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 Carnage 4/1/12, April Fools Lateness?
James Myers
Posted: Apr 2 2012, 08:38 PM


The show opens to Steve Studnuts and Rich Golden talking in the locker room.  No sound can be heard except for the sound of the fans packed into the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!  The two men appear to be discussing strategy for their upcoming match later this evening.

Shinedown “Bully” hits the PA system and the screen changes to a video package of previous superstars. The video package slowly moves to more current superstars and clips and ends on the announce team.

MC: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to OKLAHOMA CITY!

JJ: Why are we even here?

MC: What do you mean?

JJ: Oklahoma SUCKS!

MC: Oh jeeze. Moving right along....

JJ: Right, let’s get to our first match of the evening.

MC: What do we think James Myers thinks of James Hogg signing a match behind his back?

JJ: It probably pisses him off.

MC: Yeah. Old Vipe has a bit of a short temper.

RA: This match is for one fall, introducing first Colton James!!

As Jams music hits, he walks out from behind the curtain and heads for the ring. Suddenly Tom Hanlon comes storming from the side of the stage and down the ramp and blasts Colton in the back of the head with the U.S. title belt sending James down onto the ramp. Hanlon smirks as he reaches down and grabs Colton by the hair and drags him towards the ring and shoves him in under the bottom rope. The crowd booing loudly the whole time.....

Mike: Now that was uncalled for. It looks like our U.S. champion has a bit f an attitude problem now.

Jack: I like Hanlon when he is assertive like this, but if he tried this with a Horsemen....he'd be in big trouble

Mike: Right Jack, right.....Holy Sh.....!

Hanlon stomps away on Colton in the ring and finally brings him back to his feet. Tom cracks a smirk as James fores a couple right fists at him and just shakes them off. Hanlon whips Colton across into the ropes and as James rebounds back Hanlon drives his boot into the face of James. Colton spins and starts to fall, but Hanlon wraps his arms around his waist a and brings him up........Irish Car Bomb! Colton is down n the mat and Hanlon drops down and covers him arrogantly as the referee counts.......1..........2............3!

RA: Hers is your winner......"Steel City Badass", Tom Hanlon!

Hanlon gets his title belt and exits the ring holding it up in the air over his head. he looks back at Colton who is starting to get up on his feet and Hanlon smirks as he heads up the ramp....Suddenly Mitch Fierce climbs over the barricade ad ono the ramp and drives his shouder into the back of Hanlon's legs sending him down on the ramp. Mitch starts to stomp away n Tom as he lies there trying to cover up from the blindside attack. Mitch grabs the U.S. title and looks at it then down at Hanlon and delivers a a final boot to the face of the champion and drops the belt on Tom's face and walks up the ramp and into the back....

Mike: I think Mitch wants that U.S. title just as much as your pal Gallo Jack...

Jack: Who ever has that belt and faces Will for its gong to lose Mike. End of story...

Mike: Right...

With that the camera cuts back to James Myers watching the monitor shaking his head. The camera then cuts to Steve Studnuts and Rich Golden to the approval of the crowd.

SS: We got these jerkweeds no problem!

RG: I am aware of that.

SS: By the way, does this show seem to be running a bit late?

RG: Slightly.

With that the cameras cut back to the ring as “No More Mr. Nice Guy” hits the PA system. TDD walks out to boos as he makes his way to the ring.

With TDD in the ring, ‘Down with the Sickness’ hits the PA system and out comes James Myers.  He stands on the entrance and lifts a microphone to his mouth as the music stops.
JM: Well, well, well.  It seems as if you are the ONLY one to have actually shown up this week for this match.  So TDD, let the record show that you are the winner via forfeit!  Also, so you didn’t get dressed for nothing howabout we change the main event up a bit!?

The fans seem a bit unsure of this.

JM: Howabout this.... You go backstage and come back out a bit later and be our guest referee for the main event!?

The fans cheer in approval and TDD simply nods as we cut to the announce team.

MC: Will TDD call this fairly or will he be biased?

JJ: Why the hell would he be biased?

MC: You are kidding right?

JJ: No why?

MC: Well, TDD doesn’t exactly like anyone in that match.

JJ: And I am sure no one likes him.  What is your point?

MC:Really?  I have to spell it out for you?  Steve beat him to unmask him.  Will kicked him out of the New Horsemen.  Sal took his TV title away.  Rich sidelined him with injury.

