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Title: Gotta Catch Em All!
Description: Pokemon!

Maeko Kuroki - April 21, 2012 10:21 PM (GMT)
Kali Morrigan woke up staring into the moon. She was wet. She was cold.

She was partially submerged in a lagoon. As carefully as she could she pulled herself out and onto the dark rocks on the edge of the waterfall. The lower half of her dress was torn away, but her body seemed relatively intact. Lush plants and the peaceful hum of crickets were a far cry from the posh ballroom turned battlefield.

So it was true.

Palkia could pull you through space. So where were the rest of them? “Cyril, are you alright?” Silence. “Cyril?” Somehow her handbag had survived the fall, and she fished it out of the water, naming its contents quietly. Disaster. Kibeth. Delano. Zale. Lorelei. Buzz. They were there, all of them. With a relieved sigh she leaned backwards.

Screee! Turning, she found a curious blue and white creature perched on the rocks above. It was a handsome miniature gryphon. Slowly she reached into her bag, producing the first pokeball and a pokedex. She pointed the latter at the creature. Nothing.

Waterlogged? She banged the device against the palm her hand. Still nothing. “Damn it.” The little creature turned its head, peeped, and took off into the night. “Hey, wait, come back!” She called, tugging off what was left of her heels. Her foot slipped on the misty rocks, but she found herself steadied by a firm hand. "Thanks. Cyril?" Fingers dug into her shoulder and she spun around into the chest of an attractive [doHTML]<a href="">man</a>[/doHTML].

Her eyes went wide.

“Well,” He smiled, tiptoeing his fingers along her carotid. “Don't you look delicious?”

He earned a half smile. "I know, I'm a real catch." She glanced down at the hand gripping her waist, and back up again. "Will you let me go?"

He laughed, and it was that sort of sexy chuckle that made your pulse quicken."This is a lagoon, not the ocean, sweetheart." She gave him a blank look. "I catch a fish like you, I keep it." He caught her chin with one hand and turned her head roughly to one side.

“I’m not alone.” She warned, trying to yank his hand away to no avail. Kali didn’t scare easily. She was comfortable with monsters. She had a strange fondness for the dark. But as fangs tickled her exposed neck she found herself overcome with the nervous rush of a first kiss. Terror and bliss overrode her senses. The pokeball she gripped in her free hand dropped away.

“You never have to be.” She writhed in anticipation, confused, eager, unable to help herself.

Red light roared to life.

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Emergency. Attack. Strangers. Jungle path. The drums beat out the urgent message, and the tiny little Gryphette continued on his way.

Those who arrived a little after nine would find a young [doHTML]<a href="">woman</a>[/doHTML] in a tattered black dress staggering down the route to town. Her hand was pressed against her throat, though not tightly enough to keep the blood from trickling out between her fingers. The woman was almost a dead-ringer for Maeko, if not a little smaller and obviously still alive.

Welcome to the world of Pokémon! user posted image
Don't go into the tall grass! It's dangerous! (No shinies.)
Don't oversleep! (Post by April 25.)

Maeko Kuroki - April 21, 2012 10:22 PM (GMT)
Aranel, Geoffrey, Da'chetre, Grimm, Meliai, Lucas, T'rae, Ria, Estrella, Altair (10)

These are not all bondable! Whatever isn't adoptable WILL be up for redemption, but the catch is that to redeem for one, you need to have been in the bonding to the end! More on this to come later.

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Level 5

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user posted image user posted imageuser posted image
Mew--------------- Charmander --------------- Mudkip

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Aranel - April 21, 2012 11:18 PM (GMT)
They weren't very pleased with her. But what did they expect?

Aranel, we are only worried. You have been ill for a very long time.

She was well aware of the fact, of course. Over the span of (too many) months, she'd been so ill to the point that her gang had taken her from her manor and kept her away from most of the Weyrd so she could rest in resonable peace. What irked her was the fact that they kept Altair in the dark--they didn't want him worrying, fretting, and knew he would want to be with her nearly constantly. But he had deserved to know.

When she had slipped out a few nights before, she had gone back to the manor to apologize... but Altair was gone. All of them were. She felt lost now, for other than having seen Zeihk at his rave party, he hdan't found them yet. Not a single one.

Come, Elf. Come back until we know you are strong enough.

"Nymph-Elf." Her responding thought was soft and barely made a presence. She felt a sharp tug on one of her other bonds, with one of her other Shadowguards. The Queen did not speak to her directly, and all she felt from her was a sharp tang of displeasure, and then she withdrew once more.

Dos ph'tluin biu irresponsible Ventash'ma.

The sudden sharp intrusion from the Detholusion startled the Nymph-Elf. She had been walking on the roads that turned from deep-jungle trails to well-traveled routes, and at the sound of his chastising she jumped smartly. At about the same time she heard drums rolling in on the wind, and as she listened to the message she responded to all of them. "Z'lonzic. Usstan shlu'ta kyon whol usstan," came the sharp reply before she closed herself from all of them. Not only had she been tired of being badgered for the past three straight hours, but she had caught sight of a woman stumbling ahead of her.

Grasping the edges of her cloak tight about her neck and shifting her bag across her shoulders to a more comfortable position as she picked up her pace. She quickly caught up to the girl, a pretty young thing that she'd never seen before- but it was obvious she'd been through Hell and back (or, you know, just the PIF). "Hey! Dear, are you--"

The elvish voice stopped when emerald eyes lowered from the girl's face to where her hand was pressed weakly against her neck. Aranel really did try to stop her mind from going where it did, but she couldn't help the fact that Maeko immediately came to mind. She sighed. How did she deal with a Vampire-bite victim? Her level of Healing didn't cover this.

"Dear, can you hear me?" She placed her hands on the woman's shoulders, letting go of her cloak in order to do so. She hoped the woman would stop walking and try focusing on her. That way she knew at least the girl's mind was still with them.

[OOC; Eeeeeee! 8D So excited! If she's overstepping any boundaries please tell me and I'll edit it accordingly <33]

Geoffrey A-13 - April 22, 2012 02:01 AM (GMT)
Note to self number one: never assume to make light of Spacial Rend again.

Note to self number two: stop falling to certain death before making notes to self. WHICH WAY IS UP OH GOD.

Did you know trees hurt a lot? And thatt the jungle had a lot of trees? A nasally groan of pain broke out of the young woman as her fall was fortuitously stopped by a lot of really thickly tangled together branches and vines. Well, apparently that way was down at least. That was one way of getting oriented.

With a lot more soreness and exhaustion and cross-eyed moments of lightheadedness than she really wanted — but couldn't exactly say she wasn't used to — our plucky heroine had gotten herself onto ground level, and was sitting taking a breather on the dirt. One hand went straight to her belt, checking each spot to make sure that the ball-shaped containers were still all there. It was like a pocket-check, but for belts and had nothing to do with pockets. Glad we could clear that up for you.

Just when she thought she had a moment to rest, something touched the hand that had reached up to brush her silver hair out of her face where fallen out of its typical ponytail. Naturally, she shrieked, because she was a seasoned adventurer and a big girl and that's what you do when you're startled. She would know. The startled flying lizard high-tailed it out of there at the commotion, leaving her to stare blankly at the retreating yellow and orange hide. "Awr, come back! You're cute!" Strangely, it did not seem to want to trust her not to be a psychopathic banshee.

Artemis said. Shoving to her feet and wiping her hands on her jeans, she tossed out Ice's Pokéball. The Ninetales appeared in a flash, forst instantly spreading beneath her paws on the ground. "Y'all could shook up at all?"

No. Did anyone else? Ice pointedly questioned, glancing around at the notably people-less jungle. A look of comprehension slowly dawned on Artemis' face. "Oh." If you're alright to run, there's no time to waste, she added with a wary glance at growls deeper in the shadows.

"Slyval! Did you make it too? Are you part of this?!"

Ice stared at the girl already racing off down the barely beaten path and slidable and his you to problem had anything to do with this when they had both clearly seen Palkia and not Mewtwo, but there was no stopping her. Without further ado she took off after the sprinting fire trainer.


This would eventually make for very weird chance meeting for somebody omnscient and omnipotent regarding their lives, because about the same time that an entirely self-tired Artemis saw Aranel and Kali, a disgruntled cyborg had caught a glimpse of what looked like Aranel helping Maeko, which was totally preposterous, because... Well, actually Aranel probably was that nice, but it didn't matter anyway because Geoffrey had not been given to understand that Maeko was the type to be the one who was a victim of damaged necks anymore, or at the very least not the type to bleed from them and look so trashed about it.

"Kali!" Geoffrey could be as hesitant as he wanted about getting a closer look and wondering why he had let himself be bullied into going without any company (really, as much as the warhammer on his back was a comfort, he was immensely suspcious of not even Sikke or Maral accompanying him in shadow form). Artemis could easily be in Aranel's personal space enough for twenty people, standing on tiptoe to peer over the stranger with her hands gripping the elymph's shoulder tight. "Is she okay?!" Hope you like to be close to people, Aranel o_O

Geoffrey meanwhile had been mildly distracted from investigating out of morbid curiosity, staring at the gleaming ice-fox that followed right on the woman's heels. Frowning, he thought back to his peculiar Wind Blazemount and had to wonder maybe this was a more common affliction of wild specimens than he had originally assumed. Approaching a little closer, he nevertheless stopped a few metres away from the small group, arms crossed over his chest as he watched impassively, ready at a moment's notice to unsling the horsemen's pick he'd rigged to rest on his back. It didn't make sense for it to be Maeko, but heck no, Geoffrey wasn't going to just waltz up and assume it wasn't and everything was safe. He'd see if Aranel got besieged by Requiae or her own throat slashed or something before he came any closer, thank you very much.

Da'chetre - April 25, 2012 02:32 AM (GMT)
Attack. That one word was enough to get the Mandalorian on the move. It was a late-evening meal time when the call came out, so he decided to scout the jungle paths without anyone at his side, assuring several that he'd let them know if he needed any aid.

Like he ever needed aid. He was Mando'ad. Hahaha.

So he set off, deciding for once to don his armor, anticipating trouble rather than, say, a bonding. Clad in his metal plates in light grey, red, and gold, he strode boldly through the forest, helmet covering his feline face and blade across his back.

Of course, rather than any real attack, he mostly found a gaggle of women, one of them already bleeding. Whatever was going on, he was pretty sure he'd already missed the part where he'd be helpful. He was no baar'ur, after all. He approached cautiously, on the lookout should anyone dangerous still be around. Wait, was that Maeko? He was surprised to see her so shell-shocked. That wasn't like her.

"What going on?" he inquired, hoping Aranel would have an answer since he knew her best--which was to say, barely at all. His voice was slightly electronic through the speakers, but given the visible tail and the spotted hands and legs, he was certain others would recognize him with relative ease.

((Excited! Sorry a bit short and sloppy but I didn't want to miss this and my time is fleeting. <333))

Grimm - April 25, 2012 03:02 AM (GMT)
It was unusual for things to be quiet early in the household, and tonight was no exception. A trip away from the village for a month or two with Saiph and Joanna had left him feeling relaxed and good about things. And sure, getting home, there was a shitton of jobs to do, chores to catch up on, and an office to run, but it was worth it. Rhyliae had done well keeping things in order, and despite how much they had all enjoyed the vacation, he was just glad to be home. Sure, the problems would start up right away... but there as nothing wrong with that. It was part of the life they lived, the challenge of day to day living. It was worth it.

So, no, Grimm never really expected to get to sleep before nine. Closer to midnight usually was how things worked, but there was a definite fondness by shinies to have their babies at three am. It's just how it worked. But that also meant that the first full day he'd been home, he wasn't at all surprised to hear the sounds of drums. A quick check with a shiny that could speak let him know what they said, and he was already getting ready. His medic's bag was packed, fresh supplies all around, and he was quick to snag a small bag that held various smaller baggies with treats and odds and ends in it. It got tucked into a side pocket, and then Grimm was off, heading out of the castle to find out just who'd been attacked and what was going on.

It wasn't too long to get down to the Jungle path, nor did it take too much time searching for the people. There was a small group, and sound carried, and well. Things already seemed....odd.

That wasn't Maeko.

He didn't know who it was, but he knew it wasn't her. There were slight differences, and her scent was all off. And, honestly, looking at the group, he found he really didn't know any of them well. Okay, other than Geoffrey, and he wasn't even going to pay the cyborg any attention. Right now, he could smell the blood in the air, see the way the stranger staggered, how her dress was torn, and he didn't hesitate to come up behind Aranel, though not so near as the stranger and her strange, furry companion.. The last thing he wanted to do was crowd the woman, but she was bleeding. And that concerned him.

"Here." He grunted gruffly, digging into his bag to pull out a large square of gauze and handing it to the elf. "See if ya can get her to use that instead of her hand." Cleaner, and all that shit. And there was a good chance this Maeko-lookalike would respond better to another woman than a guy. He would just have to see how this played out.

Meliai - April 25, 2012 03:14 AM (GMT)
The word attack really wasn't something that made Mel come running. As much as she wanted to help, in most situations she was much more likely to become another victim needing tending to rather than a knight in shining armor. In this particular case, however, she really didn't have much of a choice.

