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Title: Let's pretend that I typed something creative here
Description: ... yeaaaah~

SINCLAIR, hayden - January 4, 2008 01:58 AM (GMT)
mhmm. I've got three characters who need major plottage. Srsly.

I so need to make icons of stas. >>;
user posted image
hayden chase sinclair
user posted image
valya kier lovegood
user posted image
amycus sciron carrow

ANYWAY. yeah. those three idiots up there need plottage.

... hayden basically needs everything except a current relationship. xD
`cause that happens to be taken by miss marianne sergeant.
OH. He needs his kid sisters, Elise&Avril. SO. GO MAKE THEM. >>;

amycus needs more enemies. ... that aren't girls.
-________-; really.

val ... well ... she just needs basically enemies
& probably someone to crush on since sirius is a prat. x3
Plus, she needs her older brotherrrr, Xeno.

DAVIES, valerius - January 4, 2008 02:02 AM (GMT)
    -Shoves all my charries at Dean-
    -Runs away-
    (srsly I have no ideasss xX)

AUBREY, bertram - January 4, 2008 02:06 AM (GMT)
Bertram can be enemy/annoyance to all~~~

but i have no ideas.
lo siento

SERGEANT, marianne - January 4, 2008 02:11 AM (GMT)
marianne + hayden = mad hot love. untill teh cheating begins. then it turns into taht one carrie underwood song...

marianne + valya = friends, possibly good.

marianne + amycus the sex fiend = friends with benefits. yes, actual friends. but with kinky benefits.

massacre / slaughter / edit / eat anything you like dearest C:

SINCLAIR, hayden - January 4, 2008 02:13 AM (GMT)
-jaaaabs- comebackhere, woman. D:
so. yeah. we already know that val&ellie are like. partners-in-crime.
ellie&amycus are casual friends with a future fling. (yay.)
ellie&hayden ... uhm. i'm not sure. i think she'd be sick of arrogant pricks by now.
so, maybe just ... casual friends for the two.
or ... annoyance.

sirius & val. we already know what's going on there. o-O;
sirius & amy. well. obvious dislike for both,
maybe a bit of physical attraction on amy's part.
`cause he's a hoe like that & wants in on everyone's pants.
sirius & hayden. uhm. love/hate kinda thing.
just ... because i don't think two arrogant pricks could stand
being around each other and not want to beat the other's face in.

adree & val. friends & annoyance, i think we said.
adree & amycus. are practically attached at the hip.
adree & hayden. um. no idea. maybe just a physical attraction.
`cause she's gorgeous and. duh. hayden's a hoe, like i said.

val & val are friends. hellyes. because they're both loons & vals.
val & amycus. uhm. he's a bicurious boy & amy likes boys. o-O; go figure.
val & hayden uhhh. friends. duh. 'cause of that picture of ryan&stas.
they just have to be friends. o____o; or maybe more

bertram & val i think would just be annoyance.
amycus would probably want to beat the kid's face in
so that he'll spread more rumors about him. yayspotlight.
hayden would probably want to beat his face in
if he hears any rumors about him because hayden won't hit
rita since his mum would have his arse.

marianne&hayden. yeah. definitely that. btw., do you think the two
would know about cheating on each other? `cause. you know.
i don't think hayden is trying to hide it all that much. so. yehhh. o-O;
marianne&val. definitely friends. c: probably good ones too.
they can complain about how stupid boys are sometimes. or something.
marianne & amy. well. that hoe is always up for sucking face. i mean.
making new friends with the hot french girls.

DAVIES, valerius - January 4, 2008 02:28 AM (GMT)
    Woahshit. Ummm here we go. xDDD -Deep breath-

    Val & Ellie, yes yes we got that one down already. Yay.
    Amycus & Ellie...haha that is gonna be fuuun. =D dramaaaa!
    Hayden & Ellie... they could be & hate? Yeah she'd probably
    think he's a pretentious French(orwhateverheis) bastard. xD But
    she'd love to try out her French skillz on him, so she'd have to be
    somewhat nice from time to time.

    Val & Siri, we gots thaaat.
    Amycus & Siri, see above.
    Hayden & Sirius... haha yesss. XD But Sirius would try to be
    cool and speak French a la Joey to Hayden and make himself
    look like a doofus. WHICH HE ISN'T...okay maybe sometimes he is.

