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 Time to Kill the Lights, Genosha Vs. Sentinels
Posted: Jan 29 2012, 02:21 AM

Advanced Member

Group: Runner
Posts: 41
Member No.: 99
Joined: 8-May 11

February 14th, 2012
7:00 PM
Tag: Genosha Residents
No Posting Order.

Valentine's Day. Single's Appreciation Day. Whatever you called it, it was a holiday, and the citizens of Genosha were celebrating. Aside from the school's dance, X-Calibur was having a party for the adults. Any number of the couples had dates planned. It was like any other Valentine's day for almost everyone.

Overall, it was a pretty quiet night. The sun was down, the street lights were on, casting her long shadow down the street. Even though this was supposed to be a happy day, Layla was jumpy. Her powers had warned her. But there wasn't anything she could do. She couldn't mess up space and time like that. If she told them, who knew what destruction she would accidentally cause. It might be the butterfly she stepped on that would accidentally cause typhoons in turkey or whatever.

And so, she was wearing her red dress, with practical shoes, and knocking on the door to Jamie's house. She glanced down the street and sighed. This was not fair. "Jamie." Layla said pushing open the door, and poking her head in to his house. "We need to take a walk." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she headed out in to the street, glancing at the cheshire cat watch on her wrist.

"I am so sorry, Jamie. I wanted to tell you." She muttered more to herself than anyone else.

That was when the noise started. At first it was a dull hum in the distance. Most people just ignored it. But it grew louder, and louder, and then someone spotted the first sentinel. Then a second, then an entire army of the monstrous robot creatures, clearly headed for Genosha. Somehow she doubted their orders were to take any prisoners.

Layla's own surprise was hardly fake, she had thought it would be the government mutants. The mutant hunting robots began to land in the town square, attacking the human and mutant residents of Genosha. Everything seemed to slow down for a moment. There wasn't a damn thing she could do as the monsters tore apart the city.

Well almost nothing. One of the Sentinels turned to attack Jamie. Her powers might not have been able to help during the attack. But Jamie's could. "Run!" She shouted, shoving Maddrox out of the way. The Sentinel hit her harder than she'd expected. The little blonde mutant was tossed backwards and through the front window of Sam and Ella's diner.

((Yes there is an Evac. plan, but we'll do a little plotting and general chaos first!))

user posted image
Posted: Jan 30 2012, 11:39 PM


Group: X-Men
Posts: 29
Member No.: 104
Joined: 16-May 11

Paige never had reason to celebrate Valentines day, she imagined she wouldn't have much use for the day if she was in a relationship anyway. It was so commercialized. A relationship, Paige scoffed to herself, like that was ever going to happen. They were secluded away in a hidden mountain valley and besides that...her first love was the X Men. All the same, there was nothing better to do that day so Paige had spruced herself up a bit and went out onto the town.

She had stopped by X Calibur briefly, but that kind of scene wasn't really for her so she took a book and headed tot he fountain, settled herself on the bench next to it. She tucked her legs under herself and leafed through the book, Welcome To Tomorrow, a scientific and philosophical look at genetic mutation by Dr McCoy, their local genius. It was some heavy reading, but Paige had already gotten through three or four similar books and she was determined to get through this one.

She wasn't able to get through more than a few pages when the pages began to flutter and the ground began to shake. Paige put the book down quickly and looked up, eyes bulging at the site of a sentinel...and then another one, and another one...and another one. "Oh fuck...," She muttered.Abandoning her book on the bench she didn't take a second thought about the nice outfit she had donned for the day as her fingers gripped the skin on her temple.

With a long tear she took on a diamond from and rushed towards the sentinels.

user posted image
Posted: Jan 31 2012, 08:58 PM

Advanced Member

Group: X-Men
Posts: 48
Member No.: 102
Joined: 15-May 11

Jamie was never one for Valentine's day. Namely because he always forgot it. It seemed so silly to have one day set aside for romance, romance shouldn't be planned, romance should be spontaneous and awesome, like proposing at a monster truck rally. So he wasn't doing anything special, he cleaned out the two week old chinese food from his fridge, flipped through some case files, played some online majohng, and then decided to watch a movie, Devil in a Blue Dress. A pretty average night all and all.

