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Title: Match 2 #1 Contender U.S. Title
Description: Fierce vs Goldschlager

James Hogg - February 28, 2012 06:33 AM (GMT)
XWW Presents Fallout, Live from Cowboys Stadium in Dallas Texas. Sunday March 4 th

Match 2 #1 Contender U.S. Title

Mitch Fierce



Mitch Fierce - March 8, 2012 02:42 AM (GMT)
Scene opens to a car pulling up in front of a building. The scene goes from the car to a sign running down the side of the building which says Becks Gym. The scene goes back to the car. The door opens and out steps Mitch Fierce wearing a black Armani suit with black tie and sunglasses. Fierce walks up to the door and enters. Once inside the gym, he stops at the front desk to where a petite black woman receptionist greets him

Receptionist:"May I help you, sir?"

Fierce:"Yeah. Is Beck here?"

Receptionist:"What is this regarding sir? Whom may I tell Mr.Beck is here to see him?"

Fierce:"Beck is an old friend. Tell him Mitch Fierce is here to see him."

Receptionist:"Just a moment Mr.Fierce."

The receptionist picks up the phone and dials a number. She talks low where Fierce can't hear her. She hangs up the phone

Receptionist:"Mr. Beck will be out to see you momentarily."

Fierce sits down in the plush chair waiting for Beck. He doesen't have to wait long as a black man with gray hair approaches him, hand extended.

Beck:"Damn Fierce. Long time no see. What brings you all the way out here to Oakland? You're a long way from Detroit and your newborn son. How is Jr. doing?"

Fierce shakes Becks hand and puts his hand on Becks shoulder

Fierce:"Alicia doesen't know I'm here. She thinks I'm on my way to Dallas which I will be after our visit. Mitch Jr. is doing fine. 5 months old already."

Beck:"Good. Lets go to my office and talk."

Fierce and Beck walk back through the gym. Fierce is impressed at how state of the art the gym is including the equiptment. They stop in front of a door that has PRIVATE on it. Beck opens the door and Fierce follows him inside the office. Fierce finds a seat on the comfortable couch as Beck goes over and gets two bottled waters out of the frigerator. He offers Fierce one. Fierce declines. Beck opens his water and sits down behind his desk. He has a look of concern on his face as he takes a drink of the water and speaks to Fierce.

Beck:"Whats on your mind Fierce? I know you didn't come all this way for a social visit."

Fierce:"I suppose you have been keeping up with the going ons in XWW?"

Beck:"Yeah. The two week boycott. The changing of the PPV from last week to this week. You getting a shot at being the number one contender for the U.S. Title. Your losing streak. I've been keeping up."

Fierce shakes his head when Beck mentions his losing streak.

Fierce:"I don't know what the hells the matter with me Beck. Since my return after the birth of my son, I've only won one match. One damn match.
I came back saying this is my year to be the World Champion only to be put in my place by the World Champion in my second match making me look like a fool. I thought I could beat Studnuts and get his attention and get a World Title shot. Gallo was right. I'm not up to that level yet."

Beck pushes his chair back hard slamming it against the wall. He storms around his desk and stands in front of Fierce.

Beck:"Are you listening to your damn self?" Sitting there feeling sorry for yourself and expecting me to feel sorry for you? We go a long ways back Fierce from the days of underground wrestling in Detroit. Boo f'ing Woo Fierce. "I thought I could beat Studnuts. Boo Woo. I got my ass handed to me. Gallo was right I'm not up to that level yet. I've only won one match since I've been back. Boo Woooooo. You know what? Get over it. I've known you a long time and from what I've seen of your performances since you've been back, you're wrestling like you got no heart, no passion no fire down inside to even win. It seems like you've lost the will to win. You and Steve have had battles inside that ring. You want to know why you can't beat Studnuts? Its because you've convinced yourself you can't. You're not the Fierce I once knew. The Fierce I knew, was a warrior who stepped inside the ring each and every night and kicked ass. The Fierce I knew had the will to win and did whatever it took to win. I've seen you bleed and lose alot of blood yet, you found something down deep inside to keep fighting and win. Th Fierce I once knew let loose the animal inside and nothing could stop you from getting the victory. Now look at you. You've given up. You're feeling sorry for yourself. You might as well hang up the boots and go home to your family and forget about stepping into thering ever again."My question to you is do you want it or not? Do you want it bad enough to reach down deep inside when you're getting beat inside that ring to find the will to get back up and start kicking ass and get the victory or are you just going to lay down and lose? You'd better figure it out fast Fierce. You've got the opportunity this week of becoming the number one contender for the U.S. Title. Put the World Title out of your mind. You've got to get focused on whats ahead of you which is beating that dude Goldshlager and being the number one contender. Get back to being a winner and believe me you will be the U.S.Champion and the World Title shot will come to you. You'll never get a title or a tite shot if you keep losing. Dammit Fierce. Prove to everyone that you are a winner and a champion. Get that fire back. Get it back."