JJ: Oh.. Right.  That.

Mike Cayuga glares at his broadcast partner in disbelief as we fade to commercial break.

Back from the break......

RA: This match is for one fall, introducing first, he is an XWW HOX member and Living Legend...Jake Wade !!

"Save Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" by Big and Rich hits the PA as Wade walks to the ring spitting his tobacco juice every so often. He climbs in and raises his right fist as a burst of pyro explodes from the ring posts.

RA: And his opponent, Mitch Fierce!

I Walk Alone by Saliva hits over the p.a. system as Fierce comes from the back. A lone spotlight shines down on Fierce and follows him down the ramp and as Fierce steps into the ring the arena lights come back on. Fierce makes his way to the corner and stares across at Wade...

The bell rings and they charge at each other like two bulls, the collision is loud and hard. Both Mitch and Jake barely budge and they start trading shots with each other. Jake ducks a wild right by Fierce and grabs the back of his head and runs him into the corner. Jake then drives his shoulder into Mitch's gut a few times then goes to hip toss Fierce out, but Mitch grabs the rope with his hand and lands a vicious punch to Jake's chin driving the cowboy backwards. Mitch charges out and clotheslines Wade down to the mat .....

Mike: They are going at it aren't they?

Jack: They are pretty evenly matched right now, but I think Wade's experience will ruin Mitch's night All those battles Jake has been in over the years and surviving will be Fierce's downfall here tonight.

Fierce smirks as he goes to stomp on Jake, but Wade rolls away just in time and gets back to his feet . The two lock up and struggle for the advantage once again. Mitch tries to knee Jake in the gut but Jake blocks it and lands his own and follows with a Snap DDT, sending Mitch to the mat. Jake runs and bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow into Mitch's chest and spins back up to his feet as the crowd cheer his agility completing the move . Wade brings Mitch up off the mat and goes to whip him into the ropes, Fierce reverses it and sends Wade in. He rebounds back and Mitch grabs him and tries to hit his F Bomb, but Wade is able to counter the attempt and lands a hard right to Mitch's head. Mitch shakes it off and clocks Jake with one of his own, and then whips Jake into the corner hard....

Mike: Nice reversal by Fierce there....

Jack: Yeah it was ......Uh oh! Low bridge Mitch!

Mitch runs in for a clothesline but Wade ducks under it and as Mitch hits the turnbuckle, Wade grabs him around the waist and hits a belly to back suplex. Wade is able to bridge himself up forcing Mitch's shoulders down into the mat harder as the referee counts. 1.......2........Mitch gets a foot n the rope as the referee's hand is coming down for the third time but a arm reaches up from the outside and shoves Fierce's foot off the rope ......3! The referee and Wade never saw it on the rope........

RA: Here is your Winner , Jake "The Bull" Wade!!

Mike: Who's arm was that ?

Jack: I have an idea.......

Just then Tom Hanlon stand up from lying on the floor with a smile on his face and climbs over the barrier and exits through the crowd.

Mike: Hanlon got back at Mitch for his attack earlier .

Jack: That match at Stimulation is going to be wild between those two..

Back from break we cut backstage to show Hanlon getting dressed to leave the arena.  There is a knock at the door and Hanlon yells it is open.  The door barges open and Mitch Fierce comes flying in, assaulting Hanlon.

MC: What the hell?!

Hanlon, being caught off guard gets taken down hard.  Mitch grabs a steel chair and begins to pummel the hell out of Hanlon while he is down.

JJ: Things just got personal!

MC: More like things just got brutal!

As Mitch continues to pummel away on Hanlon with the chair, security rushes in with the General Manager, James Myers.

JM: Mitch, get the hell out of here!  

Mitch winds the chair up again, but James grabs it.

JM: Get out of here or you lose your match at Stimulation!

Mitch looks down in anger and barges out as the staff checks on Hanlon.  James looks into the camera.

JM: This has to stop!  This cannot be happening every week.  Next week, these two will have to work together or be destroyed!  Next week Hanlon and Fierce will team up against Jake Wade, Goldschlager, Colton James, Harris Hazard, and a SURPRISE individual in a five on two elimination, handicap, tag match!

The crowd approves, but cautiously. The camera cuts to Will and Sal walking down the hall towards the entrance curtain on one side of the split screen and Steve and Rich in their dressing room on the other....... then goes back to ringside as the announcer is standing in the ring again...

