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 Alice Mary-Ann Edgecomb, GRYFFINDOR ; sixth year
Posted: Dec 27 2007, 06:55 AM

} c'mon, boy
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user posted image

the person behind the computer `

the name ` manda
the age ` seventeen
contact info ` aim: xx an illusion
roleplay experience ` uhm. six years, i want to say. almost seven?
other characters ` none; alice will be my first shot.
how you found us ` your ad is on a couple of sites i'm actually on: cryptic truths and a quiet war, i believe?

the character basics `

the name ` alice mary-ann edgecomb
    ALICE means: noble; of the noble sort
    MARY-ANN means: uncertain, maybe bitter
the age ` sixteen
the birthday ` february twenty-sixth, 1961
the year` sixth
the house ` gryffindor - rawr
the blood ` pure
the wand ` fourteen inches, cedar wood, unicorn hair
the member title ` -- who are you again?

the character appearance `

the claim ` evan rachel wood
the hair ` blonde, shoulder length, ends tend to flare out naturally
    "I can already hear those stupid blonde jokes. Just because my hair is light doesn't mean I'm a moron, okay? And just because I'm a little more .. forgetful than the average person doesn't give anyone the right to call me an idiot. Sigh. Anyways, now that that's out of my system, yes, I'm a blonde! It's nice, I must say, though it's a hassle to take care of. I try to keep it short: my ends stop right at my shoulders. I wear it up more in buns and little plaits to keep it out of my face. It's more of a throw-back to the fifties and sixties, you know? The style, I mean. My mum has shown me pictures with women who have my hair-style. It works for me."
the eyes ` blue - pretty darn blue, actually
    "I can hear the groans of stereotypical blonde. Yeah, I know, it's pretty cliche, but blonde hair and blue eyes are found throughout my whole family. And it's not like I don't want to change my eyes - I think brown would fit better, don't you? However, I'd rather not try to use some magic to screw up the color. Can you see me with chartruese eyes? Ew! My eyes are blue, are pretty round, and I can't help that they're that way. Go ask my parents. Really, go. Ask why they have to be all pale and pasty and light! ... okay, don't say that."
the body-type ` five feet, three inches && thin with some meat on her
    "I'm short. I get it. I stopped growing about a year or two ago, and I do not tower over many people. It's all right - I think the height fits me. Again, it's something I cannot control. All my brothers laugh at me, but eh. Doesn't mean I can't fake a good cry to get them in trouble. Oh, and I'm not model-thin. I refuse to be! I love food and fatty things. Sweets are a weakness - go have some pudding that the house elves make! It's delicious. But if I kept eating and eating and eating like I want to, I'd probably weigh so many tons I wouldn't be able to move. So I do work out - a little. I try to do Quidditch in my spare time - maybe I'll join the team? And I like to run. You know those Olympic muggle runners? That would be fun to do. But I'm here in the wizarding world, and I've got other things to keep me in shape."
the distinguishing marks ` moles on the left side of her neck (two) and a few on the collarbone
    "Mum says it's because I'm out in the sun a lot. My dad thinks I'm just doing something wrong with my skin. I don't know where they all came from! But they make fun shapes and patterns. See, I can see a star constellation somewhere .."

the character personality `
the habits `
    && Alice likes to bite her nails - a lot. It's not out of nervousness all the time; it's just a horrible little habit that she picked up when she was younger. Her mother tries to get her to stop. Many have heard of the hot sauce trick, right? It doesn't work very well on this sixteen year old.
    && She constantly brushes herself off. Not that she's very clean all the time, but there's just something about trying to look as nice as possible in the public eye.
    && Alice likes to say words that she makes up. Discombobulated is one of her favorites.
    && Alice tends to chew on her quills. Yes, even that famous little hawk quill she always has. It helps her out and concentrate. Go figure.
    && She's raising her eyebrow most of the time. All the time, actually. Very expressive.
    && Instead of concentrating on course work, guess what she's doing? Throwing notes to people. It doesn't mean that Alice is lazy - wait, yes it does.
    && Alice is a clumsy little bugger and tends to knock almost everything over. Almost everything - despite being clumsy, she hasn't tripped herself. Yet, that is.
    && Afraid so, folks, but this Gryffindor is probably the most forgetful thing this side of Earth. It doesn't deter that she's intelligent ( trust us, she really is ) but when you can't seem to retain a whole lot in your mind for a very long time, it's a problem. She can't seem to fix it unless she does insane amounts of studying. She doesn't have time for that!

