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Posted: Feb 21 2011, 09:40 PM

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Group: Dungeon Master
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Joined: 21-February 11

The Plot: 22 years ago, creatures traveled across the land, trading and developing bonds. However, when the new king of the Aroramun lands came to power in his early teens, his ambitious and heartless actions made the once peaceful lands tear apart. His overly ambitious, obsessive and cruel behavior instantly sparked concern across the continent. As his actions grew more bold and heinous, the Elves pulled back in disgust, the Dragonians roared with rage. Six years into his rule, demons that roamed the land were hunted, captured, and enslaved. The Dragonian Empire was mysteriously destroyed, and the great Elvin king fell ill and died.

Taxes soared and wars began over Jestronin’s greed for more territory and trade routes. The people of the once fair kingdom of Drēússhen suffered heavily, and relations were instantly cut as the kingdoms sought to recover.

Jestronin’s greed knew no bounds. Though it has not been proven, it is said that he killed his elder brother and took his wife, whom he coveted, for his own. One son was born, and that son’s life was not spared from his cruelty. The people in the towns have begun to think of rebellion, even the nobles that tread fearfully in their own homes.

Prince Brennus is a good, strong young man with a powerful sense of right and wrong, and many desperately wish for his ascension to the thrown. However, there have recently been rumors as of late about the King willing to murder his own family to keep his hands on the throne.

The King’s new quest has sparked anger across the nations.

And to make things worse; many hundreds of years ago, there was a powerful sorcerer, whom was friend to all, and foe to only those who caused harm. This sorcerer has roots in every kingdom, though it be through friendship or acts of heroism. Reincarnation is a universal belief among all, though the forms vary. The very thought of King Jestronin even so much as finding the reincarnation of that great sorcerer and tainting him with his poisonous presence enrages all.

As a result, war between the Elvin Kingdom of Ingmantai and the Kingdom of Drēússhen is very eminent over the ordeal, while agents from the Elvin territories seek to find the legendary sorcerer’s reincarnation. Many others, humans, Dragonians, and even demons have joined this search, as they join in an effort to somehow rid the land of this menace.

But one must beg the question: What happened to Jestronin? As a boy he was kind and even timid. But suddenly, in his teens, he changed, and became cruel and as some dare to even say-Evil…
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