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Welcome to Oceanside Wellness, a Private Practice discussion and fanfiction board. We accept all ships, including classic and unconventional pairings. Here you can find spoilers, fan art, great stories, games, challenges, and more.









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 You Can't Break a Broken Heart, Addison recieves a gift... Greys/PrP
Posted: Jan 16 2011, 11:47 PM

Advanced Member

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Sam Bennett ends up giving Addison the ultimate gift that also has the highest price-tag attached. She feels guilty for taking what she believes should belong to him always but the deed is done. Who will help her through this now?

This will be alternately sad and angsty at times but will also have a hopeful and eventually satisfying ending (at least I hope so; I am planning it that way lol). I love Addisam more than words can say and it seems to me that Sam would have happily done what he does in the prologue if he had the chance and the choice. As much as I love Addisam though, this will eventually be a "Paddison" story. Why? Because my muse asked me to write it this way and I can't deny her lest she goes on a long hiatus again! Also, it will have some Grey's Anatomy crossovers in it for good measure.



"Make a decision and make it now," Dr. Erica Hahn commanded, crossing her arms and looking at each of the other doctors surrounding her with an expression that basically communicated to them "move it or lose it."

"You know this is critical," Erica continued on. "She won't survive past the morning if you don't do something. I won't have a death on my hands because you are all being stubborn asses."

"It's not that easy," Violet Turner-Wilder spoke up. "We know how she's going to feel when she wakes up and he's not there for her. When she finds out-"

Erica shook her head. "He's not going to be there. Okay, yes it's sad, but that's the reality of the situation. Do you really want two deaths on your hands now?" Erica was tough, she was a born hard-ass but it wasn't as if she didn't care. She just had to bust some figurative balls to make sure this surgery happened. If it didn't happen tonight, her fellow physicians would be mourning two deaths by morning, instead of just one. One was tragic enough but two was unheard of in her book. Not when it could easily be prevented. Hahn truly thought that for being such intelligent people, they were honestly acting quite dim right now. They couldn't stop or stall the tragedy that happened just mere hours before but they could avert another crushing heartbreak; at least for the time being.

"No, of course we don't," Naomi finally spoke up. "But Violet's right. It's not as cut and dry as you make it out to be, Dr. Hahn."

"Yes, it is. She will die - yes, DIE - without the transplant. You can all give her this gift. And it is a gift ... Dr. Bennett, you have are her power of attorney. Sign the damn papers and let's move. Move now or you all can bury two bodies in the ground come daylight. Because we all know she's not going to last any longer. She's unconscious. Monitors are keeping her alive now but a new heart could make sure she actually lives to tell about it. She's strong. You all know that. She can fight this. It will be hard at first, I'm sure; knowing the reality of where the heart came from but in time, she will have to see it for the gift it truly is. You called me in to save you friend. Now let me do it."

Erica pulled the rolled up release papers from her huge lab coat pocket and forcefully stuck them in Naomi's hand. "Do it, Dr. Bennett. Don't let your best friend die because you are stubborn and you think you know what's best for her. Let her be the one who gets to decide how this all ends up."

Naomi looked around at the small group assembled with her. Violet sighed but still reached out and squeezed Naomi's arm. "You can do this, Naomi, we're here for you," Violet said.

Tears rolled down Naomi's face. How - how was she going to explain this to Addison? She couldn't even explain it to her own daughter. Or herself. How had life gotten so twisted, so pathetically horrible that her hand was shaking as she finally scrawled her name on the papers and shoved them back into Erica Hahn's outstretched hand.

"You're doing the best thing," Hahn said and then motioned to her surgical team waiting nearby. She barked at them, "Prep our patient for surgery. Ready the ER. We will do this in ten minutes. We won't make a single mistake. There won't be the tiniest glitch or you all will answer to me. We will make sure our patient survives this and comes through it all with flying colors."

And in the next moment, Hahn was gone and it was just the four of them. The four left only somewhat standing. Charlotte and Cooper held hands and Charlotte - though she hadn't believed in God for a long time now - whispered a little prayer while Cooper also murmured something in Yiddish Naomi couldn't decipher.

Naomi proceeded to drop into a chair and fold her arms tightly across her ample chest. Then she just cried as quietly as she possibly could. Violet tried to reach out to her but Naomi just shrugged her offer of comfort away. She did not want to be bothered, she did not want to be headshrinked or told the sun would come out tomorrow. It was bullshit anyway. She wanted to grieve. She wanted to rail at the world, God, or whoever hell made these cruel decisions. Fate itself was on her shit list big-time.

Violet finally gave up trying to comfort Naomi and instead slunk into a chair across from Naomi and rested her head in her open palms. They were all devastated. Three lives had been lost tonight; totally decimated. Two metaphorically had died and one had done so quite literally. There were three people missing from this normally full of gripes but overall loving and supportive group of colleagues and friends.

The group present now knew things would never be the same again...

King & Freedman
Posted: Jan 16 2011, 11:58 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 77
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Joined: 8-January 11

Great beginning! And my Hahn is love smile.gif

It's so sad sad.gif Poor Nae, having to sign the papers. I can't wait to see Addie's reaction to the news.

And who's the third person?? I know Addie and Sam, but IDK about number three. Maybe I missed something.

I can't wait to see how this plays out. And no Pete in the room? I wonder where he was.

I also can't wait for you to bring the other Grey's peeps over that you're going to. That'll be mighty interesting smile.gif

Anywho, I love what you have so far and know that whatever you come up with next will be just as amazing.
Posted: Jan 17 2011, 12:01 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Admin
Posts: 62
Member No.: 2
Joined: 8-January 11

Thank you soooooo soooooooo much for the review. I worried it would be too hard to read or I wouldn't be able to write Hahn halfway good but I am glad I did okay. As for the third person, why that's Pete. He was absent for a reason. So yes, Sam is dead *cries poor Sam* and Addie and Pete are the metaphorically decimated ones.
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