The movie was just getting good when the multiplier heard a knock on his door. "UGH! Every time!" he whined as he got on his feet. Approaching the door, he got a good look at how bad his home security was. Layla Miller popped he head in the door.


"Layla, just in time, things are about to heat up for our fearless hero, Easy Rawlins." he chuckled as he invited his quasi possible future wife in.

'We need to take a walk.' she said, seeming grimmer that usual before exiting back into the street.

"K. Just lemmie grab my coat." he said, concerned as he pulled on his beat up looking trench coat. "This better not be some kinda, 'This is THE day we fall in love' crap." he said as he stepped out the door. "Cause I'm not fallin' for..."he paused for a second as he looked at how dressed up she was. "....it"

The walk was silent, Layla was obviously trying to find the words to say something important. *What's wrong with her? Usually she'd have been all Layla-y. Why does she seem so nervous? Think Maddrox, whenever Layla shows up its not just to hang out and try to get me to go along with this love thing....* The hairs stood up on the back of his neck as they got to the town square. "Layla, what's going to happen?" he said, starting to get nervous himself.

'I am so sorry, Jamie. I wanted to tell you'

"Tell me wh-"'MOVE!'
Before Jamie could realize what was happening he tumbled to the ground as Layla pushed him out of the way. "The Hell?" he shouted as a couple dupes popped up. He shook his head as he got to his feet. "Where'd she go?" he questioned the first dupe to pop up.

'Thataway' the dupe shrugged and pointed. Jamie looked around and saw that Genosha was now under a full on attack by killer robots. "Alright then.Let's do it." Jamie said as he started stomping his feet and and snapping his fingers. His dupes followed suit, until a small army of Maddroxi was formed. "Alright boys, formation 712. Divide and Multiply. If it ain't broke...." He turned and started to run towards Sam N Ella's to check on Layla.

'BREAK IT' four dozen Dupes said in unison as they charged towards the sentinals.

'FOR ODIN! FOR ASGARD!' one dupe shouted

The sheer number of dupes took down the first sentinal pretty easy. It was the second sentinal that really cocked things up.

"GGGGHHH" Jamie grunted as a contingent of dupes bit the dust back into his mind. "HHHHRRRGGGGGHHH" dupes kept dying as the Prime Maddrox started to slow. His nose began to bleed as he made more dupes. "Go."
'But boss...'
"GO! No. Wait. Take a group check on every one else." Maddrox barked out as he felt his bones break and mind go blank a hundred times at once. Jamie finally reached the spot where Layla lied. "C'mon miss Miller, rise and shine, time to tell us what comes next. Cause they keep on killing Maddroxes and I think my Konami code.....may be running up soon..."

user posted image
Posted: Feb 1 2012, 09:30 PM


Group: Genoshan Resident
Posts: 22
Member No.: 126
Joined: 5-June 11

John was busy in X-calibur, wipeing down the bar and tending to the customers that had started to arrive. Valentine's day would probably prove to be a busy night for the bar keep and his nightclub. Marc was up in the booth preparing the nights playlist. Other employees were bustling around filling drink orders and filling the shelves.John whistled a bit as he continued to work. Not a care in the world as he worked. Not a care that is until the ground began to rumble.

A quick and unnoticable phase jump to the front door revealled the source of the ground shaking disturbance. Sentinels. Enough Sentinels to blot out the star lit sky. ~Impossible~ Wraith thought as he phase jumped back behind the bar. "Sentinels! Everyone to the evac point." He said over the PA, as he slammed his fist down on the bar top.

The top of the bar slid open, revealing his baby.A 20mm Sniper rifle. Simply the largest sniper rifle in the world. Wraith grabbed the barrel and slid it into the stock, and began to fasten it. As he worked to assemble the rifle he continued to think about how impossible it was for the Sentinels to know where they were. "There is only one explaination, there has to be a slimy traitor in Genosha." He said to himself as he lifted the massive rifle and phase jumped to the top of the Genoshan watertower.

His eyes surveying the battlefield with a steady ease. He had stomped through the jungles of Vietnam. As a mercenary he'd fought alongside the massive red army as they stormed into Afganistan. Panama, Grenada, Lebanon, Israel. Where their had been conflict there had been Wraith. Moving like a ghost, fighting the rich men's wars, making a living off of ending a life. While many were terrified and scared, Wraith was calm and deadlocked. His mind continued to ponder the impossiblity of this attack. To him, there was only one possibility. Forge's devices were to good, Storm was to powerful. This had all the markings of an inside job.

