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Title: A Modern Affirmation of Faith
Description: Creeds

maestro516 - March 12, 2006 05:30 PM (GMT)
This is a modern translation of the Apostle's Creed as found in the most recent printing of the United Methodist Hymnal. I really appreciate the way that it takes the words of our centuries old statement of faith and puts it into terms that apply to today's world.


Where the Spirit of the Lord is,
There is the one true church, apostolic and universal,
Whose holy faith let us now declare:

Pastor and People:
We believe in God the Father,
Infinite in wisdom, power, and love,
Whose mercy is over all His works,
And whose will is ever directed to his children's good.

We believe in Jesus Christ,
Son of God and Son of man,
The gift of the Father's unfailing grace,
The ground of our hope,
And the promise of our deliverance from sin and death.

We believe in the Holy Spirit
As the divine presence in our lives,
Whereby we are kept in perpetual remembrance
Of the truth of Christ,
And find strength and help in time of need.

We believe that this faith should manifest itself
In the service of love
As set forth in the example of our blessed Lord,
To the end
That the kingdom of God may come upon the earth.


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