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Syren Posted on Feb 8 2011, 10:53 AM
  Rules on Wrath of Fate

General RP board rules-

~Wrath of Fate is rated Mature and will include strong language, suggestive and sexual situations, fictional drug use, and violence. As such, members must be 16 or older to join, and 18 or older to post any mature content.

~ No posting anywhere on the forums in character until your application is approved by staff.

~ No god modding. This means that you can not control how someone else's character will react in fights, what they will say, where they will go etc. The only characters you have control over are your own. Also as for character deaths, you MUST get permission from someone to kill their character and also notify staff of this if you are killing someone else's charry in threads.

~ We ask everyone to post at least once a week with their characters. If you can't post in that amount of time for some reason, please leave a note in the 'away' section and let us know.

~ Please make your screen name match the name of your character to avoid any confusion on the boards, one character per account please. You may have multiple accounts and multiple characters. We ask that you limit yourself to four characters in your first 3 months of playing. After that, if you want another character, ask a staff member for approval first please. We check PM's and are on our various messengers every day so you will get a reply for approval shortly.

~ Please write everything in the third person and use past tense when writing your posts and applications. This helps keep everything unified and much easier for everyone to follow along with threads.

~ Any threads containing graphic violence or sexual content will be moved to a section that is password protected. You must be 18 to get the password to the mature section, and if you are under 18 we request that you do not post anything containing sexual content. If you violate this rule, you will be warned and possibly banned. Nothing personal, but under age 18 and it becomes a Grey area legally and we could possibly get in big trouble and shut down for it.

~ Please advertise in the designated section on the boards and nowhere else.

~ If you break a rule, you will get a warning. If you do it again, staff will discuss what to do after that.

~ Please do not pester other players to post to you every day. If it has been over a week you are free to remind them that they owe you a post, but nobody likes to be nagged at. Check for away messages before you ask to avoid drama. Which leads us to....

~There is an 'away' section for a reason. If you are not going to be able to post for a week, a few days, or something has come up, even if there's just one character who isn't coming to you very well in posts, whatever reason, PLEASE use the away section to let other players and staff know what is going on.

~ All that being said, we'd like to keep the site a friendly and fun place to rp. If you see that someone has open threads and nobody is posting to them, make the effort to include them and join in. Everyone is here to have fun so keep the bickering and grudges to a minimum. If you really want to fight with someone out of character, please use pm's or your messengers for that. We aren't going to tell you to hold hands and play nice, but please keep it out of the view of other members who are just trying to have a good time.

~ Also, if you feel like someone is being inexplicably rude, pushy or mean, please let staff know and we will handle the situation the best way we see fit. Feel free to pm or message staff with any questions, ideas, concerns etc.

IC C-Box rules-

~ First and foremost, what happens in the in character box does not affect the world of the forums at all. The IC box is for fun and possible plotting for the boards for later. It does not transfer to your character on the boards.

~ Please do not put a new character into the IC box until the application is posted up.

~ If we see you in the c box often but you are not posting, we may ask that you stay out of the IC box until you have replied to some of your threads. This site is here to be an rp forum, the IC c box is purely for fun and not the main focus of the site.

~ Please keep both c boxes to pg 13. Swearing is okay but keep it realistic, and if you get into a sexual situation in c boxes, please use your judgment to 'pull down a curtain' as we like to say, and keep the mature material out of the box. Guests can see these c boxes and we don't want to scare them away with smut.

~ C box is for fun, and as such we ask you to try and include everyone present into the rp. Sometimes your characters are off in different places etc and that is fine, but please never just ignore someone, at least have your character say hi or something if they are in the same room. We want everyone to enjoy themselves here.

OOC C Box Rules-

~ Same general idea as IC box, keep it pg 13 please, and try to include everyone in conversation

~ Keep in mind that the OOC box is not there to bad mouth other sites or rant and rave about everything going on in your life. It's fine to say you had a bad day etc, but please keep very personal information out of the c box. We like the site to be fun and upbeat and don't want to bring everyone down. If you'd like to talk about it, you are free to pm someone you feel close enough to talk to and explain to them there.

~ No advertising other sites in either c box. Also, no spamming the c boxes.

~ No fighting in the c box. If you're having a problem with someone, please take it to messages somewhere else. Also no flaming or picking on members at any time. Be fair, the c boxes are for everyone.

Aside from the rules posted if anything ever comes up and we feel the need to change the rules we will and we will notify members. Also, use your common sense here, and just don't be a troublemaker in general. If you get a warning and keep breaking rules we will ban you from the site and the c boxes. Please don't make it come to that, we're here to have fun.
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