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Harry Potter was born in the year 1980, but that's not where we want to be. No, let's go back further. Here is where we want to be. It's March of the year 1978, dolls. The infamous Marauders are in their seventh & final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry; the first war against the Dark Lord is about to begin. The Hogwarts students are joined by some guests this year. What role will you play & where will you end up? It's all in your hands now.

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 Bertram Bennett Aubrey, ravenclaw;;seventh year
AUBREY, bertram
Posted: Dec 29 2007, 06:48 AM

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Group: ravenclaw.
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user posted image

the person behind the computer `

the name ` Amanda
the age ` 18
contact info ` PM and AIM: illbewitchingyou
roleplay experience ` Four years on various sites. A lot of this app is from one I did a Cryptic Truths.
other characters ` None.
how you found us ` Manda (Alice) told me!

the character basics `

the name ` Bertram Bennett Aubrey
the age ` Eighteen (as of January 13th, 1978)
the birthday ` January 13th, 1960
the year` Seventh
the house ` Ravenclaw
the blood ` Half-blood
the wand ` Elm wood, 10 inches, dragon's heartstring core
the member title ` uh.... maybe put like, seventh year, or something. I don't know. I'm not into the whole "dramatic lyrics" thing. xD

the character appearance `

the claim ` Julian Casablancas
the hair ` His hair flops dark, thick, soft, and healthily on his head, and its easy maintenance due to its straight and only slightly wavy texture is perhaps the one physical thing he likes about himself. His hair covers his ears and thensome, past the nape of his neck, which he is fine with, as his ears lie slightly large on his head when exposed.
the eyes ` His average height, weight, and expression reveal little; indeed, the eyes are the true portal to the soul. They are not afflicted with any aliments; it is rare for wizards to need eye care, and his eyes happened to work out well for him. His eyes are round and large, and seem to have the genetic potential to be gentle. However, they are not. Their color is a chocolate brown, touched by intelligence but shadowed by skepticism. Deepset, his eyes seemed laced with dark outer rings. The eyes may be a gateway to the soul, but if so they are an unwelcoming and hostile invitation at best.
the body-type ` Bertram has relatively long legs for his height, but they are always donned with simple black trousers that accompany his robes. His shoulders are of average width and frame a triangular torso shape, however, the bones at the tip of his shoulder joints are rounded and not sharp. His torso is streamlined and thin, but although he is not overweight, he is not exactly skinny; he still has the appearance of “baby fat” surrounding his features, particularly his face. A more exact depiction of his height would invite the number of 5’10.”
the distinguishing marks `
[x] Bertram is half Welsh and half Spanish, and retains both qualities in physical appearance with a bit of an odd twist and rather large, rosy lips.
[x] Bertram’s head is slightly on the large side, but it once became quite a bit larger due to a nasty incident in fifth year, which he prefers not to speak of.
[x] Bertram is not exactly good-looking, but is perhaps attractive (depending on one’s standards) as his eyes can be enrapturing. However, Bertram places little aspect on this aspect of himself; it is indeed the one area where he is very modest about and pays little attention to.
[x] Bertram’s facial features are encased in a soft texture; a lively, oval face that curves lightly and appears nonchalant in all respects other than his eyes. His chin is not strong but it is present, and his cheeks are round and apple when curved into a subtle smile. Inquisitive, dark brows frame his face, his hair reaching the brim of them and forming an enclave of short, dark brown hair. His skin contrasts this with a pale disposition that seems to be brought on by being indoors quite often, as it has a heavy olive undertone and would be prone to tanning if given half the chance. However, rain sweeps past the sky so often that his skin remains a shade almost reminiscent of a sickly greenish ivory.

the character personality `

the habits ` Glowering, rolling eyes, placing hands in pockets
the hobbies `
[x]Wizard’s chess
the likes `
[x]Quick-notes quills
[x]The city; urban areas {London}
[x]Talking things out (even if heatedly)
[x]Learning new things to knock people down
[x]Language- he speaks English, Spanish, Welsh, and some Latin. His mother knows French, as she went to Beauxbatons (there is no wizarding school in Spain), so he plans to learn that over the next coming summer once he leaves school.

the dislikes `
[x]the Marauders and other Hogwarts students and alumni of their ignorant ilk….. but mostly Potter and Black. Old grudges die hard.
[x]People he sees to have a falsely-led purpose in life (see: overzealous, Order joining Gryffindors who do it without a moment of fact gathering or thought)
[x]the Order of the Phoenix
[x]Death Eaters
[x]Physical fights in lieu of cognitive incompetence
[x]Losing brand new quills
[x]People with really predictable opinions

the patronus ` A warthog- from the animal in you quiz- "Warthogs are those seemingly self-assured individuals who are never at a loss for words. Their bellicose behavior dominates all aspects of their successful lives. Neither polished nor good-looking, warthogs have stumbled upon a unique combination of aggression and charisma and have adopted it as their survival strategy. Although these ultra-intelligent animals are self-centered to the core, they do have a few redeeming qualities that make them worthy of business partnerships and interesting relationships. "
the dementor ` Definitely, definitely the time he made a few well placed comments and Potter and Black threw back a few well placed hexes during his fifth year. Aimed at his head. That wasn't the worst of it, however; the worst of it epitomized what Bertram hates most- being embarrassed in front of a grotesquely large crowd. He doesn’t talk about that.
the boggart ` Tongue being lapped off
the secrets ` Bertram is secretly very afraid of losing things, where they be material, his life, or his job. He does not welcome change.
the dreams `
+Marry (potentially)
+Be recognized on the street by his face
+Be a reporter for the Daily Prophet
the general personality `

Bertram’s personality could be described in two vastly different ways. One entails a more favorable position of his self, with a focal point on his upstanding, intellectual qualities; another yields the sheer annoyance they often wrought.