the hobbies `
    && Alice likes to run. There's something about it - the wind in your hair, limbs pumping - and the unspoken calmness that keeps her sane.
    && She loves to play Quidditch. Never the one actually on the team, but she does like the sport.
    && Shopping. C'mon, it's a girl thing.
    && Alice likes to dance and sing - but only when she thinks no one is actually watching. She gets embarrassed easily for her poor skills in both areas.
    && Alice blabs. A lot. She likes to talk, and believes she has a very ear-pleasing voice.
    && Ms. Edgecomb writes notes. Mmhm. She tends to use the excuse that she's attempting to improve her handwriting, and in reality, it's working. All that left-handedness and its problems don't really get to her anymore, and the legibility of her words is getting clearer and clearer.
    && She always has a little sweet on her. Usually it's chocolate, but she's starting to show an interest in bubble gum. Very sugary. Very sweet. And very Alice.
    && Humming. Oh boy. She always seems to be humming some Beatles tune (favorite band, by the way) and tapping her fingers and toes along with it.
    && If you say being an oddball isn't a hobby, it is. Alice doesn't mind letting out her goofy side virtually all the time, and it often escapes at the most horrible moments too. She can't help it. She likes to let loose every once in a while.
the likes `
    [+] the color purple
    [+] her brothers
    [+] her parents
    [+] animals
    [+] charms
    [+] her life
    [+] reading
    [+] writing
    [+] running around Hogwarts
    [+] Quidditch
    [+] boys
    [+] friends
    [+] shopping
    [+] clothes
    [+] styling herself
    [+] talking
    [+] the smell of vanilla
    [+] sweets
    [+] parties
    [+] formal dresses (not dress robes!)
    [+] her many, many school girl crushes
    [+] the outdoors
    [+] music
    [+] the season autumn
    [+] spaghetti
    [+] sandwiches
    [+] intelligent people
the dislikes `
    [x] death
    [x] losing games
    [x] being sick
    [x] the color green (any shade!)
    [x] deep water
    [x] forgetting things
    [x] liars
    [x] arrogance
    [x] backstabbers
    [x] shellfish (allergic)
    [x] being told she's not good enough
    [x] her brothers
    [x] her parents
    [x] being angry
    [x] forgetting things - wait, didn't she already say that?
    [x] brussel sprouts
    [x] being cold
    [x] being hot
    [x] showing fear
    [x] being embarrassed
    [x] potions
    [x] divination
    [x] forgetting thi-- nevermind, you already know
the patronus `
    "A female grizzly bear. Yes, they're vicious and scary, but they're so motherly and tender with their young."
the dementor `
    "I hate talking about this. I honestly do. I haven't been around too many dementors, but sometimes when I'm with my dad - Ministry worker - and one's suddenly around, I remember almost drowning. See, my family, when I was little - maybe five? - took me and my brothers down to a beach. I knew how to swim a little bit - Richard and I learned from my dad - but as we went out to swim in the water .. I don't know what happened. One moment, I was floating above the water, laughing at my brother, and the next, I was under. I panicked. What else are five year olds suppose to do? I tried to surface and scream for help, but each time the foaming waves kept pushing me back under and pulling me out with them. I tried to hold my breath, but .. I think I lost oxygen and blacked out. Everything's all fuzzy. I keep seeing the 'what ifs' happening - what if I never came back up ..? Errrghh. See, now I have gooseskin."
the boggart `
    "All right. All right. See, when we learned about boggarts back in Defense Against the Dark Arts .. I found out that mine is .. okay, get ready to laugh .. boys' underwear. What?! I'm sorry, but when you're the only girl in a family of boys, that's the last thing you want to receive as a hand-me-down. Trust me, that's the worst. Yes, and they're floating after me. It's silly, but hey. I like girly things - like knickers. No briefs or boxers or any other strange things that have had a boy's nether regions in, thankyouverymuch."
the secrets `
    && Alice thinks of her brother Richard as one of her best friends, even if he tries to think she's invisible and not even there. She confides in her brother so much - sometimes even more than her best girlfriends.
    && Alice has many, many crushes - and they're all older than her. Her longest-lasting crush has been on Frank Longbottom.
    && For a girl who has so many crushes, she's never really had a serious boyfriend before. Sure, little kisses and things are nice, but that's only lasted for a couple of weeks with a few boys.
the dreams `
    && She plans on finally getting a real boyfriend this year. For real. Maybe. She hopes her big brother isn't going to stop her.
    && Alice would like to graduate and immediately go into Auror training. The whole saving-the-world aspect is second to the dream of doing the right thing in a world full of wrongs.
    && She would like to have her own place. She's got a flat already picked out, the color schemes, and so many interior design ideas.
the general personality `
"Do you want me to try and describe myself? It's .. well. It'll be a difficult task, but I'm going to damn well try and explain myself. I hope I do a good job.

