rule update! we've noticed a slight slump in activity due to school and whatnot, so we've updated our rules to reflect it. check them out, especially rule #5. we're going to start enforcing it, so make sure you know it!
- - posted march 11, 2011

revamp! we've changed up the skin, done a little bit of organizational work, and we're still ready to rock and roll. we've been open about two weeks, and still going strong! come join us, we'd love to have you.
- - posted march 6, 2011

welcome to THE UPRISING! we are officially open for new members! so be sure to check out our wanted ads and our face claim list to see everything we are looking for. take a good look around, and hopefully you'll join us!
- - posted february 22, 2011
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Posted: Feb 18 2011, 07:49 AM

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rule one! when you register, do it in proper capitalization. no "omgimtheshit" or "ILOVESTEFANSALVATORE". proper names. first middle and last name, all capitals. thanks.

rule two! we don't do canons here. all originals baby. means you can do whatever you want, within the site premise. awesome right? but we do have an application. and yes, you do have to use it. can't deal with it? gtfo. we made three different kinds just to keep everyone happy. so deal with it.

rule three! claim everything as soon as you've been accepted. we do not allow reservations, so claiming all your shit is one of the most important things you'll do. if you get accepted and wait a week to do the claims and find out your pb has already been claimed... well you're shit out of luck. first come, first gets it. we can't be responsible for doing everyone's shit for them. so save us the trouble and do the damn claims asap.

rule four! just because we do not have a word count does not give you the authority to give one word replies. we understand that everyone has their off days. but if you can't atleast give a decent two paragraph reply on your worst day? maybe this isn't the site for you.

rule five! activity... that shit is important! don't join us and then not do anything on the site for a couple weeks. that makes other people grouchy. don't just join and run away either. it's annoying to have to delete your account and all your stuff to. to make it simple, if you don't plan on sticking around for awhile, do us the favor and leave now. we're also asking you to sign in and post at least something every five days. it doesn't have to be a full fledged post but just something to show us that you're still around. if you fail to do so, your character can be deleted.

rule six! because this is a no canon site, we rely heavily on self made wanted ads to get our plots and keep our plots moving forward! so as of march 11th, 2011 we're asking all members who utilize the wanted ads forum to bump your ad every three days. that way new members can see exactly who is in need and can choose between ads of characters who are nice and active!

rule seven! signatures cannot be any wider than 450 pixels or it will stretch the site out. avatars cannot be any larger than 150 x 225 pixels. that keeps the site looking nice and neat. if you can't crop a picture or make either a sig/avatar, check out our admin notices forum for a list of sites we recommend that can help you with that.

rule eight! respect isn't just a song that aretha sang, it's something we expect on this site. we get that not everyone gets along with everyone else. people play characters that people don't like, and all that jazz. first off, keep your comments out of public. you can bash to your little hearts content to your friends and in private, but don't do it in public. not in the cbox, not in a rant thread. and if someone does tell you something they don't like about someone else, don't be an instigator. clearly the person told you cause they think you're mature enough to not go spread rumors about it. so keep it to yourself. when it comes to the site, respect us, respect others, and respect yourself. fail to do this, and you'll be banned no questions asked. and if you seriously have a problem with another member, pm a staff member. but don't pull that 'omg if they don't leave i will' cause we will just tell you to gtfo in most cases. grow up, don't be immature. btw, we don't tolerate shady people. pull something shady and your IP will be banned forever. that includes lying in the cbox, joining just to PM someone, etc.

rule nine! we are rating this site R. if you seriously can't deal with foul language, drugs, sex, and the like, you should probably find another site. but keep in mind, we do require members put a [M] rating in the bad threads that include sex and drugs. so steer clear of those if you can't handle it.

rule ten! please don't do anything major to your character without consulting the admin. that means rapes, pregnancies, beatings, OD's, death, etc. stuff in a characters past is fine, but we don't need a bunch of coke whores running around getting raped and knocked up and the shit beat of them on the site. get it?

rule eleven! so we have our very own social network site! that's totally kick ass, right? here's the deal. if we see you using that site and neglecting this one, your privileges will be taken away. also when it comes to the ICC there, let's just pretend your character cannot see any of the chat until they say hello and 'sign in'. it's not fair to have your character sitting there stalking for hours being privilege to everything. so awesome. you read the rules? of course you did. LIKE A BOSS. register with your character's first and last name, and be sure to add that phrase where it asks for it.

rule eleven! enjoy our awesome site! have fun! stick around, and make this place your new home! we'd love to have you. =]
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