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 The Rules
Posted: Feb 21 2011, 09:34 PM

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The rules are simple and pretty laid back. But everyone should be sure to read them over, because they can still be easily broken, and you will be informed of any rule breaking. Any repeated offending will warrant further action.

user posted image

When creating your account, you are creating the account for your character. So when registering, your registration name must be your character’s full, proper name starting with the first name to the last.

♦Do NOT post things like fantasyaddict123 as your character name.

♦You do not need a new email address for each character profile you make. Simply reuse your email address when you register!

♦If you make an account with an improper name, do NOT make a new account. Contact/PM an admin and ask for it to be corrected with the name you want.

♦Please don't make perfect characters.

♦If you have multiple characters, you MUST make a separate account for each one.

♦You may create female characters, however, we will only accept them as lesbian or if you do not want them to be involved with anyone. This is a yaoi RPG.

♦In regards to avatars, you don't have to have one. If you choose to have one, however, it must be your character's play-by/image.

♦When creating a character, they MUST be humanoid or able to take a human form.

♦ When you create your account, you are creating your character. You must be active within at least two weeks after your initial character creation, which includes a bio and being in one thread.

♦You cannot create a second character without your first initial character having been active for at least a month. Afterwords, as long as you are a proven, active member, there are no restrictions as of yet.

♦ If a mage, your character starts off with three abilities/spells, but over time can learn up to five.

♦You can make your character a noble, however, keep in mind the number of nobles already in existence. Since we can't have everyone's character be a noble. If there is ever an abuse of this privilege, we will make it so that members must meet certain requirements to become a noble.

user posted image

♦Be polite to fellow members. Don’t be rude or hurtful. Any such behavior will warrant a warning, and if the warning is ignored, further action will be taken.

♦No spamming or double posting. If you accidentally double post, contact a staff member and ask for one of the posts to be deleted. Please do NOT edit your text to say ─Delete, Remove, Blank─ or anything to that degree. Simply contact a staff member.

♦Please keep advertising in the proper place.▬►Link◄▬

♦When ending a thread, please contact a staff member to close it for you.

♦If you are going to be leaving, we’d appreciate it if you would post in the Farewells, Absences, Returns forum. It’s nice to know if you’re leaving or going to be gone for a time period, so that someone you’re RPing with won’t keep sitting around getting worried about the thread. This way they can do some RP with someone else while you’re gone, or find someone new. It’s not necessary to write a giant post in that thread either. You can simply say you’re going to be busy with school/work, going on a trip where you might not be able to post etc…

user posted image

♦On the main forum everything should be PG-13. Language isn’t a biggie, but please don't abuse it. You must be 18 to enter the M forum. If you wish to enter, you must PM a staff member to get the password.

♦Do NOT share the password among members. If a member gets the password and a staff member didn’t give it, serious action will take place. However, we take no responsibility for anyone lying about their age, but if they are caught, extreme action will be taken. We will not shy from banning. Mature content is very serious business, and we will try our best. We do not want to be a stick in the mud, just mind the rules and you will be able to have fun in the M forum.

♦Your characters must be 16 to be sexually active.

♦This is not a site for cybering. If that’s what you want, go somewhere else.

♦Whatever action takes place in the M forum must be relevant to plot for your characters and should NOT be the main focus of the RP. An example: two characters enter a rundown cabin while on a journey and the two become intimate during the night. When the action is finished, go back to the thread in the main forum and continue from where the characters finished.

♦In the M forum, there CANNOT be any sexual situations when a character is in an animal form. Anyone doing so will be contacted and actions will take place.

♦ If it is noticed that you are spending too much time in the M forum, you will be contacted by a staff member to basically 'slow down' and enjoy the non M side of life.

user posted image

♦We're not English wizards. In fact, we ourselves make typos. But please try your best.

♦Please don't write posts with chat speak. It's just in poor taste.

♦Please write in third person past tense.

♦ Do NOT include smilies in the middle of your posts. They are distracting.

♦No God-modding or power playing. If in any case you don’t understand one of the terms used, please see the dictionary of terms. ▬►Link◄▬

♦We welcome all levels of RPing experience. I myself have only been RPing only a couple years. However, we require that you do not post one-liners. A paragraph is the absolute minimum. Remember, you have to give enough material for someone to be able reply back.

♦When there is more than two people in a thread, please reply in the proper chronological order. Such as, the person who started the thread, then person b, person c, and then back to the topic starter again. The same rules applies for threads with higher numbers of people. -- The special word you're looking for is Rebirth, please keep it in mind.

user posted image

♦Try to watch language in the Cbox.

♦ Do NOT spam the Cbox.

user posted image

♦ We understand that no one’s perfect, we all make mistakes. If you make one, don’t be afraid to contact a staff member. We don’t mind. However, if you keep repeatedly breaking rules, then we will have to take action. We’d prefer not to, we want people to come and have fun. But we may at times have to bite the bullet. Please be courteous to others, even us. We don’t want to ruin anyone’s day; it ruins ours too.
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