RA: This Tag team match is for one fall, introducing first the special referee, TDD !

TDD runs down the ramp wearing a referee shirt and matching mask... He slides in and stands in a corner as the crowd boos and cheers him.

RA: Introducing first, representing The Horsemen, Will gall and Sal Fanucci!

Seek and Destroy comes on and Will and Sal walk out to a round of loud boos and jeers. They waist no time as they come to the ring and get in showing the four finger sign of the Horsemen the talk in the corner as they keep a watchful eye on TDD ......

RA: And their opponents, He s the XWW World champion Steve Studnuts!

War comes on and Steve comes out and heads for the ring and gets in it.

RA: And his partner..Rich Golden!

Money talks comes on and Rich walks out to a round of loud cheers as did Steve. He heads for the ring and climbs in and nods at Steve as TDD stands between both teams pointing for one man to get on the apron..

The bell rings and it is Rich and Will starting out, they meet in the middle and start jawing with each other. Will reaches out and pokes Rich in the eye and follows with a stiff right punch. Rich stumbles backwards and Steve reaches out and tags him and climbs in the ring and nails Will with a boot to the gut and then DDT's Gallo into the mat. Steve looks at Sal and smiles as he drives a stomp into Will's chest. he goes for another and Will grabs his boot and rolls on his side , spinning Steve around and off balance. Will gets to his feet and grabs Steve and drags him to his corner and tags Sal, Will chops Steve in the chest as Sal enters the ring and they both double team the word champ , taking turns kicking him in the gut. TDD comes over and starts a five count for Will to exit the ring...1.....2......3.....4.....Will exits. Sal backs Steve against the buckle and then whips him across into the ropes. Rich reaches out and tags Steve on the shoulder as he hits the ropes and rebounds back to Sal......Steve ducks a Sal clothesline and Sal runs right into a boot to the chest from Rich.

Mike: Wow! nice team work from the champ and Rich so far.

Jack: Yeah, but the Horsemen have already started working over the champ in their corner . Or did you miss that Mike?

Mike: I saw it Jack.

Sal goes down from the boot by Rich as Steve exits the ring. Rich brings Sal up and whips him into the neutral corner and charges in, landing a hard shoulder to Sal's gut. he drives it in again and climbs up on the turnbuckle and starts to pound away on Sal's head with rights. Will comes over om the apron and rich sees him and suddenly hip tosses Sal out of the corner to the mat and goes to tag in Steve. Steve comes back in and immediately bounces off the ropes and heads for Sal as he lies there...Steve goes for his Fuck Knuckle Shuffle! Sal lifts a leg up and catches Steve in the chin with his boot. Steve lands on the mat next to Sal and Will and rich both enter the ring and start to brawl with each other as TDD tries to restore order......

Mike: Pier Six Brawl time!

Jack: Indeed. And with Sal's size advantage....Might be bad for Rich and the champ too.

Sal gets the upper hand on Steve and sends him through the ropes to the outside then goes to double team Rich with Will..... He grabs a hold of Rich and Will starts to land punch after punch to Rich's face. TDD starts to count again as Steve is climbing the turnbuckle. He waits and then leaps off of it and cross body blocks Will, Sal and Rich. He quickly regains his feet and Grabs Sal up ...Fairy Go Round! Steve covers as Rich blocks Will's attempt to make the save!

Mike: TDD counts. 1............2..........3 !

Steve and Rich quickly exit the ring and stand at the bottom of the ramp smirking at Will and Sal as they start to jaw with TDD. Sal shoves TDD and he jumps up and FFG's Sal and rolls from the ring as Will climbs out to give chase ....He stops as TDD cuts through the crowd leaving Will staring right into the eyes of Golden and Studnuts as Sal slowly exits. Will lunges at Steve and they start to trade blows as Rich and Sal go at it. Will shoves Steve away and shouts at him."Next week me and you jerk weed!" Steve laughs and shouts back.."It's your funeral Gallo" They stare each other down as rich and Steve back up the ramp smiling at The Horsemen.

Mike: Does Will really think he can intimidate the world champion?

Jack: Of course he does. Will can intimidate anyone , he did it to you Mike...

Mike: Um no he didn't Jack.......

The camera focuses on Steve and Will staring at each other as the XWW logo comes on then the show slowly fades out.
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