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 Home [ Giveaway 7 ]
Posted by littledummy - 09-18-12 01:52 - 14 comments
@Iheartyadech...I just have to say another thank you em19.gif.

This is my one shot story, another adventure I ...read more
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 You Have Completed My Life [ Giveaway 7 ]
Posted by Candyfruit - 09-17-12 20:19 - 9 comments
[ONESHOT] You Have Completed My Life

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 Deception & Love: Short Story
Posted by YNSE - 09-16-12 00:28 - 11 comments
I know I have other pending projects but for now this took over my mind and I had to write it out. I hope you enjoy and still working on the last bit/part!

Thanks....it was to be my one shot but then it turned to 8 pp plus. ...read more
Read 524 times - last comment by litohippo018   Print email

 Angels Mask Devils Charms
Posted by Kchue1 - 07-3-12 20:49 - 155 comments
Angels Mask Devils Charms

Chapter 1

“That night I remember being pulled, slam, and needled.” She continued. “How it all began?” Yaya sat in her seat uncomfortab ...read more
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 A Twisted Happily Ever After
Posted by cannytab - 05-21-12 19:44 - 171 comments
Welcome to my first FF, I hope you enjoy it! I'm extremely nervous about submitting this story but this was created so long ago, in my English Lit class actually. It's about a modern version of Sleeping Beauty but with all these twists a ...read more
Read 6,769 times - last comment by fresh   Print email

 One Shot-love's Battlefield: Athena Vs Ares
Posted by YNSE - 04-3-12 21:05 - 9 comments

“I vow to make you bend to me Athena! If it is the last thing I do!” As those words registered, Athena looked solemnly at him. She never feared any man or Go ...read more
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 Yadech Delusions
Posted by jjinxx - 04-1-12 18:33 - 11 comments
Just realized I never posted this one here. This was written...after GRGR ended, I think.

NY Delusion 2.1

A snowflake brushed the tip of Nadech's nose. Soon, the bright gray sky sprinkled down more tiny crystals t ...read more
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 Cupid's Mistress
Posted by YNSE - 04-1-12 14:00 - 10 comments

Continuing on with One Shot Love Story, the Yadech.com sisters are very imaginative and again I instantly start my brainstorming. JJinx has the just of it; I only wish I can be ...read more
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 Myth . One-shot
Posted by jjinxx - 03-31-12 21:45 - 14 comments
We were chatting about Greek myths -- I believe due to hanjieun30's ff title -- and there was a request for a myth fanfic.
So here it is. I hope it is okay. ><
Hades and Persephone was never told in a romantic angle, at least not ...read more
Read 626 times - last comment by dami1025   Print email

 Twice In A Lifetime
Posted by YNSE - 03-8-12 17:16 - 257 comments

“Pinky swear na P’ Nadech?” the sweet looking teenaged girl about to turn sixteen looked at her best friend. She entwined her finger with his. He was a very mature ...read more
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