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Title: CSL 2011--Week 6

Rocket Robin - June 11, 2011 06:15 AM (GMT)
Result of the Friday June 10th, 2011 CSL match between SC Toronto and Toronto Croatia played at
Lamport Stadium in Toronto at 8:00pm.

45:20 sec...Tor Croatia Tihomir Maletic GOAL...Maletic gets ball from 50 yards turns and runs past SCT Daniel Fabrizi on left and after burst of speed blasts 25 yard shot from left into right side of net beyond flying goalie Mike Silva.

Final Score:......SC Toronto.......0.......Toronto Croatia........1..........

Attendance was about 120 fans on this mild night but with dark clouds and the threat of rain that never
came about. The crowd included many children from the SCT affiliated clubs and were encouraged to cheer (for prizes) to give the game some atmosphere.

Sandi Matika earned the shutout for Toronto Croatia without having to make any difficult saves. For the first part of the game, every SCT forward pass rolled too far forward and over the end line for goal kicks. Toronto Croatia had the only real scoring chances. At 33 minutes TC Augustin De Medina took a cornerkick from the left that had TC Sven Arapovic (brought up from the defence because of his height) nod a 7 yarder down the middle just over the bar. At 51 minutes De Medina took a cornerkick from the left that had Arapovic look like he headed the ball but it deflected over the net for another cornerkick. Tihomir Maletic took that resulting cornerkick from the right (same the whole night, Maletic from the right and De Medina took cornerkicks from the left) that a TC player headed across from the left and TC Tonci Pirija popped up a header from 5 yards that hit the bar and the ball was cleared from the box. At 71 minutes Maletic centered a pass from 20 yards on the left that a charging TC Ainsley Deer tapped a pass to center and TC Lee Hagerdon couldn't connect to with any power as he fell over on the shot.

The last 20 minutes was a card frenzy from referee Justin Tasev as Toronto Croatia were trying to hold on and SCT were complaining about their tactics. Fortunately Tasev had only given out warnings for rough play until the second half. At 77 minutes SCT Richard Asante drew a Yellow card for a tackle at SCT 40 yard line which injured TC Boris Tomac. SCT goalie/captain came out of his box to complain about how 'injured' Tomac was and drew a Yellow card for that action. At 80 minutes SCT Ilya Orlov earned a Yellow card for pushing Tomac out of bounds. (Orlov was wisely subbed off right after that). At 83 minutes Maletic drew a Yellow card for complaining well away from the play about not being awarded a Penalty kick a moment earlier when he dove in the box. In injury time SCT Andrea Lombardo earned a Yellow card for complaining about how long the TC goalie was taking to take a goalkick. Immediately after that, the referee did go over and give goalie Sandi Matika a Yellow for time wasting. The referee also didn't fall for TC Hugo Herrera who'd only come into the game a minute earlier falling in the box hoping to draw a Penalty call.

Maybe a lot of things were missed that got TC players upset earlier in the game. Former CSL all star Hayden Fitzwilliams had to be subbed out at only 15 minutes and Sven Arapovic was out for treatment for a bloody nose three minutes later.

SC Toronto becomes the last team to lose a game in this early part of the season. St Catharines Wolves dropped their home opener to lose their first game on Wednesday night. Both those teams fall to 3 wins 1 loss. York Region Shooters (who beat the Wolves) are in first place with 14 points and Toronto Croatia with their win have 13 points with one game in hand. Montreal Impact Academy are in third with 10 points.

Rocket Robin

Rocket Robin - June 13, 2011 04:00 AM (GMT)
Result of the Sunday June 12th, 2011 CSL game between Brampton City United FC and TFC Academy played at Victoria Park in Brampton at 3:00pm.

6 min...TFCA Michael Bilak GOAL...Bilak got through ball pass from TFCA Dylan Carreiro from center at 25 yards and he deked goalie Roy Blanche and side footed low 8 yarder into middle of open net.

22 min...TFCA Stefan Vuckovic GOAL...Vuckovic kicked 3 yarder into open net after TFCA Dimitri Omphroy 12 yard shot near right had sliding goalie only partially stop.

