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Title: [1.1.1246] Monsters Hatch
Description: Lunestask's Maiden Clutch Hatching!

Prissy - April 19, 2012 08:29 PM (GMT)
Ok first and foremost I want to run this hatching a LITTLE different from most in this one you are ALLOWED to place one NPC if you so desire into this clutch as long as you intend to make them a PC at some point in the first three months of lessons. So at the moment I want more than anything for those interested in this consideration to please notify me.

Also this will be run a little more like other wher hatchings, in that Candidates come in get an egg or four...based on the parents. They will decide if you can take more eggs or not, it is up to them. Then you wil take the egg to another room, where I or one of my trusted team for this clutch will hatch it for you. These threads SHOULD all happen within a day or two of the egg giving.

So with that let the hatching begin! On a side note. I'm trying to figure out how to run hatchings for good for whers so let's see how you all like this when it's over! Kudos to whoever guesses the Egg Theme!

The Golden Mother had stayed near her clutch staying as possessive as ever, so to did her sire. Yorikask had not left his babies since they were laid, he was a fiercely protective father. He let all Pern know that he was a father and that HE was the mate of the Basilisk, that he was the most worthy to have her by his side. Yorikal for his part was healing slowly and only around Lunesta, he liked her and he could actually speak to her without stuttering at all or being rude. So when he saw the Blue Fur Egg give a small shudder he looked at Yorikask who nodded.

All who wish for a wher egg! Attend! Yorikask called to all the Wher candidates, it was the most he'd spoken to the other candidates since he was guarding the eggs with Lunestask. Yorikal sighed and watched his bronze and the gold, he was the leader of the Basilisk Burrow and he looked the part now. He sighed as he looked at the rest of his family, they were all around the edges watching the bronze wher from just outside the door.

Get Kotenaria....Get Koren. He sent to the other three whers and the two Hevren, they moved to obey quickly. The Three Whers went to get Kotenaria and the Two Hevren's went to get Koren. They would do as their bonded had commanded of them, Yorisk, Irask and Yorsk popped from between right next to wherever Koten was and hissed. Attend hatching! OR lose more! Yorisk said showing his teeth, he didn't like her and had no clue why his bonded wanted her there.

Solider snapped at Althea as the pair ran to Koren, when they got there they both talked at the same time eager to pleas Yorikal. Come Other! Hatching! HATCHING! Other COME! Yorikal asked for you! PLEASE! Both Hevren said to the man that was called Other...Called Mate by Yorikal they would please Yorikal by bringing him. Wher Eggs go to bondeds! Solider added, then Althea crooned One for you! She announced.

Who Has What Egg!
Young Dinosaur Egg Naslinor
Blue Fur Egg Kotenaria
Pink Bird Egg Lyrica
Intelligent Insect Egg Koren
Talking Plant Egg Hal
Scared Seal Egg Latoria
Lone Cat Egg Koren
Wizard Egg Tanard
Excited Dinosaur Egg Naslinor
Bookish Bird Egg Loper Daeva
Armored Lizard Egg Hal
Twitchy Worm Egg Koren
Two Legged Fox Egg Kotenaria
Tri Dinosaur Egg Tanard
Canine Egg Anirazen
Tawny Feline Egg Hal

Reakeda - April 19, 2012 09:19 PM (GMT)
Latoria shifted quietly in her rooms, staring at the two whers that called her theirs... Loved her unconditionally. Her eyes shifted up to and empty bed and she shook her head. "Stop saying that. She's sitting right there," she finally said with a frustrated sigh. She couldn't be truly angry with the whers... They surely meant well, but it was a cruel joke to try to tell her that her baby sister was dead.

Her mind reached instead for her sister's Wyvern. -He- wouldn't lie to her. Sure enough she received the assurances that she sought from the large wyvern and her own popped in, wrapping itself around neck and draping over her shoulders

Then another voice touched her mind.. one she'd grown familiar with to extent over her training thus far. She looked to her pair of whers, only six months old.

You will go and remove your mind from your delusions. Latoriask told her, butting her head against her handler's side.

The blue cuddle closer to her, letting out a sound that was almost remanisent of a cat's purr before adding his own support to his sister's first statement.

Latoria rolled her eyes. She didn't have any delusion! "Come on, Rose. Latorisk and Latoriask want me to try for another." She said, smiling to the empty space. She stood and walked out to where the eggs had been hardening, Stopping respectfully at the edge and waiting to beckoned closer to take an egg or to be turned away.