Meliai had already been wandering the woods when the drums rang out. She was inclined to ignore them today, but sometimes these sorts of things come to you. While she did not witness the attack itself, she watched the woman staggering down the road from a well hidden location in the trees. She would have stepped right out of the forest if she hadn't heard the fast approaching footsteps of others in their way. Unsure of whether they had come to aid or to continue the attack she kept herself hidden and quiet.

The first ones to approach, however, were among friends and the dryad breathed a sigh of relief and the crowd grew quickly, no unfriendly faces in site (only because she was one of the only ones in the weyrd to consider Geoffrey friendly). Quietly she stepped from the trees toward the group, her eyes on the only stranger. Although as Meliai rounded her the face looked familiar. The woman appeared very similar to Maeko, but did not act in any sort of way she would consider Maeko to act. While the rest of the group seem just as uninformed as she, it never hurt to ask...right?

“What's going on?” She kept her voice calm and soft, partly for the sake of the wounded woman and partly for the sake of anyone who had no seen her approach from an unexpected place. Not everyone needed a path to get where they were going.

((sorry for shortness, I had no time this weekend!))

Lucas - April 25, 2012 08:12 AM (GMT)
It was kind of odd having two Whers around rather than one. It was even weirder that one was actually enjoyable to be around. Don’t get him wrong, Lusk was a valuable member of the family and all (he was at scaring people off at least) but Pyrsk, Pyrsk was a different beast altogether. Whether it was because he was sickly or because the albino was oddly good natured, Lucas didn’t know, but when the two were combined it drove him insane.<br>
Lucas could enjoy a little bit of excitement and adventure in his life now and then.<br>
The beating of the drums was a welcome sound to his ears when Pyrsk was sitting on him, lovingly of course. But nearby he could hear grunts and the breathing of the for now calm Lusk. And them being within ten feet of each other was never a good sign.<br>
The Jungle Path? Emergency, attack? He was so there.<br>
But of course he’d be leaving Lusk and Pyrsk behind. The Yin and Yang pair were definitely not suitable for such adventure. But honestly, Lucas really just wanted to get out of the house. He should’ve known better than to accept a challenge like this. He cursed to himself, thinking that he’d stumbled into the wrong place at the wrong time but he was invited there for a reason. With his arms crossed over his chest, he looked over at the crowd, recognizing most of them accept for the woman that was bleeding.<br>
Bleeding was never a good sign on Whazzit now was it? But Lucas would deal with it, and he took a few steps forward to approach the crowd, not even bothering to echo the questions that he knew the others would ask. For now he’d just wait around in the back and listen. For once.[/doHTML]

Ria - April 26, 2012 07:29 AM (GMT)
Ria likes shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear, especially when riding a bicycle.

It was pure dumb luck that aided Ria in her quest for a bicycle, for she couldn't afford the glossy red bikes in the new shop in the village, not when their price tags were one million in a currency Ria had never even heard of. She might have spent a whole spring and summer of gorgeous weather pining over a bike of her own had she not conveniently received a bike voucher as a tip after waiting on a strange old man who would just not shut up about his cute... lovely... smart... amazing Blazemount that he... hugs when... sleeping.

Ria still wasn't sure what about asking if he wanted a refill of coffee prompted a breathless three minute tirade about his beloved Blazemount, but it had gotten her a new bicycle that she'd been careening around on through the jungle in her short-shorts. Admittedly not the best choice in attire, but that didn't stop her from yahooing around unknown paths through the jungle, no matter how many branches she scraped through or trees she narrowly squeezed by until it became too dark to zip around at top speed.

It was only when Ria slowed her pace that she could hear the drums and their cautious message. Emergency was the only part she could parse and that was plenty enough to urge her to seek out the path she knew fed back to the village's main path--right where trouble was waiting. Through the crowd Ria thought she recognized Maeko, being tended to by several people, at least two of whom she vaguely knew as healers. Ria had grown accustomed to strange things happening around Maeko and her Harpoon Saloon, but for something this bad to happen to her? It wasn't even that Ria knew that Maeko was a vampire who shouldn't bleed from a fanged bite--she was alarmed that the girl had been attacked and that her attacker was seemingly dangerous enough to warrant the warning drums.

"Can I get you anything?" she called to the healers as she slowly pedaled to a stop a small distance away from the center of the crowd and bit her lip. There were enough potentially helpful people in the crowd that Ria could feel justified in hurrying home to wait until it was safe in the village again, but she was the only one with a bike. She could fetch medicine or help the most quickly, presumably. So for the moment Ria stalled with her feet off of the pedals near the person who made her feel safest in this proclaimed emergency: Lucas. They'd survived the Evil League of Evil together and if things turned just as ugly here he was definitely her first pick for teaming up with. For now she just turned her head and whispered, "What happened?"

Estrella - April 27, 2012 04:52 AM (GMT)
Kali wasn’t the only thing shedding blood tonight. The pack of Ikal’daka bonded to Estrella was on the hunt. Ten hulking forms shot through the jungle trees, scattered but well-organized. Those who would disrupt the organization, not participate, or could not be trusted were not there. There were three who were excluded from the pack and therefore had to hunt on their own. Tonight was an opportunity for the ten to tighten their bonds, to improve their communication, and to feast on the rewards of teamwork. The pirate woman was not out and about on the majority of nights. She enjoyed her sleep and woke early, more acclimated to following the sun than anything.

But she couldn’t deny that hunting exhilarated her. She wasn’t much help at all—she wasn’t fast, strong, or large enough to be of any assistance to something like a Kal’daka. Though since these were her bonds and she was the common thread, there was no problem with occasionally bringing her along for a nighttime game.

She rode on the back of Renor Cryso who conducted her court better by the day. They were in the lead, generally guiding the others despite each one playing their individual role. There were a couple who lagged behind or were farther off to the side; those shier ones were more strategic space-fillers than anything. And then there were those who played important roles, like Mayar with his wizard-powers or Or’shanse with her Were’daka body.

They had driven a pair of Pegasi into an area of dense trees. The two had probably been innocently passing through, but their open skies were unfortunately blocked by enough greenery and branches to keep them grounded for a bit, until they saw an opening.

A large, rough circle followed the sprinting equines. Pegasi were fast, but these Ikal’daka knew the jungle well and their sturdy paws worked well on the uneven terrain. These were no open plains. A Zanjur and Detholusin cut the two off, causing them to swerve. Ah, but there were already canines waiting in all other directions. The frightened creatures darted back and forth, their space slowly decreasing as Ikal’daka shifted in closer.

Naut quin. [Not yet.] The most controlling male of the pack held back a young, daredevil Kyorli that was itching to close in.

Or’shanse. With the Queen’s encouragement, the Rahwenress quietly darted out, almost nervous in her movement, and circled about one of the Pegasi. The Nightwave was clearly strong and his thrashing and kicking was enough to hurt even a Kal’daka if the moment was right. Or’shanse, however, was a different story. She was the distraction, half-heartedly nipping at him. His back hooves kicked out, and though she almost dodged it, they nailed her front leg and a gnarly crack was heard. With a yelp of pain, her job was done. Two Kyorlis tackled the equine to the ground just a moment after the incident. He was finished. His herdmate, however, was making a run for it. Up into the sky the Moonfire fled, planning on crashing straight through the trees. It was the only way out.

That is, until an Ikal’daka came crashing down on her fifteen feet in the air. The Faern utilized his powers of levitation, being instructed by another to be ready for this. To the ground they plummeted, the Pegasus cushioning the fall of Mayar as he jumped off of the body and allowed for the others to take over. At that point, Or’shanse wasn’t the only one with a broken leg. Hers just needed to be forced into place and bandaged; the Pegasus with similar injuries was already out of its misery.

One would stay to guard their rewards; the others would hunt more. It took a lot to feed ten Ikal’daka, after all. Estrella hopped off Renor, mingling with the pack as they regrouped. She felt no sensitivity towards the two dead. It was the cycle of things and as long as it wasn’t one of her bonded prey animals, she had no concerns. The conversations between the pack members drifted off in her mind as she wandered around. That was when she noticed a humanoid form between the trees, and the sound of drums in the background.

Curiosity was enough for her to follow the figure, leaving her Ikal’daka to their nighttime activities. Eventually the figure was out of sight, and she simply continued walking until she heard a bit of commotion. Emerging from the trees onto a common path, Estrella stopped once she spotted the group of people. Not much could be seen among all the humanoid forms, but clearly something was happening. Without any care to if it might be good to be quiet or cautious, the woman crossed her arms, put on a grumpy face, and asked loudly: “What be goin’ on ‘ere?!”

Altair - April 29, 2012 09:49 PM (GMT)
It was good to be in the skies again. Altair felt his heart soar the higher he went, using the winds to glide. On his right was a large West Arathli, and on his left a gorgeous South. Trailing behind him were a Mistral and a Tempest, and as his beak sliced through the sky, he gave a cry of delight. His Aerie answered with screeches of their own, and for the time things were perfect. He could forget the bad things that happened before here; could forget everything bad that had plagued him and his nightmares for too many months. Thoughts of Aranel and the pang those thoughts brought to his heart couldn't be felt when he lost himself to the feel of his wings beating the air. Iolar glided just close enough to brush his flight feathers against his bond's side, and the shifter sped up accordingly.

Chances were he would have continued like this for a while had Locien not gotten his attention. There are drums. He boomed, calling the attention of the others to them. Altair tilted his head to listen, parting his beak a bit as he tried to make out what they said. Emergency. I should go see if there's anything I can do. He decided, winging furiously to bring himself to a stand-still and peering at the Aerie as they turned to peer at him. If I need you, I'll call for you. Iolar, take them hunting. I'll return by tomorrow. The Lord inclined his head and gave another cry, taking up the lead and continuing the direction they'd been headed in. The massive Raven turned and headed the opposite direction, spying what he would swear were ants below him until he got closer.

Seeing the humanoids gathering around...something, the man sighed, tucking his wings and diving into the Jungle within walking distance of the others. He landed smoothly and shifted back, fixing his clothing and untying the bonding pack he'd had tied to his leg when in his other form. Slinging it over his shoulder, he treked back towards the crowd he'd seen before, crimson eyes sharp as he surveyed the scene. It seemed that the young woman (was that Maeko? Didn't seem like her somehow...) was injured, and the others were pressing in to try and help. Knowing he wouldn't be asking anything that others hadn't and that he would only make things worse by getting closer, he took up a spot near Estrella, his hands gripping his pack tightly should he need to run closer to the unjured humanoid for any reason.

He peered at her fox-creature curiously for a moment, the soft spot in his heart for canines tugging in a longing to get closer. His time as a fox shifter had made him closer to the species, but he'd never seen on like that before. His gaze slowly lifted to the ones closest to her, a tight-lipped smile appearing upon seeing Grimm. But the one who was tending to the bleeding woman made the smile disappear almost immediately, and he had to fight the urge to turn and bolt back the opposite direction. Aranel had returned it seemed, and he wasn't in any mood to speak to her at the moment. Or any time soon, for that matter. Altair backed up a few more steps and crossed his arms, face unreadable. Yes, he would stick around and offer assistence if it was truly needed. Until then he would just be another face in the crowd.

Maeko Kuroki - May 2, 2012 01:44 PM (GMT)
Kali walked forward in a daze. She’d been bitten. BITTEN.

Ugh, just thinking about getting bitten by a human made her skin crawl! It was one thing to nibble an ear lobe or bite a lip playfully. It was another to actually take a bite out of someone and drink their blood. Who did that?

But she kind of liked it, and that disturbed her more than anything. It just came over her. He could have ripped out her heart if he wanted to, and she wouldn’t have lifted a finger. What kind of an attack had that been? No man should be that stunning, but he was.

And at first it’s been okay. Sort of like a leech. You felt good, great, even, and then you saw the blood and that high crashed down. The pain returned, the blood rushed out. All too late. She stopped, Aranel’s voice penetrating her thoughts.“I’ve had worse.” She looked incredibly pale, not yet removing her hand from the wound to take a look at it. “You shouldn’t be out here alone. This man…” A little lost look entered her eyes.

“No, no.” She seemed utterly confused. “I don’t know what he was. I thought they stopped creating Pokemorphs. He tried to drink my blood. I think, I think he wanted to feed me his.”

Aranel would learn her name soon enough, as she turned her head with a wince. Of all the people she could have recognized, of all the jungles, Palkia had dropped her into this one. Artemis was nice enough, but there was only one person who she thought could be equally as unhelpful. “Don’t let her get too close.” She warned, but it was too late and the silver-haired trainer was already grabbing onto Aranel’s shoulders. With her throat torn up, she wasn’t likely to be slashing anyone, especially Geoffrey, when she hadn’t even noticed him. Keeping an eye on Artemis was all that mattered. It wouldn’t be hard to over hear, her, however, and see that she hadn’t sicked Requiae on anyone.

“I got bit by a man with fangs.” She explained with a frown. Why wasn’t the blood stopping? Was there something in his bite? “I need to get this clotted, cleaned and stitched up.” She made a pleading look at the elf as if to say, please know how to do this on your own. Please be Nurse Joy’s cousin. Please.

