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EDGECOMB, alice - January 8, 2008 06:10 AM (GMT)
    She couldn't believe the strangely fantastic weather now around in the beginning of December. Of course, this only meant that the piles of snow would be arriving later. Sigh. That was encouraging. She didn't mind the winter months - but she minded the bitter cold. Brr. Her pale fingers brushed against the glass of the window as her ears attempted to block out the cries of Moaning Myrtle in the bathrooms not too far from her. That ghost caused quite a racket, but if you actually spoke to her, she wasn't that bad. Just a teenager who apparently didn't get to live out those teenaged hormones out before she met her untimely end. Alice had to feel bad for the extremely loud ghost - just a little bit. Most of the time she wanted to give her a swift kick for being a peeping Tom. Wait, was that only reserved for boys though? Well, she made it apply to Myrtle nonetheless.

    The sixth year sat on the sill of a window, stretching her short legs out to pick at the fuzz upon her stockings. The girl looked like one of those picture perfect casual students from photos. Today, Ms. Edgecomb had her flaxen hair straightened out and down to her shoulders, save for the ends that curled up quite cutely ( she had even noted such when she peered into a mirror and laughed ). Her robes had been tossed aside - like always - revealing the standard uniform that was suppose to be worn by all of the students. She knew of a few people who seemed to get away with making alterations to the clothing. The collar of white blouse was neat as it should be, and the knot of her scarlet-and-gold tie was perfect. Well, as perfect as an article of clothing could be. Today, instead of the sweater vest, she had donned a grey sweater. The weather had made the castle particularly chilly, making this one of the soul reasons for her sweater. Her shirt was untucked - breaking the rules in such a rebellious way (not) - and the hem hung over her skirt, its pleats pressed as neatly as humanly possible. The stockings and mary-janes finished off her attire.

    Alice was nowhere near as pleased about everything as she should've been.

    Life was going grand for this Gryffindor. Her grades were up - including her dreadful Potions grade. Shocking to say that she was actually pulling off an 'A' in that class! She couldn't believe herself. Well, of course she couldn't. Without the help of her friends, she would still be stuck with a 'P' or even a 'D'. The grades in her other courses were as wonderful as ever ( only Potions was the problem ). Friendships were great. Hadley was actually going to go through with that whole date thing; not that she actually had a choice, mind you. Alice had a knack of convincing her friends to do what she wanted. Bertram wasn't as annoying as he usually was - a sign of the apocalypse? Possibly, but the girl doubted it. And there were others on her mind ... Felan especially, but she couldn't talk about him. No, no, noooo.

    A sigh escaped her as she ran her fingers through her hair and moved to dust her sleeves off. Constantly keeping herself tidy and neat. Bah. As if someone was going to judge her appearance this very second. Wait - on second thought, keep dusting, girl. Those snobby Slytherins could be around the corner, watching your every move and planning their "witty" comebacks. Ergh. Stupid Slytherins. Honestly, the whole lot of them except for Felan and maybe Regulus were all stuck up rude little shits. Alice couldn't stop her teeth from gritting hard against each other. They all made fun of her - whether they voiced their snide remarks around her was a different story though. Only a few were so high and mighty enough to say something around friends when Alice was alone, knowing she wasn't going to attack them. Well, maybe not. Miss Edgecomb was all about the one-on-one combat.

    Oh, would she know what that was like when she got older.

    Reaching over to the pile of black, the girl removed her wand from its pocket and twirled it between her fingers boredly. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship, she believed her wand to be. Fourteen inches long, made of gorgeous cedar wood, and containing a core of unicorn hair. It was pretty durable, great for all the wandwork she loved to do. She pulled out a few pieces of parchment from her robes ( there were strange things in there, she had to admit ) and thought to herself for a moment. One bit was taken into her hand and tossed up into the air as her wand pointed at it and she clearly spoke the incantation, "Confringo!" Immediately, the parchment exploded into tiny little bits and pieces, and she smiled faintly.

    Little did she know some of the spells she was thinking of would come in handy sooner than she believed.

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