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Title: Rules For The Chatbox

Chubbycheeks - February 28, 2012 06:35 PM (GMT)
So I've noticed that our chatbox is a lot move active as oppose to the forum itself and there are many questions that have been asked frequently so I thought this thread would be helpful.

1. You must be a registered member
If you comment as an "ANON", your comment will be removed immediately and you'll also be banned. You will receive no warning prior to that unless a member has kindly informed you beforehand so please consider this as your only reminder by the admin team. If you accidentally forgot, sign on to your normal account and post a comment saying "This is __ (<--- your username)" so we'll know not to ban you.

This is very important. Ceci and I don't feel the necessity to read your comments if you can't be honest enough to come up with an identity for yourself. Therefore, if you wish to participate in the conversation, please sign up for an account/always log in.

2. Be respectful to each other
- Don't come on the chatbox and demand someone for answers to your questions. Please use your manners and say "please" and "thank you" if you wish to know something.
- Please refrain yourselves from talking in a different language. This is an international forum. You want to comment so that everyone can understand you. If you don't wish for people to read your conversation, please use PM.
- Please don't make false accusations towards Yadech's FC's. I don't want the same problem happening twice. Yadech Chatbox is not a place for you to vent about other fanclubs.

3. Don't release any translations from the Article Section
They are hidden for a reason so if someone ever asks, kindly tell them to post a reply in order to view the article and if they don't have 50 posts, encourage them to achieve that goal.

4. Whatever is in Yadech chatbox STAYS in Yadech chatbox
I know it's a public chatbox but please don't go around to other forums and copy/paste comments from here. The only exception is if you credit the forum by doing this

"Credits: Yadech Chatbox | _____ <---- The username"

5. Avoid using the word gay
I've said this many times already, don't use this term unless you really feel like it's necessary. It doesn't matter if your comment wasn't intended to be offensive but the word is very controversial and others may be offended.
- I've also noticed that ppl keep asking about Yadech's sexuality. I'm sorry but I don't see why you feel the urge to ask that question. It's unnecessary and uncalled for.

-- One: We're only fans so we don't know the answer
-- Two: It doesn't matter what the answer is.
-- Three: As fans, we should learn not to interfere and go into personal details about them. You may think you know so much information about Yadech but in the end, no one knows best aside from Nadech & Yaya themselves.

6. Keep your sarcasm and bashing at a minimum
Like I've stated in the Rules thread, constructive criticism and personal opinion are acceptable. Otherwise, you be the judge to whether your comment is going overboard or not.

*** Many users have asked, "why can't I see the article section of the forum?"
A: You must have at least 50 posts on our forum or else, you'll be restricted from that thread. This does NOT include comments on the chatbox. I hope from now on there will be no more confusion about this matter.

Final comments: You don't have to agree with these rules and if you feel like this is too much, then please reconsider if this is the right place for you. By agreeing to follow these guidelines, you're showing us that you're willing to comply with the admin team to help make Yadech forum a fun place for everyone. If you understand & agree to these terms, please leave a comment bellow.

Thanks for reading, CC!

ImmaSingaholic - February 29, 2012 01:40 AM (GMT)
Thank you CC for letting us know about the rules na :) We will definitely follow the rules and I hope that this post can help to clear some confusions for new users ka...

Katelyn - February 29, 2012 10:42 AM (GMT)
Thank you CC for compiling these rules! This is really helpful for a new user like myself!

YNSE - February 29, 2012 01:40 PM (GMT)
Thanks for the clarification/rules of chatbox na CC!


suzsuz - March 1, 2012 08:10 AM (GMT)
understood and agreed...! the rules are fair enough... thanks for your continuous effort to keep this forum peaceful and fun!

lazydramafan - March 10, 2012 10:55 PM (GMT)
Thanks CC for making the rules of the chatbox easy to understand. Will follow the rules for sure.

May I do a suggestion? is my first forum participation and I am not a internet explorer, so didn't have a clue, I could access the rules and other areas before sign in. Just don't like to click in every thing I see on a site, clumsy persons like myself break things we are careful...doesn't help much though.

Read the concept of (on the left of the chatbox), but there didn't mention anything about the rules, something like "Please read our rules first, they are available for public access without register..." I am a bit slow and some people are like me in this area....

My suggestion is to mention the necessity to read the rules somewhere for first forum participants like myself and that they are available without register. Ah noticed that the chatbox is indicated as a way for questioning or contact for and with this rules people seeking information can be ban without knowing what is happening, if they didn't read the rules first feels like home to me already, so I wish everyone can join and have fun too without problems. Always grateful to you for taking care of so many somethings around here.

Ylk12 - March 12, 2012 01:06 AM (GMT)
I accepted the rules na..
Thank you for the rules na, CC!! :)

lazydramafan - March 12, 2012 07:39 PM (GMT)
Please CC, forget my suggestion. Just read again the welcome part of the forum. It doesn't mention the rules, but does tell people about the restrict access areas. :confuse Thanks for the rules again. I know you have patience with newbies like myself so I am not worried. :blush

cecilia - March 12, 2012 09:17 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (lazydramafan @ Mar 12 2012, 07:39 PM)
Please CC, forget my suggestion. Just read again the welcome part of the forum. It doesn't mention the rules, but does tell people about the restrict access areas. :confuse Thanks for the rules again. I know you have patience with newbies like myself so I am not worried. :blush

lazydramafan - March 12, 2012 10:32 PM (GMT)
Thanks Ceci for regular forum rules link.

cecilia - July 19, 2012 05:44 AM (GMT)
Due to multiple abuses - the chatbox is no longer available for everyone to use. Have fun posting in the forum na. I'll try to keep the forum up to date as much as i can too.

Thanks to all for your kind support. Love, YADECH - always.

Chubbycheeks - July 19, 2012 07:15 AM (GMT)
if we had a 'like' button, i'd press it immediately lol. I think its best that the chatbox is removed. we've had way too many unnecessary problems come up and perhaps this is a better way to keep the 'actual' forum active. thank you dearest Ceci!

Dal - July 20, 2012 01:06 AM (GMT)
Thank you, Ceci for following through on your word. I am back from vacation & come back to see that people continue to cause mischief.

Let us all be kind & considerate with one another. Life is too short to be rude to each other or cause trouble. Go meditate or do some good for this world...

lilothaogurl - July 22, 2012 02:13 AM (GMT)
I guess I've been at the hospital for too long... The last time I came the chatbox was still here and now its gone.. But I'm sure there are very good reasons for that so I will respect it na.. :D

chimeraizz88 - August 27, 2012 06:03 PM (GMT)
I think the rules aren't hard to follow.. Let's do our part yadechers!

I think the chatbox can be a fun yet still orderly place. Stay interactive people!

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