And that was when that other man arrived; another Morph, from the looks of it. She didn’t say anything to Da’chetre, possibly because he might have come from the same place as the one that’d bitten her. The good news was that he hadn’t attacked, but she kept on guard, not eager to be surrounded by strangers that didn’t look entirely normal.

She was placid as Grimm approached, a little too tired to do anything more than just stay put. Either by arriving first or simply by checking up on her, Aranel would get a little more special treatment than the others. She wasn’t dressed for war, for one thing, she thought with another glance towards the Morph. “You’re a doctor then?” She asked, turning towards Grimm and then looking over to Meliai. She held up a finger from her free hand. She just needed a couple minutes.

Lucas and T’Rae arrived, but quiet as they were, and with blood on her hands, Kali didn’t notice them beyond the people closer to her. She did hear someone offer their assistance, and at the feminine vice thought perhaps, here was a Nurse Joy!

It was probably for the best that she didn’t see Altair shift. She caught her breath after a few minutes; the wound was still going to need stitches, but she did manage to speak up.

“My name is Kali Morrigan. Gym leader of Mobious Town. Where are we?” She would have said more, but nearby a gold and brown creature, that looked a little bit like an armored sleeping fox, Teleported into existence. Abra appeared to be sleeping. user posted image

Something else rustled the grasses along the roadside.

Kali cursed, scooping up her purse. If she and the others had made it over, so had other Pokemon. All six of her own pokeballs remained inside, with a few spares. She wasn’t in the right state to defend a group. “Use mine. They’re stronger than just about anything you’ll face.” She instructed whoever was nearby. Only six contained her team, but the rest would fare just fine. “Use the spares to catch what you can. Just walk around the area; you’ll find them.”

OoC: You guys are more than welcome to bring in your own characters if you’d like, from Pokemon roleplays, partner up to use their pokemon. :3 All I ask is that you only choose one to attack with.

Otherwise, for now, what you need to know is this:
Kali doesn't know you're not all expert Trainers that have done this before. You'll get plenty of help in my next post.

If you can bond it, it’s “shinified.” They will retain some looks and features of Pokemon, as well as being a Shiny. If you can’t, it looks like a 100% regular Pokemon.

For this post, just take a pokeball and explore whatever you want in the area (up to 1/4 mile away so others can attend something if they want). I don’t expect your characters to know how to open a pokeball if they never did before, but as long as they figure it out (by watching someone else or asking a native or just poking around), that’s fine with me. I’ll let you know what you get and encounter. For those attending Kali, assume she lets you fix her up and head out. You can attend anyone you want once I reveal them ICly.

As a side note, I am all moved in and just unpacking, so I can keep this up fairly quick. :3 This bonding doesn't require giant posts.

To clarify: Just grab a pokeball. Not multiples. I will tell you what's inside (IE- whether or not you got one of Kali's pokemon or a spare). They look the same, after all!

Estrella - May 3, 2012 03:22 AM (GMT)
When Estrella had first casually approached, she figured it was just another typically crazy thing going on in the jungle. Perhaps a shiny had been kidnapped, a humanoid had been transformed, or there was some kind of shady nighttime party going on somewhere. But it didn’t take long for the pirate to notice something was substantially different about this situation.

First, she caught sight of a strange-looking Toku among the humanoids. But the more she stared, the less Toku-like it seemed. It had plenty of tails, but… Secondly, as she took a couple steps closer, she finally caught sight of the bloody Kali in the center of the commotion. For a moment she thought it was Maeko, but when the woman spoke and asked where they were, she knew it wasn’t her. Logic said: she was just a stranger humanoid who brought along an odd shiny and ended up being attacked by something or another in the dangerous jungle. Estrella crossed her arms and observed, not inserting herself into the conversation or the main group. Artemis was brushed off as another Whazzitian she hadn’t met yet.

The pirate had to take a double take when a really strange creature came out of nowhere just a few feet from her. She took a few steps closer to the other humanoids as she stared. Now that was definitely not a Toku. She anticipated an attack or something weird to happen, but the thing seemed to be…sleeping.

Her attention turned back to the bloody blonde woman. She received as much of a confused look as the Abra. What the hell was this lady talking about? She must be dying, or dead, or at least something important in her brain was missing.

The words that beckoned her forward were “stronger than just about anything”. She had no clue what was going on, but if she was being offered something rare and strong, she’d take it…and maybe not give it back. Estrella moved even closer, her shoulders finally brushing with the people around Kali. She reached her hand out, blindly and silently accepting what was handed to her. A two-toned ball. What was this? Did it have some kind of secret in it? Was it magical?

Her gaze shifted over to Aranel, then Geoffrey, wondering if they had a better idea of what was happening than she did. Her eye finally lingered on Artemis for a moment, before she walked away. Her focus was now entirely on the small ball in her hand. She poked at it with her hook as she walked, mingling within the trees not far off the path. She had been told that if she walked around here, she’d find something. And she wanted to be the first to find it, assuming it was valuable. Maybe this was a tracking device. Her hook poked a little bit harder at the thing—not impaling it, but stabbing it gently. She didn’t want to break it, but she was getting impatient. She would keep walking and weaving around the trees, and keep poking at this damn thing until she hit the right spot!

Meliai - May 4, 2012 10:49 PM (GMT)

Meliai hung back a little ways. The girl was obviously injured and half the weyrd was here bombarding her with questions. It was alright that her question was brushed off, she gleaned enough information from explanations toward others that had showed up.

Most of it, however, didn't really make much sense, however. Gym leader? Mobius? The words were completely unfamiliar. Then again... planet was the place where people showed up under all sorts of mysterious circumstances. Perhaps Kali here was just another one of the victims of the forces surrounding this world. The dryad didn't really have the heart to tell her how far away from home she might be... and that she might never get back.

The sudden appearance of the Abra startled her visibly. She jumped, taking a quick step back and bumping right into Altair. She apologized, although kept her eyes on the strange creature that had joined them rather suddenly. When it showed no signs of attacking she looked to the shifter, smiling apologetically. It was no secret she was a tiny bit of a coward (at least).

Something else was rustling in the grass and there was no reason to believe it would be just as docile as the Abra was right now. So when Kali offered up something that would be stronger than anything out there, Meliai was one of the first in line to grab at a strange looking orb.

Her enthusiasm waned as she stepped back to examine the object. Was it supposed to do something? She wasn't about to go wandering until she knew exactly how it worked. At first she just turned it over in her hands, running her fingers along it's smooth surface. She then ventured a shake near her ear, listening for anything that might be inside. Her actions resulted in no response. She looked around her, wondering if she was missing something obvious, and then back up to the injured girl. Meliai really hated to be a bother but she had no idea what was going on.

“Er... is it supposed to do something?” The question was directed at no one in particular. Anyone with any answer was welcome to clue her in.

Altair - May 5, 2012 08:14 PM (GMT)
With everyone concentrating on trying to help the strange Maeko-look-alike, Altair took the time to survey their surroundings. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary; well, besides that strange girl who was clutching onto Aranel to look at the bleeding woman. He’d never seen her before, but perhaps she was just new to Planet. The man shrugged to himself, watching the Elymph for a while longer before looking away to take in what everyone else was doing. Lucas was holding back as well, it seemed, which was a shame – his water abilities might come in handy for cleaning the girl’s wound, if nothing else. He was about to try and move closer when the woman spoke, and his crimson eyes flickered around warily at what she said. A man had bitten her? There was really only one kind of person who would bite another, and attempt to get them to drink their blood. He really hoped that another Vampire wasn’t on the loose… Don’t get him wrong, he liked Maeko well enough, but one Vampire in the Weyrd was good enough.

He listened for a while longer, tilting his head a bit as she gave them her name. Kali. Right… Not Maeko. This one was…human? Allowing others to answer her question, he turned his attention to the creature that appeared out of nowhere, and blinked a little. What kind of shiny was that? Altair flipped through his mental ‘Shinies of the Weyrd’ book and came up with nothing that even closely resembled that…thing. Would it flee if he went to get a closer look? A step was taken towards the strange creature, but he was distracted a moment later when the Dryad stepped backwards into him. He instinctively steadied her, keeping a hand on her shoulder as he smiled a bit. ”Easy… It’s alright.” Once she’d gotten her bearings again and had gone to take one of the strange orbs that Kali was giving them, he tilted his head a bit to stare at the Abra more. Resisting the urge to get any closer, he instead took a few steps closer to the tree-line, crossing his arms as he waited for the others to grab their orbs before making any move to get one himself. He retreated back to where Meliai was, subconsciously wanting to look out for the girl and to assure her that everything would be okay.

Her question, however, wasn’t one he could answer. Altair frowned, turning the ball over in his hands like others were doing before poking it a few times. Did it have a secret codeword that made it work? Was he supposed to talk to it or something? He didn’t know, and so he settled for just holding on to it, giving his back to the tree-line… which was a bad idea, as he’d soon find out. “W-woah!” Came a cry as he was crashed into by another boy. Sparoe didn’t know how the hell he’d managed to be dropped in on this place, but at least he had something cushy to land on! “Where am I? This isn’t Lavaridge…” He pouted, and after a long moment he seemed to realize he’d landed on another person. “Oh! Crud, my bad. You okay?” Jumping to his feet, he held out a hand to help the raven shifter up, looking extremely apologetic. ”Where the hell did you come from?” The man growled, rubbing his chest from where he’d been shoved to the ground. The boy blinked and looked up at the sky, then all around, before looking back at the other. “Um… I came from Lavaridge. Which…this so isn’t.” He frowned, immediately doing a pocket check for his team. “Jackal, Zakuro, Zenith, Krean, Nero, Rontu… Good. I was scared for a minute.”

Eventually his electric blue eyes landed on the bleeding woman, and they widened until they looked like saucers. “She doesn’t look like she’s doing so hot. Can we help?” He turned to Altair, clearly expectant on the man dropping everything to rush to the woman’s aid. He earned a head-shake as the man dusted himself off, sighing a bit. ”The others are helping her right now… If we tried, we’d get in the way… Person.” The boy blinked, shoving his brown hair with pink streaks out of his eyes. “Oh. Name’s Sparoe. Sparoe Arkane. What’s your name, mister?” Lovely… Chicken Little here decided to latch on to him. ”Altair.” “Altair…?” Another sigh, then – ”Altair Kenji. Do you know how to use this orb?” The boy fell from the sky, which could only mean he came from elsewhere. Judging by the strange name of the place he came from, it was safe to assume he came from the same world that Kali woman did. Sparoe nodded, eyes bright as he beamed. “Sure do! … Wait. You don’t? What kind of trainer are you?” The boy gave what could only be an offended look before facepalming, motioning for the other to hand the ball over.

“Lessee here… That Abra over there will prolly be taken care of, soooo… Let’s go in this general directinon!” Sparoe posed, then looped his arm through Altair’s to begin dragging him off in another direction. ”Ah! Hey, wait!” Digging in his heels, he peered back at Meliai, smiling faintly despite the brown-and-pink haired boy doing his best to drag him off. ”Would you like to join us? I wouldn’t mind your company, and more eyes to a group can look out for those creatures better, right?” That and he just didn’t really want to stay alone with the boy. He was strange, and high-energy. If he didn’t have someone else to help take his mind off things, it was entirely likely that he would end up wrestling the boy to the ground and keeping him there until he agreed to calm down.

Geoffrey A-13 - May 7, 2012 03:49 AM (GMT)

Artemis stood frozen, temporarily distracted from the emergency situation with gripping tightly onto Aranel shoulder and staring at the enormous guy in a suit of freaking ARMOR PLATING guys seriously what what is going on. She really hoped Da'chetre was not a destructive psychopath. It was really tedious cleaning up from Mewtwo and his obsession with fighting Slyval and Lucifer, not having to deal with that now here too would be really cool.

A tiny eep squeaked out of her throat as Grimm's voice snapped her back to the main issue, but also so fact that she was possibly digging nails little too tightly into a random stranger shoulder she quickly let go, patting Aranel's shoulder apologetically. There there, shoulder, no hard feelings. She gave Ria a quick look too, but only shrugged uselessly; she didn't know what they needed her what was going on, only that nothing good seemed to be coming out of it.

And man there were a lot of folks out and about! She was a little disappointed she didn't actually recognize anybody. Which, she hadn't at the big hullabaloo, either, but still. It would've been nice to see somebody besides just Kali bleeding from her neck. Which, speaking of, she speaks herself! Useless or not (you disturb a temple of enormous elemental wolves one time!) Artemis was fairly concerned about her and this odd twist in an already unfortunate situation.

The trainer frowned at the Abra that poked its head, coming to the same conclusion as Kali. Blue-green eyes slid sideways and met those of her Ninetails. Ice merely nodded, but that was all she needed. They got this, yo.

But uh, some people obviously didn't.

"Hmm? Yeah, dependin'," Artemis offered to Meliai in response. Well, she wans't psychic, that was Mobious' stick, she didn't know what was in which of Kali's balls. She did give the girl a really baffled look along with the explanation though; who'd never seen a Pokeball before? Maybe they just had different tech here. "Tap once for big, twice to open it. There's something inside, they'll come out. If there's not. Well, they won't."