Above all, Bertram is highly argumentative. Capable of debating anything and everything, he will play Devil’s Advocate even if he doesn’t believe in the particular cause that would involve. Inarguably crafty, Bertram can easily manipulate a situation towards a way that would benefit him, and at the very least tries to come out on top in every verbal battle. The question then arises: why Ravenclaw and not Slytherin? While Bertram looks out for himself and his future, he is not unabashedly ambitious. In that particular aspect of his life he takes things as they come, as long as it does not involve clear and unequivocal “losing.” Although he does like working (sometimes a little too much), his schoolwork does not entirely rule his life, and it probably never will.

With his six year Ravenclaw background, it then goes without question that Bertram is extremely aware of his own intelligence and borderline arrogant. This attitude allows for an even greater platform towards his natural youngest-child inclination towards craving attention, and also provides reasoning to the slight flair for the dramatic he portrays on occasion. A precise, articulate, and bright speaker, Bertram can be very humorous, and when not under complete combative mode and when not speaking to someone who has rubbed him the wrong way he can be rather kind. He also, very occasionally, will praise others if he unabashedly believes in what they have done. Again, a rare treat, but one so rare that the recipient truly values it when it does occur.

His tendency towards logic allows him to value justice greater than mercy. This may seem cold, but he believes there is little room for mercy, which is so subjective, in these questionable times with potential liars and questionable motives. In a word, Bertram is suspicious.

Confident in his own abilities, Bertram despises losing, and is therefore not a very easy person to like. Bertram is demanding and almost impossible to please one a good day, and simply incorrigible on a bad day. He points out others’ mistakes, no matter how minor, and validates his own.

However, confidence does not necessarily imply a healthy self-esteem. He has one to an extent, but if he ever allows himself to lose a battle of wits, he feels he loses all self-validation, though he would never vocalize such feelings as such an action would only increase them. Because he sets very high expectations for himself, he usually comes close but falls short of meeting them, which irritates him greatly. When he has reached an important goal, he excites himself over it for the rest of the day, speaking of little else, which can come across as incredibly self-involved.

Though he does not show his care for what other people think about his behavior, disappointment is the greatest chance one can have for him being affected by someone else’s feelings. The question inevitably arises: does Bertram like anyone? Indeed, he does. He is fond of some people, many members of his own house, however, make no mistake: Bertram does not discriminate towards people belonging to a group. He makes a decision about that person based on his experiences with that person, and gives that person suitable time to prove him wrong. However, Bertram’s definition of “suitable time” may be off by a grand mark. For example, he does not like Gryffindors as a rule, but he tends to dislike the personality traits that go along with Gryffindors, so there are not many Gryffindors he likes, and he refuses to be swept up in their romanticized ideas of good and evil.

the character history `

the parents `
María Aubrey nee Covas Callas(60)
Robin Aubrey (deceased)
the siblings `
Dennis Aubrey (21)
Derek Aubrey (25)
the other relatives ` Maria’s family lives in Spain, but they are all Muggles, as are all of Robin’s family (who reside in Wales).
the story of my life `
Robin Aubrey had not been a wizard of any great talents or lineage. He had been a mediocre Hogwarts student and was a Muggleborn. This was, perhaps, the reason why he had been so attracted to María Covas Callas,a Spanish woman his age, also of Muggle descent . Robin happened to be Quaker (certainly an influence on Bertram's opinions of violence as he got older), while Maria was Catholic (and stubborn, too, but she eventually began going to Robin's church when they decided they wanted to raise their children all under one religion. Hey. It's the 50s.) All the same, they married on a bright afternoon in February, 1950, and after several more “surprises” came their final son, Bertram.

Bertram Bennet Aubrey was born on a cold January morning in 1960 at St. Mungo’s Hospital. Though it wasn’t so, his parents always said that he began to read as soon as he was out of the cradle. Indeed, he showed great ept at these common activities and was a talent at his Muggle primary school. However, when the time came for Hogwarts, he was dismayed to find that he didn’t exactly have a knack for the more complicated wand magic in wizardry; he was fair, for sure, but his advanced spells were usually mediocre- quite the embarrassment for a Ravenclaw. However, he studied and was shrewd in his oral and written detections, and often scored very high points on the words put to parchment. His first few years were spent immediately creating a wide array of friends and enemies, his strong personality seething hatred, interest, admiration, and disgust from many of his peers.