Lyrica brushed her mind against Lyricask and Risk's to assure the two queens were asleep, before turning to Lysk. "Potential candidates are summoned for the Basilisk's clutch." She said, her hair bouncing as she spun around and indicated for the white to come with her. "Hurry, before our ride leaves."

The white nodded reaching out to inform the whers who had come to retrieve another that its handler needed a lift to the hatching.

Lyrica request ride. Lysk too small. Risk, Lyricask with Clutch. It told them, walking with her to where he sensed the others gathered.

"It would be appreciated," She said with a smile for the three whers.

akusma - April 19, 2012 10:36 PM (GMT)
"Ah, thank you, if you would just...Yes, thank you," Hal murmured, dragging down a spitting Gold from the back of the Bronze in front of him. A truly fascinating Bronze the likes of which the North would never have allowed. Some Bronzes had a tendency to lean towards almost green in their colouring - for some reason he'd always found that the more Southern you were in the North the greener some Bronzes got - but this one...He beamed up at the rider, ignoring the good natured grumbling and the sniff the dragon gave him. He was almost used to it, but alas. Not everyone could take things the way they were meant, and the dragon had probably taken offence at the idea that in some life he would have probably been culled to save any clutches he might have sired from being hatched with the misfortune of being two toned. Not to say that Hal considered it a misfortune, or that he agreed that they should have been culled. It was a vile practise, too much ichor shed the few times he'd seen it happen, too much sadness even in the dragons that were happy to see it go.

He blinked, clearing his throat and nodding again before backing away, caught in the middle of staring. He'd love to have been able to examine him, seen if there were any scars from Threadfall and the like to compare how different areas of the hide scarred...But it'd been, three? Four months since his arrival at the Hold and Hal had no intention of alienating himself from the Weyr in case things didn't work out. The Steward no longer needed tending to on a regular basis, only check ups, and that was the end of any truly interesting work to come his way. And the end of any need the Hold might have had of him. Everyone always needed Healers, but people only needed them at certain times, making them a commodity that was very easily traded. Hal'd lost count of the times Healers had been shifted from one Weyr to the other because of a specific skill.

The disappearance of the dragon was lost to the sudden - and violent - disapproval of Frigg, who'd decided that enough was enough and they were to be moving, please and thank you with a claw to the ear. Hal tutted and rearranged the Gold, long used to forcing Frigg onto his shoulder and walking at the same time. Because of eggs. Admittedly he was only here because of the fact that were eggs, never mind what was inside them. It would be his first Southern 'hatching', regardless of whether it was Wher or Dragon, and therefore something to commemorate. A Healer present whenever Whers were involved was always something that was appreciated anyway, he'd often found. He smiled. Yes, always appreciated. "What do you think, hmm?" he crooned to the angry Gold. "This will be exciting, yes? We will see our new neighbours." The number of Whers at the Hold astonished him. More than the few chained wrecks that served as Guards at his home Hold, still more than the bonded few at Fort. Decidedly more than he'd had to deal with when it came to Handler Yorikal.

It was a grand thing, seeing eggs. Despite the fact that Whers weren't known for their...Cizilised ways, Hal bowed slightly when he stepped into the cavern. Respect, he'd learn was the key to living with Whers. That and providing them with plenty of food. Yorikal, too, received a bow, this one deeper because although the Gold had the power to rend his limbs from his body, he did not have to live with her on a day to day basis. Even if the man had been scarce at the Hold and they'd not had much to do with one another since the Steward had left the infirmary. "Good day, Handlers." Pausing somewhere near the back, out of the way should anyone take offence to him being there, Hal waited. There was the chance this was closed to those no specifically mentioned as previous candidates...Or that others had brought the eggs beforehand. Back North it'd been the more popular practise, but everyone in the South seemed to consider everything a sort of...challenge in equality. A trial of character, if you would. It was refreshing. He settled more firmly against the wall, hands clasped in front of him as Frigg purred and rubbed against his cheek. Yes. A trial of character.

Vergess - April 20, 2012 05:20 PM (GMT)
She liked this Weyr. Not that she'd had much opportunity to experience it, but still. A couple of months was enough to be forming basic opinions on things, and Kotenaria was alarmingly good at opinion making.