Any further need to explain was rather suddenly cut off by another trainer popping in and – and this one she could tell was a trainer, because well. He was acting just like her when she got dumped here. Plus, he actually knew what a Pokéball was. Too bad she didn't recognize him either from around town.

Well, while Sparoe was handling Altair and Meliai and she did her best not to crowd anxiously aorund Team Healers with Kali, Artemis took it upon herself to pester anybody who had come forward yet to get supplied. She wasn't keen to trust any of them with her own Pokémon; partly because she wasn't so keen to trust her own Pokémon behave because seriously, she adored them Blazie could be difficult and Flare was mental (the darling). So, waving beckoning gestures for T'Rae, Geoffrey, Ria, Lucas, notscaryarmormanbecause whoooo the frak are you? Those who came forward could receive assistance and a pokeball in hand as desired.

Those who didn't were going to be led by Geoffrey. He scoffed at the short excitable woman and refused to do so much as flat out tell her no. He was intrigued by her mutant Toku though; or maybe it wasn't mutant. Maybe it had just had its wings cut off in some unpleasant accident. Whatever the case, Ice intrigued him, and he was quickly taking scans from a safe distance.

Artemis, though, was not having any of that. Nobody was being left unprepared on her watch D< Which was how Geoffrey ended up with a Pokéball being pitched at his face. He could stand there and look grumpy about it, but he was going to take one, darn it! Fortunately for her safety and the sanity of everybody trying to actually accomplish something useful, Geoffrey's reflexes kicked in and he caught it in single shining silvery hand.

He glared pointedly at her. Her gaze drifted over his eyepiece; back down the hand; and then she blinked and went back to preoccupying herself with attempting to get everybody else sorted in a less face-threatening way.

Running his tongue along the underside of his teeth and fighting back any smart remarks, Geoffrey tapped the sphere twice. He'd overheard the explanation, he didn't need somebody to go over it twice for him. Let's see what he had to deal with here.

Aranel - May 7, 2012 05:21 AM (GMT)
The woman appeared to be a bit... dazed, but it seemed her voice snapped her out of it. Her focus compiled onto her and the Whaziztian was at least a bit relieved at that fact. She carefully removed her hands from the woman's arms, as she knew she had her attention now and she wouldn't try running (unless she felt she was being threatened...but come on, since when has 'Aranel' and 'threatening' ever been used in the sentence? ... Not including that one.). When the stranger trailed off, the Elymph only offered her a reassuring smile.

"I am never truly alone." Which, in a way, was true. The 'Guards could only be so far away from her at any given moment, and she was pretty sure if she even thought of asking for assistance, Sairith and a few others would be at her side in seconds. Especially in the state she was in now, and the state she had been in for the past few months. Now that she thought about it...hopefully it wasn't too apparent that she'd been sick, lately. Maybe she was hiding it well enough, who knew.

But ahh, there were other people arriving, and the woman was still speaking. "Wait... Pokémorph? What is tha-" She heard her continuing explanation of the man- a Vampire, she knew almost instantly, but didn't bothering mentioning that- but the unknown term she had used had piqued her interest. Not that she'd probably ever catch her question because all of a sudden, someone was right behind her.


She managed not to jump, instead peering over at the woman with sharp green eyes. "She seems to be okay, all things considered. Kali it is, then. Nice to meet you." Her gaze was now back on the original woman, the edges softened once more. But then Grimm was there, and she turned her attention to him. Ahh. He was much more proficient in his profession than she. She was too mixed to specialize in much of anything, really. She took the gauze from him with an undestanding nod, then turned to Kali.

"He is right, it would be better if you used this. And yes, he is a doctor." She glanced over in apology for answering for him, then turned back to Kali to offer the gauze. Once she took it, the elymph took a pause to take a look around. A lot of people had arrived- unnoticed by Aranel at first for she had been preoccupied. But- her eyes grazed over Alair, then instantly shifted back to him. Almost instantly, she had a few minds of her shinies press against the barrier she had put up against them, trying to distract her and get her to look somewere else, focuse on anything else. Irritation and betrayal flashed in her eyes for a few seconds before she mournfully looked away. need to ruin his evening. She would give him space.

Pushing her shinies away for the second time that evening, she turned back to see that Kali had given them all orders. She peered at the bag curiously, allowing most of the others to take their pick before she so much but moved a step closer to it. "This place is called Whazzit," she answered her even as she leaned down to pick up a random dual-toned sphere. She peered at it curiously, tapping the button in the center to see if it did anything. "Catch? You mean these balls will capture those creatures?" Her gaze flickered up to peer at the Gym Leader- whatever that title meant- in faint confusion. Creatures being captured and contained in small balls?

This was bizarre, even for Whazzit.

[ooc;;] Sorry that I'm not having her move around yet, Ara will be Ara and she's sticking around to make sure she's okay xD; I'll get her moving soon, I promise!!

Lucas - May 7, 2012 06:11 PM (GMT)
“I have no idea.” Lucas took a step back as Ria walked by him, recognizing the woman with some friendly familiarity. Whatever had happened to the young woman was something that he’d never been experienced with before. She mentioned something about getting bitten, vampires? But was too out of the loop to really know what was happening. He heard some weird thing about a Palkia (whatever that was) and Pokemorphs (he didn’t even wanna know) but he mostly kept to the background. He could follow along, sometimes he didn’t feel like using his brains in an operation. Sometimes he could just use the brawns. That is, until something teleported right before them. His eyes opened wide and he stumbled a step back, only to turn his head towards Ria. Gym leader? Were those pokeballs?<br>
No frickin’ way.<br>
He heard some mumbled nonsense about being a trainer, and he felt like he was stuck in some messed up scifi that didn’t know which series to stick with. He didn’t know if the situation was cool or absolutely ridiculous, he hadn’t been fascinated in Pokemon since he was a little kid, and with part of his mind thinking, wondering how a childhood video game had suddenly sparked into reality, he followed Artemis’ beckon.<br>
He grabbed a hold of Ria’s wrist, and pulled her forward, reaching to grab a pokeball, holding one for himself and offering one to Ria. “Bombs away?” he offered to the woman. He clicked the central button, tapping at it a few times half from recognition as a kid and half from the explanation that was given by another person that he did not at all recognize. If he was gunna have a Pokebattle, he better get some pretty bamf Pokemon. Or maybe a Squirtle, that’s what it was called right? who could give him a good ole’ water gun so that Lucas could do the work instead. He didn’t need a Pokemon, he was just as good as any water type or ice type now, wasn’t he?<br>
Whatever the case was though, he sure wished Moist was here right now. Then he could get this thing started instead of doing all of this waiting and watching.[/doHTML]

Da'chetre - May 8, 2012 03:07 PM (GMT)
Other—plenty of others—started to show up, some getting involved at greater degrees than others, some Whazzitians coming right up, others hanging back. For once, people seemed wary of Chet himself; apparently full armor put people on edge, as it well should. The Maeko-ish woman seemed wary at best, opting to speak to others rather than him, and the other stranger…

Well, she downright stared. She actually looked terrified and Chet couldn’t help but laugh. He grinned, and it was just unfortunate she couldn’t get a good look at his teeth—that would have been funny, too. The Mandalorian might have taken advantage of this situation to his own amusement if he’d not been distracted by this state of… emergency? Sure, not!Maeko was bleeding, but nothing terribly urgent seemed ongoing otherwise. Still, he could smell the anxiety on the air, and it was genuine.

He selected one of the red and white balls at random, not having the slightest clue what it was. He was in the process of shaking it when he heard the explanation of how to open it from the girl who was now… throwing a Pokeball at Geoffrey’s face. Chet snorted—okay, he liked her. She might have been a scared aruetii, but at least she had the sense to go bothering the cyborg.

Not wandering far, he gave the double-tap method a try, hoping that whatever was inside was going to actually be helpful. This was just getting… strange.

Grimm - May 8, 2012 05:24 PM (GMT)
Grimm only paid partial attention to the other people that joined them. Mostly, his attention was on Kali and her injury. Hearing about a man with fangs made him frown, but at least it wasn't Maeko. Though the doctor wasn't entirely sure that it didn't mean Maeko wasn't beind this. For now, though, he frowned at what he was hearing, and wondering what in the world was going on. There were a few people here that he had never seen before, and things just did seem...odd. "I am a doctor." He assured Kali.

But, right now, he had more important things. He let Aranel take the gauze, but once the Maeko-lookalike was done talking, he moved foward to offer his help. "Let me get those stictched up for ya." He waited for her permission, before getting the bite marks cleaned and stitched up for her. Only when he was satisfied, and had cleaned up his mess, did he back off and take notice of what was going on. There was a blank look given to the creature-thing that was sleeping. He'd never seen anything like that, and it made him wary.

And, of course, there was noise in the grass around them. Great. More...unknown creature things. He really didn't trust the red and white balls that Kali was offering, but he did take one at random. He heard what Artmis was saying about opening the ball-thing, although that didn't really tell him what in the world he was doing with it. There was supposed to be something inside? Or, at least, there could be something inside? Frowning, Grimm stepped a little bit away from the group, closer towards where he had heard a noise. After a moment or two of staring at the ball, he mentally shrugged and gave it a few taps, just to see if there really could be something inside.

Yeah. Grimm had no idea what he was doing.

At least he wasn't the only one.

(If Grimm wasn't allowed to go help Kali out the way he did, just let me know and I'll edit it. <3 )

Ria - May 11, 2012 04:40 AM (GMT)
There was some freak show wandering through the woods biting people. Was Ria the only one who heard that? Everyone else--including the bite victim!--seemed to be more interested in either the nine-tailed fox thing or the...teleport-y fox thing. Ria might have been more inclined to stick around and ask more questions (chiefly: WHERE is your gym and does it have a good yoga instructor?!) if there wasn't a fanged bite-y man lurking nearby. Also, she had her doubts that she'd actually get answers, since she already couldn't understand half of the things that the strangers were saying. So while the rest of the group moved in to select one of the red and white balls, Ria thought about turning her bike around and just going home. For once, she could stay out of trouble.

But before she could move, Lucas had grabbed her wrist and offered her a Pokeball, and in doing so he'd prevented Ria from wandering off alone like the stupid first victim in a horror movie. Realizing she was better off in the company of others, Ria decided to play along with whatever this was and accept the Pokeball since everyone else seemed to be getting one whether they liked it or not. Besides, Ria really wanted to know what happens when the button is pushed. She also really wanted to know if that funny-looking teleporting creature could really be caught inside of a ball.

"How do I...?" But Ria's palms were itching with the anticipation of doing something and asking for answers wouldn't satisfy her curiosity quickly enough. Only one way to find out! Ria quickly tapped the center button twice and then threw the Pokeball at the Abra. Why not? Balls were for throwing. Presumably she had to throw the ball to catch something. If there was already something inside she needed to empty the ball first. She did not want to empty the ball near herself or her expensive bicycle. If she was wrong, one of these nice strangers would probably let her know, and maybe give her another ball to throw

Katina - May 12, 2012 12:24 AM (GMT)
Great, just two rules of Pokémon, one of which was pretty much meant to be broken anyway, and she had broken the other: she'd overslept. Her red & white sneakers hit the ground hard as she ran out of the cottage, her high side ponytail swaying in the wind. Luckily, years of experimenting with her genes had lessened her sensitivity to cold, enabling her to be comfortable despite the fact that she was still wearing the yellow half shirt and loose jean shorts she had passed out in. Katina finally managed to finish attaching her red suspenders in front and picked up her pace, freed from the worry worry that her shorts might fall off. In case you missed it, in a MYSTERIOUS coincidence that the girl was completely unaware of, she was dressed as the world of Pokémon's Misty, though with the wrong hair and eye color (and certain noodley features).

Panting, she finally arrived at the edge of the gathering, stopping to catch her breath. She over heard something about these balls that you press twice to open. She viewed the little sleepy thing and the fluffy thing with a bunch of tails curiously, but they didn't seem like shinies up for grabs. She walked up to Artemis to get one of these balls. She then pinched Geoffrey's ass (just to say hello, she hadn't been out in a while, fully absorbed in trying to figure out if she could become a student of this brilliant fashion designer she read about named Cinna. Sadly, it appeared not) and skipped away. With determination and a smirk, she stretched her arm out (hey, she didn't know what what happen) and pointed her pokéball at a patch of grass that appeared to be empty, then pressed the button, once, twice.

Maeko Kuroki - May 24, 2012 01:18 AM (GMT)
Eventually Estrella would hit just the right spot, as the pokeball open up. A beam of red light shot out and took shape before her. When it faded a dog-like creature stood off to the side. Sparks jumped across his fur. Touching with a metal hook was not advised.

user posted image
It cocked its head, black eyes staring at the pokeball, and the then the one who held it. Jolteon was ready for action, regardless of who was giving the commands!

But oh, she wasn’t done yet, as a squat little green toad with a flower on its back had been watching them. user posted image

If she hadn’t noticed him before, she would now, as a long vine shot out of its flower and slapped her tush! Bababa….ba! It didn’t take a genius to figure out that it was laughing. No creature, Pokemon or shiny or human, could have had a more perverted expression than he wore in that moment.

