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Just A Quick Update!
1. One superstar per IP only, cheaters will be deleted.
2. If you no show twice your gone, we hate no showers
3. Respect all members will the utmost respect, including staff!
4. No form of bullying is tolerated, bare that in mind.
5. Only one character change, once. Unless you win a tryout, sorry.
6. Enjoy yourself, that's what we were made for. We want you to have fun and leave with some great memories!

Giving Efedding A Slap In The Face!
Not only does World Wrestling Entertainment have amazing backstage and behind the scenes staff but we have top of the range shows and roleplayers of all skills ranging from awesome to roflcopter. We don't like inactivity and we don't like time wasters, if were happy to give efedding a slap in the fucking face we'll give you one to! To avoid that, stay active, give back what you get out and most of all, join up and HAVE FUN!

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WWE Supreme is dead. The Co Owner Vince McMahon is an untrsutworthy person who likes to put things into peoples mouths.

IM sorry but Vince McMahon made it happen. Ryan thats for putting fucking words into my mouth.
Do it again and you will be having me to dal with.

So Ryan Grow Up and start to behave your age..

And this fed is closing because i hve given up on efedding once and for all. People who Efed im sorry but GET A FUCKING LIFE. YOU NERDS WH IT at hom on the computer all day have no life. Thing are more important that prtn tbe someone yor not.

NO offense again but people who efed need a life and need to get layed because once you do i bet you will not be Effeding.

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at Jadens Top Efeds

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