It was nice. People treated her with a level of respect she wasn't accustomed to. A female candidate here had rank. Shards, any female here had rank in a certain sense. She was not comfortable, amid the different culture and the sweltering heat, but she enjoyed herself. And enjoyed looking at all the fascinating new dragons. It was no wonder this Weyr had grown so exponentially compared to the others back home, though, if there were this many choices.

She spent a not inconsiderable amount of time daydreaming of the moment when she would have hers. She pined for gold, of course, but there were such beautiful golds here. One with pink tracery on her wings, another shot through with blinding blue. Apparently, there had even been one who was black as pitch, with only the slightest lacing of gold on her face. What a beauty she must have been! Yes, in exchange for never having the rank of Weyrwoman, never being the proud mother-bond of a clutch, she would happily take one of those gorgeous creatures.

Otherwise, perhaps the little spotted ones, like the dragon that had been so kind to her on the beachside. Most, it seemed, were actually yellow, but she could hope for a white one if she liked, couldn't she?

Daydreams about the next hatching- soon, they said, soon the great horrifying many-headed war-queen would fly- were interrupted by the loud crack of something returning from between, and before Koten could even make sense of it, Darling was standing at attention, growling low and spiteful at the whers that had hurt his mistress. Little Roan shivered fearfully on her lap, but yapped as loudly as his two-month-old throat could manage.

The fear she expected to feel was absent, though. These were her uncle's hateful creatures, and he had no power over her here. "I see no reason why I should ever-"

Another noise of betweening cut her short, and a bright, blindingly black-and-green hevren stood among the trio. No, no, no. You have to come! You haaaaave to! Otherwise I'll get in trouble! I don't want to be in trouble! Please, please, pleeeease?

Roan had apparently had enough fear, having gone still and silent, his heart racing. Darling, though, was merely confused. The larger green one was not a threat. Mistress even seemed to like it. His tail twitched angrily, but he did not move.

"Yes, yes, alright, Verity. I'll go with you, but don't you dare let one of those awful, vicious brutes near me, I've had more than enough of them. What in Faranth's name do they want me there for, anyway?"

No doubt the was some convoluted plan of her uncle's to make her do something ridiculous like apologize for having her finger torn off by an animal.

The trip between was short, as always, but little Roan seemed twice as terrified as he had been even a minute before. Still, he was too young to be trusted to wander back home eventually, unlike Darling who had proven more than capable of handling himself.

She caught sight of her uncle's part-time-guardian near the clutch, but she had no interest in approaching. If he wanted her, he'd have to come and get her. She retreated to the furthest end of the cavern, Roan once again shaking violently in her arms.


//Koren will go here. I'm sorry for the delay. I'm having all kinds of weirdness today.

Zack - April 21, 2012 12:36 AM (GMT)
Naslinor the youngest child of Masterhaper and Bronzerider M'ar showed up at the call for Wher Eggs. He knew that he was nervous for this hatching but he knew that he wanted to be a handler. Naslinor didn't want to do a soft craft like the rest of his family, he was much more into Mining and Smithcraft.

Naslinor nodded and bowed to the Clutchfather and the Clutch mother knowing better than to anger the whers. He was nervous but he didn't much care, he took a spot near to the back away from most of the people. If he was chosen he'd accept his eggs with grace.

(He will be made soon!)

Prissy - April 21, 2012 12:42 AM (GMT)
Yorikal stood by Yorikask watching the bronze as he looked over the candidates, then he saw two more male candidates walk in. Then a third one, along with Kotenaria, Latoria, Hal, Koren...It seemed to Yorikask that everyone was there or at least he thought so. When he saw that Kotenaria arrived but his whers were not there he sighed, that meant they'd gotten held up.

Yes, A ride... Yorisk said as he looked at the woman and the white, he gave the pair a ride to the hatching. He knew that it was important to bring as many candidates as possible. The blue crooned to his bonded as they appeared then Yorikask looked at Yorikal and nudged eggs towards people.

