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Title: CSL 2011--Quarterfinals Week 2

Rocket Robin - October 15, 2011 05:48 AM (GMT)
SC Toronto won tonight's game 4-3 against York Region Shooters to even the two game series in wins and goal difference at 4-4. (away goals are not doubled).

That resulted in two 15 minute extra time periods. No goals.

Then there was a Penalty shootout which Shooters won 4-2.

Shooters win the series and as the eighth seed play their one game semi-final game on the road.

**This game was Game of the Year for excitement with two injury time goals, Red cards, Penalty kicks in regulation etc.

However my write up will have to wait for a few days as it's so late to get home on transit. I'm busy tomorrow then finish the evening with the Serbian WE vs Brampton City game and Sunday with Toronto Croatia vs Mississauga.

The league now says that it's a total goal series--Not a win by any score which I heard last week. So Toronto Croatia starts with a 4-0 lead in their second game.
Who wants to see that?

The TFC Academy vs North York Astros game scheduled for Monday (last game of the regular season) has been postponed yet again!
Also TFC Academy Reserve team are forfeiting their semi-final playoff match because they will be away in Philadelphia in a tournament.

north york - October 15, 2011 08:21 PM (GMT)
What a match that was! Repeat is on tonight from 8-10pm Channel 10

Rocket Robin - October 16, 2011 05:13 AM (GMT)
Result of the Saturday October 15, 2011 CSL game between Serbian White Eagles and Brampton City United played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 8:00pm. This was the second leg of a quarterfinal playoff series. The White Eagles held a 2-0 lead in this total goals series.

24 min...SWE Salvin Lammie GOAL...Lammie has ball drop to him and steps round defender and shoots 20 yard low shot up middle into net on left side beyond diving goalie.

26 min...SWE Kirie Dimitrov GOAL...Dimitrov rushes on left and beats goalie Jacob Matthews to ball at 25 yards and rolls shot into right corner of empty net.

36 min...SWE Salvin Lammie GOAL...SWE Alex Braletic rushes on right and eludes goalie on edge of box and runs to near end line and crosses to middle and Lammie shoots low 18 yarder between two defenders at 5 yards into center of net.

51 min...SWE Alex Braletic GOAL...Braletic beats offside trap and runs in on right from 40 yards and pokes shot by charging goalie at 15 yards and ball rolls into open net.

55 min...Kodzo Awitor replaces Jacob Matthews as BCU goalie.

68 min...SWE Milos Scepanovic GOAL...Scepanovic rushes on breakaway down middle and rounds goalie at 18 yards and blasts 6 yard shot into middle of open net.

91 min...SWE Sasa Viciknez GOAL...SWE Sasa Vukoje 15 yard shot down middle has goalie make point blank save and Viciknez shoot 10 yard rebound into top right corner of net.

Final Score:......Serbian White Eagles..........6............Brampton City United.........0............
White Eagles win this two game, total goal final 8-0).

Attendance was about 120 on this cold and extremely windy night. Most of the day had been almost as cold and it had rained earlier in the day. One standard of lights suddenly blew out at 80 minutes leaving the field almost dark between the 30 and 50 yard line in the north.

BCU had finished fourth in the regular season but were pressured into playing the first game in the series at home against the fifth place White Eagles because they might not have been able to play a game at their home field of Victoria Park as the season changes and the weather gets worse. Last week the weather was mild and sunny. Because of the rainfall in the last three days, it would be almost expected that the City of Brampton wouldn't have let them use their field.

BCU couldn't use regular goalie Roy Blanche because he had been Red carded in the first game of the series. It was a head scratcher why BCU officials bypassed back up Kodzo Awitor for their Reserves team goalie Jacob Matthews as today's starter. Young Matthews was caught in bad spots a few times in this game.

Milos Djurkovic earned the shutout for White Eagles having to make a few stops to preserve a perfect series as the result was not in doubt after SWE got their two opening goals so close together. BCU started off pressing in the first 15 minutes with the north wind at their backs but the two SWE goals effectively ended the series.

Mohamed Abdul Alla and his fellow all-Quebec crew officiated the game and gave out some Yellow cards to keep the game in check. White Eagles waited until 55 minutes before gradually emptying their bench although there was no hacking by BCU getting beat so bad.

