We are waffles-powered!
If you can imagine it, at Whazzit it can be!
But you must imagine it because you cannot see...
Something that’s imagined! So come role-play with me!
Roleplay day and night to bond that Prettyshiny.
We have dragons, flitts and more, Whazzit Weyrd has such,
Creatures as you’ve never imagined, never so much!
The Planet stretches boundless, defying time and space!
And as long as you’re humanoid, be of whatever race.
Planet comes equipped with what we call the PIF!
There are no rules but do no harm, in this game there’s no ref.
Planetary Irrational Field explains it all...
So come roleplay, you’ll have blast, and we will have a ball.
Live in the Weyrd or out, you’ll notice that we don’t care!
Get a castle or a camp, and live just anywhere...
Attend all the bondings, on PIF-split time.
And always be quite crazy and import some jelly (lime).
From anywhere bring anything, do magic or do tech.
As long as you’re no deity we will say, ‘What the heck!’
Every true Whazzitian will support the rest in OOC,
But characters are characters, that's how it should be.

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Current Bondings
Assorted, The Devil His Due
Brightlings, Club Wubwubwub
Fisi, Prison Break
Flamma, Party Crashers
Nogards, Relaxation
Speedbonding, Non-Playable Character

Firelizards, Imagine Monsters
Rsphinxes (!), Here Without You
Shadowguards, Run for the Cure

Shinies need names in:
Ailoa (!), Great Minds
Demonhounds (!), I See You... Do You See Me?
Kosaire, At Starfall
Kyae, Date With Destiny
Llanorte (!), La Vie En Rose
Powlets, Chicken Chase
Shamries, Sewage Gators and Shamrocks!
Unicorns, Out of Space— Out of Time
Speedbonding, Swept Along
Speedbonding, The Abyss Gazes Into You
Speedbonding, Crumbling Pillars
Speedbonding, Be Careful What You Wish For…
Speedbonding, Circle You, Circle You

Whazzit latest news: Wildlife Reserve Poll
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Here you can talk about anything and everything.
512 4,860 Apr 23 2014, 07:00 PM
In: Last PostWildlife Reserve Poll
By: Geoffrey A-13
You can find all your archived bondings, chases, weyrd post, and character/shiny descriptions here!
608 18,709 Apr 23 2014, 09:37 PM
In: Last PostLinah's Gaggle
By: Linah
Have a site you want to advertise? Do so here!
16 299 Apr 19 2014, 04:35 PM
In: Last PostFlight Rising
By: Lucas
Post here if you have any suggestions or comments about Whazzit. What can we do better? Do you have a spectacular idea that we would love to hear? Tell us here!
42 704 Apr 23 2014, 11:35 AM
In: Last PostShiny Prompts?
By: Geoffrey A-13
Art Corner
You know what this is for.
26 236 Mar 10 2014, 02:50 PM
In: Last PostIedell draws things
By: TangleLore

