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 No Limits Results
Lexie Laren
Posted: Jul 18 2011, 06:48 PM

Advanced Member

Group: Admin
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Joined: 8-May 11


As the show comes on, we see a video montage , including Tyler Morton, Neela, and Brandy, with owners, William Tolston and Lexie Laren at the end, smashing the No Limits logo. Then, as the crowd and stage are pictured, we hear:

I've thrown away again the pills that make me
I've thrown away again the chance to want to change
I've thrown away again I'm standing all alone
I've thrown away again

Eyes wired shut running through my brain
Pulling back the skin it happens we're getting older
Eyes wired shut running through my brain
It's all the same but in the end it keeps me coming

At that time, the pyro explodes, and we see Abby Parmelly in the ring, wearing a long, black dress, and her blonde hair back. At that time, she smiles as she speaks.

Abby Parmelly: And now, welcome your hosts for No Limits...Elaine Hobbs, Sarah Pfiester, and Jamie Rose-Lee Sinclair!

Jamie: Thank you, Abby! And welcome to the final show in UWA history, here with No Limits! We are live from Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida, as 15,279 have jampacked this sold out venue! Let's get right back to...

SEGMENT: Invasion, Part 1

As we go back stage, we see a car roll up, with "X3W" written on the side, and seven wrestlers, led by Arron Fredrick Hudson and his girlfriend, owner, Miss Denni. Behind them, are the six wrestlers not apart of the UWA roster. At that time, they begin to pick fights with the UWA roster, as we see Rich Anderson and Michael Derksen backstage.

Rich Anderson: Where do you idiots think you're going? Cause it looks to me like you're going nowhere near that ring.

At that time, the insurgents smirk, as Denni seems to think different, as Denni speaks, noting the numbers, and showing her braces and confidence in her troops, as she does.

Miss Denni/X3W Owner: Well, blokes, looks like we are after all. There's seven of us, and two of you.

Rich smirks back, as behind him, five more people, led by Kieth Johnson, and Lexie Laren, appear behind him. Also in that cluster, are Aiden Chase and Neela.

Lexie Laren: Listen, shortie, you aren't going anywhere near that ring and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let you ruin my final show.

That being said, a fight breaks out backstage, as we head up to Jamie Lee, who has the first match in hand

Jessica Sinclair: This contest is set for one fall and is for the Hardcore Championship!. In the ring, Here is, Aiden Chase! Also in the ring are his opponents...First...Neela! and finally, Keith Johnson!!

Elaine Hobbs: The bell has sounded and we are underway. Here's Johnson trying a lockup on Neela. Neela reverses! What a leg sweep! And let me remind everyone that this is an elimination match, and not sudden death rules. Thus why you won't see any breakups of attempted falls here. Anyway, Neela now, with a huge kick to the head of Johnson!

Johnson is rocked by the kick from this young lady! As Johnson gets to his feet, he is met by a hurricanrana, by Chase, followed by a moonsault by Neela! These two are working together to eliminate Johnson! But as Chase gets the table, out comes Lexie, with a chair! She blasts Chase as well!

Sarah Pfiester: What have we just seen our owner do! Apparently, she still has feelings for Keith here, but only she can explain what just happened here. She's going to have some explaining to do if we see her again! But wait! Neela crawls to the pin...




[color=green]Jessica: Aiden Chase has been eliminated!

Morton tries to get to his feet, but is taken down by a spear by Neela. At that time, she sets up and locks in Lexie's sharpshooter, pointing to her, as she turns it, as if to say...this is your fate in your match. At that time, Johnson taps, giving Neela the win! But before she can celebrate....

SEGMENT: Arena invasion

At that time, the insurgents get to the ring and start to take out Neela and Chase, But wait! The Daredevils are back in the ring, trying to stop them, but hang on here! AFH has a mic!

AFH: X3W is proud to announce the signing of one of your own! Please welcome Tyler Morton!

Morton then starts blasting all of his for UWA teammates, as he reveals an X3W shirt! What a loss for UWA! The crowd is in shock, but the Daredevils now fight him off, as the rest of the UWA locker room, led by William Tolston comes out, but wait! Out comes former UWA owner, Eric Steel! He tries to run off the insurgents, but the best he can do is get them away from the ring, as the next match starts, since both competitors are in the ring!

