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Title: CSL 2011--Week 20
Description: includes TFC Academy game

Rocket Robin - September 17, 2011 04:56 AM (GMT)
Result of the Friday September 16, 2011 CSL game between TFC Academy and Serbian White Eagles played at Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

4 min...SWE Alex Braletic GOAL...SWE goalie catches cross from right and rolls ball out to SWE Mark Jankovic who rushes up left and crosses low from 55 yards to center at 50 yards where SWE Mirko Medic tips kick forward down middle and Braletic gets to ball as TFCA Nathan Kelsey gets head to ball and flicks it backwards but not far enough for goalie. Braletic gets to ball at 30 yards and almost overruns it but waits, letting Kelsey back in play to push him and Braletic rolls 12 yard shot under diving goalie and into left corner of net.

52 min...TFCA Stefan Vukovic is pushed over by SWE goalie getting to ball inside box on right side. Referee Manual Orellana awards TFCA a Penalty kick. The ball was rolling towards wide right of the net so that appeared to be the reason for no Yellow card.

53 min...SWE YELLOW card...Goalie Milos Djurkovic earns it for dissent in stalling the TFCA from taking the Penalty kick. Vukovic can't take it because he's off the field being treated for his injury.

54 min...TFCA Tristan Jackman GOAL...Jackman blasts Penalty kick into low left side of net as goalie was diving to the right.

71 min...SWE Kirie Dimitrov GOAL...SWE Milos Scepanovic sends in cornerkick from left that has Dimitrov pop up header from 6 yards in middle and ball lands on right for SWE Alex Braletic who from right edge of box runs away from net cuts in 15 yarder that Dimitrov jabs down with his foot at 9 yards and blasts 7 yarder down middle through the upraised arms of goalie Chad Bush and just under bar in center of net.

Final Score:.......TFC Academy........1............Serbian White Eagles..........2.............

Attendance was about 100 but that increased to about 150 by the end of the game as permit holders started coming in for their recreation league which started after this game ended. The game was being broadcast live in the City of Toronto by Rogers Community channel. The starting time was delayed by ten minutes because equipment in a broadcast truck was not working.

The ball was hard to see! I wasn't the only one to think this way as some referee assessors, broadcasting crew after the game and fans mentioned it. Lamport doesn't have very bright lights. TFC Academy is the only team that doesn't have to use CSL sponsor Givova's balls. They use Adidas balls and the ball is a silver/gray. That is fine for the MLS pro team who play at the well lit BMO Field a few blocks away but here at this dull stadium, it was difficult to make out the bounces and deflections.

TFC Academy were taking most of their freekicks very quickly trying to catch White Eagles before they had time to set up.

Both teams had chances that could have made this game a different result of put the game out of reach.
The best were at 12 minutes when TFCA Stefan Vukovic rushed on left and crossed to center and TFCA Sergio Carmargo bent a 20 yard shot down the middle just wide right of the top corner. At 18 minutes Vukovic was fed a ball up the middle and he had a point blank shot from 10 yards stopped by the goalie who then got up and ran to the edge of the box to pick up the rebound. At 27 minute Vukovic had a 25 yard shot that was caught by the sprawling goalie. In first half injury time SWE Milos Scepanovic took a 25 yard freekick from near the right cornerflag and SWE Milan Rakic chipped a 12 yarder over the goalie and a defender headed the ball off the line. 46 minutes had TFCA Carmargo push a pass up the right to TFCA Tristan Jackman whose low 15 yard shot had the diving goalie stop and SWE defender Nikola Milosevic clear a split second before a TFCA tap-in. After that except for the goals that went in, there was nothing else in the second half that was really close to scoring. One SWE cornerkick had four defenders standing at the center line to guard two TFCA players also waiting at the center line waiting for a fast break pass.

Tonight's result improves the White Eagles record to 10-5-7 and they hop over Montreal Impact Academy into fifth place with one game in hand. TFC Academy record falls to 5-12-2 and they stay in eleventh in the fourteen team league. Top eight make the playoffs.

Rocket Robin

north york - September 17, 2011 05:44 AM (GMT)
One of the best games in the CSL this year. TFC Academy really surprised me with their aggressive, no-fear approach to a team that has is notorious for its tough style of play. Watching teens push around grown men - some with UEFA Champions League experience - was entertaining.

Watch out for Tyler Pasher, a real grinder of a player. And 15 year old Deon Rose, the next Nana Attakora.

Rocket Robin - September 19, 2011 04:32 AM (GMT)
Result of the Sunday September 18, 2011 CSL game between York Region Shooters and Brampton City United played at St Joan of Arc Field in Maple at 6 :00pm.

2 min...YRS Jason De Thomasis GOAL...YRS Desmond Humphrey long throw-in from right at 30 yards finds De Thomasis wide open in middle at 20 yards and he shoots low blast into left corner of net.

