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Welcome to Sapphos Weyr! This is your lovely news scroller, so if you aren't familiar with it, press start and stop to make it move and stop. It's pretty nifty, eh?

Turnover brought a swift and decisive end to the War of the Weyrs. In a peace summit held at Sapphos, it was agreed not only that Pern required as many dragons and their riders as possible, but that it was detrimental to the future of the world to continue the destructive raids.

High Reaches Weyr is now populated by a bizarre mix of Sapphos, Igen, and Ista riders. Several members of the Tiger Clan, including the ‘other’ matriarch, have fled to the cold North. T’sai perished in Threadfall.

While the weyrleaders argued in a peace summit, a harem was gathered from those at the festivities. Among them were Pern’s youngest rider, one of the calcium riders and his cobalt, and the lover of Yeskith’s steward. Staren mounted a search, and successfully retrieved the captives.

The weyr holds its collective breath as the wait continues for one of the queens to take Flight. Will it be Takhisith? Jennath? Balath?

Rupture has returned! This devastating illness has not been seen in several Turns, but the virus that causes it has mutated. Those who were vaccinated against the old Rupture may still fall to this new version.

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Turn 1246, Month 2

Rean of Gold Miroth
J'kal of Bronze Scalpeth



Sereth’s First and Last Clutch - 2.27.1246

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Peace is achieved

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 Headperson Contest
Posted: Mar 30 2012, 08:25 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 1,136
Member No.: 1
Joined: 4-December 10

Ok Once again we're trying this, this time I know that we need a Headperson so I am putting up a contest. However this one has some special rules and considerations.

1. They want peace....PERIOD
2. They took over after Seranim stepped down (Month 6.1245)
3. Got Voted into Office

Those are history/personality notes that we need...Other than that it's all up to you. Now remember this is THE highest ranking character ICly, they DO have the power to tell golds to shove it up their tailforks. So with that here are some rules for the contest.

1. You can not possess a Fertile Gold RIDER (to participate unless it's for the spirit of competition)
2. This is open to EVERYONE except those with Fertile Gold dragons
3. Have Fun, please stay active with this char.
Posted: Apr 4 2012, 02:19 AM

True as Sunbeams

Group: Admin
Posts: 598
Member No.: 12
Joined: 11-December 10

(What do you mean, I have a fertile gold rider? It does not matter, I present to you a contestant!)

OBVIOUSLY not a serious contender, but I first started working on her during the last aborted contest for Headwoman. It would be a shame not to share that.

bring me that horizon

Basics :
    ALIAS: Saiaral
    AGE: fifty-seven
    SEX: Female
    RANK: Headwoman
    LOCATION: Sapphos
    PLAY-BY: Nichelle Nichols
Personality :
    Dependent; Saiaral depends on her network of people to validate herself. If she does not receive any feedback, whether positive or negative, she does not work as well.

    Firm; Once her choice is made, nothing but an overwhelming amount of evidence will change her mind. She might need feedback for validation, but she doesn't need approval.

    Harsh; Most of her life has been spent on the water. Her sympathies are few, and she is less than understanding.

    Perfectionist; Everything must be held to her high standards. She does not want to hear excuses; she just wants it done right.

    Explorer; There is a reason Saiaral took to the high seas when most of her kin couldn't be coaxed near a boat for love or marks. She loves heading for the distant horizon.
Appearance :
    As a younger woman, Saiaral took pride in her many braids. She had small trinkets woven into her hair from her travels, little trophies seamlessly added to herself.

    Now that she is older, though, her gray hair is too brittle to hold the weight of her trinkets. She keeps it pulled back and woven into a single, dreadlocked braid. Her eyes are surrounded with sun wrinkles, and her skin is tough from exposure to the elements.

    She wears the same kind of breeches that her male crew wears, the fabric worn and patched. Her boots are similarly beaten, the leather abused by time and the salt of the sea.
History :
    Saiaral's genealogy can be traced back to a dolphineer from the original Landing, and her strange disposition for the sea is due to those ancestors. From her birth to a Deep Trees holder and a Sapphos crafter, Saiaral had a dangerous fascination with water.

    While most people who leave their birth place go from North to South, Saiaral went the opposite way. She learned her craft at Tillek Sea Hold, first as a cabin girl, finally as a captain of her own ship. Once she had her Sunrise, Saiaral returned South.

    She married up North, but her first child was with her Sapphic first mate. Telarasaia was raised by the Northern man who journeyed South for her.