Meliai traveling with Altair and Sparoe was really not such a bad idea. She and the other native Whazzitian each had empty pokeballs. Not quite as exciting as Estrella’s, but they had their own problems to worry about. Kali didn’t seem to inclined to explain anything else until she was at least feeling a little better about all the blood she’d lost. Artemis did soon enough, if they were still listening, that is, and not paying attention to that active kid.

The grass around them rustled, blown back by a sudden wind. Something large and blue had rushed past. It’s partner was long gone, but the tinier Pokemon floated down closer, dipping upside down in a pink orb as it appeared before Meliai and bobbed around Altair. It wasn’t all that bad, really!

Granted, a smart trainer would try and capture Mew while they had the chance! user posted image

Geoffrey had taken a much nicer approach than Estrella, and while the pokemon couldn’t feel it, Kali would happy later on to NOT see a million scratches and scrapes across the outside. What emerged was loyal enough. Maybe not to this man in particular, but the sane party leader was quite understanding. He took one look at his trainer, flexed leathery demon’s wings, and breathed a jet of flames. The scarred, Houndoom (although he may or may not have realized it was a mutant) stood at attention.

user posted image

His eyes might just have gleamed a little wickedly, as a large blue Dragon touched down nearby and shot an even larger spout of flames into the air.
user posted image

The winged Houndoom turned his sharp gaze onto Geoffrey and tipped his snout as if to say, we’ve got this in the bag.

“We don’t get many doctors, just nurses. I’m sure it’s quite difficult to achieve that status.” She coughed, wiping a little blood from the corner of her mouth. As far as she could tell, Grimm did not have the allure of the other man. Grimm did not have fangs. Grimm did not seem interested in her blood, aside from a medical perspective.

“A pokemorph is a combination of a human, and one or more of the creatures you see here.” She lifted her free hand weakly towards the Abra and the distant fire-breathing lizard as she addressed Aranel. Clean, sterile gauze was much better; stitches or something else would be great.

Speaking of catching…. ”You’ve got to give them an attack command.” If no one heard her, hopefully the message would be relayed by the silver haired trainer or someone else down the road. The pokemon might spring into action to save them, but they’d need a word from a Whazzitian if they wanted any help!

“Whazzit.” She glanced over to Artemis, as though wondering if she’d heard of the place before. “The name doesn’t ring a bell. What region is this?” She hadn’t quite associated Whazzit as being on an entirely different planet. Being drained of your blood tended to throw you for a loop like that. She’d be a little slow in putting two and two together, even if not knowing what a Pokeball does was a pretty big hint that she wasn’t in Nary anymore. “They’ll catch them and will be yours to use from thereon out. They may resent you, especially if you don’t end up being the best of friends, but a strong trainer can get just about any Pokemon to listen to them in time. Don’t worry about the attacks, either. They’re not like you or I. It’s in their instinct, they’re born knowing how to fight, and they heal quite fast after battles.”

She handed a Pokeball to the elf. “Take this. Try it out on that one.” A tiny, red-cheeked rodent was peeking out from the grass. It didn’t look angry or anything, but it did look ready for a fight.

user posted image

Grimm could take all the time he needed with the stitches. She was a good patient; making as few complaints (none) as someone who’s paid a visit to the ER many times before.”Thanks.” She informed him politely; as he had stopped her from bleeding out she might have given him a little more interesting thing than just an empty. After all, if he’d saved her life and she knew all her pokeballs by heart, why shouldn’t he be ensured to make a good head start? All she could do now is rest and regain her strength.

It was probably a little unfair, as the seventeen foot tall form of Zale appeared before the rotund form of a WILD SPHEAL. user posted image

The seal type didn’t seem at all intimidated as it let a bright burst of Water (Gun) flying at Grimm’s chest.

user posted image
The Lugia seemed more amused than anything else, wings confined to its sides as it tilted its head, clearly awaiting orders. It wasn’t too keen on tearing down the jungle with just a flap of its wings, after all!

Unfortunately for Lucas, it was Ria who got the BAMF Pokemon. His was empty. All the better to catch something with though, right? And what was cooler than a rainbow that had been floating high above this whole time- user posted image

The other Legendary bird (as he would recognize it, if he called himself a fan!) was quite high up but quickly coming closer, and closer and OMG IT’S HEADED STRAIGHT AT YOU!

Ria would also have to throw herself out of the way, but not before seeing the pokeball burst open in bright red light. It pinged off the Abra, but its contents were not keen on sharing the space. With a loud howl a black Arcanine with blue eyes and broad feathered wings emerged. It didn’t need a command to plow into the Abra faster than the Pokemon could Teleport. Extreme Speed kinda rocked, didn’t it? The little creature landed in a dazed heap on the group, little animated birds spinning over head.

user posted image
Picking it up in her jaws, the Arcanine brought her prize to Ria’s feet, tail wagging like a giant puppy. She’d didn’t have a ball to catch it in now but more would be coming. They were just, ah, lost. Don’t worry, she’d store this in a nice cache for later. Kibeth was very good at taking other Pokemon out. Her eyes were already on the retreating form of Ho-Oh. That giant flying chicken was next.

T’Rae hadn’t gone far enough to encounter anything, though there were plenty of Pokemon around to attack. Her pokeball contained a lavender creature that was eluded description beyond fox or cat. Lorelei was her name, and the polite little Espeon blinked up at the woman. She was one of Kali’s smartest shinies, that Pokemon that’d fought off Mewtwo before, and was happy enough to wait for some direction.

user posted image
Espeon purred softly. She didn’t look like much, but she’d show her real talents soon enough!

Da’chetre didn’t have anything in his pokeball, but he was armed to the teeth so to speak, and could fend for himself just as well. His opponent wasn’t all that bad, either. A little sinister looking, with sharp claws, an odd scar, and long body….But who are we kidding, he could use a good fight!

user posted image

…And he did not look happy, staring Chet down.

Katina’s pokeball was empty- but that was perfect for catching things, wasn’t it? It just might take a little ingenuity to figure out how to get the dancing blue crocodile into her pokeball. That’s right, a starter had been saved for her- a pesky WILD TOTODILE, but a starter nevertheless!

user posted image

Dilediledile! It spoke, springing at her with its mouth wide open for a good Bite! Oh no!

OoC: Hoping to goodness that this year cannot get any worse for me.

In any case, this’ll be you post, I post from here on out. You have a practice pokemon, then the shinies, but I’ll post them up before you defeat this one.
It’ll take me two days to get up the descriptions. I’ve got a lot to catch up on, and still have to write up their personalities. ^^’ Once they’re up, send me prefs. Be warned that I may not move them all around to suit you, so if there’s one you absolutely have to have, make sure you go over to it.

If you don't have a pokemon, feel free to attack still. Be as creative as you want, or catch something someone else knocks out (or have them knock it out for you).

One attack per post. It can be as short as a few sentences if you want! ^_^

Da'chetre - May 24, 2012 03:03 PM (GMT)
Well, hey, the ball grew—weird—and then it opened. Unlike others, though, nothing came out of the ball. It was empty… whatever that meant for Da’chetre. He sniffed the inside of it, but it just smelled… plastic-y, so he assumed nothing lived in it. That was cool… he guessed.

And that was when the wild Zangoose appeared. Brows raising in skepticism, the feline studied the white and red furry thing. It wanted a fight, did it? Well, he didn’t have a monster to send out to fight like some of the others did, so he took a very small moment to consider his own stats.

Lv. 55
  • Dex No. | 1138
  • Name | Horansi
  • Type | [Fighting] [Fire]
  • OT | Fao
  • ID No. | 84047
  • Exp. Points | 172365
  • To Next Lv. | 3251
  • Item
    Black Belt
Adamant nature.
Rahl Compound
Met at Lv. 43
Likes to fight.
  • HP 183/183
  • Attack 162
  • Defense 105
  • Sp. Atk 117
  • Sp. Def 81
  • Speed 111
Ability / Battle Armor
Protects against critical hits.

<[Normal] Slash
PP 10/10>
<[Fire] Fire Punch
PP 15/15>
<[Dark] Crunch
PP 15/15>
<[Fighting] Close Combat
PP 5/5>

Kitty Mandalorian Pokemon Whazzitian

HT 7’07”
WT 422.6 lbs.

Its bite has enough force to crush skulls. The armor it wears
protects it in close combat, which it frequently engages in.

Well, okay, maybe he didn’t know all that. But he did know one thing. He had claws. Grinning behind his helmet, he couldn’t help but laugh as he lauched himself towards the Zangoose.

Da’chetre USED SLASH!

((I may have gotten carried away. 8D Apologies~ I lay in bed last night thinking about this. XD ALSO if anyone wants to steal and do some stats too, please feel free. I won't get all up in arms because someone 'copied' me. For all I know, I'm not the only one that had this idea. 83))

Estrella - May 24, 2012 03:11 PM (GMT)
Estrella stopped in her tracks and held the ball away from her, tensing up as a strange red light shot out from the object in her hand. It happened in just a couple moments; she found herself staring at something that could have been an odd Toku with bigger ears. The sparks flickering across its spiky fur were easy to spot among the surrounding darkness. She stared skeptically at first, waiting to see if it was pissed off at her or wanted to eat her. But those attentive black eyes said otherwise. Besides, that bloody girl had given this ball to her. Was this creature on her side? If so, for what? She had been hoping for a mystical object, not a new, foreign shiny that wasn’t even hers.

“Sorry. Did I mess up yer home?” She stared at the scratched-up ball, first with the slightest bit of guilt, followed by confusion. “How…do ye fit in thar anyway?”

But any pleasant pirate-pokemon conversation was quickly interrupted by a strange plant-creature making an appearance and…spanking her. Estrella tried to spring out of the way when she saw something coming straight at her, but she hadn’t made a move to guard her rear end. With a firm SLAP!, the woman inevitably thrust forward and grabbed her butt protectively.

“HEY!” She glared, shocked at the action. She didn’t get her butt slapped; she slapped butts. That’s how it had always gone and who was this blue and green guy to decide otherwise?! It didn’t hurt much, but the offense she took grew as she watched him. He was…laughing at her. And he looked way too pleased with himself. Estrella’s eyebrows wrinkled with insult. Her eye focused on him for a couple moments before she took off straight for him. Estrella uses Tackle.

It might take her some time to realize that using the powerful pokemon next to her was a better idea.

[Ahaha. xD]

Grimm - May 24, 2012 04:03 PM (GMT)
Not surprisingly, Grimm liked things simple. It had been a shock when he found himself on Planet, a shock to find shinies and to suddenly have telepathic contact, to bond these things and build a home. Sometimes, Grimm was still getting used to it, because sometimes, it snuck up on him and bit him in the ass that, holy shit, he had some large, sparkly, shiny, animal-thing rambling at him, or getting into his food, or things like that. It felt like he was dreaming, and that any moment, he'd wake up and realize this wasn't real.

Mostly, Grimm dealt with it, moved on, and let the feeling fade.

However, when something came out of the weird ball he'd picked up, the doctor had to take a double-take and just stare.

"The f-ck are you?" Was blurted out, as he looked up at the feathery beast.

Like hell he was getting on that thing's back, too. Just to be clear. Grimm and flying? Not good friends. Kinda like him and Geoffrey...although the flying bit usually made him vomit a little more than having to deal with Geoffrey bit.

Moving on.

Or, getting thrown to his ass, as the case may be, because Grimm didn't see the other beastie appear. And that meant he didn't see the attack happen, and got himself knocked squarely in the chest by a hard stream of water.



Wet, and annoyed now (the bruise that would have formed was quickly healed), Grimm dragged himself to his feet and just stared at the new thing. just attacked him!

A LOOK was given to the Lugia, who seemed far too amused at Grimm's sudden shower. "The hell are you goin' to do, just stand there?"

...That would probably be a yes.

Goddamnit, he was a doctor, not a Pokemon trainer. He wasn't cut out for this shit.

"Attack it or somethin'!" And no, of course Grimm wasn't shifting and looking ready to duck behind the giant bird-thing, if that OTHER beastie looked like it was going to soak him again. Don't be silly.