The first part of me that's probably the easiest to describe is those ever famous Gryffindor traits. I'm extremely loyal, I have to say. I don't have many friends, but those that I am closest to know how much I care for them. I'd do anything for them; I would even take an Unforgivable for them. Chills me to think that, but it is what I'll do for my friends. I have to say I'm also pretty brave. I'll stand up for what I believe in no matter who tries to say I'm wrong. I refuse to back down from a challenge, no matter how intimidating the task is. I can't help it. Then again, I guess the downfall of being such a die-hard Gryffindor is that I'm a little spontaneous and like to jump into things before I actually understand the big picture. I think that's a trait of many Gryffindors I know. Heh! Nonetheless, stick with me, and I'll do anything for you.

Another part of me is that I'm such an idealist. Reality is almost beyond me; I can't take in all of the harsh truths just yet. Some say that's really immature of me, but think about it. What's wrong with wanting that dream of saving the world? Nothing. What's wrong with dreaming of settling down with the love of your life and having a beautiful family? Nothing! I want to keep my hopes and dreams alive, despite that many of them are so ridiculous and impossible to achieve. I'm going to do my best, though, at keeping them around for as long as I can before realism smacks me across the face.

I love romance. Sue me. I have dreams of having that one boy sweeping me off my feet and taking me off into the sunset. Corny and cliche! I can't help it. I can't say that'll ever happen to me. The whole process of courtship is just so attractive. Dates. Goodnight kisses. Notes. Letters. Gifts. The actual act of asking someone to be my man. Oh, my cheeks are flaming up. It's been hard for me to have a boyfriend. Richard is so mean. He doesn't like half the guys I mention to him! What can I do? But I dream of love. I do. It's so stupid that someone like me can be turned into a pile of babbling mush with just one thing like romance. I should shape up.

Flaws. Oh no. Don't even get me started. I love my flaws - I'm not the most funny girl who can crack a joke. I'm serious. I don't know how to word things correctly. I get made fun of for dancing around the common room when there's no music playing. But! I hate - HATE - the fact that I cannot remember anything. No, no, I remember long-term things, but my short-term memory is usually shot. Let's say I've got an essay due for some class. Okay. I do the essay, see, and then I leave it sitting on my nightstand until the day it is due. However, it never fails that on the due date, I don't have the essay in my bag. I then remember it's sitting on my nightstand. Embarrassing! I think all of my teachers have come to accept that I do my work but I can't remember to bring it all the time. My parents have tried everything to help me out - Remembralls and memory potions and all sorts of things - but nothing seems to work.

Uhm. I might have a temper. Sometimes. I tend to get mad at the silliest of things. If I bite my nails too much, I get into a big hissy fit. Paper cuts! Don't even talk to me if I have a paper cut. See, it's hilarious - the times where I'm the angriest is when something happens to me that I just happened to help cause. Really stupid, right? Then again, I know a lot of people like that. And no, they don't live in my damn head either! Stop saying that and believing what Richard might've said.

There's little things, too! I mean, I'm pretty modest. This has been hard for me to actually explain my whole being to someone. I get embarrassed at some of the worst moments. Even just talking to someone at the table at breakfast or dinner is a struggle when I'm preoccupied in my mind. I like boys. Some would even call me boy crazy. But I'm not! Honestly. Really. Uhm. I'd just like to describe myself in one single word - craznifforgettinmadloyal! Does that make sense?

