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Harry Potter was born in the year 1980, but that's not where we want to be. No, let's go back further. Here is where we want to be. It's March of the year 1978, dolls. The infamous Marauders are in their seventh & final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry; the first war against the Dark Lord is about to begin. The Hogwarts students are joined by some guests this year. What role will you play & where will you end up? It's all in your hands now.

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dean the butter.

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bio. plot.

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 Rosalie Margaret Smith, RAVENCLAW; seventh year
SMITH, rosalie
Posted: Apr 10 2008, 12:42 AM

Group: unsorted ;
Posts: 2
Member No.: 149
Joined: 9-April 08

user posted image

the person behind the computer `

the name ` Lily
the age ` fifteen
contact info ` PM if you please c:
roleplay experience ` four years now!
other characters ` Lily Evans & Vincent Malfoy
how you found us ` I'm a veteran you could say =]

the character basics `

the name ` rosalie margaret smith
the age ` seventeen
the birthday ` January Eighteenth
the year` seventh
the house ` ravenclaw
the blood ` pure-blood
the wand `
the member title `

the character appearance `

the claim ` nataniele ribiero
the hair ` { style & colour, please }
the eyes ` olive green
the body-type ` 5'8
the distinguishing marks `

the character personality `

the habits `
the hobbies `
the likes `
the dislikes `
the patronus `
the dementor `
the boggart `
the secrets `
the dreams `
for her family to accept her again as an 'equal'
to become a published author someday
the general personality `

the character history `

the parents `

Isabelle Smith ('nee, Salvadore)
Patrick Smith

the siblings `
the other relatives `
the story of my life `

the other things `

anything else? `
the roleplay sample `
A haunting wind whistled through the leaves and bushes in Godric's Hollow on that cold October night. It was Halloween for the muggle children, most of their giggling cries and screams of exclaim over fright could be heard in the now quite desolate neighborhood. A neighborhood consisting of the wizarding community. Lights could be seen showing through the many thin curtains placed in all their front windows, but no one stirred. A chill of uncertainty had risen throughout the homes, in all but one. One home in which looked to others as a patch of unused property. A spot where, perhaps, the house had burnt down ages before their memory of ever living in Godric's Hollow. The property of unkempt grass was kept snugly between two stout houses, both of which lights were off in all their windows...

"Hush, Harry. It's alright."

Lily Potter said to the child in her cradled arms as she walked a long wood paneled hallway. The hall was not well lit, for only one bulb in the lighting remained intact and while it was sufficient enough to see the surroundings, it gave an unnecessary odd air to the cozy home of Mr. and Mrs. Potter. In the room adjacent to where Lily was walking, James Potter sat in a scarlet armchair; very much similar to those in which he and his wife would sit in, in the Gryffindor common room at Hogwarts. The room was painted a nice pale blue, and while the chair didn't fit in whatsoever, James had insisted on conjuring it for his sake. It was a reminder of those precious times at school. Lily of course agreed, how could she deny James so much as that. It too, gave her reminders of all the times she had shared with James, Sirius, and all her friends in the common room. Wizards chess tournaments, foiling Sirius' pranks, falling asleep listening to the Beatles to have Sirius beside her when she woke up, her finally agreeing to James. It all happened in that very common room. Lily smiled at the thought of her Hogwarts memories as she cradled her baby boy in her arms. His desperate cries for sleep had finally subsided as her soothing voice carried out in the hallway and up the stairs as they ventured up to Harry's bedroom. His green eyes, the exact replica of her own, flickered in and out of her view as he watched his mum bring him upstairs. He squirmed, but Lily shushed him a second time with a smile to tell him everything was alright, and he obeyed.

Her footsteps soon faded from James' ears as she came onto the upstairs landing and walked towards the ajar door that was the baby's, Harry's, nursery. She placed little Harry on her shoulder, where he tugged gently -half consciously- on her red-golden curls. Not hard enough, however, to make Lily wince in pain. She merely smirked and pushed the door open softly as to not allow the loud creak to omit throughout the household. Lily liked the silence the house now soaked in; usually James would have had Sirius over on a night like this- a muggle holiday they could use as an excuse to goof off with one another like old times. Now that...Lily shook her head of red loose curls and with ballerina like steps headed for the rocking chair her mum had let her keep. It had been used for Lily and Petunia, and now it would be used for Lily's own son. It was nice that Lily and James had Harry all to themselves. They were his parents after all, but she had heard of the pure-blood houses- mostly from Elle before Lily went into hiding- that it was a sign of wealth to have a nanny take care of the children. It was not usually 'lady-like' and looked down upon for the mother to take care of the child's every need when they had a nurse to do it for them. In Lily's mind, she wouldn't want anyone else taking care of her baby other than James' and herself. She was selfish- she wanted to keep her child as her child.

It still amazed Lily how much Harry looked like her and James. While even at an early age, you could tell he had James' unruly mane of black hair. It never could be combed into a neat looking part Lily had found out once his hair had grown in fully; very much like James'. Harry had her eyes: they were the same shape and the same emerald green color that attracts the eye to stare. He looked like, even at age one, he would turn out to be tall and lanky like his father. A quidditch player, perhaps. Oh, James loved the thought of that. 'it'll be a legacy of the potters!' Lily remembered him exclaiming in an excited voice when she had shared that with her husband.

Lily slowly sat herself down in the chair, Placing harry on her knee's and propping him up with her hands. She smiled down to him and began to gently rock the chair. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Harry settled down again, for he had started to whine slightly- as if he knew something bad was going to happen. Lily, however, calmed him back down as it was so easy for her to do. A maternal instinct she was grateful for each day. She continued to rock the chair in a calm, slow motion to lull the little boy to sleep. Harry was too awake now after he had his nap downstairs while his parents talked by the fire. His eyes flickered here and there, but nothing more than that. Lily sighed, "What's the matter, love?"

Harry gurgled and reached for his mother, his little sausage fingers moving slowly as if he had just regained the strength to move them. He let out a soft squeal and began to move his toes. Lily laughed quietly and began to bounce him on her knee. Oh, the joys of parenthood. Just then, a blast of cold air found its way into the nursery and Lily sharply turned her head, prepared for some dark evil. Thankfully, it was only a breeze coming through the little bit of space between the window and the ledge. She had opened it earlier because it had been a nice October day. Lily got up out of the rocking chair and placed Harry gently into the crib on his back. She smoothed down his jet black hair lovingly and gracefully moved towards the window beside it. She poked her head out to look at the street below. She could see the road, but anyone walking on it wouldn't be able to see her. Lily sighed, softly for being in hiding was such a bother but worth it for the safety of protecting her family. As she closed the chipping paint window, her eyes were caught on a particularly black shadow looming not far down the street; slightly on the corner. She watched the shadow for a moment: it didn't move nor stir in the dim lamp light. Lily, however, just decided to think nothing of it and closed the window fully. 

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