As a younger sibling, Bertram was always an orchestrater of attention both at Hogwarts and at home. However, one day in fifth year, for the first time in his life, he received attention that he found unwelcome. It’s quite embarrassing for Bertram to describe the incident, and prefers to pretend James Potter and Sirius Black never doubled the size of his head in front of the entire school.

Bertram was not made prefect fifth year, much to the disappointment of his parents, but in his defense the Ravenclaw prefect spot is always rather difficult to achieve, as all candidates are unusually qualified. Here is how he fared on his OWLS:

Ancient Runes: O
Arithmancy: O
Charms: A
Transfiguration: E (Rita helped him with this one. He's getting better. 8D)
Defense Against the Dark Arts: A
Potions: E
Herbology: E
Astronomy: O
History of Magic: O

Therefore, he received seven. This was enough to convince him to edge towards the area he seemed to be more talented in: writing; more specifically, the Daily Prophet appeals to him, as its close ties to the Ministry became only a natural inclination as both his father and mother had worked at the Ministry.

What should have been one of the the best years of his life was his darkest. In his 6th year, a large curse blasted away a corridor wing in the Ministry, where his father had happened to be walking. He and the rest of the family received a note that he had subsequently died. The Ministry likes to regale that it was a “renegade” force, probably led by Dumbledore (ie, the Order of the Phoenix), that had made an inept mistake in their target. It had been dark magic, so many believed it to be the work of the Death Eaters, though others argued that the Death Eaters had no motive for targeting the Ministry, as they wanted to infiltrate it. Everything seemed absurd, but for once, Bertram did not argue. He just needed something to believe in.

After the fact, Bertram and his mother retained a distant yet respectable relationship. His brothers, whom he had once battled with great force, became distant. He still calls his home at Wales “home” but he plans on moving to London right after he leaves school. He currently lives in the county of Swansea, but Bertram has always been more urban than the rest of his family. In addition, although Bertram has always been frank, cold, and generally argumentative, it seems to have exemplified after this event. Bad news for everyone easily (or not so easily) annoyed.

the other things `

If it hasn’t been made clear, Bertram is neutral. In terms of his personal feelings about Dumbledore, he is glad he is there to keep them safe from Lord Voldemort, but at the same time believes he is quite a loon and not nearly as intelligent as his otherwise hackish exterior would like everyone to believe.
anything else? ` adminedit. c:
Sorry about that, man. =D
the roleplay sample `
A cool breeze whisked around as the early September sun (a rare sight for Scotland) shone on the second largest willow in all of Hogwarts, which was currently wallowing in the afternoon sun.  Several girls were basking in it and were strategically placed in the direction of the sun and away from the shade.  Marlene, however, sat stagnant, watching crowds form across the lake as she stuck her nose stuck primly up in the air.

Choppy waves passed the lake’s surfaced, as a jagged knife had been taken too it and sliced for maximum upheaval.  She passed a pallid hand through the bank briskly, the beads of water as denticulately notched to the surface of her fingertips as the girls on Sirius Black’s belt.

Drawing her hand away suddenly, Marlene McKinnon turned back to the project at hand.  Several deceased creatures with vegetation sticking up from their heads were sorted around the English crab grass surrounding her.  This might look odd to the average peer, but those in advanced Herbology were quite aware of the project they had received.  Marlene and her fellows were to assign said garden gnomes to sub-species, and she was doing her share of notes at this very moment.  Although they all looked different, she noted on a spare piece of parchment, they could all be identified by their characteristic ruddy brown skin.

This work, however, did not tear her from her other profession of drawing observations of others.

“How do I look?” queried a nearby Hufflepuff girl who was currently applying blush to her burned cheekbones.  Her skin was waxed and dull, and a grayish brown with the exception of her face, which was stark red.  She seemed to be completely unaware that she was not tanning. 

It was a trend Marlene despised, and arose higher as the 1970s aged.  It did not make a whole lot of sense to her, as British skin has a supremely difficult time tanning.  She learned long ago with her wispy hair that fighting nature is a difficult battle to fight, and nature always won.  Though, she admitted to herself, it was still a ball to laugh at downward spiral of those on the opposite end of it.

At that precise moment, Marlene turned to her side to fetch the fifth and final gnome she had captured to study for Herbology, carelessly grabbing the first clutch of hair of a creature with a waxy complexion.  Instead, the tanned girls’ irate face revealed itself as it glared towards Marlene.  Within the first half-second, Marlene did not seem shocked at all.  In fact, she appeared as cool and collected as one could possibly be.

“Oh, bullocks!” she switched over smoothly, gasping in a precisely practiced feigned innocence.  A calculated doll’s smile tugged at her lips.

“I apologize.  “I was trying to sort garden gnomes for my Herbology project.”

Posted: Dec 29 2007, 06:54 AM

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pending ...
Doll, read the rules again, please.
You're missing a little something.
AUBREY, bertram
Posted: Dec 29 2007, 07:15 AM

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Group: ravenclaw.
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I apologize for that.
Posted: Dec 29 2007, 07:43 AM

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user posted image
congratulations & welcome to
we hope you enjoy your stay!

- the admins
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