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Harry Potter was born in the year 1980, but that's not where we want to be. No, let's go back further. Here is where we want to be. It's March of the year 1978, dolls. The infamous Marauders are in their seventh & final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry; the first war against the Dark Lord is about to begin. The Hogwarts students are joined by some guests this year. What role will you play & where will you end up? It's all in your hands now.

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 Hestia Carolina Jones, GRYFFINDOR; sixth year.
JONES, hestia
Posted: Apr 2 2008, 01:39 AM

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Group: gryffindor.
Posts: 18
Member No.: 134
Joined: 2-April 08

user posted image

the person behind the computer `

the name ` casey!
the age ` seventeen.
contact info ` pm, please.
roleplay experience ` seven years.
other characters ` no one.
how you found us ` found you on an IF board, i forget which one.

the character basics `

the name ` hestia carolina jones.
HESTIA: originated from the greek. means hearth.
CAROLINA: (pronounced cah-roh-lee-nah). originated from the germans, means free man.
the age ` sweet sixteen.
the birthday ` july eigth, 1961.
the year` sixth.
the house ` gryffindor - lions, roar!
the blood ` pureblood.
the wand ` ten and three quarters inches, yew, unicorn hair core.
the member title ` everything`s[MAGIC]

the character appearance `

the claim ` miranda kerr.
the hair ` dark brown, nearly black. naturally waved.
" So my hair is pretty average. I like it though. It's very dark brown and clashes well with my skin color, which is tanned. In the sunshine, it seems lighter and even in the summer, it gets to be a lighter colour if I'm out in the sunshine a lot. It's quite long and it's naturally waved, so I really don't need to style it well. You'll see me fiddling with it in the dormitory with a hairbrush and my wand, but nothing really else. I don't have to make it look elegant. In fact, I rarely style it because I like the way I look when it's messy. "
the eyes ` a nice blue colour; slanty.
" Everyone compliments my eyes. I guess they're nice. They're a nice blue, but they stick out because of my dark hair and tan skin. I hate how slanted they are, however. Everyone says it makes me look even more exotic... I really look exotic? I just wish I could Spellotape them downwards so I don't look stupid. I got them from my mom, obviously, since my dad's eyes are plain ol' brown. His aren't slanted either, they're doe-shaped. I wish I inherited that physical trait! Damn my exotic mother. Anyway, my eyes are okay. They're just slanty and stupid. But maybe that's me being opinionated. "
the body-type ` curvy, lithe and tall.
" I'm freakishly tall. I stand at about five feet, nine inches. With a good pair of heels, I'm nearly six feet. It's a little gross because I'm taller than most girls and sometimes, even guys. Maybe I'm part man... oh, I shudder at the thought. I'm pretty athletic though, which makes me petite. I run an incredible amount -- Merlin, I love running. It gets me in good shape. I better live long... getting off topic! As for my weight? I'm tall, so it's higher. I weigh close to a hundred thirty pounds. Most of it is muscle and... breast. I'm not going to lie -- I've got a pretty big bust. Again, people think I love my bust. I hate it. They just... get in the way! I eat like a pig too, so I must have a pretty quick metabolism. Or maybe it's the running. I've also got some hips and a pretty nice bum, which I'm proud of actually. "
the distinguishing marks ` couple of scars here and there. nothing to explain.