73 min...YRS Kadian Lecky GOAL...YRS Jason De Thomasis on left gets to high chip down field at 25 yards and short pass to Lecky who shoots low from 18 yards over sliding goalie Roy Blanche into right corner of net.

76 min...YRS RED card...Kadian Lecky earns his second Yellow card from referee Archie Korbiel for diving outside the box when the BCU goalie well out of his box on right slides to check the ball off Lecky and Lecky dives over him. This one had to be confirmed by the referee's assistant because it initially appeared it might be a Red card to goalie Roy Blanche.

83 min...BCU Marcos Nunes GOAL...BCU Denny Velastegui 65 yard freekick down middle has Nunes at 25 yards in open one-touch with his foot midair to tip ball over goalie Camilo Benzi at 12 yards into open net. YRS swarming around the officials claiming Nunes was offside didn't change the decision to award the goal.

Final Score:.....York Region Shooters.........2...........Brampton City United...........1.........

Attendance was about 100 on this cool evening with the cold night air closing in fast with about 50/50 support for each team.

The Shooters had the run of play overall in this gameómaybe it would have been better if they slowed down a step because I estimate they were called offside something like 20 times. BCU players were called about half that often.

Best non-scoring chances at 19 minutes when BCU Marcos Nunes poked a shot from 15 yards while on a 1 on 1 on the left and the goalie blocked the shot at 12 yards. At 29 minutes YRS Chris Turner took a 35 yard freekick from the right that found YRS Rick Titus on the left near endline from 8 yards across box and a defender cleared at 3 yards. Shooters had a flurry when at 42 minutes YRS Taylor Lord in the middle tapped a pass forward from 25 yards to YRS Kadian Lecky and his low 12 yarder was partially blocked by the sprawling goalie and the ball rolled wide right of post. The resulting cornerkick from Desmond Humphrey from the right was low and Jason DeThomasis turned at 18 yards on the right and fired a shot that deflected off a defender just wide left of the post. The resulting cornerkick from Humphrey on the left had the leaping DeThomasis on the left head the ball wide left from 8 yards. Injury time had BCU Nunes flip up a ball with his back to the goal and bicycle kick from 15 yards that was wide left of the net. Just before the whistle YRS Humphrey tapped a freekick on the left edge of the box to YRS Jason DeThomasis who blasted a 20 yarder high and so far wide right it went for a throw-in. 58 minutes had YRS Lecky intercept the BCU goalie's clearance, turn and blast a low 15 yard shot that the goalie blocked and that ball deflected for a throw-in. 71 minutes had BCU Oswald Adu 20 yard shot on extreme right stopped by the goalie at 12 yards. 72 minutes had YRS Ryan Dummett rush on the left and rolled a cross that Lecky booted well over the net and the back fence (of course a minute later he made up for it by scoring). 78 minutes found YRS sub Dino Gardner rush to the ball in the middle and cut an 18 yard shot that was caught by the goalie as it flew towards the top left corner of the net. 81 minutes had DeThomasis bend a 30 yard freekick down the middle which the flying goalie pushed wide left of the post. 85 minutes had the BCU goalie get a hand in to stop YRS sub Jalen Brome from getting to a 5 yard header on a cross sent in from the right.

85 minutes also found BCU Judah Hernandez return to the field in the #11 jersey three minutes after BCU Andy Garcia who started the game as #11 was subbed out. Reason turns out that Hernandez's #8 had blood on it and the referee ordered a change. This was in the middle of a flurry of statistics action as there were six Yellow cards from the 79 minute mark on and two player changes as the Shooters successfully killed off the time after the BCU goal with short cornerkicks and throw-ins which won further kicks and retakes.

The game was mean spirited. One incident happened at 33 minutes when YRS Jason DeThomasis was injured on the edge of the BCU box and the BCU players ran the ball upfield and the YRS goalie dived on the ball on the right side of the box and BCU Oswald Adu bumped him over and rolled a 12 yard cross that a defender cleared as the referee's assistant was frantically waving his flag. The goalie was down for about four minutes.

BCU was without the CSL leading scorer Richard West who was injured more severely then what it appeared after he had to leave last Sunday's game against London City. He had an ice pack on his knee at the end of that game but a BCU official said it was an injury below the knee caused by a studs-up challenge that makes his return to action day by day.

Shooters regain sole possession of fourth place that they shared with Montreal Impact Academy who had just earned a win hours earlier to pull into a tie with 38 points. Shooters record improves to 12-6-5 for 41 points. BCU's record falls to 10-8-3 for 33 points. They fell to eighth less than one hour later when Mississauga Eagles hopped over them with an upset win over Toronto Croatia. Brantford Galaxy had a chance to tie BCU for the final playoff spot but were upset by TFC Academy. The standings may not stay like that for too much longer (without more games being played) because rumours abond that the league may finally reverse a BCU loss because Windsor Stars used three illegal players way back on May 14th when they beat BCU.

Rocket Robin

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