    When the Northern transfer Yeskith won the Sapphos queen, Saiaral was one of the ship's captains who was asked to berth at Yeskith. She spends little time there, but since docking at the Southern Seahold, several things have happened.

    First, one of her deliveries happened to take place during a Gather. While on land, Saiaral Impressed a small green fire lizard. Many of her sailors had the little beasts, but Saiaral herself had never found occasion to find a nest or buy an egg.

    Maybe it was Aral that brought the next big event into play. On a trip North to bring several refugees South, the Sunrise was blown a hundred miles off course, and into the territory of a terror. Semiazas was the stuff of sailor's nightmares, the creature that ate ships that ventured too near his territory. His wings could caused ship-killer waves, and every tooth was deadly.

    Saiaral had been convinced that she and her crew were going to die. No one encountered one of these wild wyverns, and survived.

    But instead of destroying her vessel, Semiazas latched himself to the captain's mind. Saiaral still doesn't know why she has such a guardian, but the Sunrise has had an honor guard for almost a Turn.

    It's strange to think that Semiazas has not yet had the opportunity to visit Yeskith Seahold. But he will get the chance to meet Yeskith's guardian when Saiaral delivers a pregnant prisoner of war back to her home.
Posted: Apr 18 2012, 09:41 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 505
Member No.: 3
Joined: 5-December 10


Basics :
    ALIAS: Mek - Only if really close.
    AGE: Twenty-Four Turns
    SEX: Male
    RANK: HeadMaster
    LOCATION: Sapphos Weyr
    PLAY-BY: - I don't use play-bys
Personality :
    Z'ek is a loner. Other than Gariat, he's been alone since the death of his dragon.. This doesn't dominate his personality, however. Z'ek is kind and gentle despite his rough appearance. He knows how to sooth a child's fears or how to calm an aggitated animal. This gentleness is overshadowed by the watchful, wary look he often has.

    As well as being gentle when called for, Z'ek also leads with a stern hand. He knows when he needs to be firm with people and isn't afraid to do so. The war has hardened some part of him that was once carefree, and now he wants for nothing more than peace. No one else should be broken because of this war.. No more ichor should be shed at the talons of another dragon or dragon's kin.
Appearance :
    Brown hair and soft grey eyes copliment each other perfectly. His skin is of a deep tone that is a result of his traveling. He has scars over his face, back, arms, hands, and legs. His hands are missing four fingers between them. His thumb and middle on his right hand and his little finger and ring finger on his left hand. He will never be seen without Gariat on his shoulder and a dagger strapped at his waist.
History :
    Z'ek was born and raised in Sapphos hold. He worked hard to stay under the radar of harems and other people that would him harm. He managed to even avoid recruitment to Staren, despite that he was built to fight.

    He acted as a drudge through most of his childhood, biding his time until he could leave the safety of the hold. He trained with a dagger in a secret, being sure Staren never caught wind of skill, lest they recruit him. At age 15 he slipped from the safety of the Hold under cover of night and took to traveling the wilds until he ended up in Deep Trees. He stayed there for a very short two turns and then returned to his travels. It was when he came to the Weyr that he finally found a place that was home.. He settled in at Sapphos, taking back up his drudge lifestyle to maintain a low profile until it was declared that males could stand as candidates...

    With wonder he presented himself to a searchrider, barely within the age range. The searchrider conceded to the fact that his dragon said Zehermek had what took to make a candidate and so he stood, at last able to show himself to the world instead of hiding behind the mask of a drudge.

    His first time on the sands, he was left standing, but he he remained a candidate and at the next hatching, he Impressed to a Bronze. They grew together, learning like any other weyrling pair and Bronze taught Z'ek what it was to be a leader. Now there was potential.

    Then the war started. Paritith fought bravely during the Hatching Massacre, even taking several Northern dragons out, but when several attacked him at once, delivering multiple wounds to both him and his rider, there was nothing that could be done. He leaped at the nearest , digging his claws in, even as he felt the straps holding his wounded rider to him break and a fatal bite to his throat. He took two dragon and rider pairs with him as he disappeared between for the final time, but not his rider, who tumbled to stands below.. laden with wounds that may have been fatal if the healers hadn't acted quickly.

    The rider slipped into a coma as his dragon slipped away.. only to awake dragonless. Anger roiled through him.. the only emotion that could dull the pain. He vowed that the north would pay for his dragon's death, as many who had lost half themselves had.