the character personality `

the habits `
+ nail-biting. Hestia's cuticles are basically permanently damaged because she can never stop chewing the skin around her nails. It's a nervous habit.
+ fiddling with her hair. She's always touching her hair, playing with the ends, running her fingers through it, feeling it.
the hobbies `
the likes `
+ her family.
+ her friends.
+ running.
+ quidditch.
+ chocolate.
+ winning.
+ being right.
+ her hair.
+ swimming.
+ music.
+ dancing.
+ procrastinating.
+ weekends.
+ boys.
+ the coast.
+ thunderstorms.
+ sunshine.
+ christmas.
+ girls' nights.
the dislikes `
+ jerks.
+ snobs.
+ pureblood mania.
+ war.
+ slytherins.
+ skanks.
+ too much femininity.
+ waking up early.
+ vanilla.
+ cats.
+ pressure.
+ being wrong.
+ being doubted.
+ failure.
+ divination.
the patronus `
a swan; " Swans are beautiful and protective. I feel like I'm beautiful (not arrogance, optimism and self-appreciation!) and I'm terribly protective of my friends and my family. Even people I don't know sometimes. However, when you piss off a swan, they're bloody vicious. I'm exactly that way. If you bug or irritate me, you better watch out. I will lash right out on you. "
the dementor `
the asshole brother memory; " So my brother Ciro -- we were close when we were little. He was nice, funny, sweet, caring and a Gryffindor in school... We got along quite well. Then that stupid git went and turned on us. I came home for a holiday, Ciro and my other brother were there. Ciro and my dad got into a fight. My dad ripped my brother's sleeve off and there was the damn Death Eater mark. Then my brother stormed out and I never heard of him since. I really do hate him. I hate him for turning his back on us, for betraying us. "
the boggart ` a swarm of bees.
the secrets `
wishes she was older.
jealous of several other girls.
wants to be a part of the quidditch team.
used to make herself throw up. still occasionally does.
the dreams `
graduate hogwarts.
become an auror and kick death eater booty.
fall in love.
marry the one.
be one hundred percent happy for a short period of time.
the general personality `

Hestia Jones is your typical, average girl with a... well, funky personality. Kind of. Maybe.

For starters, Hestia really is a true Gryffindor. Brave and loyal, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. She's a fighter, a risk-taker and she's all about chance. If things don't work out in the end, at least she went down nobly. That is her whole outlook on life. What's life without a little bit of chance? Hestia doesn't want to be one who remained a hermit for all of her life, simply because she wouldn't go off and take one little chance. Because of this drive and motivation inside of her, Hestia dreams to be a well-known Auror in the wizarding world. She absolutely despises the war that's going on out there in the world and she desperately wants to put an end to it. Then again, she desperately wants to be a part of it and take a few risks, putting her life at stake and she wants to walk away from it all in the end, unharmed. She's physically and emotionally strong, so why wouldn't she be able to?

Miss Jones is probably one of the most friendliest people out there. If she sees a kid being bullied, she'll step in right away and help out. If she sees someone sitting alone, she'll walk right up and begin chatting with the person. Hestia Jones is terribly popular among the students at Hogwarts because of this. Everyone knew her. However, there are those who didn't fancy her too much. Slytherins, simply because they spit on anyone who wasn't the purest of bloods. Hestia didn't really fancy that too much. The others are just hermits, who don't like anybody. Other than that, Hestia has several aquaintances and even more friends. She's loud. Hestia's the one chatting away in the common room while others are trying to read. It's actually a bit annoying too, so her talking ability isn't always a good thing. It's good to cure her boredom, however. She's logical and always things about the what-ifs in life. What if this happened? What if that? The what-ifs always bugged her, because she was constantly thinking about them. She is quite popular among the boys too, because she is quite pretty. Which leads me to a bit of a downfall:

Hestia Jones is a bit... inexperienced. The girl has been asked out several times by different boys, but she's never had a boyfriend. Hell, she's never been on a date. She turned all of those boys down. Seventeen years old and never kissed, never been on a date. Now, the girl has had her crushes. She absolutely loved the idea of romance, however. Her expectations of a man was quiet high, also. Probably the reason why she turns all the others down. They aren't quite... good enough for her. It sounds a little selfish, but Hestia really was just waiting for the one. She knew she should be playing the field, dating different boys and settling down after school, but she just has a feeling and an instinct that her one is just right in front of her eyes. She can't put a pinpoint on who it is, just yet. Love at first sight was just something that she believed in.