The massive scope on the oversized rifle soon found the eye of a Sentinel in its crosshairs. With a steady ease, Wraith fired the armour piercing round, punching a hole in the eye. Sparks flying, but Wraith did not wait to see the damage, as he phase jumped again.

He had sworn off combat, had left the program and gotten out of the game. Yet at every turn something or someone tried to pull him back in. And now he grew more and more angered as he watched this peaceful paradise fall by the hands of what Wraith considered a traitorous pig. Finding a new vantage point, Wraith placed another Sentinel eye in his crosshairs, fired, and randomly jumped again. With each shot he surveyed the scene. Should the traitor dare reveal themselves, he would be sure to give them a taste of freedom. His eyes always aware of his surroundings and his next location carefully chosen as he continued to fire. He had eight shots, and wouldn't settle for anything less then eight eyes. After that he'd have to get up close and personal.
Posted: Feb 2 2012, 02:22 AM


Group: X-Men
Posts: 42
Member No.: 97
Joined: 7-May 11

Phoebe was supposed to meet Sam at the girl's house. She was going to tell him everything tonight. She was going to sleep with him, then tell him everything. At least that was her plan. Honestly she doubted the first part of her plan would happen, but she doubted that she would ever have a chance again after tonight. Regardless she was going to tell him everything. He needed to know the truth. She was about to grab her coat when she heard the noise.

"Oh no." She ran through everything she'd told the Weapon X program in the last weeks. Everything. She'd been telling them things incorrectly and they were still attacking. She must have done something wrong. Something to set them off. But… They had Magneto. This wasn't entirely her fault. Yeah she'd helped a little they knew about the towns defenses because of her. and they would know about most of the mutants powers because of her. "Oh no."

She threw open the door. Telepathy was useless against robots. She'd expected it to be the other weapons. That's how she would have attacked. The other weapons were more powerful than the robots, though if she and her sisters had gone rogue, there was no reason the other weapons wouldn't. She watched as a sentinel pushed a blonde girl she didn't know through the window of the diner. The School.

We're fine. Well we're being attacked by Giant robots, but… you know. Other than that we're doing good! Are you and Sam okay?

Don't do anything stupid. Phoebe grimaced as she ran out to join the fight. Her telepathy might have been useless. They'd been planning to use their diamond forms when they helped take over Genosha, but now using it to defend it seemed like a much better plan. Starting at the roots of her hair, Phoebe's body shifted in to her hard diamond form as she ran to join the fight.

Her diamond form wasn't always a positive. It completely cut off her telepathy, but she was faster and stronger this way. Faster and Stronger was way more useful against robots. And she Matched Paige. Which was nice too. Only she got to keep her clothes on.

user posted image
Posted: Feb 2 2012, 05:31 PM

Advanced Member

Group: X-Men
Posts: 75
Member No.: 76
Joined: 18-April 11

“Mamma Ah’m pretty sure Ah can tie mah own tie…” Sam grumbled as Mrs. Guthrie fidgeted with the tie around Sam’s neck.

“Shush, Ah’m just tryin’ to make sure everythin’ fits right. Ya know this suit was you’re Father’s right? One of eth only things I managed to get before we all left. Ah just knew you’d grow into it Samuel, you always were the spittin’ image of him,” Lucinda Guthrie gushed as she took a step back, satisfied with her work. Her eyes were a little wet and Sam couldn’t help but blush. He really didn’t understand why it was such a big deal, he’d been on plenty of dates with Phoebe before and Lucinda hadn’t been so fussy about any of them.

“Thanks Mamma,” Sam said, flashing her his Souther smile and kissing the top of her forehead. “Ah gotta get goin’ before Ah’m late. Phoebe’s expectin’ me at…”

“Mamma!! Mamma!!” Cissie’s cries interrupted Sam’s words as she, Lewis, and Maggie all piled into the room, frantic looks in their eyes.

“What’s goin’ on?” Sam asked as he scooped up Maggie who had ran straight to him and wrapped herself around his legs.

“It’s robots! Giant ones! Flyin’ over Genosha and shootin’ beams! Pew Pew Pew!!!” Lewis explained animatedly, running around sam with his arms stretched out.

