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cassandra leigh dering - January 12, 2008 04:37 AM (GMT)
cassandra leigh dering

"babe, i'll walk the seven seas when i believe
there's a reason to write you a love song today"

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`basic information

full name: cassandra leigh dering
nickname[s]: cass, cassie, sandra, sandie
gender: female
age//grade: 17//senior
birthday: february
sexual orientation: straight
chosen major: drama


hair color: dark brown
eye color: greenish-grayish blue
height: 5'7 ft.
weight: 120 lbs.
face claim: megan fox
overall appearance: Cassie has a few tattoos on her body, and she loves them. She believes that each of her tattoo tells a different story of her life. Cass isn't much of a fashionista, but she does like clothes. She's a girl after all. But you'll mostly see her in jeans, and some kind of tank top and sweater.

What sets her apart from most people is her stunning blue eyes that pops out. They stand out because they clash with her straight, brown hair. Another thing about her eyes is that it changes color depending on her mood. For example, they would get a little bit darker, deep blue-ish green whenever she's angry. When she's down, the blue would fade away and her eyes will look almost as if they're gray. And when Claire's happy, they will turn glittering, bright blue.


likes: boys, acting, vintage, clothes, holidays, oldies music, smiling, white roses, singing in the shower, softball, basketball, beach, sunsets
dislikes: heart breakers, players, stuck-ups, liars, her ex-boyfriend
fears: getting her heart broken again, death, losing family and friends
goals: becoming an actress, overcome her fears, find a decent boyfriend
overall personality: Cassie used to be an upbeat and fun girl to be around, until she caught her ex-boyfriend cheating on her. It wasn't such a fond memory of her's. Now she just sulks around most of the time, and doesn't really give a care about life. She puts all her energy into school work so she can forget about everything that happened. But Cassie wished it was that easy.

`family & history

carmen dering
oliver dering
parents' marital status: married
lillith dering [14]
pets: polly and dolly
place of birth: san francisco
economic status: middle class
overall history: Cassie was born and raised in San Francisco, along with her little sister. Cass didn't want to come here until seventh grade of middle school, where she developed a special liking towards acting. Since then, her goal was to be an actress. It all started with acting lessons, and middle school plays. Cassie always get the lead roles, and she was great at it. At her eight grade spring play, a scout came from HAA, and saw her act. They thought she was great, and said she has a lot of potential. So, she joined HAA in her freshmen year, in hope to better her skills and make some great friends who share the same interests.

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`all about you

name: wathoo
age: 14
gender: female
other characters: cole elliot horton
anything else: nopeee.

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