Optimism is key, right? In Hestia's eyes, yes. She tries to remain positive about everyone and sees the pros, and not the cons. This tends to disappoint her in the end, sometimes, so it does count as both a good trait and a flaw. Disappointment is just something she didn't fancy and when she remained positive about everything and it didn't fall through... yeah. Basically, Hestia just sets herself up for disappointment.

Unfortunately, Hestia Jones forgives and forgets. Most pople just forgive, but never forget. That's what makes Hestia different. If something happens between a buddy and Hestia, they argue for maybe two hours before Hestia goes running and asking for forgiveness. If someone, that Hestia is close to, gets angry at her, Hestia cannot stand it. It will literally drive her insane. When Hestia does something wrong, she forgives herself and forgets it too easily. People see this as a selfish side of Hestia, but it truly is not. It's just a problem and she doesn't know how to stop forgiving so easily, because she knew she shouldn't. She couldn't be in a heavy battle with a Death Eater, then give up because she forgave too easily... Well, that was a different case. Nobody could ever forgive Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

She's stubborn as hell. She feels like she's always right and she absolutely hates to admit that she's wrong. Again, this sparks people to dislike her and see the bad part of Hestia's personality, instead of the good parts. She likes to be independent and do things her own way, so she rarely asks for advice. Unless it's something that could be life-altering. then, maybe she would. And impatience. Hestia has a bit of a short temper. She easily gets impatient and angry. The girl who is usually cool, calm and collected? She hates to be annoyed and irritated and when she is, she just sort of snaps. Of course, Hestia immediately feels guilty afterwards, but that doesn't change the fact that she just goes off.

All in all, Hestia Jones is a sweet, sixteen year old girl who's caring, trustworthy, funny, impatient and far too forgiving.

the character history `

the parents ` leopold and allison jones.
the siblings ` ___ jones, fifth year; ciro jones, twenty-three, death eater supporter (made-up xD)
the other relatives ` distantly related to purebloods.
the story of my life `
So, her name is Hestia Carolina Jones. She was born on July the Eighth, in 1961. She was born in some Muggle hospital, smack dab in the middle of London. Her mum and dad told the story quite often -- how they were just working out in the yard. All of a sudden, she just decided she wanted to come out so from there, they just sort of went to the hospital. After thirteen hours of intense labor (she is a stubborn one), Hestia was born. A little crusty, pink, slanted-eyed baby with just a few strands of dark chocolate hair. She definitely turned into a cute kid though.

So from there, she was brought home. Her mum, dad and brother all lived in a nice, little house up in Hampstead. They lived in a wizarding village, so she grew up around witches and wizards. Hes' little brother came just about a year after she did. Hestia never really had to question her magical abilities, since she grew up around it all. She lived a pretty decent life. Her mum introduced her to all Muggle toys, like plastic dolls and figures, since her mum's pretty fascinated with Muggles. Ciro had all these cool moving dinosaurs and balls that talked to him and stuff, so it wasn't really fair, but whatever.

Um, so, what else. When Hestia was four, she was basically on her own again. Ciro went off to school at Hogwarts and she still had seven more years to go before she went off. So while her dad went off and worked at the Ministry of Magic, Hestia hung around her mum. She took her over to her grandmum and grandpop's house a lot. They went shopping in Muggle London and she always bought her toys and clothes. Daddy was always busy at the Ministry. He works in the Magical Games department and so he's a huge Quidditch buff. Her mum was just a housewife. It was alright though, it was something she always wanted to do.

So a few more years later, Hestia’s seven. Her mum and dad decide to get separated from each other. They loved each other but felt it wasn't working out. It was kinda hard on her brother and Hestia, since they all felt kind of close. Her brother was in his fourth year at Hogwarts, so he didn't need anywhere to go. She was only seven, though. So her mum gave her a choice. Move off to Ireland with her or stay in Hampstead with Daddy. Now, Hestia love her mum an incredible amount but she wasn't about to leave Hampstead and all of the friends she made in the village. She understood. So while Allison Jones moved off to Ireland, Hestia stayed with her dad. Because of this, he managed to slow down his time at work and spend more with her. They listened to Quidditch matches, talked together, shopped together, played ball together. It was a good relationship. Then, when Ciro came home, they did even more things.