Best non-scoring chances were at 10 minutes when BCU Andy Garcia chipped at 35 yard freekick from the right that had BCU Richard West head a 7 yarder that the goalie blocked and knocked wide left for a cornerkick. At 16 minutes SWE Kirie Dimitrov rushed on the left and crossed low and BCU Cameron Medwin shank a clearance at 10 yards and the ball spun backwards and the goalie had to leap to catch it just under the bar on the right post. 28 minutes had SWE Ricardo Manguia Perez send a header from 15 yards down the middle that was caught by the goalie. At 34 minutes West intercepted the SWE goalie's clearance and rushed on the left and took a 15 yard shot from the extreme left just wide right of the post. First minute of the second half had BCU Marcos Nunes take a 22 yard shot from the right that the diving goalie pushed wide left of the post. 54 minutes had SWE Salvin Lammie in middle roll a pass to the left and SWE Milos Scepanovic kicked a 15 yard shot into the outside webbing of the net. At 65 minutes SWE Alex Braletic on a 2 on 1 on left passed to Scepanovic who steps back for ball and takes a 22 yard shot that was saved by the flying goalie at 10 yards. 87 minutes had BCU Kevin Omokhua at 8 yards stepped on the ball when he was closely marked by a defender and rolled a pass back to BCU Judah Hernandez who took a 12 yard shot up the middle that was saved by the diving goalie.

White Eagles won't know who they'll play or where they'll play until the tomorrow's games takes place. As the fifth seed, if Capital City beats Montreal they will play in Ottawa next week. If Montreal wins, they will play the Impact Academy in Etobicoke. (expecting that tomorrow's Toronto Croatia vs Mississauga Eagles match will be a Croatia win which seems likely with them holding a 4-0 lead). The night/afternoon is unknown as Rogers Community television really wants somebody to play on Friday as they have airtime to fill.

Rocket Robin

Rocket Robin - October 17, 2011 04:19 AM (GMT)
Result of the Sunday October 16, 2011 CSL game between Toronto Croatia and Mississauga Eagles FC played at Centennial Stadium in Etobicoke at 7:00pm.

3 min...TC Marin Vucemilovic Grgic GOAL...TC Tonci Pirija long pass from 45 yards on left finds charging Vucemilovic Grgic at 25 yards and takes 18 yard shot into left side of net beyond flying goalie Melford James Jr.

30 min...TC Hayden Fitzwilliams GOAL...TC Tihomir Maletic 20 yard freekick from right on sharp angle has Fitzwilliams in middle flick header from 5 yards into top left corner of net.

43 min...TC Hayden Fitzwilliams GOAL...TC Marin Vucemilovic Grgic on 2 on 1 rush keeps ball and shoots 12 yarder from right that forward-diving goalie gets a piece of and the ball pops up and over to Fitzwilliams who heads 5 yarder into middle of open net.

65 min...TC Bozenko Lesina GOAL...TC Marin Vucemilovic Grgic gets back ball on give and go into MEFC box and backheels ball from left at 8 yards for Lesina to take 8 yard roller up middle under diving goalie into middle of net.

80 min...MEFC Joey Melo GOAL...Melo 25 yard freekick up middle is over player wall and into top right corner of net with goalie Sandi Martika not moving.

Final Score:......Toronto Croatia.........4..........Mississauga Eagles FC.........1..........
(Toronto Croatia wins two game Quarterfinal 8-1)

Attendance was about 170 fans on this cold night. There had been a light rain that stopped before the game and there was not much of a wind nor tier of stadium lights blowing out at 80 minutes unlike last night at this stadium. The field turf was wet but didn't effect the gameplay.

The result was not really in doubt as Toronto Croatia held a 4-0 lead from the first game in this two game playoff. I had originally been told that the Quarterfinals would be 'wins' no matter what the score and if both teams won a game each, there would be a 30 minute mini game. I only found out of the playoff format AFTER the first game had been played. MEFC general manager Susan Rossiter said before today's game that she and the coaches of the team did not know about the format until she called the league the day after last week's game. CSL League Administrator Pino Jazbec said all the teams knew about the rules before the playoffs started. I only noticed the rules spelled out on the league website this week. I have a screen capture on my own website which doesn't mention anything about either format.

TC started the game with Antonio Ilic in net but subbed Sandi Matika at 50 minutes to give him some playing time. Matika had been out of action with a back injury. I hadn't seen him play in months.