.. uhm. I don't know what else to say?"

the character history `

the parents `
    "My father is Connor Edgecomb; my mother is Ruth Edgecomb. I love my parents, honestly. Dad treats me like I'm one of the boys. I don't mind; I've always been a little rough around the edges, y'know. Mum dolls me up and dotes on me. She has shaped the womanly aspects of my being. Yeah, this makes me a little bi-polar. Two different sides reflected by two different parents."
the siblings `
    "Richard is amazing. He's a year older than me, but we're close. We talk about a whole bunch of stuff - sports and school and love lives. He doesn't acknowledge me a lot in school, actually. Does he really want to be associated with someone like me, who forgets a whole lot and can't help but be a little odd? Exactly. So instead, we write to each other. It's fun! And the twins ..? Well, okay, they don't look alike, but I love them. I'm their second mother. I love all of my brothers, but I wish I wasn't the only girl."
the other relatives `
    "A bunch of purebloods, honestly. I mean, we're not one of more well-known ones - like the Blacks and Malfoys and so on - but we're not at the bottom of the heap either! We're pretty much smack-dab in the middle."
the story of my life `
"Maybe I should start at the beginning. You know, the waaaay beginning! When my parents met, maybe.

Hm. So. Mum and Dad - Ruth and Connor to everyone else - met at Hogwarts. Kind of like every other wizard love story. Dad fell for her, Mum fell for him. They were quite cute. Thank goodness neither of their families believed in arranged marriages like other pureblood families believe in. So after Hogwarts, both of them settled down in a little town outside of London. My mum and dad do love the city life, but sometimes the hustle and bustle of it can be a little too much. Both of them started to work, and as soon as they had saved up enough money, they married and out came Richard. Boy, that was quick. However, I don't have time to talk about my brother. This is about my life.

I was born February 26th, 1961. I'm one of the younger ones in my year. Richard was already a year when I popped out, and Mum has told me that he really took a liking to me. I don't know if he understood that I wasn't a boy - like my parents thought I'd be - but a girl. I don't think he actually cared. The two of us became really close. It didn't take long before my Mum popped out the twins and called it quits with baby-making. Not that I blame her; after four kids, wouldn't you begin to get tired? So that was the end of our little Edgecomb family.

Between my childhood and the beginning of Hogwarts, not much actually happened to me. We moved a few times, still sticking close to London because Dad worked at the Ministry. Many a time my parents thought to move to Hogsmeade, but each time they decided against it. They were too fond of the Muggle world and liked living in such close quarters to it. I've had good and bad memories - drowning, my birthdays being fantastic, being spoiled rotten - and I had my brothers there to experience it. When Richard went off to Hogwarts, I was fascinated by a school made just for witches and wizards. I couldn't wait for my turn to come along; it soon did faster than I could imagine.

On my first train ride over, I sat with my brother who told me silly stories about the school. He said he hoped that I'd be sorted into any house but Slytherin - he had met some nasty students the year before and advised me not to really talk to Slytherins. Of course, I blindly believed my brother like any little sister would. As soon as I arrived at Hogwarts, I was shipped off into a little tiny boat. I swear I started to hyperventilate. Even being in a little boat that was enchanted to make sure no one got lost scared me half to death. I hate water, I really do. The people in my boat tried their best to comfort me - I think I even clung to one of them the whole trip. Ah, well. The Sorting Ceremony went smoothly. As my name was called, I happily skipped up to find out how I'd be sorted. I was told to sit on a stool and have this weathered hat placed on my head. First off, the Sorting Hat doesn't have a pleasant smell. It's very old and dusty, so I sneezed. I think he found it amusing and told me that a brazen little girl who'd sneeze on such a hat deserved to be in GRYFFINDOR. I was happy, and so I joined my brother at the table with a laugh.

So far, school hasn't been a hard thing for me. I like all of my classes, especially Charms. Professor Flitwick has taken a liking to me and loves to watch me cast spells and charms. He loves my wandwork. Tee hee. I also don't mind Herbology. It's very outdoorsy, taking care of magical plants and herbs. All six years so far have been fun in those two classes. However, I'm not doing so well in Potions. Then again, who is? Slughorn picks favorites. I don't think I'm one of them. We share the classroom - er, dungeon - with Slytherins. That makes everything better. I crack under pressure, and I usually cause a small explosion everyday. Slughorn tries to help me - but how am I suppose to remember a very long list of ingredients? Ergh.