Lucas - May 24, 2012 08:28 PM (GMT)
Holy. F-ck. Unfortunately Lucas wasn’t as big of a fan as he could have been, he only stuck around with the series for the first one hundred fifty one. So while he did recognize in a sense Jolteon, and damn was that Mew? he had no idea what the big rainbow lump of feathers in front of him was. Except it was kind of huge, and he could just sort of assumed that it was strong, and it was rising higher and higher into the air, and sh-t, if he got hit by that huge thing he wasn’t going to live. He didn’t really know what to do, he didn’t know what to think, but his pokeball had turned up to be empty. For some reason he did have the sense to run over and pick it up, but the next few instances he didn’t really know <i>what</i> to do.<br>
He didn’t know how long this attack would take to hit (he was pretty lucky it was a two-turner, wasn’t he?) but he did look up to see that Ria’s pokeball had produced something useful. Now <i>that</i> Lucas recognized. Well kind of. It looked sort of like an Arcanine (he liked the big fiery dogs back in the day) but he sure as hell didn’t recognize the wings. But nevermind that.<br>
“Ria, tell it to do something.” Attacks, attacks. Did he remembered any attacks? He ran some through his head as fast as possible, hoping that he’d hit something that the Arcanine might recognize. “Uhm, Fire Spin? Flamethrower?” He didn’t know if Ria was a fan of pokemon ever at any point, if she even recognized Pokemon from whatever world she was from, but he didn’t’ have much time for wondering. The big rainbow bird was coming right for them. “Fire Blast? Or we can just run!” For some reason it didn’t occur to the young man that his water controlling abilities could mirror a Pokemon’s attack. And unfortunately he didn’t recognize that a Hydro Pump would be hell of a lot more useful than any fire attack could be in this given situation. But come on, cut him some slack. A big, giant winged thing was coming right at him!<br>
Maybe he’d realize it eventually.[/doHTML]

Aranel - May 25, 2012 08:31 PM (GMT)
Aranel started hearing sounds that were easily recognizable as the sounds of beasts, and creatures- but nothing that she was familiar with. And there were only a rare few species of shiny that the elf didn't know. She allowed the attacked girl to speak with the doctor and took a few moments to look around- strange creatures of varying shapes, sizes, and... looks had begun appearing. The elymph was astonished. Where they all from Whazzit, or where they from wherever this strange girl- and her Pokéballs (That's what she'd called them, right?)- came from? She guessed the latter.

After one last glance to Kali after behind handed the pokéball, to make sure she was taken care of, she took her leave to slowly approach the Pikachu. The little creature was...rather cute, actually, and reminded her of a mouse. It didn't look...aggressive, or anything, but there was a fire in it's eyes that was unmistakeable. Were these creatures so used to combat that they were just... prepared for it, always? But the elf just shook her head.

She noted that a few of her fellow Whazzitians were legitimately attacking the creatures. Estrella had rammed into one herself, and Da'chetre was using his claws to good use. But the only thing the elymph knew to do (in any sort of effectiveness) was to draw and fire with a bow, and a full quiver- neither of which she had at her disposal. Besides, that would surely kill the poor creature, and she couldn't do that. And just tackling the yellow mouse- no. It wouldn't feel right.

But... she had magic. Emerald eyes roved around the jungle before she noted a few vines hanging from the trees surrounding the Pikachu. She lifted her hand, locked eyes with the Pokémon, and summoned the vines to attack.

Aranel used Vine Whip!

Katina - May 27, 2012 11:00 PM (GMT)
There were more and more of these strange creatures popping up, none coming out of the ball she had grabbed, but next thing she knew, there was a miniature crocodile, coming at her teeth-first. Shucks, this so was not her prime fighting form, if only she still had wings, or monkey-ness... But she didn't have time to mourn her animal parts. She still had... hey, a big, thick, currently noodley, tail. That should be able to do something. She smiled adorably, so if the thing was male, and his teeth made contact, he'd activate her ability: Cute Charm. With her sweetest mix of happiness and vulnerability plastered on her face, she spun, aiming to smack the totodile right between the eyes.

Katina used Tail Slap!

Meliai - June 4, 2012 12:32 AM (GMT)
At the steadying hand of Altair, Meliai blushed slightly. It was an involuntary and mostly meaningless response that spoke only of her own shy nature. But the awkward moment was suddenly overshadowed by the entrance of another person. Meliai assumed this person wasn't what they were supposed be battling, but she couldn't help but be wary. It was rather rude to just drop on top of people out of nowhere.

So many words were being flung around that Meliai was not familiar with. Lavaridge... pokeballs. It was all rather confusing. Paired with the fact that there was supposed to be potentially dangerous creatures out there it was fair to say Mel didn't feel incredibly safe. It sounded like attacking things would be necessary soon and she wasn't the most adept at that.

When Altair voiced his invitation Mel was very eager to follow. It was more than a little disappointing to find that her strange orb was empty. Weren't they supposed to be useful in some way? With a little bit of forethought Mel stooped to pick up a stray branch along the way to follow the pair leading the way. She might not be much good with it, but it gave her a better chance than if she remained unarmed.

Something rush past them suddenly and Meliai squeaked in surprise, swinging the branch blindly and wildly, hardly even noticing the appearance of the mew.

It was very apparent she wasn't going to be much help here...

Lucas - June 7, 2012 08:35 PM (GMT)
[Katsumi has agreed to take this over, so sit tight and wait a bit as she figures things out! Thanks!]

Katsumi - June 7, 2012 09:47 PM (GMT)
Okay, the way Mae has run this is hurting my brain, so we're gonna mix this up. Same idea, but... Not. :| *no sense is made*

Basically, in your next post, name one non-legendary Basic (non-evolved) that's NOT listed below. This is your new partner Pokemon. Have it spawn from the woodwork, appear in your pocket, whatever. If you have an additional character from a Pokemon RP (again, my brain hurts xD) just pick one of their Pokemon, not the entire team. When stating whatever Pokemon it is, list four attacks. As long as they're learned through leveling (no TM use) it can be whatever. Don't bother listing your Pokemon's level either. This is irrelevant. If it doesn't hurt you to poof your side character (for those of you playing them), please do so. For my sake. It's hard enough to reorganize an entire bonding xD

TL;DR - Pick one basic, non-Legendary Pokemon for each character you're playing. Post four attacks, and I don't care about level. If it doesn't pain you, if you ARE playing a side character, poof them somehow. If it does pain you, keep them.

If you're fighting something, continue fighting it. I won't change that. In fact, I'm trying my hardest not the change ANYthing, but I have no idea what was going through Mae's mind, so instead of pretending otherwise... 8'D

I'll be posting every few days, just to make up for lost time. This ends on the 30th, so we gotta play fast, y'all.

If you guys want to post now and claim your 'partner Pokemon' do so. I'm posting on 6/8 to move on either way, however. ALSO send preferences! Whether it's preference for species/rank or Pokemon. Just let me know. If you've dropped, also let me know. PM or IM is fine. Otherwise I'm going with the list I somehow managed to scrounge up.

Also, forget all mentions of Kali and vampires. That's not my thing, and I won't play Mae's characters. This is gonna be some good old fashioned Pokeymanz.

Please forget any mentions of shiny-ized Pokemon UNLESS they're on the list below. THESE are the Shiny-ized Pokemon. Minus the Shiny-ized bit. They look like Pokemon.
But will be Shinies.

Don't pick these Pokemon:
Flareon, Skitty, Houndoom, Lairon, Mightyena, Persian, Snorlax, Skarmory, Vulpix, Zubat

Next Post:

Estrella, Altair, Meliai, Lucas, Ria, Da'chetre, Katina

Quick List
10/10 Bonded

Red Demonhound Flare -- Lucas
-Pokemon: Flareon

Omega Male Toku Rokon -- Altair
-Pokemon: Vulpix

Amethyst Celeste Cat Skitty -- Ria
-Pokemon: Skitty

Infrared Female Pongbat Zu -- Katina
-Pokemon: Zubat

Aether Gryphette Verd'yc -- Da'chetre
-Pokemon: Skarmory

Sargtlin Kal'daka Ultrine -- Ria
-Pokemon: Mightyena

Scout Female Kosaire Snorla -- Estrella
-Pokemon: Snorlax

Albino Watch-Wher Meliask -- Meliai
-Pokemon: Lairon

Shifter Shadowguard Doom -- Lucas
-Pokemon: Houndoom

Mincera Rsphinx Nalamin -- Estrella
-Pokemon: Persian

Katsumi - June 7, 2012 09:48 PM (GMT)
All physical descs will be added AFTER bonding. I don't want to give away who's who ;D

[doHTML]<FONT COLOR="#212121">H</FONT><FONT COLOR="#372a21">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4e3221">w</FONT><FONT COLOR="#643b22"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#7a4422">D</FONT><FONT COLOR="#914d22">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a75522"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#bd5e22">Y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d36722">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ea6f22">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff7722"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#e76c20">L</FONT><FONT COLOR="#cd611d">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b45519">k</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9b4916">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#823e13"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#683210">T</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4f260d">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#361a09">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1c0f06">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#030303"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#1a0e06">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#311809">p</FONT><FONT COLOR="#48230c">p</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5f2e0f">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#763812">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8d4314">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a44d17"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#bb581a">R</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d2631d">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e96d20">d</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff7722"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#ea6f22">D</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d36722">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#bd5e22">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a75522">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#914d22">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7a4422">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#643b22">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4e3221">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#372a21">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#212121">d</FONT>[/doHTML]
She's stocky, but cute, with dark gray fur that gets longer around her collar and the wrist/ankle joints on her legs, as well as a tuft on her head. The longer fur is more a reddish-orange color, complimenting her dark reddish wings rather nicely. Her eyes are huge and almond shaped, and so black you can't tell the pupil from the rest of it, giving her an adorable chibi-fied appearance. At the corners of her eyes she has bright, cherry-red gemstones. She's always happy, this girl, and constantly grins with her tongue hanging from the side of her mouth. She's got a face you just can't say no to... and if you try, she'll just tilt her head and you'll melt. So it is written.

She's spunky, she's fiery, and she's sassy. She's also sweet and loyal to a fault. This Red has so much faith in the world, it's almost sad the way that she trusts what almost anyone tells her. It's cute to a point, but it can also be extremely frustrating, because someone has to pick up all the pieces of her crushed dreams. But no matter how many times this Demonhound finds disappointment, she has a remarkably positive outlook on life, always giving you a cute smile and a wag of her tail. She's cheery, that's for certain, and she doesn't let anything get her down for long.
Font Color: Bold #B13E0F

[doHTML]<FONT COLOR="#8b1a1a">F</FONT><FONT COLOR="#992017">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a82513">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b62b0f">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c4300c"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#d23608">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e13b04">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ee4000">d</FONT><FONT COLOR="#eb5114"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#e76128">B</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e3723c">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#de8351">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#da9465">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d6a479">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d2b48c">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d6a479">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#da9465">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#de8351">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e3723c"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#e76128">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#eb5114">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ee4000">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e13b04">g</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d23608">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c4300c"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#b62b0f">T</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a82513">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#992017">k</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8b1a1a">u</FONT>[/doHTML]
This Omega is colorful, in a faded sort of way, with a light red-brown coat, and darker brown paws. His underbelly gray-cream, the color not reaching past his elbows or knees. The longer fur on his forehead is a brighter orange color, matching the hair on his his six slightly-curled tails. He has large, teardrop-shaped, ash colored eyes, a nice neutral contract to his wings. His wings. Oh man. His wings are large and loosely feathered. Not great for flight, but great for appearances. The feathers are a mixture of golds, reds, oranges, and a little bit of blue, and they're all extremely glossy. This Toku has a habit of shaking said feathers in people's faces, making them appear like twin flames.

Pessimistic? Who, him? Please. If you think the world isn't crashing down around all of our heads, you don't spend enough time with Flamma. Or Serpen. With the amount of doomsayers around the Weyrd, how could you doubt the world's imminent destruction? This Toku feels that he's a breath of fresh air, a bit of realism in a land filled with inexplicably naive dreamers. Whenever he gets a bad feeling about something, he's loud about it, warning everyone to a different path, and doing so while practically up their nose. He likes to get all up in yo biznis- personal bubbles mean nothing to this male.
Font Color: Bold #FF3300

[doHTML]<FONT COLOR="#1f1f1f">W</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2d2d2d">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3b3b3b">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#484848">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#565656">'</FONT><FONT COLOR="#646464">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#727272"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#808080">Y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8d8d8d">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9b9b9b">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a8a8a8">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ac98ac">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b087b0"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#b376b3">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b765b7">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#bb55bb"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#bf44bf">M</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c333c3">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c622c6">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ca11ca">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#cd00cd"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#ca11ca">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c622c6">m</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c333c3">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#bf44bf">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#bb55bb">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b765b7">y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b376b3">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b087b0">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ac98ac"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#a8a8a8">C</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9b9b9b">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8d8d8d">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#808080">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#727272">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#646464">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#565656">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#484848"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#3b3b3b">C</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2d2d2d">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#1f1f1f">t</FONT>[/doHTML]
Her fur is short and dark gray, extremely soft to the touch, like expensive velvet. Her face and underbelly are a lighter gray, but still completely neutral. She has cute little tufted ears, and even her three tails have light gray pompoms at the very ends, just... naturally. It's kinda sort of really adorable. She has slitted black eyes, giving her a constant expression of either cheeriness or deviousness. Possibly both. Between her eyes is set five-pointed star, and in the center of that is a small purple gemstone, one that shines nearly pink in the sunlight. Her body is light and dainty, and she'll never grow very large, all the better to sneak into tight, hidden spaces.