Both teams maxed their subs before by the 82 minute mark (five players each this year). Croatia took off goalscorers Hayden Fitzwilliams at 53 minutes (replacing him with Bozenko Lesina) and Marin Vucemilovic Grgic at 59 minutes. All the Croatia fans held their breath when at 88 minutes Tihomir Maletic made a sliding tackle on Antoine Paul at the MEFC 40 yards injurying Paul's ankle. It seemed an unthinking play in the middle of nowhere after Paul had already passed away the ball. Referee Yusri Rudolph had to put up with MEFC goalie Melford James Jr getting in his face and was surrounded by players on both teams so he got Maletic at least 30 yards away from everyone and then slowly took a Yellow card. Maletic had 17 goals during the regular season and would be a huge loss if he'd missed the semi-final through suspension. I don't think I've ever heard a set of fans cheer a Yellow card for their own player! Croatia had also escaped a possible ejection at 13 minutes when goalie Antonio Ilic tripped MEFC Shawn Brown on a rush just outside the box and only drew a Yellow card and freekick.

Best non-scoring chances were at 2 minutes when TC Grgic took a 20 yard shot from the right that had the goalie dive forward to catch in front of Tihomir Maletic waiting at 3 yards for a tap-in. 14 minutes had MEFC Joey Melo take a 20 yard freekick down the middle that just missed the top right corner. 41 minutes had TC Daniel Niksic roll a cross from 15 yards on the right end line that Maletic kicked a 6 yard roller just wide right of the net. 56 minutes had TC Bozenko Lesina on a breakaway on the left take an 18 yard shot that was stopped by the sliding goalie at 15 yards. 75 minutes had an MEFC player's long 50 yard rush up middle and pass forward to MEFC Darragh Roe slide at 8 yards but flub on his poke attempt and the goalie had time to dive back to save it from rolling into the net. 91 minutes had MEFC Jose De Sousa roll a ball cross from 15 yards on left into the box and Roe tipped the ball with his foot wide right from 5 yards.

Croatia now becomes the top seed in the semi-final and will host the York Region Shooters next weekend. Capital City won this afternoon and will host Serbian White Eagles in the other match.
The day and time of the game is unknown. If the league wants this game broadcast in Toronto on Rogers Community channel they will have to play on Friday night. The TC president wants to play on Sunday evening which Rogers can't do because they have to send their trucks to a hockey game. If the game is not on Friday night, Rogers will rerun the three-hour Friday quarterfinal between SC Toronto and York Region which was the “game of the year” for excitement. Decision will have to be made tomorrow!

Rocket Robin

Rocket Robin - October 18, 2011 11:50 PM (GMT)
Result of the Friday October 14, 2011 CSL game between SC Toronto and York Region Shooters played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm. This was the second game of their Quarterfinal series with Shooters holding a 1-0 lead.

9 min...SCT David Guzman intercepts YRS goalie Adam Majer's clearance at 30 yards on right and rolls pass forward for SCT Jarek Whiteman who sends low cross to Alexandros Halis at 12 yards who's knocked over by YRS Desmond Humphrey. Referee Gianni Facchini does not give a Yellow card but awards SCT a Penalty kick.

9 min...SCT Massimo Mirabelli GOAL...Mirabelli blasts Penalty kick low to right side of net as goalie dives left.

36 min...YRS Fitzroy Christey just inside the SCT box attempts a shot but actually kicks SCT Antonio Zupan in the shin and that force causes Christey to fall at 16 yards. The referee gives Zupan a Yellow card and awards YRS a Penalty kick.

38 min...YRS Kadian Lecky GOAL...Lecky slots Penalty kick into low right corner of net as goalie Scott Cliff slides to left.

40 min...SCT RED card...SCT head coach Carmine Isacco is ejected from the sideline by the referee for complaining about a Yellow card given to YRS Dino Gardener for knocking SCT Casey D'Mello at YRS 50 yards. Isacco then came right up to the press box to accost CSL Director of Officials Tony Comacho who was sitting in the box with us. Comacho ordered him to leave and Isacco watched the rest of the game from the stands.

51 min...SCT Alexandros Halis GOAL...SCT John Louis Perruzza on right rolls ball forward from 25 yards to SCT David Guzman who shoots roller from 15 yards past defender and goalie diving forward blocks the shot but rebound has Halis boot 4 yarder to left side of open net.

60 min...YRS Jason DeThomasis on give and go with YRS Taylor Lord is 'pushed over' by SCT Brennan McNicoll at 10 yards on left side of box. Referee awards a Penalty kick.

61 min...YRS Kadian Lecky GOAL...Lecky rolls Penalty kick to left and its just inside the post beyond diving goalie. (The ball hits the net's back post and deflects out quickly giving the illusion that it hit the goalpost or the goalie stopped it because it came back out of the net and spun wide right of the goal).