"Yorikask has decided who will get all the eggs. I thank you for attending for those here will get an egg or a few eggs as the case may be. Thank you Koren especially for showing up here." Yorikal said as he looked at the room and sighed as he spoke. The first egg was the Blue Fur Egg that had wobbled. "Kotenaria you are to get the Blue Fur Egg, Two Legged Fox Egg." he said as he picked up the eggs then walked to the girl and gave them to her. Yorikal then looked at Lyrica, "Ma'am." He said the word without a stutter, "You get the Pink Bird Egg." He handed her the egg and smield at her. "Koren, Yorikask has decided that you get three eggs. I hope your not to mad at my bronze." He said as he scooped up the eggs that Yorikask had decided were for Koren. "Intelligent Instect Egg, Lone Cat Egg, Twitchy Worm Eggs. Are yours." He said to him as he set the eggs down. "Healer Hal, you will get Talking Plant Egg and Tawny Feline Egg." He said as he handed him the eggs..."Oh wait! It seems that Yorikask has decided that you also get the Amored Lizard Egg." He said with a smile as he handed him the egg.

As he handed out the eggs a new candidate arrived, he was a wyvernrider already. He knew him his name was Anirazen. "Anirazen! I'm glad to see you, Yorikask just told me that you get the Canine Egg. I'm glad you arrived." He said as he handed him the egg. "You newcomer." He said pointing to someone new. "You get the Wizard and Tri Dinosaur Eggs." He said as he handed them to a young man that was six foot two inches and fairly bookish looking. "Latoria, you get the Scared Seal Egg." He said as he handed them to her.

"Kid you get these two." He said to Naslinor as he came into the room as well, he smiled as he handed him the Excited Dinosaur Egg and the Young Dinosaur Egg. He then stepped back, "There are rooms prepared for the lot of you so that you can keep a watch over your eggs while we wait for them to hatch." He said to all those gathered here.

Faerie - April 21, 2012 05:39 AM (GMT)
I feel like the sea tonight.

A cloud of fire lizards rose around Daeva's shadowed form as she announced their nocturnal destination. Yeskith was no longer claimed territory, the stake made by Tyrfalis ended when she died. No loper had since made the sea home, though Daeva considered taking the empty turf. She liked the prey she found in those murky depths, and as long she she steered clear of the mated wyverns, nothing preyed upon her.

Fly straight. I want to stretch my wings.

Unlike her dragon mother, or her wyvern father, Daeva required all four wings to stay in the air. Her primary pair were powerful, but not quite big enough, while her secondary pair were really only good for stabilization. Between the two pairs, she was a competent flier. even if the air was uncomfortable.

She was no longer alone in her travels, either. A green had clutched in the same cove in which she liked to bathe, and forgot about her eggs. Caring for a clutch was hard work, she'd discovered. Tunnelsnakes constantly attacked the precious shells, and if she walked away to dispose of the bodies, wherries descended. It was little wonder green fire lizards abandoned their clutches so frequently.

But Daeva's work had paid off. Six of the seven hatchlings Impressed to her, filling her lonely skull with the ravenous cravings of the newly born. And yet, she hadn't learned, for a bare month later, the weyr gave her nine more babies for a grand total of fifteen.

It was a chore to keep them all fed. Daeva hunted more often, and took down larger prey than she was accustomed to hunting. Her first set of babies were beginning to help her take down their food, but the second set were still essentially helpless.

Ajita went down.

Daeva turned, wings clumsy in the fine maneuver, and sped the other direction. Her sole gold was not a strong flier, and events like this were unfortunately common. As she drew closer to the little fire lizard, the loper noticed that she was not, in fact, falling. She was heading for the Basilisk's territory, where they kept whers.

What is wrong with you, child?

Her bronzes led the rest of the fair to follow her down. The Burrow teemed with energy and movement. A low hum came from somewhere within, a hum she half-remembered in her bones. Brown Acquisitio, blue Taranis, sapphire Ilmatar, and greens Prende, Astarte, Aine, and Kurupi had hummed like this when the new fire lizards were born. Wyverns had hummed like this at her own hatching.

It was a Hatching.

Daeva had never seen a wher hatching. What little she knew of whers came from the fire lizards attached to what humans called the 'Burrow', and what she'd seen while flying. Not a lot, in case that was too vague.

She slipped into the cave system with her usual stealth, unseen in the shadows. Too many glows filled the darkness with light - she was almost spotted twice. Sapphire Ilmatar hitched a ride on her shoulder, tiny claws digging into the half-scales that marked the joint of her primary wing. Ajita was agitated, wings beating too rapidly to sustain any endurance.