This Amethyst is all for sharing. She'll share your bed, share your food, and even share your jewelry. Because sharing is caring, right? She might act all sweet and cute and innocent, but there's a sharp cunning to this girl, at least when it involves someone else's possessions. Using her girlish charm, she'll charm each one of your rings right off your fingers, like the pied piper of accessories. She loves anything and everything with bright colors, and as if to make up for her dull coat, she'll adorn herself with pinks and purples and blues and yellows. She's kind enough, despite her habit of borrowing without permission, and she rarely speaks badly of others.
Font Color: Bold #CC00FF

[doHTML]<FONT COLOR="#27408b">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="#363f93"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#443d9c">L</FONT><FONT COLOR="#533ba4">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#613aad">v</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7038b5">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7e36bd"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#8d34c6">E</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9a32cd">v</FONT><FONT COLOR="#934bb6">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8c659d">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#847e85">y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7c986c">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#74b154">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6dca3b">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#65e423">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5dfc0a">g</FONT><FONT COLOR="#64e620"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#6bd036">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="#72b94b">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#79a361">f</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7f8c77">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#86768d">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8d5fa2">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9449b8">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9a32cd">d</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8d34c6"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#7e36bd">P</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7038b5">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#613aad">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#533ba4">g</FONT><FONT COLOR="#443d9c">b</FONT><FONT COLOR="#363f93">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#27408b">t</FONT>[/doHTML]
This fuzzy girl is covered in thick, plush blue fur. Her black eyes are so narrow that they appear to be mere slits, and this really doesn't help her already awful eyesight. Her ears, wings, and feet are purple, and her large mouth is full of sharp, pointy teeth. It's a good thing she's not violent. She is, however, extremely loud. She talks all the time in her own batty way, chirping and peeping and pinging here and there as she bounces off one person or another. Although plain in appearance, she's beautiful in personality.

She is friendly. Very friendly. So friendly in fact, it's frightening. She really wants to be with someone. Anyone. Everyone. At all times. This Infrared loves making new friends, and she's very exuberant in showing it... To the point where she bombards them, flinging herself from the sky into their hair. It's never something that someone expects, so many people tend to freak out and that hurts her feelings. ;-; She just wants to love you. She may not show it in the calmest way, but she tries her best to make you happy.

[doHTML]<FONT COLOR="#5f9ea0">N</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6fa8aa">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#80b2b4"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#90bcbe">H</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a0c7c8">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b0d1d1">g</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c1dbdb">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d1e5e5">w</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e0eeee">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e4e8d4">y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e7e1b8"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#ebd99d">O</FONT><FONT COLOR="#efd282">p</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f2cb66">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f6c44b">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f9bc2f">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#fcb514">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#fabb2c"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#f7c245">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f3c85d">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f0cf75">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#edd58e">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#eadca6">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e6e2be">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e3e9d7"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#e0eeee">G</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d1e5e5">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c1dbdb">y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b0d1d1">p</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a0c7c8">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#90bcbe">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#80b2b4">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6fa8aa">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5f9ea0">e</FONT>[/doHTML]
He's very angular, with sharp looking blue-gray feathers that shimmer white in the sunlight. His narrow eyes are yellow and cutting, and he has a permanently pissed off expression on his face. Around his neck is a 'collar' of dark gray plumage, matching his dangerously pointed beak. This Aether's back end is covered in short, bristly light blue fur with jagged white stripes along his sides and legs. As far as bird-brains go, he's fairly handsome, but he's far from a knight in shining armor.

This Lord is very territorial. He considers everything around him as 'his', and he will protect it from every threat, real or imagined. One could go so far as to call him paranoid, or just needlessly violent, but he feels that it is his duty to guard his property to all extents possible. He's brave and ultimately fearless, taking on creatures far larger than himself without batting an eye- a behavior usually more fitting of a Flame than an Aether. He accepts all confrontations with great enthusiasm, always ready to jump at a chance to fight.

[doHTML]<FONT COLOR="#030303">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="#202020"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#3d3d3d">L</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5a5a5a">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#787878">v</FONT><FONT COLOR="#959595">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b2b2b2"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#cfcfcf">T</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ebebeb">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d4d0d9"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#bdb3c6">S</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a597b3">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8d7aa0">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#755e8d">v</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5e417a">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#462567"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#2e0854">S</FONT><FONT COLOR="#462567">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5e417a">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#755e8d">g</FONT><FONT COLOR="#8d7aa0">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a597b3">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#bdb3c6">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d4d0d9">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ebebeb"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#cfcfcf">K</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b2b2b2">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#959595">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#787878">'</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5a5a5a">d</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3d3d3d">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#202020">k</FONT><FONT COLOR="#030303">a</FONT>[/doHTML]
This Kal'daka is large and deadly looking, the darkest of blacks with jagged white rings just below his elbows and knees. He has extra long fur along his back, flowing down his spine and surrounding his tail. It's thick, but it's not exactly lush. He could use a good conditioning, I'd say. His ears are a bit unusual- his entire ear is tilted back slightly, but the tip curves up, like a fancy dagger or something. The indigo of his iris stands out on his slightly yellow scelra, and beneath these eyes area long white triangles with the apex pointing down around his mouth.

He's serious, and he's quiet. From a distance, he may even seen antisocial, but the exact opposite is true: He's tough because that's his job. It's his duty to serve his Queen or Princess, and to do that he has to be the bad guy. He has to the be the one to dish out the punishment, and he does so with zeal. This Lord is deathly loyal, and jumps at the chance to prove it. He rarely speaks, but when he does, it's a good idea to listen, because he's only going to say it once. This Kal'daka is very no nonsense. He won't take crap from anyone or anything, and is prone to fits of violence when defied... though he also has a habit of slobbering on anyone he becomes attached to.
Font Color: Bold #4B0082

[doHTML]<FONT COLOR="#2f4f4f">D</FONT><FONT COLOR="#526d5e">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#758a6e">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#98a87d">g</FONT><FONT COLOR="#bac58c">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#dde39c">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ffffaa">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#eae093">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d5c07a">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#bfa062"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#aa7f4a">D</FONT><FONT COLOR="#945f32">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7f3f19">c</FONT><FONT COLOR="#691f01">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7f3f19">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#945f32">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#aa7f4a">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#bfa062">y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d5c07a"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#eae093">S</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ffffaa">c</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e2e79e">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#c4cd91">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#a6b484">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#899b76"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#6b8269">K</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4d685c">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#2f4f4f">s</FONT>[/doHTML]
Round and roly-poly, it's not a far cry to say that this Kos is fat, when in fact she's just bulky. Large-boned, if you will. She's got a very dense structure to her, and is covered in thick, rough blue-gray fur. Her belly and hind paws are cream, and each of her toes is tipped with sharp, large claws. She has a mouthful of dangerous teeth, but the only ones that really stick out are, well, her four snaggleteeth- the two canines on top and the matching two on bottom, giving her a cute (yet somewhat tough) appearance. This Kos also usually has a sleepy look on her face as her dark brown eyes almost always appear closed, like she's in a constant state of sleep. This girl is almost always hungry, and will eat just about anything handed her way. 'Picky' just isn't in her vocabulary.

Don't be fooled by this large creature's appearance: She may be fat, and she may look sleepy, but she's far from lazy. She's always alert, alway watching, always aware of everything going on around her. This particular Kos is pretty chill though, and extremely patient. She's the sort you can leave alone with small children or young shinies- fur pulling doesn't even make her blink. This isn't to say she won't defend herself, however. She may look slow and useless, but she's powerful and isn't afraid to take down anything that threatens her or her charges. When she speaks, it's rarely anything negative, and instead it's usually something menial. The weather, the color of that tree over there, oh look at the pretty bird. That sort of thing. She's happy like that.
Font Color: Bold #4A777A

[doHTML]<FONT COLOR="#ededed">P</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f0ccce">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f2abae">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f5898e">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f8686d"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#fb464d">T</FONT><FONT COLOR="#fd252d">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff030d"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#fc102b">S</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f81c4a">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f42968">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f03587">v</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ec42a5">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e84ec3"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#e45be2">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e066ff">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e45be2">b</FONT><FONT COLOR="#e84ec3">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ec42a5">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f03587">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f42968"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#f81c4a">W</FONT><FONT COLOR="#fc102b">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff030d">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#fd252d">c</FONT><FONT COLOR="#fb464d">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f8686d">-</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f5898e">W</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f2abae">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#f0ccce">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ededed">r</FONT>[/doHTML]
This Wher is short and built like a boulder, a pure white boulder. Granite maybe. His claws are huge and imposing, and his skull is unusually arrow-shaped, giving him a unique appearance. He has protruding eyebrows, giving him a constantly annoyed expression. His wings are small, shrunken, and absolutely useless, though with his dense bones he had no hope of flying in the first place. He doesn't look half as sickly as most Albinos, and certainly not as frail, but he'll always be the runt of his Wher pack. His beady eyes are bright red, and the webbing of his wings have a crimson hue to them.

He looks incredibly grumpy, and that's probably because is is incredibly grumpy. Everything's taken as a personal insult to this guy, and he never forgives- nor does he forget. He's not as frail or sickly as most Albino, and because of that, he thinks he's a real tough guy. He likes to show off, pushing boulders, smashing rocks, beating up those smaller than him... you know how it is. He's a bully. Deep inside he's just sensitive and concerned, so he tries to hide it by seeming like the bigger Wher. It'll take a special kind of patience to live with this guy... that, or a firm hand and plenty of experience. Everything has to be taken to extremes with this Albino, anything in the middle will be trampled.

[doHTML]<FONT COLOR="#397d02">L</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39841c">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#398c35">y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39934f">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#399b68">l</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39a282">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39a99b">y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39b1b5"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#39b7cd">I</FONT><FONT COLOR="#44a7d1">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#4f95d6"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#5a84da">K</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6672de">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7161e2">y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7c4fe7"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#873eeb">S</FONT><FONT COLOR="#912cee">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#883ceb">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7e4be7">f</FONT><FONT COLOR="#745be4">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6a6ae0">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#617adc">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#5789d8"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#4d99d5">S</FONT><FONT COLOR="#43a8d1">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39b7cd">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39b1b5">d</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39a99b">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39a282">w</FONT><FONT COLOR="#399b68">g</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39934f">u</FONT><FONT COLOR="#398c35">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#39841c">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#397d02">d</FONT>[/doHTML]
The color of this lean, black-eyed canine is constantly changing depending on his mood, although his form is generally the same. He takes on the appearance of a long-legged canine creature with a thin whip-like tail. His ears are extremely long and curve back along his head like a pair of ram's horns. Around his neck he wears a thick steel collar with what appears to be a skull made of the same metal just above his collar bone. Around each of his sharply-clawed paws are a pair of metal bracelets as well. The fur on his muzzle and cheeks, as well as that on his belly, will always be a lighter shade of his mood-color.

Like many canine shinies, this Shifter is loyal. He is also alert, protective, and headstrong. If his bond doesn't take control, he will. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as he's a fair leader, but it may not fly with some people. He's happy and friendly, looking far more intimidating than he really is. He's got a very intense, very focused energy and he always has to be on the move or doing some sort of job, or he'll have no idea what to do with himself. When he gets bored, he gets somewhat destructive, amusing himself by 'reorganizing' your blankets and toilet paper rolls.
Font Color: Bold #121212

[doHTML]<FONT COLOR="#ee9a49">C</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d38942">o</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b7783b">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9a6633">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7e542c">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#624224">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#46311c">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#291f15">y</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0d0d0d"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#250c0c">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3d0b0b">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#550909"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#6e0707">A</FONT><FONT COLOR="#860505"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#9e0404">C</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b60202">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#cd0000">t</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b60202"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#9e0404">M</FONT><FONT COLOR="#860505">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#6e0707">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#550909">c</FONT><FONT COLOR="#3d0b0b">e</FONT><FONT COLOR="#250c0c">r</FONT><FONT COLOR="#0d0d0d">a</FONT><FONT COLOR="#291f15"> </FONT><FONT COLOR="#46311c">R</FONT><FONT COLOR="#624224">s</FONT><FONT COLOR="#7e542c">p</FONT><FONT COLOR="#9a6633">h</FONT><FONT COLOR="#b7783b">i</FONT><FONT COLOR="#d38942">n</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ee9a49">x</FONT>[/doHTML]
Her coat is a very pale shade of yellow-orange, more lemon really. It's nice to look at though, but isn't very pleasant to touch, all short and bristly. Her coat is just the one color, except for her darker, more brown, ears. Her tail is long and the very end of it curls up like a furry seashell. She has long, thick whiskers, bright green eyes, and a beautiful black head dress. In the center of her forehead glints a round, red stone, some unidentifiable gem. She's lean and muscular, a pretty powerhouse of a Rsphinx.

Cruel and quiet, this Rsphinx is easily the most dangerous of its bondmates. She may look pretty and sweet, but there's an extremely dangerous side to this girl, one that she doesn't even try to hide. She'll attack without provocation, going from calm to furious without a moment's notice. She's fierce, and nothing frightens this large feline shiny, making her all the more dangerous. Cunning and clever, by asking the most simple of questions she'll find your weak spots, and she won't hesitate to use them against you. She considers no one her friend, she's alone in this world, and this means everyone is fair game, everything is a potential target.
Font Color: Bold #CD0000

Altair - June 8, 2012 01:31 AM (GMT)
"Oooh! What's that!" Altair turned to give his pink-haired companion a long look, eying him almost flatly for a moment. "What is what?" He asked slowly, smiling a bit when he noted that Meliai had decided to join him after all. "That! That Pokémon! Don't you see it?" Sure enough, the man's crimson gaze flickered to where the teen was pointing excitedly, only to see a sort of butterfly creature. "I wanna catch it- A Mew! ... I'd capture it, but uh... You need Pokémon of your own dude." He patted the elven shifter's arm a bit, then flashed the Dryad a bright smile. "It won't hurt you. Trust me, that one is the least of your worries." He fished around in his belt a bit before pulling out a Pokéball, pushing the button to enlarge it before holding it out to the man. "Here. He will be of some use to you. Give him an order and he'll do it."