73 min...SCT Massimo Mirabelli GOAL...SCT Alexandros Halis rush up right sideline takes pass at 35 yards and cuts diagonally into box shadowed by YRS Rick Titus bumping him and eludes a sliding tackle by YRS Desmond Humphrey at 7 yards and cuts a shot from 7 yards that's blocked by Titus getting a foot to it as Halis falls over. The rebound rolls over to Mirabelli and he shoots low from 7 yards even with the left post to right side of net beyond the goalie who was still getting up from falling for Halis's expected shot.

90 min...YRS Goncalo Almeida GOAL...YRS Desmond Humphrey cross from right 15 yards near left end line has Almeida head 3 yarder from right to short side between goalie and post.

93 min...SCT RED card...John Louis Perruzza earns his second Yellow card for arguing a whistle that broke up the run into the YRS box by SCT Jarek Whiteman.

95 min...SCT Alexandros Halis GOAL...SCT Richard Asante 60 yard freekick from left sideline is into box and goalie gets a hand to in crowd of players and throw it backwards and Halis twists header from 7 yards between YRS Marcelo Capazolo and YRS Fitzroy Christey into left corner of net. Even the SCT goalie was in the YRS box. Halis drew a Yellos card for pulling his shirt off celebrating his goal.

96 min...YRS Kadian Lecky RED card...Lecky who had been subbed off at 77 minutes but was watching the remainder of the game from the YRS players' bench was ejected for arguing the ball on the goal.

Regulation time ends 97:22. SC Toronto 'wins' this game 4-3 and ties the series in goals scored at 4-4. That results in extra time and Penalty kicks if required.

Two 15 minute periods of Silver ball Extra Time resulted in no goals.

Penalty shootout: (SC Toronto had already subbed out sure-penalty-takers Alexandros Halis and Massimo Mirabelli. York Region Shooters had subbed out Kadian Lecky, Dino Gardener, and Jason DeThomasis).

1. YRS Chris Turner—Turner runs at ball from the left and shoots down middle but over the net.
1. SCT Jarek Whiteman—Whiteman blasts ball down middle and goalie Adam Majer flies to middle and bats ball away.
2. YRS Fitzroy Christey GOAL...Christey blasts ball to right side of net beyond flying goalie.
2. SCT Alan Badat GOAL...Badat blasts low shot to right that goalie gets a piece of but it deflects under him into left side of net.
3. YRS Mario Orestano GOAL—Orestano runs at ball from right and blasts low shot to center left and diving goalie gets a hand to but deflects it into upper far left side of net.
3. SCT Adrian Pena GOAL—Pena blasts low shot down middle that bends into left side beyond diving goalie.
4. YRS Jalen Brome GOAL—Brome rolls ball to left side of net as goalie dives right.
4. SCT Dane Roberts—Roberts shoots ball to low right side of net and diving goalie pushes ball wide right of net.
5. YRS Adam Majer GOAL—Majer (the Shooters goalie) takes shot to low right side of net and diving goalie gets piece with trailing legs but ball pops up over them into center of net.

Shooters win Penalty shootout 4-2.

Attendance was about 100 people which swelled to 160 by the end as permit holders were waiting for the game to end so their rec league games could start. The night was cold and with a strong wind from the north effecting goalie punts. It eventually blew over two of the corner flags.

This game was the most exciting CSL game I've seen since the 2005 Final when Oakville Blue Devils won in extra time against York Region Shooters. This game was full of end to end action at different times of the game. SC Toronto used their 'best' lineup tonight as the York University team which about half the team plays for was not scheduled to play until Saturday.

The two calls for awarding YRS Penalty kicks looked weak especially when played over in slow motion on the television broadcast. Ironic or not that referee Gianni Facchini awarded a Penalty kick against Antonio Zupan. Last year Zupan playing for Hamilton Croatia in a game against Toronto Croatia pushed Zupan after being ejected and the game was abandoned and Zupan was eventually given a one year suspension. There were a lot of deserved Yellow cards on both teams.

Best non-scoring chances were at 107 minutes when SCT Adrian Pena took a 15 yard blast from the left that was off the top of the bar near the left post. 113 minutes had Pena take a cornerkick from the left that was cleared back to him and his recross was cleared and a 22 yard shot down middle by SCT Jarek Whiteman had the flying goalie block on the left post and the rebound was flagged offside.

Shooters win the series and as the eighth seed will play their one game semi-final game on the road.

Rocket Robin

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