Sure enough, by the time Daeva reached the hatching cavern, Ajita had flopped onto the hot sands. Bronze Wounded Healer stayed with her, as did brown Rubeus and blue Enlil. Green Astarte was the most collected of her fair, she pointed out the correct queen to approach for an egg.

Because there were other queens present. Well, one other queen, and she did not look happy to be there. The brutish bulk of the not-mother smelled like the most silent handler, the one that watched the action moving only his eyes. He shared his smell with four of the many fire lizards about, and the little white curled at his ankles.

You look perterubed, she told the human, moving carefully across the hot sand. The temperature was not uncomfortable, but the big bronze made her feel like she was about to be attacked. She wanted to bolt away from his murderous glare, but the clutch drew her to stay. She'd never seen wher eggs before.

They were almost as hard on the eyes as whers themselves. Lumpy, wrinkled things. Not like the smooth shells of her fire lizards, the ones that were soft after being laid and got harder with time.

They are beautiful, she told the queen truthfully.

Vergess - April 21, 2012 06:05 PM (GMT)
By now, Koren knew Yorikal's definition of "display of affection" involved drowning in endless reams of pets, but he had not expected this. In truth, when Althea tried to warn him, he'd suspected she was just doing what she always did: exactly the opposite of what she was supposed to. No, he had expected to come and watch as he did at most hatchings, and perhaps keep Yorikal from doing anything too foolish- looking terrified fell under foolishness in his books.

But, in fact, it seemed she'd being doing just that in an unusual way. Only warning him of one egg, when the proper total was three.

Still, he was growing accustomed to this, and between Galena's dominating influence and Verity's more direct approach, often involving bribes, most of his creatures more or less managed themselves, only piling on in the evenings, to demand company and love. The most extensively troublesome were actually the runners, not that he would ever mention that.

So, it was with a small smile and arched brows that he moved towards the chosen eggs. Only to be interupted by a choked noise coming from the far side of the spacious cavern. Oh no, you shouldn't-

"I absolutely will not go near those eggs." Kotenaria's voice was quiet, obviously only intended for his hevren, but noise carried in rock walls.

"You absolutely will." He replied, voice low and stern. "And you will be grateful for it."

"They're monsters! You can't possibly believe- I am a Weyr Candidate! Not some kind of rabid, nocturnal warrior! They'll kill-" She fell silent then, every muscle relaxing at once, her jaw falling slack. SHe whispered something, but Koren could not hear it, not even with the walls that made her begrudging steps echo in the sand.

She gathered her eggs in silence, with a deep bow. "Gold Basilisk. Bronze sire. I thank you for my consideration." Her voice was flat and dull, and her gaze unfocused and blind as she slowly moved to one of the suggested caverns. Verity left her to stand beside her handler. You wouldn't... really do that, would you?


Verity refused to expound upon that, only drawing closer to him. I don't like this. I wish you wouldn't take them. I don't want to keep sharing you and sharing you and sharing you more. She said privately. But Koren moved to gather his trio, and she added her own silent gratitude to the clutch parents as he said, "I too am grateful for your consideration, if confused as to how it fell upon me, my Basilisk. I will guard your children with my very life."

He stepped back from the clutch, to stand beside Yorikal and whisper, "Ignore her if you can. I'm sure she can be sent to another Hold. Deep Trees perhaps. They always have need of new blood there."

Reakeda - April 21, 2012 10:16 PM (GMT)
Lyrica stepped forward to meet Yorikal and claim the egg that had been selected for her, smiling to the man before expressing her gratitude to the clutch parents as well. She held the egg gingerly, but securely in her arms and carried it off to one of the chambers, with one more bow before disappearing inside.

Latoria smiled to the empty space beside her, the smile half excitement and half apologetic. "I'll meet you back in our chambers." She told the empty space and then stepped forward to claim her egg. With a bow to the parents, she murmured her gratitude and then, flanked by her two whers, disappeared into the weyrling barracks, headed back to their room. She couldn't wait to see what was in her egg.. And She just knew when Rose joined her, she would have an egg of her own...

akusma - April 21, 2012 11:12 PM (GMT)
It was very...Small. Not the clutch, Hal had no doubt that it was of perfectly adequate size, if not a very large and healthy one - but the gathering of people. Whers were not...Attractive. Not by any means; though some had a certain charm and some weren't particularly disfigured. They weren't popular in the North, either. It stopped those hoping for dragons from getting dragons, and those who bonded to the Whers that were bondable were cut off from society. Miners didn't care, of course, and some guardsmen, but the idea of Impressing a Wher? Preposterous, they were guard dogs and no one but the lowest ranking members of any place had a Wher. The South, though had seemed different - and maybe he'd thought it would be move lively simply because the few people in the Hold he'd had any sort of daily interaction with seemed to have quite a few of the beasts. Truthfully everyone seemed to have a lot of everything, from firelizards to...Felines. He didn't actually know what the things were that the Steward's niece had were called. It had never come up in conversation before.

