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 The Incident, Another fanfic of mine.
Posted: Jun 8 2012, 03:41 PM

Yuuto M.

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In his two years as a jounin, Yuuto hadn't yet been on an A ranked mission. So when he was standing in the Hokage building he wasn't expecting any of what was to come.

It seemed pretty straight forward, he was to act as medical ninja on the team with Genma as the team leader and two chuunin headed to investigate disappearances in a mountain pass used by trade caravans to get into the land of wind. It was about a three day trip on foot to the location.

As they approached the opening to the pass, Yuuto asked Genma "What exactly was in the report for our mission?"

Genma turned and replied "Not much. Just that several trade caravans on their way to the sand village never arrived. We're supposed to meet with some Sand ninja who are also looking into this."

They continued through the pass and Yuuto started to get a feeling of foreboding. As they proceeded they noticed broken and burnt pieces of supply carts indicating explosions. It was then when he saw the Sand ninja, laying around the ground with severe burns on their faces.

He rushed to them and immediately started healing them as Genma and the rest of the team went to defensive positions. Yuuto tried to get information from the fallen ninja "What happened here?"

One of the ninja groaned and spoke through the pain "Ambush... spiders... white bombs..." The ninja passed out as Yuuto tried to understand what that meant. He searched the area and found bits of clay around and on the Sand ninja.

He looked at Genma "It looks like some kind of explosive was attached to their faces."

Genma looked back with a bit of concern "Get them stable and be ready to get a barrier up. There's no telling when or if we might get attacked."

Yuuto scanned the walls of the narrow pass as he finished up with healing, a small movement caught his eye. He blinked in disbelief, as objects crawled out of cracks in the wall. He opened his eyes wide as he realized that they were white spiders, same color as the clay around the Sand ninja. Quickly he formed the Tiger hand sign shoving a chakra barrier around the team as the spiders jumped and exploded against it. "Stay in the barrier!" he yelled at Genma and the two chuunin.

He scanned the walls for the attacker as the barrier kept getting bombarded by explosions when he heard a crack and looked down to see the ground under one of the chuunin break open and a giant white centipede came up. It wrapped around him, pulling him under before exploding the chuunin into small chunks and spraying bits of rock up at Yuuto and the remaining team members.

Yuuto was frozen in place from what happened, if not for Genma's quick thinking, he would have stayed that way. "Yuuto! We have to get out of this narrow area! Keep the barrier up as we get out of here!" And Yuuto forced himself up and followed Genma with the remaining chuunin in tow.

They all reached the open area where the pass started parting and looking back into the narrow path. "What was that?" asked Yuuto as the one chuunin left vomited from fear.

Genma caught his breath and started to answer "I don't know. but we should go back and-"
Without warning three white objects leaped out of where they came and blew the chuunin in half spraying blood all over Yuuto's robes. It was then that the enemy appeared.

From what Yuuto could tell it was two squads of Rock ninja, but what made his stomach twist was the guy with long yellow hair and the sick smile on his face who started speaking. "How do you like that art, huh, Leaf ninja?"

One of the Rock Chunin turned and spoke to the yellow haired guy. "Would you please shut up about your..." The yellow-haired guy yelled interrupting the chuunin, "How many times have I told you to not talk when I'm having fun!" then tossed one of the spiders on his face and detonated it with a half tiger seal, sending the victim falling backwards and screaming before passing out from the burns.

Yuuto stared frozen with fear and confusion as one of the Rock jounin swore. "Damn. This happens every time. Let's just kill them and get this over with."

Genma hurled a kunai in the middle of them that had a paper bomb on it making them scatter and shaking Yuuto into action. As Genma clashed with one of the jounin, the other full squad attacked Yuuto. He blocked the shuriken being thrown, and the other jounin closed the distance between them and started pounding into him with taijutsu.

In desperation, Yuuto activated one of his chakra scalpels and thrust out slicing the attacker's arms off at the shoulder sending him falling back. Another volley of shuriken came at him to be blocked by his chakra then he quickly did a wind style Gale wind palm, blowing the chunin back into the rocks.

Then he looked up to see the yellow-haired man molding clay into another bomb, and Yuuto pooled chakra into his hands, forming two windmill shuriken, and hurled both to pin the bomb user against the rock wall. He turned only to feel two long blades slice their way into his chest before everything went black.
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