    Val & Addie, we gots that.
    Amycus & Addie, oh yesh, the hoes attached at the hip.
    Hayden & Addie, yeah they could just oggle each other when
    they have classes together. XD Addie could possibly get him
    alone one day by the Herbology green houses and give him
    a making-out of his life then run off. Rofl.

    Val & Val the kooky friends! =D
    Amycus & Val...oh my. o.o I...see...awkwardness going on there?
    At least awkwardness from Val's part. XD
    Hayden & Bal muuust be friends 'cause of that awesome pic.
    =D Yay! Friends who hug and are weird.

EDGECOMB, alice - January 4, 2008 02:45 AM (GMT)
right, so.
we're going to have a roleplay between valya & alice.
as you've already claimed.
and they'll be .. friends.
i mean, alice is friends with sirius.
she can be friends with valya!
alice & amy! oh, boy, this'll be .. weird.
well she doesn't like him.
she doesn't like arrogant poops (like amy)
so that's definitely a dislike there.
but come subplot moments, i mean - awkward flirting.
lmao. buuuuut! eh, she could be warmed up to the idea.
she obviously doesn't mind hot slytherins.
but that's for a later time.
and now, alice and hayden!
well, she's friends with aimee.
who is recently chatting about him.
i think?
-refers to roleplay-
but it's kind of like,
'ehhh? beauxbatons boy.
why would i know him?'
because he's just there ..
and she's just there.

SERGEANT, marianne - January 4, 2008 02:47 AM (GMT)
- rolls in all james bond like -

marianne just wants to say that hayden is sex on legs.
and rachelle wants to say taht she agrees.

- drives off in clown car -

SINCLAIR, hayden - January 4, 2008 04:50 AM (GMT)
ahh. yay for love/hate thing between hayden&ellie. c:
sirius&hayden are probably idiots together.
he'd just go along, making like he understands siri's 'french'
but secretly laugh at him behind his back.
just cause he can. =D
hayden&addie. oh the sexual tension.
he'd let her run off, but probably pull her
into some bush in the courtyard for round two.

alice&valya could definitely be friends.
maybe with a little annoyance here and there,
but mostly friends, i think.
alice&amycus. well, he's an ass and
he hits on anything that so much as moves.
so. yeah, i see the irritation, but thanks to the subplot
thingy, he will hit on her. ...even if she really isn't his type.
alice&hayden. uhm. yeah. just. indifference. for now.
then maybe they could meet through people.
... or something. he could hear about her being the
nutcase that sang in class and got detention.
and just make fun of her for that. ... or ask her
when she'll do it again, 'cause he'd join next time.
except he won't. ... not really. ... i think.

EDGECOMB, alice - January 4, 2008 05:05 AM (GMT)
al & val = friends and annoyances.
because you know, that memory problem
would probably get on valya's nerves.
( sometimes it gets on mine! )
al & amy = irritation, eventual flirt
well, yeah. subplots are nice like that.
they make impossible relationships .. possible!
i just don't want alice to get to the point
where she has to kick him.
she's been threatening that she needs to kick something.
in my head.
al & hayden = indifference. yeah.
they'd probably be meeting through many people.
alice is a HUGE social butterfly.
and talks to everyone. even if she ends up hating them.
well, at this rate,
i think everyone is going to hear about
"that crazy gryffindor girl who broke out into song in the middle of class and got detention for it"
because bertram knows. he'll tell rita. and then it's all over.
he can make fun of her for it.
she is supposedly the nuttiest girl in the school at the mo.
or join her.
that would be funny.
really, we will.

PODMORE, daniel - January 4, 2008 08:21 AM (GMT)
Hestia-Love/hate with Hayden, Cause those french people can be such t-w-a-t-s-(sorreh for language! meep!)

Annoyance with Amycus

Annoyance with Valya.

Danny-Hayden's Bi right? So it'd be Friends with Benefits/Fling. Or if he isn't bi just friends.

LOVEGOOD, valya - January 8, 2008 06:27 AM (GMT)
Mhmm. Love/hate with Hestia would work.
Hayden would probably not care anyway. xD

Amycus always annoys the crap out of people
and people annoy the crap out of him. ^_^

Val is picky with friends, sometimes.
Yeah, I see them not getting along.

Hayden isn't really openly bi just yet.
So maybe just friends for now. ^-^

- - -

... Hayden & Valya still need their siblings. D:

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