So finally, Hestia turned eleven. Just a few weeks after, she received her letter to Hogwarts. Ciro graduated right before she started off, so Hestia didn't have him. He went off and was being all sneaky after he graduated. She had no idea what he was doing. So she went to Hogwarts, got sorted into Gryffindor and her life kind of took off from there. You know, friends, school, Quidditch matches, Hogsmeade trips... it was all normal.

One thing I didn't mention though was the summer before her third year. Ciro and her daddy got into a fight. Ciro tried to curse him and then her daddy ripped his left sleeve off of his shirt. There was some sort of mark there, Voldemort's mark. Her brother was a traitor! He turned against them and joined the Death Eaters! It was a hard time for Hestia. Ciro left her and her daddy and she just cried in her daddy's arms till no more tears leaked out. It's definitely her worst memory and she’s tried to keep it a secret, but no news stays secret here at Hogwarts. Everyone knew by the time Hestia went back for her third year.

So now, Hestia’s in her seventh year. She’s got a year till she graduate. It's been pretty good, her school years. She’s got friends. Her daddy and her are still close and he actually remarried! So did her mum. Hestia see her over Easter breaks, usually. Hestia liked her step-mum, she's pretty nice. Home is great, but Hogwarts is even better. She’s likin' it here, it's gonna be hard to leave.

ooc. sorry if that's messed up. it's recycled and the other one was in first person. i tried to change it, but it might not make sense. =x
& p.s. - i understand it's a sht history. i could always fix it when needed. <3

the other things `

anything else? ` adminedit. c:
the roleplay sample `
No wonder why Moaning Myrtle was so miserable. Living inside of a toilet must've been pretty awful. And Hestia Jones thought that she had things bad.

Why would the sixteen year old Gryffindor think she'd have things bad, however? For the most part -- people either love her or hate her. Now, you'd think that most people would be fine with that. They'd be indifferent to who liked them and who didn't. People didn't like Miss Jones for different reasons though. She was one of Hogwarts' resident skanks. Note the one of, fortunate for her. At least she wasn't the only one. Mostly -- boys liked her because she put out easily and girls hated her because she was just so promiscuous and they just didn't like that. Every girl could have her fling, right? Hestia just had many. She could honestly say, however, that she hadn't gone past twenty. Most people thought that she'd been with about seventy-five percent of the male population of the school but that was just a complete rumor. Twenty... well, it was still quite a bit but it wasn't the amount that most people in the school thought of. Her skank problem wasn't the only one. People found her annoying. Why -- because she was loud and vivacious? Because she took chances and risks and was brave? It was all a part of her Gryffindor personality. Yes, she talked a bit too much sometimes, but she wasn't the only one.

The girl's mood had taken a ride on a rollercoaster, lately. The ups, the downs, the loops. The ups were obviously her happiest, bubbliest points. When she felt invisible and that nothing could stop her. The loops were where she felt seductive and flirty, and she would usually go after a boy or something. Now, she was on the downhill part of the rollercoaster. It was like she was on her period twenty-four seven now. She was easily irritated and she had just been brooding for a solid few days now. Hence -- why she was leaning against the wall in the abandoned bathroom on the second floor. To be honest though, it was nice. Nice to get away from everyone for a bit. Hestia felt guilty about snapping at people lately. She had been in extra bitch-mode for the past few days and even her friends had been trying to steer clear of her. She hated the feeling of sadness, of feeling alone. That's how she did feel right now. Guys used her to fufill their desires and girls either scoffed at her or just came to her for the latest drama in the school. Hestia didn't want to do that anymore.

