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Description: Let's make the Ily draw

Idris - August 23, 2011 04:21 PM (GMT)
Hey there.


She also came up with an idea (if not a very original one) to make herself draw, on a deadline AND post it however bad it may be. Itís less about any good art coming from this and far more about making herself deal with the latter.

Anywho! How many of you are familiar with MSPA, and/or at least the concept of a reader-driven forum comic? Show of hands?

Well, it works like this. You give a character and a command.

It can be as serious/simple as
>Character: Explore your surroundings
Or as ridiculous as
>Character: Discover a magical rabbit; go mad and eat a turnip

Ily picks one and in turn draws said character acting out said command, within TWO DAYS. Because of this self-imposed time limit, the art is almost guaranteed to be utterly crap. But thatís half the fun.

A) Sheíd probably rather use characters from here, and itís probably more fun if you donít pick your own.
B) At any point you can try to pull a
>Character: Be the other girl/boy/thing. And she might switch characters.
C) You can go as silly as you like! You just canít get upset by how the commands are played out, whatís done with your characters, or how bad the art is. Itís just for fun and madness.
D) Itís two days barring doctorís visits, so pages -will- be late at times.


Choice A:
You have just woken up in a DESERT. You donít know WHY. You probably have a NAME, but it escapes you for the moment. You surely have a variety of INTERESTS, but at the moment they are getting out of the SUN. Letís try to remember your NAME.

Choice B:
You are in a DESERT. You are over a thousand years old, but it is only recently you gained a NAME. Your name is SEXY. You have a variety of INTERESTS, like traveling through TIME AND SPACE and BITING PEOPLE. You are human, but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You have all the Time. ALL OF IT.

What will you do?

[If someone gives me a good Ďyou are [name]í text I might use it now. Else Iíll use Sexy until I get the hang of this, at which point you can tell her to go BE THE OTHER girl/boy/thing]

Triskellion - August 25, 2011 11:52 PM (GMT)
You are Sexy! go bite the Doctor!

Triskellion: *wicked grin*

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