Hal shifted, quickly looking away once he realised he'd been staring. He did that, sometimes. Got too caught up in his thoughts to notice what was going on around him. Considering where he was it wasn't the best of ideas. Wher hatchings were notoriously violent - another reason he hadn't felt that he would be turned away - and the fact that they had to be provided with blood? It made most people...Shrink away from them even if their appearance wouldn't. It was why he was surprised that the girl was even there. He'd heard about what had happened on the docks - no doubt the entire Hold and most of the Weyr had by now as well, knowing how gossip travelled. What girl wanted to loose even more blood to creatures she didn't understand? It had been a clean wound, though, and whoever had dealt with it had done a brilliant job. No infection, no sharp edges left on any bone remaining. They probably wouldn't even have had to remove any metacarpal bone, Whers were surprisingly efficient when they bit down on things.

So he could understand why she was so...vocal in her objections. He watched with a vauge feeling of disapproval, partly born from embarrassment for her and partly because she was making such a fuss in the first place. Yes, it wasn't such an attractive option, and no doubt she wanted a dragon or some sort instead, but...When did a polite no ever go amiss? Or excusing yourself? Even if she objected so strongly, manners wouldn't go amiss. With all of Hal's acting ability - which was admittedly very little - he tried his best to make it look as though he wasn't listening in. One of the women in the kitchens of the Hold gave him some wonderful pies if he'd heard any gossip, though, and she was one of the few people who didn't treat him any differently from anyone else. Which was to say she treated him poorly and as though he was subordinate in everyway. It was a relationship that worked quite well, he thought. Hal was far too busy paying attention to not paying attention, and looking at the eggs, to really respond to his name. In the same way he responded to people trying to grab his attention when he was in the middle of something he smiled and glanced over, not really focussing on what was being said until - "What?" Hal blinked, startled both by the fact that someone was talking to him about eggs and Frigg was humming. Humming. The Gold only hummed when he decided that he was going to steal one of Sif's clutches, already too cold to hatch.

"Oh, no, I wasn't -" By that point though he had no choice but to accept the eggs dumped into his arms. It was a strange thing, something he could only really compare to carrying bags of something. warm, alive bags of something, and in his line of work those bags were usually filled with bandages, sharo impliments or body parts. It was not the best analogy, he would admit. After the display caused by the girl, he had no desire to create a fuss, but..."Really, I wouldn't want to take them away from someone who could take better care of them..." And a third egg. Hal stared at it, already cradling two and having the third added to the mix. Carefully, with exagerated care he accepted the last one, giving Yorikal a strained smile. Three Whers, perhaps of varying sizes and ranks, that would be required to interact with not only the Wher Burrow for a while but the Run in the Hold as well and...There was a certain degree of responsibility that came with a Wher and he had his own and...He couldn't really find a reason to say no to them.

He bit his bottom lip slightly. Adjusting them in his arms so that he could let Frigg lean over and croon at them, he made a small distressed noise when she leant on the surface of one to get a better look. "The're not yours, you silly thing," he breathed. Oden was coming, he noted, barely picking up on the excitement of the rest of his little fair. Tyr and Sif wouldn't come, and if Loke came it would only be to make a fuss. Skuld would want to be here. Jorg, too, because the little White was with him more than Frigg was. It didn't take much to convince the little thing to come, Oden already trying to find purchase on his side, crooning and humming with Frigg, and Jorg - Jorg just wrapped around his foor. "You need to move, love, I need to...Thank you, Lunestask, Yorikask," - those were the correct forms of address, right? - "For...Well. These," Hal muttered, half distracted with the need to move. Get the eggs somewhere safe and quiet for the hatching. He'd need a knife, he had no desire to be covered in little scars from being bitten half to death because of blooding three Wherlings, and for all he knew Oden might decide to join in...

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