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Title: .Spottedleaf.
Description: Med. Cat of ThunderClan

Spottedleaf - February 12, 2006 03:08 AM (GMT)


35 moons

Medicine Cat


Spottedleaf's fur is very soft in texture. The hairs are well groomed each and every day, giving her a smooth, clean appearance. Her pelt has been spotted with ebony splotches of circular shapes. They travel along her fur, decorating her silky coat. Using this form of clothing, she can appear almost invisible. She hides under the undergrowth, her eyes wide as she spots her prey. Not even her own kin can tell if she lurks in the shadows or not. Under her spots, lays a mass of soft brown fur. The fur thins in the summer, providing her with less discomfort from the scorching heat of the sun's rays. In the winter, the pelt thickens and protects Spottedleaf from any of the winter's harshness. Her nose has a strip of black upon it, making her seem even stranger. Her eyes, a deep amber color glisten in the darkness of the shadows. Her claws, dagger-like and lethal, are normally tucked into the sheaths of her paws. Only when she needs to does Spottedleaf dare to uncover her sharp weapons. Her fangs, much like her claws, also prove to be a weapon worth respecting. They are well kept and very good at tearing into the flesh, need it be prey, or another cat. Spottedleaf's front fangs hook downward, giving her a greater hold on her quarry. Her paws are danty and very soft. Whenever she steps along the ground, the grayish pads sit down upon the ground. The dirt slides from under her light-weight, but rarely makes a sound. Spottedleaf is the perfect hunter. Just as nature and Starclan chose for her to be.

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Spottedleaf is a kind, warm cat. Her eyes hold a strong understanding, no matter the situation or the individual. She's the cat you can turn to if you are in trouble. She never judges right away. When she looks at a cat, she sees a creature that has a personality beyond the blood of its clan. Spottedleaf is extremely loyal. She will not reveal anything to hurt her clan, only if the fate of other lives depends on it. Spottedleaf is not a hostile cat. She won't turn anyone away that seeks her help. No matter the clan, the species, or the age or gender, she will help all. She is loyal to Starclan through and through. She looks to the skies and silverpelt for their wisdom and advice. The she-cat is sometimes pained when she sees kits with their mothers, for she would like to have one of her own. She sometimes envies the queens, knowing that with her vow to become Thunderclan's medicine cat all those moons ago, that she will never have such a chance. She pushes her jealousy away and is very warm towards the kits and queens. She hates losing any of her patients and would rather eat fox dung than watch someone she loves dearly die before her very eyes. She is hostile towards cats that attack others for no reason, and hates it when she is lied to. Unlike most cats, Spottedleaf enjoys making new friends. She doesn't care if they are from another clan, or a loner, or a kittypet. She also likes to go on walks outside the camp. She enjoys the full moon and gatherings where she can sit alongside other medicine cats and exchange herbal medicines. Spottedleaf is no enemy to fear or desire to attack, but a friend. She tries to make friends as much as she can. For Spottedleaf, like most elders and other medicine cats, knows the outcomes of battle and war.

Spottedleaf is terrified of losing one of her closer friends. She is also scared of dogs. She hates the creatures, foxes too. Spottedleaf is positively cowardly during thunder and lightning storms. She hates the rain as well, but if her work calls for it, she will step outside and face nature's harshness, just to tend to a hurting clan member. Spottedleaf hates twolegs and monster's. She needs to be strictly persuaded to go across thunderpath, after nearly getting hit by one of the monsters when she was younger. Spottedleaf can't stand war, and is fearful of one clan over-powering another. For she knows, deep inside her heart, that when one clan falls, the others are soon to follow, no matter what would happen.

(I'm making this up as I go, just a warning ^^; )

Spottedleaf grew up in Thunderclan. Her parents were of thunderclan blood, making her a pure kit of the clan. Immediately after she was born, her mother noticed how different she was from her brothers and sisters. When her siblings came to suckle, Spottedleaf seemed almost resist to the warmth of her mother's milk. She would sometimes wait until even the runt had nursed, before taking her place to dine. Spottedleaf grew up to become 6 moons old. She was given a mentor named Frozentail. He was a strong warrior, but very, very old. He was nearly 75 moons, and his age was bringing him down. Yet, he was wise and taught his apprentice much. Spottedleaf's world took a drastic turn when Riverclan made a suprise attack on Thunderclan. The attacking cats were too much for poor Frozentail to handle. He died in the battle, defending the nursery. As the warriors were chased away, Spottedpaw (as she was named then) looked down at her mentor's lifeless corpse. She turned her head away, unable to bear anymore. From that moment on, she refused to be a warrior. She looked to the medicine cat. An elderly she-cat named Autumnpelt took Spottedpaw as her mentor. She taught the other female cat the entire history of herbs and healing techiniques, passed down to her from her mentor and traced all the way back to the first cats of Starclan. One day, Autumnpelt spoke with the clan deputy (who was at the time, Bluestar). The cat agreed to speak with the leader of Thunderclan and it was then that Spottedpaw was to be declared an official medicine cat. She travelled to moonstones with Autumnpelt as she shared dreams with the other medicine cats. Spottedpaw became Spottedleaf soon after. On the return trip, the travelling Thunderclan cats were ambushed by rouges. Autumnpelt ordered Spottedleaf to run and was killed as the medicine cat returned to the camp. From that day on, Spottedleaf has been Thunderclan's Medicine Cat. She will never forget her mentor, nor the knowledge she gained from such a bond. For she will forever use her healing powers for the good of her clan, and nothing else.

What was that? Spottedleaf's ears pricked up. She crouched low to the ground, hiding under the shadows of a fern. She peered between the thin leaves and spotted a twoleg walking its dog. Spottedleaf snorted, a rare action that she committed. She hated twolegs, and their filthy canine slaves. She would rather have those two creature out of the forest for good. Yet, twoleg dog or not, she had a mission to complete. The spotted cat slowly slunk towards her quarry. Yes, there it was, lying in wait. Just a little closer. Spottedleaf's mouth drooled as saliva trickled from her parted jaws. Yes, almost there. Just five fox-lengths away... four... three... Suddenly, a sharp bark from one of the twoleg dens made Spottedleaf dash for cover. Her body shrank against the shadows, shielding her figure from the canine's eyes. The twoleg yowled something and the dog whined before going silent. With a sigh of relief, Spottedleaf slunk towards her destination. Kittypet Gardens. She finally made her way under the fence that seperated the forest from the twoleg home. She felt very exposed now. There were no trees or underbrush to hide her here. Spottedleaf took a deep breath as she crept closer, her body lying as flat as possible. "Yes!" She thought. Spottedleaf's teeth sank into a juicy leaf of catnip. She smiled, glad she had completed half of her mission. She put each leaf down by her paws as she worked a new one free. Finally, a large pile rested at her paws. Spottedleaf scooped them up into her jaws, clamping her teeth firmly into the tasty plants. Spottedleaf turned to look once more at the twoleg place. A kittypet sat in the windowsill, watching her with large curious eyes. She gave the cat a friendly flick of her tail and then dashed back under the fence. She slowly stalked back towards the Thunderclan camp, her mission nearly complete.

Lionstar - February 12, 2006 04:16 AM (GMT)
That is excellent Spottedleaf, of course you are accepted! :D

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