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Title: The Legend
Description: --- plot.

KATIE - October 22, 2010 11:12 PM (GMT)

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Itís been six years since the senshi fought against Galaxia. Five of those years were peaceful. The girls returned to their everyday lives and were even given the opportunity to
reconnect with the newly reawaken shitennou, their lovers in their past lives. In the sixth year, yet another long ago forgotten enemy appeared and was defeated. Pleased with a job well done,
they returned to their lives, thinking the biggest things ahead of them now were only Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Maskís wedding and then the creation of Crystal London. Unfortunately, they were wrong.<br></br>

Only weeks after the enemyís defeat, anti-senshi sentiment has begun to make its way through London. People are suddenly claiming that the suited soldiers are dangerous. Outsiders. People
who cannot be trusted. Powerful people with government sway believe that the senshi should be sought out and chased away. Whatís happening? And more importantly, why is it happening?


KATIE - October 23, 2010 02:55 AM (GMT)
/* the first plot (completed).

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Long before Metalia ever set her sights on the Earth and before Beryl was even born, there were two Moon princesses. The eldest was a quiet, dark haired girl named Raven. Her younger, silver haired sister was named Serenity. Both princesses were loved dearly by their parents and treasured by the Silver Millennium. As the eldest, Raven would be the one to take her parentsí place on the Moon throne once the time came and she was educated with that in mind. Unhindered by the responsibilities of being the crown princess, Serenity spent her time among her subjects instead. <br><br>

However, as the years went by and the two girls grew up, strange rumors began to circulate around the Moon Alliance. There was something wrong with Princess Raven. Her actions were sometimes strange and her presence made the people of the Moon court uncomfortable. At times, the decisions she made as crown princess were even said to be heartless.<br><br>

Troubled by these rumors, the king and queen of the Moon sought council in the Moonís sacred prayer room. What they learned there troubled them greatly. Raven had been born with a shadow of evil in her heart. It might have been undetectable as a child, but it had grown since then. If she was allowed to rule, she would certainly lead the Silver Millennium to ruin for her own benefit. Therefore, she could not be allowed anywhere near the ruling powers of the Moon. With a heavy heart, the king and queen made preparations to send their first born away, never to see her again.<br><br>

When Raven caught drift of her parentsí plans, she flew into a violent rage. She was sure she had done nothing wrong and her parentsí betrayal hurt like a knife through her heart. More than anything though, she was terrified of losing the power she had lusted over her entire life. She needed to be queen. It was her birth right and no one could take it away from her! The king and queen tried desperately to calm her, but Raven would hear none of their assurances. Without a doubt in her mind, she killed them in cold blood. She would have killed many more in the palace if Serenity had not used the Silver Imperium Crystalís power to sap as much of her sisterís power from her body as possible and place it in the girlís crown. Then she banished Raven to Nemesis. Frightened that Raven might one day escape from her confines and return to the moon for her crown and power, Serenity sent the crown to Earth, the one place she was sure Raven would never search for it. As the last remaining Moon royalty, Serenity became queen and ruled skillfully over the Silver Millennium until its destruction.<br><br>

And as they say, the rest is history.<br><br>

However, over the years, the darkness in Ravenís heart and the anger she felt towards Serenity grew. And with that, her powers returned to her. They would never be as great as they had been, but they were enough to create five Dooms, one to kill each inner senshi that should have been hers along with Queen Serenity herself. There was nothing she desired more than revenge and the throne. <br><br>

When Raven sent her Dooms to Earth where she sensed the senshisí power, her plans quickly changed thanks to the information the Dooms sent back. She would kill the senshi as planned. But with Queen Serenity already deceased, she would kill her sisterís daughter instead. <br><br>

As powerful as the Dooms were, the senshi prevailed. One by one, they defeated the five Dooms and with the help of the former Venusian Doom who had surrendered rather than be killed, they and the reawakened shitennou sought out Raven and killed her, bringing peace to the Solar System once again.


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