Old habits die hard, right? Well, Hestia didn't really know the Muggle saying too well. Hell, she was a Gryffindor and she knew she could do anything she damn well pleased -- like changing herself... for the better! First, she needed to cut things off with that Evan Rosier. He had been her latest fling, her aquaintance-with-benefits. She also had a bit of a thing with Thorley Nott, the Ravenclaw Slytherin-wannabe. Then, there was Hadrian Montague, whom she dated last year and whom she still has a bit of thing for. Then that Sirius Black, whom she was pretty convinced that she was in love with. It was a bit of an unrequited love, though. Well, saying she was in love with him was an overstatement. Hestia just had a rather large puppy crush on the handsome boy. That was basically it, for now. Everyone thought that she had been running around and snogging every boy she saw. No! It was only two ... at the moment. Then the other two, who weren't flings, but just crushes.

Merlin, Hestia wasn't even sure why she involved herself in all of this bloody drama. It was a bit annoying, actually. And to think that she's the one who usually spreads it!

Which was another thing. It wasn't exactly nice to go around, telling people that Rosie Jenkins slept with Adam Jacobs while she was going out with Derek Abercrombie, or something like that. The news just appealed to her and it was just fun to go around and spread things, seeing people's reactions. Hestia immediately feels guilty when seeing the victim's face, however. That would all have to stop as well.

Saturday was already a gloomy day. When Hestia had woken up at nine o'clock, rain was pouring down on the castle and showed no signs of letting up. It rained for hours and finally, it was around four o'clock. While most kids were mingling around the common rooms, playing chess or chatting it up, Hestia was sitting by herself in this abandoned bathroom with her head against the wall and her legs spread out. Her chocolate brown curls pressed against the cool, stone wall. She wore a pair of light-hued, straight-legged jeans and a navy blue t-shirt that was clearly three times too big for her body. It came down to the middle of her thigh, when she stood. Only a pair of small, beige-coloured house slippers were on her feet. Her small arms were folded across her chest tightly and goosebumps formed on her pale skin. The cool stone wall provided a chill for the large bathroom. To anyone else, she probably looked quite elegant sitting there, even in a pair of skinny jeans and a big baggy t-shirt. Her pale skin, dark pink lips and dark brown curls gave her a sort of sophisticated, elegant look. Yet to herself, she felt so plain and... just miserable! Hestia Jones should not be miserable right now.

Usually, she did seem like a very happy person. Always laughing, smiling, flirting, talking. There's one thing that nobody knew about Hestia. Her one secret. Nobody knew. Ava didn't know, Isodel didn't know, Alice didn't know. None of her flings knew, none of her ex-boyf-- well, you get the bloody picture. It was just a deep secret and this wasn't Hestia's first time escaping to be alone in this bathroom, especially right after meal times. It's just something she had been doing since she was thirteen. Another habit, you could say. A bad habit. Happy people could have a sad, dark secret, couldn't they? Doing what she did made her feel good, however. Besides, it didn't look like Hestia did anything suspiciously terrible. She looked heathly enough. Sure, the girl was petite and all, but it was all nature. And her skin was pale, but that was natural too. Maybe she was just good at hiding things.

Then again, she hated that secret. If only someone could make her feel wanted, for once.

Hestia cast a dark look over towards her usual stall. There were about fifteen stalls in the bathroom. Eight on one side of the sinks, seven on the other. Her usual stall was the absolute middle one on the side with seven. As her eyes found it, she had a half-mind to go back in there right now. She remained back however. Maybe someone would find her and talk to her.

Psht, like that was likely.

BLACK, sirius
Posted: Apr 2 2008, 09:01 PM

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I really love your Hestia, Casey! She is so sweet and adorable!
I could definitely picture this girl being the future auror she becomes,
but one that's a bit more compassionate. I like the part you had there
about her brother being a Death Eater. Good job on your app, and
welcome to as.Fi.
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