“Lewis Ah won’t be hearin’ none of your tall tales…” Lucinda started sternly, but was interrupted when the entire house started to shake.

“Mamma!!!” Cissie cried and buried her head in her mother’s apron. Sam moved to the front door with Maggie still in his arms, throwing it open and stepping out on the porch. Robots, giant purple robots, were swarming over Genosha. There were too many to count and Sam could see explosions and other signs of battle in the distance.

“Oh Dear God…” Lucinda said from behind him, putting her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide. Stirrings from within the house produced the rest of the Guthrie clan other than Paige who had gone out earlier. Sam’s stunned state only lasted a few seconds. Alex had left on a mission just weeks before and that meant that Sam was now the head of the X-Men who might very well be Genosha’s last line of defense.

But first Sam had to protect his family. And Phoebe. Sam Handed a crying Maggie to his mother, tearing his eyes away from the massacre of the city to search for Jay. The Guthrie home was far enough from the city and the attack that Sam hoped it would give his family enough time to get to the evac point. Unfortunately, the robots seemed to somehow know even about the family of mutants on the outskirts of the hidden city.

“Jay, take Mamma and the kids to the evacuation spot we talkd about and…”


A robotic voice boomed, cutting off Sam’s words. He spun around to see one of the purple monstrosities, landing in front of the house. Cissie screamed and Lucinda reached to put a hand over her mouth as if somehow stopping the sound would make them invisible to the robot. The Sentinel raised a hand, a glowing circle in his palm lit up menacingly. Sam shot into action, launching himself at the robots chest and coming through the other side, leaving a sizzling hole in the center. The robot started to fall towards the house and the other Guthries ran to move out of the way. Lewis tripped, but Jay scooped him up and took to the sky, narrowly avoiding both of their deaths. A loud crunch as the years of hard work and dedication

“Sam!!!” Sam heard Jo cry his name as he circled around through the air, pulling his goggles out and slipping them on to protect his eyes. He turned to see two more of the robots landing near the house. Jo, her jean jacket torn and littered with debris, was partially stuck under a fallen wall, unable to get her legs out. Sam flew her way, landing without grace next to his sister. Out of the corner of his eyes he watched as Melody joined Jay in the sky, the strange green aura surrounding her face. Jay had dropped off Lewis to their mother and now the two flying Guthries were doing their best to distract one of the robots.

“Sam, help me! Ah can’t feel mah legs!” Joelle cried.

“Ah got you Jo, it’ll be okay,” Sam reassured her as best he could. He gripped the fallen wall and launched himself into the air, freeing his sister as she cried out with another jolt of pain. Sam continued into the air, flying towards the robot chasing Melody and Jay. The bot shot out blasts towards them, but Jay had had years of practice flying and he dodged the attacks easily. Melody was clearly having more trouble and the robot was gaining on her.

“Melody!” Sam called as he ripped through the robot from it’s huge boot like foot all the way out through his shoulder. “Get down!” Sam instructed his siblings who thankfully obeyed. The three of them flew towards the ground as the robot exploded in the air sending shrapnel in a burst. A flaming mechanical piece hit Jay’s wing and the boy hurtled to the ground, too quick for Sam to catch him.

“No!!!” Sam landed beside his brother with Melody behind him. “Mel go help Joelle!”

“But Jay…”

“GO!” Melody obeyed again, running back towards her elder sister. Sam ran the few steps to Jay’s crumpled body, praying to God that he wasn’t dead. He knew Jay could heal from most injuries, but they had never really tested the limits. Sam tried to asses the damage and could see that Jay’s left wing was broken and he had many scraps and cuts, but he was still breathing. Sam gingerly lifted his brothers head, trying to stir him awake and Jay’s eyes slowly flitted open.

“Sam?” Jay asked weakly, Sam let out a choked sob and muttered out an apology over and over. “Sam… the other robot…where’s Jeb?”

