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Title: Mutant Level | Class List

aaron phoenix - March 3, 2008 08:55 PM (GMT)
Here is a list of the various mutant classes that make up X-Men: Dreams End. Each member is assigned a level upon joining and this level classifies her powerful they are. Levels are decided depending on the powers chosen in the application and how well the application was filled out.

Omega Level

Omega level mutants are the most powerful class of mutants. Omega level mutants possess various capabilities including the abilities to control mass and matter. Their mutations allow them, over time, complete control with whatever kind of powers they have. E.g. Jean Grey has huge telepathic and psychokinetic abilities and is one of the most powerful entities in the universe. Omega level mutants have been defined as mutants with unlimited potential. Very few mutants fit this category and only a handful has ever existed.

Alpha Level

Alpha level mutants are some of the most powerful mutants in existence. Alpha mutants have very powerful mutant abilities with very little flaws. Alpha mutants make up less than 10% of the mutant population and are quite rare. Alpha mutants are classified as mutants with a normal human appearance and their power is powerful, useful and controllable.

Beta Level

Beta level mutants are easily as powerful as Alpha level mutants. Their main difference between these two classes is that beta level mutants have certain flaws, albeit small flaws. Beta level mutants make up about 10% of the mutant population. They are defined as mutants with a normal human appearance and their power is powerful, useful and less controllable. An example of a beta level mutant is Cyclops, who is unable to turn his power off but can still manage to lead a fairly normal life.

Gamma Level

Gamma level mutants are powerful mutants but they have flaws. Unlike Beta level mutants this flaw affects their life far more. An example of a Gamma level mutant is Rogue. Rogue is powerful as she can absorb any mutantís power, which makes her very powerful, but is unable to turn it off making any physical activity with someone else difficult. Gamma level mutants are also different as they can sometimes have physical deformities such as Blob or Marrow. Gamma level mutants are classified as having a mutation which is powerful, uncontrollable, sometimes useful but usually detrimental to living a normal life, such as a monstrously inhuman appearance that can't be switched off at will.

Delta Level

Delta level mutants are similar to Alpha level mutants as they do not have any significant flaws. They arenít as powerful as Alpha, Beta or even Gamma level mutants. At least 50% of all mutants are delta level mutants and most members on X-Men: Dreams End is this kind. Delta Level mutants are classified as having a normal human appearance, but their mutagenic powers are weaker or only narrowly applicable, though still controllable.

Epsilon-Delta Level

Epsilon-Delta level mutants often are incapable of manifesting their power. Their powers only manifest in certain circumstances and they often do not use their powers. These powers may arise from trauma, outside influence or physical contact. Epsilon-Delta mutants are mutants that have a normal human appearance and their mutation is relatively weak, uncontrollable, and narrowly applicable.

Epsilon Level

Epsilon Level mutants are very unfortunate mutants who have not chance of a life in main stream society due to their major flaws. They also have very weak superhuman powers, which do not help make up for it. About 20% of all mutants are Epsilon level. Epsilon level mutants are classified as such if they have an inhuman appearance or their mutation makes it impossible for them to function normally. Any accompanying "superpowers" would be next to useless. Epsilon mutants are differentiated from Gamma mutants in that a Gamma mutant's inhuman appearance would provide a compensating benefit like superior strength.

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