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JBlaze - December 11, 2010 06:10 AM (GMT)
Burning Desire: The Johnny Blaze Story

Amsterdam Haze CB Johnny Blaze has come a long way to get where he is now. Heís had his ups and heís had his downs, but in the end, heís been a success. Johnny is one of the VFLís many rising stars, and is quickly making a name for himself in the football world. I wonder, whatís his story?

Quick Info

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Name: Johnny ďJustĒ Blaze
Height: 6í3Ē
Weight: 215 lbs
College: Miami
Skin Color: Staggeringly Dark

Part One: My Youth

Hello, my name is Johnny Blaze. Iím a professional football player. Sure, you may have never heard of me, but that ends now! Iím quickly becoming known as the best CB in the VFL, and I promise to give receivers hell all season. A lot of people wonder, though, as to how I got here. Well, it all started on June 6th, 1991. I came bursting out of my motherís womb and into the world. Iím not sure if the world was ready for me yet, but hey, I donít give a fuck.
Growing up, I was an only child. I didnít have anyone else to play with, so Iíd always go down to the park and play some football with the older kids in my neighborhood. Every day after school, weíd play until the sun went down. It was a fun way to pass the time. As I grew into my stunningly athletic frame, I knew all I wanted to do was play football. I played in Pop Warner, went to all the clinics, and did everything I had to in order to make sure I was the best player I could be.

Once high school came along, I couldnít get on the football field fast enough. On my first day of high school, they told all freshmen interested in joining the team to meet in the gym. I anxiously waited for it all day, and when the time finally came, I flourished in the spotlight. I was one of the fastest kids who worked out, and I had a natural ability to find the ball. Due to the fact we had two seniors at CB already, I was designated to the JV team my freshman year. I had three interceptions that season, which would be my last at the JV level.

Once I was a sophomore, the coaches assured me that I would be a starting CB for the varsity team. From the first day of summer training camp sophomore year until our final game my senior year, I was engulfed in high school football. Everything I did was for football. I watched film all the time, and I was always in the gym. My high school experience was a good one, the team reached the playoffs my senior year, and I had an interception in the divisional final, a game we lost on a last second field goal. Although we fell short of our ultimate goal, I did achieve a personal goal. I was given three varsity letters, and I was also named a high school All- American. I couldnít have been more pleased. The University of Miami (FL) offered me a full scholarship to play football. How could I say no?

Part Two: College

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Itís all about ďThe UĒ!

I arrived in beautiful Miami, Florida, and I was ready to take over the world. I knew that everything I had been working my whole life for was there for the taking. Iíve always wondered why the NFL doesnít let you join the draft right out of high school. Looking back, itís probably for the best. As we know, the NFL eventually went into a work stoppage, which is part of the reason why weíre all here. Swallowing my pride, I went to college and again focused my life on football. I never went to class. I was either at the gym or getting fucked up somewhere. Although my college experience was limited to only one season, I still feel like I had the time of my life there. Every day there was a new girl waiting outside of the team facility. These girls had everything I wanted: vaginas and blunts. Miami was a party all day every day, but in the end, I still had to produce on the field. Produce I did, I led the ACC in interceptions with five, and was considered a top draft prospect. The VFL was formed, and I decided to declare for the draft.

Part Three: VFL

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Amsterdamís the place to be this season.

After declaring myself eligible for the VFL draft, my agent was barely contacted. While this was disappointing, it also gave me time to reflect upon myself. Finally, in the tenth round, I was selected by the Amsterdam Haze. Iím proud to say Iím one of the leaders on the defense, and I continue to hope to be the best player I can be. Our season is about to get underway, and I canít wait. I want to show everyone that they made a mistake each time they passed on Johnny Blaze!


-Speed Let me say this much, Iím one fast motherfucker. Iím the kind of guy who likes to toot my own horn, and believe me, Iím impressed. Iím one of the fastest guys on the team, and thatís important if Iím going to be stopping the leagueís best receivers. I have the ability to play a little looser than most guys, because I have the raw speed to make up for the gaps. I also believe I could be an asset on special teams, if needed.

-Awareness I pride myself on being aware of every situation that comes my way. Iíve read a lot of books about football, and Iíve heard a lot of schemes in my day. I love that with every formation the offense gives us, I already have some idea of how to stop it. Iíve seen them all before. Sometimes, I swear, I know where the ballís going to be before the QB does. Itís a pretty amazing feeling, to say the least.

-Experience Iíve been to a rodeo once or twice before. Iím not shy about it. Iím a very open guy whoís done a lot of things. Iíve played in a lot of football games; Iíve been around it my entire life. The first thing my father put in my hands was a football. I was born to play this game, and play it better than anyone else ever has.


-AccelerationAlthough Iím one of the fastest guys on the team, I do have a problem getting to my peak speed quickly. While itís an easy problem to fix, Iím still a little bit worried about it. For the first couple of weeks, until I work my kinks out, is when I feel Iíll be most vulnerable. The good part is that the other guys will be in the same boat as me. Weíve all taken some time off from the game. Itíll take a bit to get back in shape.

-Personality Is it possible that Iím too outgoing? Some front office members might believe so. The league has already reprimanded me for intoxicated rants left in the team locker room, as well as many outlandish statements posted in the league discussion areas. People think Iím absolutely insane, but thatís okay. I go out on the field and I perform. I leave the off the field stuff off of the field. Itís that easy.

-Drug UseEventually, they might write it in the CBA that we have to be drug tested. Boy, I hope this day doesnít come anytime soon. I mean, the only drug I do is legal where my team plays. What happens, though, when Iím in Barcelona trying to light up some Amsterdam high grade marijuana? Am I going to go to jail? Who knows! I guess itís all part of the thrill. Maybe Iíll just quit pot. Nah, thatíd be too easy.

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Editorís Note: Johnny Blaze and the Amsterdam Haze kick off the preseason in just a few days. Be sure to follow Johnny and the entire league this season, for what promises to be a good time.

JBlaze - December 11, 2010 06:18 AM (GMT)
1369 words

diamond_ace - December 11, 2010 08:42 AM (GMT)
Overview 3/3

you got your guy's life story in here, saying what hes good at and why.

Grammar 2/2

2 minor spacing errors but nothing else- even these are debatable since they are headings going into text

AccelerationAlthough - Acceleration Although
Drug UseEventually - Drug Use Eventually

Presentation 1/1


Pros 2/2

Pros were good length and had good info.

Cons 2/2

see pros

Overall 10/10

CowboyinNU - December 14, 2010 06:22 PM (GMT)
Content - 3/3
I like autobiographies, good writing here. The entire time, I just kept thinking if an actual NFL player wrote an autobio with the sentence "Iím not sure if the world was ready for me yet, but hey, I donít give a fuck." I'd read that in a second.

Grammar - 2/2
Yeah, other than the two spacing issues that Keller already mentioned, very good here. Didn't even notice a misplaced comma. Solid.

Presentation - 1/1

Pros - 2/2
Three but had good length and info, I'm fine with it.

Cons - 2/2
See pros.

Total - 10/10

Average - 10/10

Mightyduck14 - December 15, 2010 01:40 AM (GMT)
This point task has been claimed.

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