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Harry Potter was born in the year 1980, but that's not where we want to be. No, let's go back further. Here is where we want to be. It's March of the year 1978, dolls. The infamous Marauders are in their seventh & final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry; the first war against the Dark Lord is about to begin. The Hogwarts students are joined by some guests this year. What role will you play & where will you end up? It's all in your hands now.

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bio. plot.

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 it's everything we've never known `, OPEN.
Posted: Apr 9 2008, 12:42 PM

` ` touchme•PLEASEME [;
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Group: ravenclaw;
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Whoever came up with the stereotype that Ravenclaws are brilliant mustn't have known that Miss Valya Lovegood would end up in that particular house. With the goosebumps on her arms thanks to the still somewhat chilly air, she was feeling quite unintelligent. You see, the seventh year had oh-so-wrongly assumed that perhaps it would have been warm enough that day to leave her jacket in the common room and simply go out in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Of course, what with her current state, she was obviously wrong. Crossing her arms in front of her chest, Valya continued to walk in an agonizingly slow pace down the Hogsmeade street. She was well aware of the fact that continuous movements would actually warm her up much more than hugging herself in an attempt to retain heat, but really. The girl just wasn't confident that she could actually move any faster than her current speed without somehow finding her face planted in the ground. "Bloody ... tundra." She mumbled under her breath as she took the time to look around. Usually she would have used the word 'hell' like any sane person, but at the moment, the thought of hell with all its fires seemed to actually be a welcomed thought.

The wind picked up and she felt the shiver pass through her. Going back to the castle had crossed her mind a few times, but Val simply couldn't find the energy to even turn around and head in that direction. Then, of course, there was also the long trudge up the trail. Not exactly the most inviting path to head at the time. Perhaps if she walked around long enough, she'd manage to run into someone ... or she could get herself a hot drink somewhere. A cup of hot chocolate was really starting to sound like 'heaven' to the girl. Looking around again, she spied the ever evident sign of Madame Puddifoot's cafe. Her lips curled down slightly into a frown. She couldn't go in there, not if she didn't want to die in a social suicide.

The things you sacrifice as a teenager, really.

She stopped in her tracks to weigh her options. One, she could go in there by herself, looking like a complete idiot and get warm. Two, she could stay outside in the cold and save whatever pride she had left. Now, perhaps most would think the answer would be quite obvious: you should do what makes sense and go in. It was too bad Valya didn't quite think that way. While the girl didn't quite mind being thought of as crazy, a loon, or weird, she just couldn't even think of being called a loser or a loner. Sure, she had her days when she really couldn't have cared less, but this wasn't one of those days. Val just wasn't feeling the whole 'fuck-the-world-I'll-do-what-I-fucking-want-to' mood. Trust me, if she were, people would know. Because, hell, if she did, the girl would have marched right in and probably start bugging one couple sitting together with some random conversation topic. Heaven's, she'd done it before ... but she'd been trying to avoid someone at the time and was quite desperate.

Stuffing her hands in pockets of her jeans, she tossed the idea back and fort in her head. Maybe she could luck out and find a friend or two sitting together in the cafe that weren't on a date. Of course, the chance of that was pretty much ... none to zip. Everyone knew that Madame Puddifoot's was only a place for dates. She nibbled on her bottom lip. There was always the option of going to The Three Broomsticks ... but that was on the next street and she really didn't feel like walking much further. Or maybe the Hog's Head ... but that was the same problem as The Three Broomsticks. Her last option, unfortunately, would be to maybe find someone she knew and ask them if they wanted to get a drink at the cafe. It probably wouldn't be too hard to find someone she knew and wouldn't mind being seen at the cafe with. Seriously. It was a Saturday. Everyone was down at Hogsmeade ... with their other friends ... probably with their own plans. The train of thought brought a sledgehammer down on her hopes.

Oh, God, she was fucked.

As a group of friends passed in front of her, Val swore under her breath at realizing another stupid decision she'd made. If she'd actually just stuck around with Ellie and Em, she was pretty sure she wouldn't be even anywhere near as cold as she was now. After all, those two girls didn't mind walking while huddled together and they both brought jackets. But nooo. She was just in such a rush to find somewhere warm that she didn't bother to wait with Em while Ellie visited the loo and had actually left to go on her own. "Val, Val, Val." She sighed, leaning against the wall of the nearby shop. "Why are you such an imbecile?" The last word was accented by throwing her head back ... into the stone wall. "SHIT!" Strings of curses spewed from the girl's lips as she rubbed the back of her head that would no doubt be left with quite the bump.

There was really no other way Valya could think of to spend the day.
Posted: Apr 9 2008, 09:50 PM

never ever { f a d e •
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Group: ravenclaw;
Posts: 59
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Joined: 26-November 07

ooc| I claim this for Sirius. -Sticks flag in ground- Will post soon!
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