    Then the second attack came and he fought viciously, his dagger drawing blood whenever riders tried to attack him, but the more blood he drew, the more he realized how wrong this was.. and then a Bronze firelizard that had been attached to one of the northern riders fell from his shoulder as the rider and dragon pair disappeared, too injured to hang on or make the jump to follow. His left wing was all but useless, shredded by the talons of other firelizards that had been protecting the rider of the southern dragon... Zehermek caught the firelizard in his arms and whisked him away.. done with the fighting and the blood shed. It was time a life were saved in this. He found a Healer who could help him as soon as the battle had ended. Between the two of them, the bronze was nursed back to health and bonded to him.

    From that point forward, Zehermek spoke no more of revenge. His new vow was that peace would be made and the dragon on dragon war would end.. No more would be made dragonless by this senseless bloodshed.

    When Nim stepped down from his position as HeadMaster, it was Zehermek that many urged to step up and take his place, because of this stance and because he'd proven he had what took. He fell into the role unofficially, but was soon officially elected to be HeadMaster.

    Firelizard :
    NAME: Gariat
    AGE: 4 Turns
    SEX: Male Bronze
    APPEARANCE:Gariat is scar laden from the attack which render one wing virtually useless, though the bronze still clings to a minute hope that he’ll fly again one day.
    PERSONALITY: Loyal and obedient to the one who saved him from certain death, Gariat only leaves Zehermek's side when ordered too. He's learned to move as well on land as a mohark could, gaining their speed and strength of limbs in place of his useless wings, though he can still some times glide if it is called for. He will sometimes glide when making attempts to fly.. sure that one day he will regain the ability.
Posted: Jun 17 2012, 05:12 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 71
Member No.: 5
Joined: 5-December 10


user posted image

Basics :
    ALIAS: Raydar
    AGE: Forty-Two Turns
    SEX: Female
    RANK: Headwoman
    LOCATION: Sapphos Weyr
    PLAY-BY: Holy Hunter
Personality :
    Energetic, dependable, considerate, hard-worker, fierce temper, and loyal. Raydar is a hard worker and loyal to her family and to Sapphos Weyr, and devoted to Rean. She adores children and adores you own, as well as any fosterlings she takes in. She hopes to find a mate that she could love, trust, talk to, if one exists, one that is not simply interested in just another romp in the furs. She is a very hard worker with a soft voice and an easy smile. She is very serious about her duty as Sapphos‘ Headwoman, and takes her duties seriously. She hides her true feelings from others because she doesn't want anyone to know her mind. She feels that her mind is the only safe place she can retreat to and think things over clearly. Which is usually why most will find her in her office during the late hours of the night.

    Raydar does have a temper, but she’s so good-natured that it takes a long while, a very long while, before she does get angry. She values friendship and doesn't like anyone trying to manipulate her for their own reasons. She is tough when it comes to dealing with an errant weyrbrat, drudge or Candidate. She has sharp wits and an even sharper mind when dealing with bullies. She has a habit of doing more than a Headwoman should do, even if she is told she should delegate more work to others. She doesn't mind the work, really, it gives her a sense of accomplishment. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and will often listen to a conversation for a bit before saying anything. She is considerate of others, unless they really anger her. When she is in a bad mood she glares at people, whether they are the person she is mad at or not, and will often mutter curses.

    Raydar is a dependable woman. If you ask her to do something, she’ll hardly say no. She will never turn down a plea for help. She loves a good joke, even though she can’t telling any herself. Raydar is a calm woman in the face of a disaster or crisis. She never lets anything rattle her, except for when she is alone. She has an aloof manner when she just wakes up and hasn‘t had her cup of fresh klah in the morning. She is friendly and inviting once she’s taken her first sip of the warm and invigorating liquid. She has an abundance of energy she uses when she’s attending her duties as Headwoman, or just when she‘s talking. She has a habit of speaking a little faster than normal when she’s really excited about something. Raydar has another side to her that comes out only rarely. She is a complete romantic. She doesn’t let it show because she perceives that to be a weakness and she has a fear of that. She keeps it under a tight control, though it does manage to show itself every so often.