Altair frowned slightly, peering at the ball in his hand and tucking the empty one back in his pocket. "What do you mean an order? And who is he?" He shook the ball a bit, looking up only to blink as Sparoe more or less frolicked after that butterfly-thing. Looks like he wouldn't be of any use. Sighing, he looked back to the little pink thing bobbing around, and for whatever reason he couldn't help but smile at its antics. It was kinda cute, in it's own way. Seeing the Dryad brandishing the branch, he flailed a bit, reaching out to try and calm her. "Meliai! Meliai, it's okay! Look, nothing is- Ow!" Yep, she managed to whap him upside the head. Rubbing at the area she hit, he proceeded to try and grab the branch instead, which seemed to be the next best action. "Nothing is going to hurt you! If you get scared, get behind me. I'll do my best to look after you."

Glancing over his shoulder, he watched the others push their orb things, and was amazed to see creatures come forth from it. Alright then... He could do this. Pushing the orb that Sparoe had given him, he widened his eyes to see something materializing on the floor. The creature straightened, turning to eye the man with an unreadable gaze. "... Hello?"

user posted image
Axel's Move List
Quick Attack

Quilava snorted and turned to face the Mew, the fires on his tail and on the top of his head flaring to life. Axel knew what to do, even if you didn't. Quuiiiiil... Who was he kidding... Altair wasn't a Trainer. He rubbed at the back of his neck and pointed at the Mew, feeling bad about what he was about to do. "Um... Attack?" The Pokémon tilted his head, blinking a bit. Attack? Did he mean Quick Attack? He could do that. Squaring his shoulders, the male darted forward, almost blurring as he moved in to attack the Mew.

Axel used Quick Attack!

Meliai - June 8, 2012 02:11 AM (GMT)
Altair managed to lay his hands on the branch as Mel flailed, causing her to stop and listen for a moment. She realized she must have looked rather silly and her cheeks flushed as she dropped the branch. Well, if nothing was going to attack suddenly she could relax at least a little. Besides, Altair had promised at least some measure of protection.

Having missed what Sparoe had said she hung back a bit to watch what the pair beside her were doing, although her eyes glanced around her frequently. There was no telling what other strange things might pop up... eek! Another one! She hadn't seen the connection between the Quilava and the pokeball and was noticeably startled at it's appearance. Especially because it was on fire. Were they supposed to do that? Ohgodsthiswassoconfusing.

When the wolf shifter commanded it to attack Meliai's eyes shot back to Sparoe. How come she didn't get a firey animal that came with attack commands? Nevermind that anything that moved would have deemed threatening and warranted an attack at this point.

She suddenly felt the ground beside her feet begin to move. Looking down she saw a Sandshrew appear. Meliai tensed for a moment, waiting to see what the creature would do, but nothing happened. It just looked up with it's almond shaped eyes, as if it was deciding whether or not to stay. The dryad was eager to have the little fellow stick around. Having one of these creatures by your side seemed key to whatever it was they were trying to do.

“Do you want to be my...” What was it that they had called them? “Pookeeman?”

The slight nod of the sandshrew and the prompt exit from his hole was taken as a positive by Mel. Grinning widely with pride, she glanced around again. Soooo... what were they supposed to do now? It looks like Altair was handling this Mew creature well enough.

user posted image

Sand Attack

Da'chetre - June 8, 2012 06:38 PM (GMT)
Even as Chet was moving in to attack the Zangoose himself, he found another small form darting out of the bushes--but this one was on his side it seemed! The doggish creature came tearing towards the Zangoose, shooting Chet what appeared to be a wink.

user posted image

Fire Fang
Odor Sleuth
Iron Tail

Two on one! Growlithe USED FIRE FANG!

Ria - June 9, 2012 08:33 AM (GMT)
((Since the Arcanine from Mae's last post isn't a basic form and Growlithe has been picked I wasn't sure if I should replace it. I picked a basic Pokemon just in case and I'm fine with either one of them poofing--Ria won't care either as she doesn't know what's going on anyways.))

The biggest Phoenix Ria had ever seen (...and she'd only seen one of the rare beauties to begin with, but come on, this one was Arathli big) was dive-bombing straight towards her, so with a yelp Ria spun out of the way and threw a bewildered look towards Lucas. What was going on? What should she do? Why was a strange winged dog fetching another strange creature what happened to her red and white ball--

Oh. Right. She'd thrown it, and the Arcanine must have been inside of it. This wasn't so bad, once Ria stopped to think about it. This big critter seemed friendly and helpful and-- "This thing has a flamethrower?!" Ria flicked her eyes between the Arcanine and Ho-oh, waiting for Kibeth to prove Lucas right. She wasn't quite sure how to make it happen, but hopefully just hearing the word was enough for the Arcanine to make her move.

As for the Abra, weren't they supposed to be catching these things in empty balls? Right? Ria grabbed another pokeball and tossed it at the fainted Pokemon...but this one wasn't empty either.

It appeared to belong to some sort of fish.

user posted image

Horn Attack
Water Pulse
Aqua Ring

PRETTY. But fish didn't belong on land. "Is she alright like this?" Ria asked Lucas, but she was already fumbling for Goldeen's pokeball to keep the goldfish from air-drowning. Or maybe she had just picked up the Arcanine's pokeball and managed to summon her back inside instead. "Oh, is yours empty?" Ria had just noticed that Lucas didn't yet have one of the new best friends everyone else seemed to be acquiring in a worldWeyrd they must defend. "Do you know how to catch this..." uh, brown-yellow-notkitty-knocky-outy thing that she was pointing at?

Katsumi - June 9, 2012 09:19 PM (GMT)
(This will now be you-post-I-post. If you're in a group and no longer want to be, just remove yourself. xD Also, I only replied to people who had replied after Mae's last post, and who have not told me they're dropping. <3 Also, don't forget to send prefs 8D)

A Slash and a Fire Fang! That wasn't fair, yo! Zangoose did his best twirl to avoid Chet's Slash attack, but the Growlithe hit home. The Zangoose packpedaled, scowling at the pair. Zan! he growled angrily. He stepped forward once more, and then began to waggle a finger in Chet's direction. Zanzan Zangoose! D< the Pokemon scolded. Two on one was CHEATING! The small scuffle had drawn the attention of anoter Pokemon- a large bird flew out of the bushes, his feathers glinting in the sun, yellow eyes dangerous. Skaaaar! he screeched.

user posted image
A Wild Skarmory has appeared!

The Zangoose gave the bird Pokemon one look, glanced back to Chet, and then shook his head. Goosegoo, he chirped before disappearing back into the forest. It was almost as if the white and pink Pokemon had had a 'Nope.' moment. Good luck.

The pirate flung herself at the animal... plant? Planimal? Pokemon, ready to show him who was boss around here! Bulba! Bulbasaur! cackled the creature, and he didn't run, no, he sank into her attack, his head nestling firmly against her bosom. Saaaur, he cooed. Oh Estrella, what had you gotten yourself into? A pair of sharp, green eyes peered out from a nearby bush, though chances are Estrella probably wouldn't notice.

The Jolteon, however, might.

Lucas & Ria
(Go ahead and keep Arcanine for now, since he's kinda... useful I guess. Forget about his wings though. xD And spawn yourself starters too. Goldeen is a good one. 8D)
The Abra was disposed of, there was a fish flailing around gasping, and the Arcanine was kinda staring blankly. (Which do you want? Flamethrower or Fire Spin? God man, make up your mind!) Oh, and there was a giant, Hellish bird flinging itself from the heavens.

What have you done?

In addition to all this, there was something in the forest out there. Something big and loud and big. It sounded like it was taking down half the trees wherever it was going!

But back to the bird. The Ho-oh flew up high!

This was a two turn attack. Go for it. Do your best. Or run. Running is always a viable option.

Was the Totodile shocked?
Heck yes.
Here he was, trying to take a bite out of someone, trying to be mischevious and annoying. And when he nibbled on her arm, he realized something:
She was cute.
And now he felt bad.
And then came the tail slap. Right between the eyes, as Katina had hoped. Totodile wobbled back and forth, a dazed look on his face, a red mark between his eyes. He looked up, clearly about to fall over, and right before he hit the ground he growled, Diiile...

He was trying to warn that pretty, cute monkeygirl. There was something in the sky. Heading right for them.
user posted image
A wild Zubat has appeared!

Meliai & Altair
The good news is that the Quilava was eager to please.
The bad news is, well, who in their right mind tries to Quick Attack a Mew?
Needless to say, the pink Pokemon easily avoided the attack, and it floated just out of Quilava's easy reach. Mewmewmewmewmew, it laughed, smiling cutely. It didn't seem dangerous at the very least. In fact, the Psychic Pokemon seemed pretty darned cheery. He floated away a bit, and then looked back at Altair and Meliai. He flicked his tail, Mewmew! It was clear that he wanted the two of them (and their new Pokemon companions) to follow him.. somewhere. Was that really a good idea?

Estrella - June 11, 2012 12:56 AM (GMT)
“HEY! WHAT ARE YE DOIN’?!” Estrella froze when she realized that this strange creature hadn’t taken her attack as an attack at all. Instead, he was nuzzling her in places she didn’t appreciate at all (unless it was a couple certain people…).

She quickly tried to shove him off, stumbling away and wielding her hook protectively. She was extremely confused and quite uncomfortable. Suddenly, Jolteon darted up and snatched his Pokeball from her hand, running off into the trees.

“Hey! Don’t leave me with this thing!” But it was too late—the electric dog-thing was gone. And, in replacement of him, another Pokeball came flying out of a bush and smacked her in the face. “OW.” She flinched, rubbing where it hit her before picking it up. She recalled that Jolteon had been released when she pressed her hook right…here.

In another flash of red light, a new figure appeared before her. The pirate tensed up, worried that it would be another foreign species that acted strangely. Alas, a type of bull-thing was left standing there, stomping its hoof and snorting. Estrella stared, wondering what kind of herd-critter this was.

user posted image
Horn Attack
Work Up
Take Down

The Tauros looked back at her, before grunting and turning around to face the Bulbasaur. He seemed to be on her side, which was good because he had horns and looked like he could trample her.

Then, the bull-Pokemon caught sight of something green and shiny. He brayed, anxiously trotting to the side and facing the bush, glancing between the Bulbasaur and a potential new opponent.

“Hey, woah. Calm down.” Estrella was concerned because she felt that, in this odd situation, she really needed something large and strong on her side. Moving closer to the Tauros, she carefully took hold of his horn, encouraging him not to move back. “What is it?” She asked, her gaze shifting over to the bush that the creature seemed to be eyeing.

If that plant-thing got near her again, she’d trample it herself. But, right now, she was concerned with what was spooking her only ally. “Show yerself!” She demanded, tucking the Pokeball into her pocket.

Lucas - June 11, 2012 09:08 AM (GMT)
"No? Yes? It's kind of hard to explain." That was Lucas' response to Ria's question of the arcanine's "flamethrower". Lucas wasn't really in the best explaining mood ever, unfortunately, and oh god, holy crap a lot more things were happening at once. "I, I don't think so." He stared at the goldeen, a real life freakin' goldeen, and shook his head. "If it's air-drowning, then I can take care of it, but meanwhile..." As Ria got a buddy of her own, Lucas fumbled around for a new one of his own too. He picked up one that was on the ground, that was hopefully not an empty one, clicking at the button as quickly as he possibly could, muttering to himself. “Please be something useful, please be something useful, please be something useful.” A beam of red light exploded from the pokeball, and out popped out a…<br>
<img src=""><br>
Shadow Ball<br>
<i>Drifloon used Astonish on Lucas! It's super effective!</i><br>
"...'the f-ck is this sh-t? A balloon?" But no time to chat right now! He stared as the giant, phoenix as Ria called it reared up in the air, staring at the balloon he had summoned, the goldeen and even the arcanine that had appeared earlier. "Just kill it! Do anything!" His eyes landed on Ria. Phoenix. If that thing was a phoenix…then…<br>
“Tell it do something water!” He grabbed her wrist with one hand and pointed at the goldeen. That probably didn’t make any sense at all, did it. He turned to his own Pokemon. He had a better grasp on what you were supposed to do for pokebattles than Ria did, but unfortunately he had no idea what this thing was. Could it fly? “Use. Wing attack? No that doesn’t make any sense.” The drifloon floated beside the young man with some sort of confusion, puffing up with some nervousness at the fact that a freaking Ho-oh was about to attack. Maybe Ria or the arcanine could help him out, because Lucas was doing a terrible job with keeping his cool.<br>
[Had the hardest time ever picking a pokemon. Now I just want Lucas to have a bunch of Pokemon.......][/doHTML]

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