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Title: A Christmas In The Heat
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Dreamscape - December 31, 2011 08:20 AM (GMT)
December 24th
Tag: Warp

Blythe sat on her couch with a cup of hot coco in her hands and buried under a giant, unflattering sweater. And on top of that a couple of fleece blankets. Christmastime in Genosha wasn't what she was used to. She was used to winter times that were still 60 degrees plus back home in Florida, the cold she wasn't used to. She shivered and took another sip of her hot beverage and flipped the page in her book. As she skimmed the page her thoughts turned to Travis, she'd been a little stand offish with him lately. And that was putting it lightly, since their original powers had been restored things had become pretty tense. They found out each others true powers, which was great...but Blythe hadn't realized how committed he had become to their.... well, she had thought it was a short term fling. But he had other ideas.

Still, even now, she couldn't get her mind off of him. Why was that? Blythe flipped the page again when there was a noise that sounded a little familiar. She glanced up to see Travis standing there with a big grin on her face. She raised an eyebrow, the cold weather making her a little cranky. "What's got you so happy?" The words were friendly enough but the voice was snappy.

Warp - January 8, 2012 11:38 PM (GMT)
Things had been cold and crappy and very very dull around Genosha lately. Alex had been a bit concerned about security since the spy in their midst thing had broken, so Travis had hung around trying to help out as much as possible. Truth be told though they seemed to be off the radar as nothing ever came of the incident. He'd tried to spend time with Blythe but she seemed busy more often than not. He'd forgiven her for not telling him about her powers during the great mix up, and he'd hoped to see if maybe there was something there without the constant influx of emotionally altering hormones.

It was Christmas Eve, and he was walking around downtown Genosha. He'd promised his mother that he would be home and up in the morning for the present opening. His sister had given him a stern look and added that he'd better, cuz she wasn't waiting for him. Still everything was dull, the snow wasn't crisp and white like back in Idaho, it was dirty slushy stuff along the edge of the streets, and in the piles the snowplows had made. Even in the fields the snow looked somber, reflecting the gray sky. A few brown leaves clung tenaciously to the oak trees despite last nights winds. Slowly a smile formed on Travis's face as strains of music played in his head and Mama Cass's voice joined in.

“On the other hand I could still leave today if I did tell her...” Travis smiled wickedly.

A quick port to his house to gather the necessary supplies, slip on his baggies under his winter gear, snag a few wine coolers and he was off to Blythes house. She'd been fairly open with him being able to just pop in unannounced, though he would usually take the courtesy to knock at the door when he visited. This time however his excitement got the better of him. Much to his disappointment Blythe wasn't traipsing around the house scantly dressed but was bundled for the blizzard of all blizzards in the warmth of her own home. He couldn't help but be amused at the sight. Still she looked very attractive, and he couldn't get the smile off his face.

"What's got you so happy?" Travis just chuckled ignoring the snappish undertone. He imagined Blythe was probably feeling the holiday blah, with her family not around and the weather crappy for Pennsylvania, let alone what she was use to in Florida.

“Well I was thinking of porting to Cali for a bit of surfing, but it's a bit far. I need to be back in the morning for the Santa thing with my little sister, or mom will kill me. So I was thinking of heading due south instead.” Travis explained casually as he wandered over to her stereo. He plugged in his Ipod, and adjusted the volume so it wasn't blasting, but was still plenty loud. As the music came on he turned and shot Blythe a sly smile. “You want to join me?”

“I know the swells aren't the greatest, but it's warm, and if we get to bored the Bahamas are just another short jump away.” Travis added with a wink.

Dreamscape - January 16, 2012 06:04 AM (GMT)
Blythe looked Travis up and down from where she sat, warm and cozy. He was dressed for the freezing weather of Genosha as well, but with wine coolers in his hands and the mischievous grin on his face she knew something was up. Putting her her book down next to her on the couch, took another sip of her cocoa and then put that on the coffee table next to her. His grin, plus the music, were both infectious and she forgot about her earlier concerns for the time being.

She pretended to think about it for a moment before shredding the blanket as she stood up. "A change of scenery, and temperature, would be nice." She admitted with a smile. "Let me get some things." She disappeared from his sight for a moment.

Blythe had gone into her room and closed the door behind her, she took a glance of herself in the mirror and cringed. She ran a brush through her hair hastily, applied some lip gloss and dug to the bottom of her drawer to find some flip flops and a bathing suit. Throwing those items and a towel into a beach bag she hurried back out to greet him. "Alright, lets go."

Warp - January 21, 2012 02:31 AM (GMT)
While Travis awaited Blythe he wandered back over to the stereo and removed is Ipod. He slipped the small device into one of his pockets and wandered over to the sink. He removed a glass from the cupboard and filled it from the tap. As he was finishing the glass Blythes voice caused him to turn on his heals. "Alright, lets go." Travis set the glass down in the sink and walked over the the smiling blond.

Travis opened up a portal and stepped through, the location was a bit off the beaten path, but near enough a shelter on the Appalachian trail. He'd decided to pace himself and take the trip in two jumps. The smell of pine was strong as they stepped out the other side. Opening a portal to connect to a safe location by the beach, Travis completed the journey.

Travis was a bit out of breath but otherwise fine. The warmth of the region poured over him, and he was sweating in short order. The couple had arrived at a rather secluded little cove, within thick vegetation. It was a spot frequented by lovers who wanted to avoid the prying eyes of regular beach traffic. He'd scouted out the location with a peek hole to be sure their arrival would be unnoticed, and that they would not be interrupting anyone else.

Travis quickly removed his warm weather gear and stuffed it into his duffel bag. He had a dark sleeveless shirt and his baggies on underneath. He slipped his feet into a set of sandals and doffed a white visor cap. He was more than ready to hit the surf. They would need to stop by and rent some boards, and they could stash their gear in a locker there, but other than that it was time to play!

He turned looking expectantly at Blythe who was still standing there in her winter clothes, beach bag dangling from her side. “Well... are you gonna change? Or aren't you warm enough yet?”

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