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Title: Avatar: Hou Tian
Description: v. 2.5: Specter

Gwendolyn Merrick - April 26, 2011 02:44 PM (GMT)
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<blockquote>Seven years after the war is over, two factions fight to overthrow the peace that has come to tenuously rule the world. With Aang’s kidnapping and subsequent disappearance into the depths of the Si Wong desert, news is slowly breaking that the Avatar is gone once again, and while that poses a threat for world security, so too does the escape of Fire Lord Zuko’s sister, Azula. Having been fleeing capture for nearly a year, she has finally landed in the one of the farthest islands of the Fire Nation - the prosperous island of Shu Jing, in order to plot her next move.
The question is, while King Kuei pushes to get his city recovering from the plague back to its feet, and while Zuko is busy trying to find those who are disloyal among his ranks, who will strike first - the radical anti-bending group known only by their insignia, the Jade Shark, or the quiet society of treasonous nobles looking to overthrow the Fire Lord, known as the Original People of the Flame?
<i>If you’re interested, please follow the click-through, or head on over to and check us out and come say hello! Please Note: For whatever reason, people report problems registering with Internet Explorer. Safari and FireFox tend to work, and it makes our shiny updated site look best anyways!</i></blockquote>
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