54 min...BCU RED card...Andy Garcia earned a direct ejection from referee Steve Senderovich for throwing elbow at TFCA Stefan Vuckovic. Vuckovic is given a Yellow card for a reckless push before the elbow was thrown.

60 min...TFCA RED card...Nathan Kelsey earned a direct ejection for punching a BCU defender in the BCU box as they waited for TFCA Jordan Murrell to take a 40 yard freekick.

75 min...BCU Richard West GOAL...West deked goalie Angelo Cavalluzzo on left at 8 yards and shot into open net from 5 yards on sharp angle.

76 min...BCU Andrew Da Silva GOAL...Da Silva took a 35 yard blast from the left that dipped under the bar with goalie caught off his line.

82 min...BCU Oswald Adu GOAL...BCU Richard West on right rolled cross from right that Adu blasted low 12 yarder that goalie got foot to but momentum knocked him over and spun ball into right corner of net.

Final Score:.........Brampton City United FC..........3.........TFC Academy.........2.............

Attendance was actually announced at the game as 250 people. I wouldn't say it was that far off. Most were fans of Brampton except for parents of TFCA players. The BCU fans needed encouragement from the DJ to cheer on their team but genuine 'wows' broke out for each of their goals...and that included me as I'd written this game off at 54 minutes with the BCU Red card. This was the most exciting game I've seen this year in any of the leagues I follow.

The game wasn't as much a surprise as it seems in the write up. The two TFCA goals were scored on counterattacks against the run of play. A tribute to the BCU team for not getting too frustrated but players encouraged each other to keep up the effort.

Other chances for both teams included: At 15 minutes when BCU Richard West pushed the ball forward for BCU Jeremy Shepherd for a 22 yard blast that the flying goalie pushed wide left of the post. At 43 minutes TFCA Tristan Jackman rushed on the right and sent in a low cross through the box just a step in front of TFCA Keith Makubuya for an open net tap-in. In first half injury time West beat TFCA Dimitri Omphroy on the left to get a 15 yard shot that was saved by the sprawling goalie. At 49 minutes West rolled a pass on break to BCU Cameron Medwin who rolled a 7 yard shot that the goalie pushed wide left of the post. At 67 minutes BCU Alex Kawalit got back to scissor slide and break up a 2 on 1 breakaway at 22 yards. At 80 minutes BCU Medwin's cornerkick from right was over players on the left but BCU Denny Velastegui crossed from left had another BCU player miss on a 5 yard bicycle kick and a defender headed behind own line.
Interesting play was at 70 minutes TFCA Stefan Vukovic was at least 10 yards offside but stopped dead and TFCA Matt Stinson rushed into the play to blast a low 30 yard shot up the middle that the goalie stopped. No flag on this play as it's part of the new offside rules from FIFA in the last decade. Both teams were called on plenty of offsides and both teams beat a few offside traps.

MLS Toronto FC players playing in this game were Academy grads forward Keith Makubuya, and midfield sub Matt Stinson. Also a starter was 2011 MLS draft pick Dimitri Omphroy who never worked his way through the Academy system. I was most impressed by three of their defenders—captain Jordan Murrell (who took most of the dead ball plays), Nathan Kelsey and Brandon John.

BCU forward Judah Hernandez only played the first half before being replaced by Oswald Adu. The DJ had announced Hernadez's 'new' single “Miami” and played it at halftime. I'd never heard it before (it's not the same as the Will Smith song but it is hip-hop/RnB).

The BCU record climbs to 2 wins, 3 losses and TFCA falls to 2 wins, 4 losses.

I have to give thanks to TFCA players and officials for filling in the assists and referee Steve Senderovich for sorting out the reasons for the Red cards (I thought they were only for mouthing off). There were a lot of Yellow cards given out too. I should have moved back a few rows for a better perspective. This game was filmed by Rogers Community Channel for television broadcast at 7:00pm that night but that is only for the Brampton area. (Anyone want to trade a DVD of that game for any Toronto area broadcast?--e mail me please).

Rocket Robin

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