    Likes: babies, gathers, riding a dragon, watching her daughter and son grow up, attending Hatchings and birthings, bubbly pies, dancing
    Dislikes: back-talk, tantrums, pranks, stealing, whining, fighting, death
    Strengths: friendly, trust-worthy
    Weakness: argumentative, excessive
    Fears: losing her daughter and son, not being able to have another biological child before being too old
    Goals: To be the best Headwoman she can be, and to hopefully find a husband, before she gets too old to have children, hopes to have another biological child
Appearance :
    Medium to light brown hair, brown eyes, and standing at 5'4". Her hair reaches to the middle of her back and is on the wavy side. She generally keeps it up off her neck in a runner's tail or braid. Her brown eyes are always taking things in and hardly miss anything that happens around her, whether she has been there many times or not. She has filled out with womanly curves, showing early on in her young life. She has curves in all the right places despite her appearance, and her chest area is a little more than average. She has a nice simple, squared chin that moves up to high cheekbones. She has lush wide lips and thin eyebrows. She has a nice red dress that she keeps at the bottom of her travel trunk and wears that dress for those special occasions.

    She has a small box at the very bottom of her travel trunk. It’s a nice dark rosewood color with her name engraved on the top. She keeps all of her jewelry in it. She always wears a simple sapphire ring. She had received it as a gift from her older brother before he’d been transferred. She saves the rest of her jewelry to wear for special occasions. She has a leather belt she wears all the time. It was a gift from her second oldest brother before she‘s taken up the mantle of Headwoman. Her mother taught her to have proper posture in public, but when she's alone, she's not stiff, she slouches and relaxes when she gets moments alone. Raydar prefers darker, richer colors. Her skin is of an olive complexion, but has darkened a bit from working outside most days. She wears skirts out of duty, but prefers pants and tunics if she has to get dirty.
History :
    Raydar was born and raised in Sapphos Weyr as the oldest of five siblings. She looked after her younger siblings after their births while their parents went about their duties as Journeymen Healers. Raydar didn't apprentice to any craft. She preferred to stay close to her family. She had been searched at the age of 18 but she never impressed. Instead of being down about not impressing, she began helping in the Kitchens. While working in the Kitchens, Raydar fell in love with a Senior Journeyman Healer named Sherik. He was currently on assignment at Sapphos. Raydar and Sherik became lovers after a gold flight. At which she conceived her oldest child, Sheray, and once she was old enough, she was put in the creche with the other Weyr children. Raydar had been 28 turns old at the time.

    A few months after Sheray had been born, Sherik was reposted to High Reaches Weyr. Five turns later, at the age of 33, Raydar fell in love again with another man. Though this man was a dragonrider. They got along well enough. With every couple, there are days when you can’t seem to get along with your mate. Raydar and R’shil had those days. Five turns after the birth of her daughter, she is now 38 turns, Raydar found herself pregnant again. This time she gave birth to a healthy baby boy they named Shiran. For the last four turns, Raydar worked hard as a mother and a Kitchen worker. She devoted all of her time and attention to the Weyr’s inhabitants. The Headwoman of the time, Seranim, took notice of her when she was ordering the drudges around, though not making it seem that way. The Headwoman took her aside and trained her to be her assistant. She spent as much free time with her son and daughter when she could spare it.

    A turn and a half ago, Raydar was in the Kitchen, overlooking the noon meal when she heard dragon screams and human yells. She ran out to see what was happening. At first, Raydar wasn’t sure what was going on. Several dragons were on the ground or landing, keening the deaths of their own. When she asked someone what happened, they shook their head and turned away. She came to learn that R’shil’s brown, Berauth, had collided with another dragon during drills and both dragon pairs went between forever. Raydar’s heart was broken. Raydar has not had a lover since R’shil. And everything seemed to revolve around her children and keeping up pretenses of being able to deal with the death of her mate. A welcome change came, though, in month six of turn 1245. Raydar took over being Sapphos' Headwoman at the age of 41 when her superior stepped down.

    Mother- Tyrah, 56, Senior Journeyman Healer, Sapphos Weyr
    Father- Ellidian, 59, Senior Journeyman Healer, Sapphos Weyr
    Brother- Lyrian, 32, Journeyman Smith, Lemos Hold
    Sister- Arylla, 29, Guard’s wife, Bitra Hold
    Brother- Ellyran, 26, Journeyman Vintner, Keroon Hold
    Sister- Rhadia, 23, and green Yurikth, 4, Sapphos Weyr
    Daughter- Sheray, 18, Candidate, Sapphos Weyr
    Son- Shiran, 14, Candidate, Sapphos Weyr
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