Oh! I can't forget to mention O.W.L.s last year. I was a nervous wreck last year. I mean, I was afraid I wouldn't remember ANYTHING! I studied so hard. I read. I wrote essays. I did practice test after practice test. When the tests came at the end of the year, I took them and thought, 'Hey, these aren't so hard!' I got my test scores back this summer! Let me see if I can find them ... here they are!

Transfiguration: A
Charms: O
Herbology: O
History of Magic: E
Potions: P
Defense Against the Dark Arts: E
Astronomy: A
Divination: P
Muggle Studies: E

Not bad, eh? But now I'm trying to gear my schooling to help me become an Auror. I think all of my grades are pretty acceptable except for Potions. Professor Slughorn - supportive no matter what, I believe - said he'd take me into his N.E.W.Ts class to become an Auror. That's so nice of him. I hope I don't fail.

There's not much else to the life of Alice, I suppose. I think I've told you everything about me. What else are you dying to know? Secrets? Love affairs? Er, no. I'm not very exciting, I promise. I'm pretty average. I just want to save the world while looking fantastic. Can I do it? Well. Maybe. You'll just have to wait and see."

the other things `

anything else? ` adminedit. c:
the roleplay sample `
(( from a site i was on LONG ago that has since died; a roleplay post in an alice and frank roleplay ))

Human emotion and interaction was something Alice thrived off of. She loved people. She loved to talk to them, to know their names, and to know what they were about to do. So what if she came off as a crazy little girl? At least she knew what was going on and got to meet someone in the process. As far as she knew, Frank enjoyed the fact that his girlfriend was such a social butterfly. It almost told Alice that she should continue to be social to stay away from the Head Boy, but it wasn't what was going to come out of this. No; the drugs only brought her closer. She wanted to distract him from them - maybe that would make him quit? Deep down in her heart, though, she knew it wouldn't work. Nothing she did ever seemed to.

The girl laughed, gently swatting at him. "I am not that short! Not in the least! Stop it," she told him, frowning at him and attempting to keep a straight face. She failed to and burst into giggles. People walking by knew that this was a different Alice. This Alice wasn't as intimidating with her position. This Alice wasn't harsh or motherly or yelling at you. No; this Alice laughed and smiled and flirted like a girl. She wasn't one of the guys when she hung around Frank. She felt more girly because - drugged or not - he seemed to melt her somewhat icy exterior and bring her out in better light. She smiled at him, shaking her head. "Come now; I wasn't going to hog it all! I'll share, I'll share .." Happily, she took her spoon and scooped up some of the pudding to take a bite. "Mm. Very sweet. Thank you. It's appreciated."

Weight was a sensitive issue to many girls, but Alice was rather laid back about it. "I'm pretty sure I don't jiggle like jello. Running after a bunch of students has helped with that, I think," she replied, dipping her spoon back into the pudding. "Besides, flying with you has helped too. Training your arse to make sure you're ready for Gryffindor's first match." Alice chuckled, eating the pudding slowly and laying her head upon Frank's shoulder. Oh, he was too sweet.

".. who else would I stick with, Frank? You're one of the closest friends I have. It was almost certain that I'd fall for you." She attempted to avoid that four-letter word: love. Alice wished to say it, but she wasn't too sure if it was the right time to say it. It gave her butterflies; what did she know about love though? The only love she ever felt were the times she spent with Frank where the two of them were silly and just being themselves. She bit her lip and gave him a weak smile. "My parents are so concerned about me though. They don't want me to grow up and have a job and everything. They're expecting me to be a little ol' housewife and listen to a husband and give him a bazillion kids .." She chuckled. "They obviously don't know me."

Her eyes closed slowly as she let a dreamy little smile onto her face. "Heh. You'd help me clean up the butts James and Sirius leave me? That's sweet of you, Frank. Really. They leave those for me on purpose, y'know. I don't mind - cleaning up multiple piles a day is driving me crazy though." Slowly, she looked up to him and opened her eyes. ".. 'course you can kiss me." Oh, how this boy just tugged her along like a rag doll and he didn't even know it.

Posted: Dec 28 2007, 02:26 AM

} c'mon, boy
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okay, i'm finished =)
Posted: Dec 28 2007, 02:33 AM

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