“Nooooooooo!!!!” an agonized screech pierced through the air and Sam turned with wide eyes to see what had caused it. Lucinda was running frantically towards the third robot. Sam could make out Jeb’s form, shooting out lightning from his eyes, but the robot hardly slowed. It’s massive steel boot was getting closer and closer to Jeb, threatening to crush him like an insect…

(OOC Lizzie wasn't mentioned because I wasn't sure where she wanted to be, but she's way more than welcome to join the madness here!!! lol)

user posted image
Posted: Feb 2 2012, 05:50 PM


Group: X-Men
Posts: 11
Member No.: 65
Joined: 20-November 10

A bearded slightly nervous Englishman lay upon one of the diagnostic tables down in the Med Bay. A blue furred biped stood close by flipping switches and looking concerned at the various monitors before him. Along side stood a tall ponytailed Cherokee, a cybernetic hand pushing buttons and frowning.

None of the three men assembled had much interest in the town frivolities, being more interested in there own passionate pursuit in this endeavor. The theory was simple enough, create an isolation field around Tapper and bring him slightly out of phase with our own dimension. The hope was to be able to isolate the damage that was causing Tappers blindness and perhaps even repair it. The difficulty was in finding the right harmonic frequency. They had been fiddling with switched, buttons and readouts for four hours straight and though had glimmers of possible success so far the experiment had no solid results.

For four hours Tapper had only been aware of the odd modulating humm that came with the isolation field. For a man who was use to being bombarded by information continually it was a bit unnerving. Still the hope of restoring his vision gave him the patience to endure. Still he was only a man, and his stomach had been suggesting a break for the last half hour, and despite his desire to get things wrapped up here... he was at the point of agreeing with it. He slowly held up his hand, signaling his desire to pause the experiment.

Even though he knew what was coming when the field deactivated he was still overwhelmed by the flood of information that washed over him. Beast and Forge steadied him as he sat up, slowly making sense of the sudden influx. Slowly though as he sorted the information a growing horror and dread filled him. “We're being invaded! Sentinel.... Hundreds of em.”

Beast and Forge exchanged a look of confusion, wondering if the influx had been too much for Tapper, making him delusional. Seconds later though there was no doubt the young man was coherent. The proximity alarms began to wain and the cities automated defenses came on line.

“Hundreds?” Forge asked in hopeful disbelief. Maybe the Brit was overestimating.

“Aye, at least, and shock troops comin in fast on their purple heals, Mech Suits!” Tapper said as he scrambled into his jump suit.

“OK I am initiating the Rapture Protocol. Beast, have your team ready for incoming wounded!” Forge began issuing orders, his voice grim and determined. “It will take a few minutes to prop the satellites! Hopefully the X-men can buy us the time we need. How did they slip through our outer sensors?” Forge took off at a sprint up the stairs already inputting code into the command console via his cybernetic link. He hoped there would be time to look into the failings of the defense ring in the near future. Now was the time to save lives.

Tapper ran to one of the turbo lifts and was standing on a balcony moments latter overlooking the carnage that had already begun. While he couldn't physically see the destruction there was more than enough data flying around for him to be full aware of their predicament. It would take ten minutes for the satellites to energize, would there be anyone left to save, he wondered. They had expected more time than this, somehow the government had been able to bypass their outer defenses and sensors, but that conundrum would have to wait till later.

A Sentinel had wandered too close to Tapper and the blind mutant reached out and subverted the machines programming with his own will. Drumsticks twirled as Tapper beat out a steady staccato on the railing, his mind absorbed in the task at hand. Sentinel 43697 soon began to attack its fellows with gusto. While simultaneously attacking the other Sentinels on the physical level, Tapper was also busy sending out random data to scramble their targeting, motor, detection and logic systems. He also took advantage of being inside the system to create numerous back doors and restore points up and down the line. The powers that be could not risk closing down their line of communication with the attacking troops, or Sentinels and this gave Tapper an unbridled opportunity to take advantage of their systems. He couldn't do much damage at the moment because everything was being carefully monitored, but he was able to subtly leave himself some future openings. Then all he would need was a wandering Sentinel, or a hardwired high end government terminal.