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Jungle Sanctuary
Once a well-traveled path, now only the sharpest of Whazzitians can find their way deep into the luscious jungle, fragrant with flowers and noisy with the calls of wild Shinies. It's on the outskirts now, once such a central place...but no more. A large and well known clearing can be found by just about anyone, but it takes a brave wanderer to traverse the depths in order to get there. The jungle extends for miles in all directions, hiding away many secrets...
Current Bondings: Assorted, Nogards, Speedbonding
6 234 Apr 24 2014, 12:05 AM
In: Last PostLa Vie En Rose
By: Saiph
Oceanside Retreat
A noisy and brilliant place, one large lagoon stems off impressive waterfalls, a very large version of a tide pool - a barrier of smooth black rocks separates it from the great salty beyond, sparkling waters and enticing white gold sands forming a neat semicircle around the area, The warm beach is inviting but too dangerous for many clutches as there is no escape from predation or the elements. Take care, for while it is on most days a pleasant spot to be, dangers can and do lurk in the depths - and aren't shy about trying to invade the idyllic lagoon!
Current Bondings: Brightlings
7 234 Apr 23 2014, 10:43 PM
In: Last PostTurning the Tables on You
By: Tidesweep
Rocky Cliffs
One of the only rocky features to be found near the Weyr, this cliff offers an impressive view of the lands below. At ground level there is an entrance similar to the traditional hatching sands of Old Whazzit, containing heated sands for clutches large and small, along with a klaxon to announce imminent hatchings. More daring species can be found roosting along the cliff's narrow ledges, docile herds can be found atop its green pastures, but only meager handrails and fences exist in these higher areas to keep clumsy Whazzitians from falling to their death (unless you can bounce!).
Current Bondings: Firelizards, Fisi, Kyae, Shadowguards
6 252 Apr 23 2014, 11:29 PM
In: Last PostImagine Monsters
By: Grimm
Tropical Keys
Whazzit natives have a small port established on the pristine coastline, many ships and ferries docked some ways out on wood-boarded walkways. From the smallest rowboat to the grandest galleon, they will take willing passengers on the ocean over established travel routes, namely to a cluster of mysterious islands completely uninhabited by humanoids. A mile south of the muddy river mouth a number of islands can be found, including a group of five large islands far from shore. They are rumored to be enchanted, one for each season, while the fifth has a mind all its own... and that's not even counting what might lurk in the waters between them!
Current Bondings: Flamma, Rsphinxes
4 276 Apr 23 2014, 01:18 PM
In: Last PostHere Without You
By: Da'chetre

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Jungle Depths
The jungle holds many surprises and tricks for those that select it for their mating grounds. Shinies can go as they please, but in the densest areas sometimes it's hard for distracted chasers to find the way out!
Current Chases: Celeste Cats, Watch-whers, None
2 14 Apr 23 2014, 08:21 PM
In: Last PostIn Search of the Perfect Da...
By: Geoffrey A-13
Feeding Grounds
Surrounded by tall cliffs, these grasslands are the perfect home for many herdbeasts and small animals- who just happen to be the perfect snack for any chasers that require a meal before their flight.
Current Chases: Powlets, None, None
3 60 Apr 22 2014, 11:37 PM
In: Last PostChanel No.5
By: Pierce
River and Shore
The deep waters of Whazzit's river and tributaries mix at the edge of the coast, where a number of aquatic shinies call their homes. They can chase all along the shore and coral reefs, or head upriver against the current for a challenge. Only aquatic shinies should chase here!
Current Chases: Hyards, Serpens, None
2 16 Apr 23 2014, 08:02 PM
In: Last PostA Day at the Beach
By: Geoffrey A-13

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Most special events can be found here. What makes them so special? Well, I guess you will just have to find out!
1 63 Mar 23 2014, 06:14 PM
In: Last PostSewage Gators and Shamrocks!
By: Emryn Jakopii
The Teleport
Who knows what mysterious things lurk within!
82 531 Apr 21 2014, 09:05 PM
In: Last PostIt's My Turn to Dream
By: Nekura
The Village
The vast majority of Whazzitians have made their homes here in this bustling village. Over the years it has begun to pick up in design, advancing from shaggy huts and dirt paths to more planned homes and some streets.
61 1,140 Apr 23 2014, 08:13 PM
In: Last PostKnock, Knock
By: Geoffrey A-13
Mountain Meadow
Towards the sparse cliffs that rise against the horizon, tall grasses and scattered paths up rolling hills make for fine hikes and adventures.
38 990 Mar 18 2014, 02:12 AM
In: Last PostSomething Shiny, Something New
By: Linah
Wildlife Reserve
Shinies of all kinds roam in the peace of the reserve, a protected region that stretches for miles just outside the weyrd. The reserve is composed of terrain of all kind, so that no matter where a shiny has come from, it will find a home here. Lately it has gotten crowded, so the keepers chose to open it up to the public. For 5 or 10 BPSP, you will be given a chance to bond a random shiny from the reserve.
152 323 Apr 23 2014, 07:12 PM
In: Last PostIn Search of Harmony
By: Tidesweep

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