond to the attack-he merely looked up before being consumed in fire.

Caster and his Lord faced off, occasionally blasting each other with magic to absolutely no effect, circling each other like sharks. Finally, Caster dashed towards him, shielding his hands in lightning, and fired it off in twin spurts. At the same time, the Scepter Lord levelled his staff and force blasted out of it. The blows hit their intended targets and sent both rolling in opposite directions.

The Fist Lord was a rather intelligent example of his kind. He knew that, if this thing was running, it was because it wanted him to fllow.

An ambush, in essence.

The Fist Lord brought his fists to chest level and then slammed them otuwards, unleashing two black darts of power that hurtled through the air and left the scent of burnt ozone strong in anyone near at hand.

As the group fought, the Elders came closer and closer.

Caster, 1250/1750
Leader, 80/460
Sword Lord, 3930/4000: No move, watching Wingman.
Axe Lord, 4570/5000: Grand Cleave at Skydramon, 650 Damage.
Scepter Lord, 2600/3000:
Fist Lord, 3340/3500: Ki Concussor at Nova, 620 Damage.
Elders 1-3, 1540/2000: Arriving in one turn.
Elders 4-8: 2000/2000, arriving in one turn.
Shikata 1, DELETED:
Shikata 2, 240/700: Shadow Shot at Haruhi, 180 Damage
Shikata 3, 240/700: Shadow Shot at Haruhi, 180 Damage
Shikata 4, 700/700: Five-Fingered Slash at Haruhi, 170 Damage
Shikata 5, 210/700: Shadow Shot at Josh, 180 Damage.
Shikat 6, DELETED:
Shikata 7: DELETED, Shadow Cannon at Josh, 200 Damage.
Shikata 8, DELETED:

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