His personal Sentinel was soon destroyed, but he was able to pick up two others moments latter. It was too bad Alex wasn't here. They could certainly use his firepower, and his sexy little girlfriend could probably slag her fair share of the monsters. M and Martyr were gone too, and while M would certainly have been of help in the current battle, the pair would be even more useful in the aftermath. It was almost too convenient that the attack corresponded to the absence of their best healers and biggest guns.
Posted: Feb 10 2012, 02:32 AM


Group: Genoshan Resident
Posts: 11
Member No.: 174
Joined: 6-August 11

Oh Valentine’s day. A day that Liz would have loved to enjoy, but it seemed like all the available guys were just too immature to handle someone like here. Of course, this meant that she was also one of the unfortunate souls that were stuck celebrating the unofficial name for this particular holiday, but at least she wasn’t the only one. It would have been rather pathetic for her if she had walked into the ‘adult’ party to find everyone paired up, but what she did find bored her as none of the guys offered to dance with her which was like kicking a guy when he was down.

As boredom filled her mind, Liz turned for home, but she didn’t get very far as the area was filled with noise. Then someone screamed something about Sentinels, and Liz went from walking home to running towards it. Now normally, Liz was not someone who chose to use her powers besides slightly growing taller to get things off the top shelf which usually ended in a disaster as she tended to continue growing, but these were special circumstances. Her family was in danger, so she through her normal thinking pattern to the wind. Then she saw what was occurring in the area of her house, and now she was ticked.

From a distance, she could see things were mostly happening in the air, but since she couldn’t fly Liz couldn’t really do that. Seeing all of the explosions, she at least knew Sam was there taking care of things. “So like an X-Man,” she commented as she continued running towards where her house was. It was then she noticed the spark-like light that appeared under a robot’s foot, and Liz figured out that Jeb was trying to single handedly take down a Sentinel on his own and failing.

This is when she decided to start growing larger as she could both cover more ground and attack at the same time, so when she was full size Liz slammed into the back of the Sentinel causing it to fall over. It was just lucky for her that Genoshan scientists had been able to develop a fabric that was able to grow whenever she activated her powers, or else this little bit of heroics would have been pretty embarrassing for her.


While it was ‘identifying her, Liz picked up a large, sharp piece of shrapnel from one of the totaled Sentinels, and then raised it above her head. “Moderate this,” she yelled as she drove the piece of shrapnel through the robot’s head. Then Liz shrunk back down to her normal size and walked over to her younger brother. “What were you thinking trying to zap a robot, Jeb?”

user posted image
Posted: Feb 20 2012, 06:13 PM


Group: Genoshan Student
Posts: 19
Member No.: 147
Joined: 27-June 11

“Isn’t that?”

“Shut up Gina…”

“But I thought?”

“Shut up Gina…”

“Maybe he...”

“God! Gina! Shut the fuck up!” Daksha growled at her companion, the ever loyal Gina. The girls had arrived at the Valentine’s party at X-Calibur fashionably late as per Daksha’s demands mostly because she wanted to make her non-date date Elliot wait it out a bit, maybe get nervous and think she’d found another play thing. The diva didn’t want anyone thinking that anyone, including him, had her tied down. Unfortunately for Daksha, her planned seemed to have backfired a bit, as Gina was annoyingly pointing out. Some skanky blonde girl was dancing all up on Elliot and Daksha was more than a little furious.

Daksha tossed her dark hair back, her eyes throwing daggers at the skanky whore who thought she could step in and steal what was clearly Daksha’s. Everyone knew Elliot was hers and she was about to remind the blonde bimbo what happened to those who tried to take what was hers. Gina hovered nearby with a hurt expression. She literally had puppy dog eyes and if Daksha was at all the sympathetic type, she would have apologized for yelling at the more fragile girl, but Daksha was too proud to apologize for anything.

“Well who is she?" Daksha said impatiently, waiting for Gina’s knack for knowing the gossip on everything and everyone to come in handy. Gina, of course, jumped at the chance to be of help.

“Brittany Darcey, she can count stuff,” Gina said triumphantly, the world now restored in her mind. Daksha wrinkled her nose and looked at Gina in disbelief.

“Does anyone have useful powers in this hick town?” Daksha asked rhetorically.

“Well I mean Miss Grey says that every power has its use and…” Gina started weakly before Daksha waved her off and started making her way through the crowd to Elliot and the bitch, her HEELS clicking against the floor. She didn’t have to turn around to know that Gina was following close behind. For once, Daksha was grateful for her own powers. A stray cat had brushed up against her leg earlier in the night giving Daksha the animal’s grace and keen eyes. She had kicked the stupid feline away, but that was beside the point really.