MATCH 2: Lexie vs Brandy

As we go backstage, this one has already started, as we learned before the show came on, that it would be falls count anywhere in Orlando. Brandy tries for the B Dani Special (Anaconda Vise) but gets it blocked. Lexie then attempts to take Brandy down, for a sharpshooter, but instead gets it blocked, as Brandy breaks the hold and slams Lexie's head into the wall! As she does this, she picks up a light tube and speaks.

"See this? This is what is going to put you back in glasses, and nowhere near the ring, for the rest of your life!"

[i]But as she swings, Lexie ducks and hits the Northern Lariat (Clothesline from Hell), sending Brandy down! She locks in the Sharpshooter, as a ref comes rushing back, but Brandy doesn't tap! Brandy then goes for a steel chair and nails Lexie with it! She then locks in Lexie's own hold and Lexie taps! but wait! Brandy places Lexie's head in a chair, but as she's about to stomp, Rich and Derksen come rushing to save her! They would rather not see their friend injured!

MAIN EVENT: Tyler Morton vs Neela

As the two lock up, Neela then executes a side headlock, also barring the arm. Nice technical hold there. Neela then follows, with a nice looking half chicken wing legsweep. She really is honed in here. Neela would then try for the same roundhouse kick that knocked Aiden out before, but Morton ducks and tries for his finisher, but it's missed, and Neela hits a modified, DDT instead. She then goes for her roundhouse and hits it, but only gets a two count! Neela then picks an ankle and locks in an ankle lock! She must've learned that from her trainer! Will Morton tap? As he's about to...here come AFH and the insurgents! AFH then pulls Neela off of Morton and drops her with a piledriver, causing the referee to throw this match out, but wait! Lexie has come out to the ring!

SEGMENT: Match restarts

Lexie: This match is not ending in a disqualification! This is now a no disqualification lumberjack match! Bring out Team UWA!

[i]As the match restarts, The Daredevils lead the team, also headed up by formers, Eric Steel, Jordon Drae and Maylen De Torre, as well as Christian Black and Brandy! this should be really good!

The match continues as the ring is surrounded by members of both feds. As the bell resounds, Morton locks up with Neela, pushing her aside, then slapping her in the face, which gets Brandy riled up, to the point of her trying to attack Morton, only to be swatted away like a fly. Having had enough of this, Lexie then goes over and attacks Brandy, which was vengeance for the loss of earlier.

As the match resumes, the crowd is stunned silent, as Neela nails her roundhouse, off the distraction of Morton, by UWA's own, Brandy Danielle! Smart move! Neela locks in the STF and Morton taps! Neela will be the first X3W World Champion!

SEGMENT: The takeover

As the match ends, Lexie's glasses touch Denni's, as they stare each other down, as Lexie wonders what these rebels are doing on her show! As Denni speaks, Lexie looks around, one last time, as she listens to Denni

Denni: You're looking at your new owner. You see, I've been here all day, negotiating with UWA lawyers and staff and have managed to buy this craphole. You see, my company, X3W, has taken ownership and possession of UWA and abosorbed all its talent. Alot of you think that Miss Lexie here is unemployed, but that can't be further from the bloody truth. Lexie, show them

Lexie rips off her business jacketl revealing the blue and black of X3W! Lexie has just sold out to the devil herself! She also reveals that she is to be part of the staff on X3W and will help Denni run things, and in fact, has an announcement to make!

Lexie: Yes. And as my first decision..Lauren Herrera...you're fired! you wanted to make a mockery of my sexuality by trying to turn me lesbian! You're paying now. Security, get back to her locker room and get her out of here!

Denni smiles as Lexie shows that grin, as Lauren is shown on the tron, being handcuffed, and dragged away. I guess it's back to Mexico with her, as it is later revealed by security, that her visa has expired! She's an illegal immigrant! So instead of going back to Mexico, Lauren is shown being locked into a prison cell!

Lexie: Now that that is taken care off, I would like to announce that all announce team members except Abby and Jamie will be held on to, as taking their place, will be Tiffany Warner, who will also wrestle as needed. As for UWA, roll the credits. This federation is done.
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