Fierce stands up and puts his sunglasses back on. He shakes Becks hand as Beck nods hs head.

Beck:"I'll be watching the PPV. I want to see you kick Goldshlagers ass and win that contendership."

Beck walks to the door with Fierce. Fierce steps outside as Beck closes the door behind himFierce removes his sunglasses and looks up into the air.

Fierce:"Goldshlagerrrrrrr! Goldshlagerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This week we fight for the number one contendership for the U.S. Title. I have been on a losing streak but, that changes this week. I am more determined than ever, more focused now on what I need to do to win. My mind is clear. My focus is zeroed in on kicking your ass this Sunday and winning the number one contendership. I want that United States Championship for a third time and you're in the way. Sunday, I remove you out of my way as I begin climbing the ladder once again and becoming a champion leaving you broken inside the ring wishing that you had never stepped inside the ring to face me. The Fierce One is going to show you Goldshlager and all the other doubters that don't think I can win just what I'm made of when I take you apart this Sunday and win the number one contendership leaving you busted up and defeated."The pain is coming Goldshlager and I'm bringing it Sunday at Fallout."

Scene fades out.

Mitch Fierce - March 10, 2012 10:50 PM (GMT)
Scene opens to Mitch Fierce sitting in a seat at Cowboys Stadium at ringside. Fierce is wearing a Detroit Lions hat and a Stafford jersey. Fierce puts his feet up on the security rail thats in front of him. Fierce is wearing his cowboy boots and blue jeans. Fierce crosses his arms across his chest. Smiling, he speaks

Fierce:"Why no words Goldshlager? Is it because you don't find this match or the number one contendership for the U.S. Title worthy of your time? Is it that you got scared when you saw a different Fierce in my last promo? The Fierce that once was?The Fierce thats tired of being a loser and ready to start kicking ass and getting back to the top main eventing and getting what I deserve after being here so long a World Title shot? The fire down deep inside me has been rekindled. I just needed a kick in the ass to make me realize that I didn't need to be feeling sorry for myelf that I instead needed to be stepping it up and channel the animal that I haven't done since I've been back in the ring after being gone for three months, the old "Fierce One" that fought to the bitter end and found a way to win, not caring about the damage that he did to his opponent. A brawler who had the will to win and not just lay down and lose a match."

Fierce takes his feet down off the security railing and sits up to the edge of his seat.

Fierce:"Once I realized Goldshlager that I had lost the heart, lost the fire, lost the will to win it awakend me. I could never be a winner or a champion as long as I kept the mentality that I couldn't win. My mind had been cluttered up with other things like family obligations and my focus shifted from wrestling to other things. I deserved the ass kickings that I have been getting because my focus wasn't in the ring but everywhere else. Let me assure you Goldshlager that come Fallout, my focus won't be on anything else but beating the hell out of you and winning the number one contendership for the U.S. Title. After that, I'm ging after the U.S. Champion no matter who it is. Gallo, let me make one thing crystal clear to you. If you still have plans on going after the U.S. Title and I'm the number one contender, you will be waiting in line. If I'm the numer one contender then that U.S. Title is mine. I won't hesitate one second to destroy you if you try to get ahead of me for the title if I am the number one contender."

Fierce stands up and walks aound to stand in front of the security railing

Fierce:"I digress. Back to my opponent for Fallout. Goldshlager, it doesen't matter to me whether you say anything or not. The fact remains that whether you show or no show I will win this match. I will be the number one contender. There is nothing distracting me or cluttering up my head or nothing not even you Goldshlager thats going to stop me from kicking your ass at Fallout. There will be pain. There will be blood. There will be the old "Fierce One" back to his old self crushing you and any hope or chance that you thought you had of winning and getting a shot at the U.S. Title. Abandon all hope because you have no chance of winning. It would be better for you not to even show up. Keep silent. Stay out of my way and you won't limp from the ring or be carted out. I've only got this left to say.

F-BOMB!! You're finished Goldshlager!

Scene fades out

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