She managed to catch Elliot’s eyes just as she reached him and the blond. She didn’t say a word to him though, instead she put a clawed hand on the tramp’s shoulder and spun her around so they would be face to face. Her eyes narrowed and she let out a very feline hiss.

“Bitch you have about five seconds to get away from…” Daksha’s threat was short lived when the ground beneath her started to rumble and she stumbled back, caught luckily by Gina. Daksha righted herself and shook off Gina’s help, glaring at her.

“I thought you said all she could do was count?” Daksha hissed at Gina venomously. Before her friend could respond, Wraith made his announcement over the PA system and Daksha’s anger fled in an instant.

“Oh God…” Daksha whispered, her mind turning to thoughts of imprisonment. Her whole body started to shake in fear. She grabbed onto Gina’s hand and squeezed tight, her eyes wide with panic as she spoke.

“We have to get out of here. We can’t get caught. I can’t go back!” Daksha turned her focus to Elliot, suddenly fearing he would play hero. “Stay with us, please. Elliot stay with me,” Daksha pleaded, her confidence and superior attitude fleeing in the face of recapture…

user posted image
Posted: Feb 22 2012, 02:46 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Runner
Posts: 41
Member No.: 99
Joined: 8-May 11

"You're bleeding on me." She groaned, not opening her eyes. She was pretty sure she was doing enough bleeding on her own. Shards of glass were stabbing through her red jacket, and digging in to her back. Her head was pounding and she was pretty sure the paint on the glass was toxic and now in her blood stream. Fantastic. But, she knew she was going to be fine. She was going to marry Jamie, and some wolf girl was going to kill her many years in the future. Sometimes her power was a gift.

Sometimes her power was a curse.

"Jamie. Get out of here." She demanded, pushing herself up slowly. Her teeth dug in to her lower lip as she tried not to scream. "You have to go. You have to go save people. I didn't push you out of the way to let you get smashed when the Diner collapses." She bit her lip harder, as she used Jamie to get to her knees, which was more painful in broken glass than she had ever imagined. "I said the building is going to collapse so get your arse out of here, James Maddrox. I'll be fine either way. I'm going to marry you. To do that, I can't die." But if Jamie didn't listen to her, he might.

user posted image
Posted: Feb 27 2012, 09:41 PM

Advanced Member

Group: X-Men
Posts: 48
Member No.: 102
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Jamie wiped the blood from under his nose as Layla encouraged him to go help others. "Sorry bout the blood. Used to be that I didn't have to absorb dupes when they died, but since that power swap...." Jamie somewhat explained the somewhat recent change in his powers. Jamie popped out more dupes. "It takes some getting used to, but I think I've stablized, I can deal with it for now."

"C'mon guys, Miss Miller here is refusing my help. I'm gonna run back to the house and get the first aid kit. You are going to drag her out of this building and get her somewhere, somewhat safe." Jamie tore off a piece of his coat and tied it around Layla's forehead. "Layla, stop being....well...stop being you for a little bit. I'm the closest person here who's a field medic. At least three of my dupes are properly licsened. One may only be qualified to practice tijuanna medicine, but he can get some primo stuff." that Maddrox humor never stopped.

Jamie rushed off to his hopefully still standing house. Meanwhile, his dupes each lifted one of Layla's arms.

"Let's go blondie, Boss man wants you in once piece."

"Ya know, if not for all the blood and shards of glass, you'd look very pretty Layla." The other dupe complimented trying to get Layla to smile.

Meanwhile, Prime had finally reached his house. "Thank god it's still here." he sighed as he ducked inside. He ran into his bathroom and started digging through his closet. "FOUND IT!" he shouted as he pulled the kit out and dashed towards the front.


"SHITSHITSHITSHIT!" Jamie cursed as he ran towards the back door. "No way they'd waste two for one little ol me." he chuckled as he approached the back. He kicked open the door and landed on the porch. "Thank god there isn't..."

Suddenly a flood light kicked on and Jamie froze in shock, a second damn sentinal.

"SHIT. ON...."


Every dupe at once shouted the word, the entire battlefield resounding with his voice.

One of the dupes looked out towards the house and saw two sentinals knocking it down. The other dupe looked down at his side and noticed a whole lot of blood....

'That's...Not Good...' the dupe said in a very concered tone.

'If you think that's bad...' the other dupe pointed back as the diner's last supports gave out and the walls came tumbling down.

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