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Harry Potter was born in the year 1980, but that's not where we want to be. No, let's go back further. Here is where we want to be. It's March of the year 1978, dolls. The infamous Marauders are in their seventh & final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry; the first war against the Dark Lord is about to begin. The Hogwarts students are joined by some guests this year. What role will you play & where will you end up? It's all in your hands now.

maria the toast.

dean the butter.

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of the

bio. plot.

of the

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 Sirius Ophichus Black, GRYFFINDOR ; seventh year
BLACK, sirius
Posted: Dec 1 2007, 12:13 AM

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Group: gryffindor;
Posts: 80
Member No.: 3
Joined: 26-November 07

working on it.

user posted image

the person behind the computer `

the name ` mariaaa
the age ` 17
contact info ` dkafhaf
roleplay experience ` enough
other characters ` Elnora Abercrombie
how you found us ` helped make us

the character basics `

the name ` Sirius Ophichus Black
    "Daahling, if you don't know Sirius Black by now, where the hell have you been? Sirius is an old family name, I think it's like my great-great-whatever-grandfather's name who was a great Slytherin. Apparently I was given the name in hopes of being just like him but hah, guess what? Definitely did not happen. Mother has made it quite clear that I've ruined the name, and I, as always, simply ignore her screeching yells. Oh and apparently Sirius is the 'dog star' and the brightest start in the sky. Guess I was awake for that bit in Astronomy class. Ophichus is a random constellation in the sky, since the Blacks tend to name their crazy whack-o kids with random things they find in the sky. And Black? Black is my surname that I've been told over and over I've disgraced. Nyah."
the age ` 17
the birthday ` August 3rd, 1960
the year` 7th
the house ` G r y f f i n d o r
the blood ` pure blood
the wand ` 10 inches, oak, dragon heartstring
the member title ` ---

the character appearance `

the claim ` Louis Prades
the hair `
    "My hair? Well, let's see...where to start. My hair is probably the most gorgeous thing anyone has ever seen. Haha just kidding. But no, really, I happen to actually like my hair, unlike most other guys who barely even notice they have hair on their head some days. I should know, I see them randomly setting it on fire for laughs. Let me tell you this, if anyone dares come near my hair with the intentions of harming it, I will go hippogriff on their ass. My hair is a very dark brown color, borderlining on black. It's quite shaggy, but I suppose that's the look that goes good with me. It falls messily about my face in soft waves. And yes, it is very soft, girls who grab my hair randomly tell me so all the time. I'm not going to lie and say that I never feel my hair, because I do. Pssh, with locks like these, who wouldn't?
the eyes `
    "My eyes are a very dark brown color, so dark that it's hard to see the pupil of my eyes at times. They are quite wide, making me look a bit innocent, which is very misleading to people who don't know me. Sirius and innocent in one sentence are quite the oxymoron. Anyways, there's not much else to my eyes other than that."
the body-type `
    "I'm proud to distinguish myself as one of the tallest males in this school, standing at about 6'3". I like having that advatange of being so tall, towering over most of the population. It makes it easier to take people's things from them and dangle them from up high, or when trying to secure water buckets on top of doorways. My body is toned and muscular, although not overly, because let's face it, I tend to be very lazy and don't work out obsessively like some guys do. I try to keep myself looking good, but I don't exactly go out of my way for it."
the distinguishing marks ` a few random scars here and there

the character personality `

the habits `
    ` singing to himself
    ` clicking his tongue
    ` touching his middle finger to his thumb
    ` tapping his fingers on surfaces
    ` smiling... almost all of the time
    ` scratching the back of his head
    ` tilting his head to the right
    ` jerking his head about to make his hair fly out of his face
    ` cracking his knuckles
    ` leaning on people
    ` raising his eyebrows
    ` making odd faces when telling stories
    ` making out with random girls hitting on girls even when he tries not to
the hobbies `
    ` Quidditch (but is too lazy to be on the team)
    ` pulling pranks
    ` flirting (duh)
    ` roaming the grounds & school
    ` bothering people, especially Slytherins
    ` gluing people's things to the walls & ceilings
    ` chasing ducks around the lake
    ` playing parchment ball (much like paper basketball, involving a wastebasket)
    ` listening & singing to ABBA
the likes `
    ` Quiddich
    ` the Marauders
    ` Defense Against the Dark Arts
    ` being challenged
    ` girls
    ` Zonko's Joke Shop
    ` spending time with his friends
    ` flirting
    ` sweets
    ` Valya Lovegood
    ` firewhiskey
    ` Butterbeer
    ` chasing ducks around the lake
    ` ABBA (yes, the muggle band)
the dislikes `
    ` Slytherins
    ` the Vershwörer
    ` failure
    ` not getting a girl
    ` school
    ` homework
    ` being dragged to the library
    ` detention
    ` Potions
    ` rhythmic tapping
    ` when people smack their gum
the patronus `
    "My patronus right now is quite predictable really. It's a duck. As in one of the ducks I chase around the lake almost every morning I can. Now, I think this may have happened accidentally due to my love of ducks, since two years ago my patronus was a shaggy dog, much like the one I can turn into. But hey-o, not complaining. The duck serves me well."
the dementor `
    "Dementors have to be the most unpleasant creatures and I hope to never spend much time around them (ooh irony). They make me feel like the world is a dreary, empty place with no meaning. Really quite depressing..."
the boggart `
    "Dear Lord, this one's embarrassing... Okay, so I found out what my boggart is when they brought one in our Defense Against The Dark Arts class. The closet was rattling quite loudly, and I expected something very grotesque to crawl out. But no, this blond bombshell strolled out and winked at me. So far so good, right? Well just as I was starting to chat the boggart lady up, she all of a sudden morphed into my mother and started screaming at me to put away my socks and that I'm a disgrace to society. That's what I call scary."
the secrets `
    ` he's a bit more sensitive than people think
    ` he usually doesn't like over half the girls he's been with
    ` he gets attacked by ducks regularly when chasing them at the lake early in the morning
    ` some of his scars are from duck attacks
    ` he maybe, kind of, possibly has a crush on a certain Ravenclaw girl
    ` he likes his little bro, Regulus, more than he lets on
the dreams `
    ` becoming the most famous, hottest hunk in the world. no...really...
    ` being successful & rich
    ` not having to work a lot
    ` finding his one (pssh like he'd admit it)
    ` becoming the next member of ABBA
the general personality `

    the character history `

    the parents ` Walburga Black - mother - 50 years old - professional nagger / housewife
    Orion Black - father - 46 years old - works in the ministry as one of the Wizengamot
    the siblings ` Regulus Black - 15 years old - Slytherin
    James Potter - 17 years old - homie brother
    Remus Lupin - 17 years old - see above
    Peter Pettigrew - 17 years old - see above
    the other relatives ` distantly related to the Rosiers, Abercrombies, Prewetts, Crouchs, Potters, etc. usual pure blood relations.
    the story of my life `[list]He was born.
    He lived.
    Okay, I'll do this later. XD

the other things `

anything else? ` hah.
the roleplay sample ` nope.
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