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Title: Masquerade Paper Faces On Parade (Open)
Description: Happy Halloween

Elena Gilbert - October 2, 2011 04:02 AM (GMT)
All hallows eve, the one night where the dead could return to earth. So why not throw a little party in celebration for this? Well rumour has it that costumes are worn to trick the dead as to who is dead or alive. Or well that is what she had heard a lot time ago anyway. Whether that was the reason behind wearing costumes she didn't know.

Carol Lockwood decided to throw another masquerade since the last one did so well...or not so well. Okay a girl that was in hear year had died because of Katherine becoming jealous of the fact that Stefan wanted nothing to do with her. Tyler had also broken the curse that was upon him that night and she nearly bleed to death because of house Katherine linked herself to her so that Stefan and Damon wouldnt kill her. They were just all hoping that this one would be a little different. No deaths or mysterious disappearances hopefully. Not to mention this one was not at the Lockwood mansion.

Elena had helped put up some of the decorations, though she mostly left the work to the others that were helping out. Her mind was still a million miles away. Stefan was always on her mind, wondering if he was okay or dead. Sheriff Forbes has been giving her some tips on strang killings. Ones where they were drained of blood, Elena didn't know about his ripper side of him. He had always seemed to kind and caring that she never thought about that side of him before. Damon kept telling her to leave it alone, but since when has she ever listened to Damon?

Elena went out to buy what she needed for masquerade ball. She bought a stunning red dress, and a black mask. She was not even sure if she was supposed to be doing this, but at least it was a chance to go out and be with friends for a little while. Though who knew who was going to be showing up for the party. But she made sure that she had her necklace on just in case since it had vervain in it. That it helped to have a pepper can spray full of it.

When she arrived back at Founders Hall all the decorationes were up, giving the place an elegant feel. The live band already playing, Twinkling lights were placed all throught Founders Hall and the veranda outside giving it a more romantic feeling. Lights were also placed in the trees around the pond, the lights reflecting in the still water. The place just looked stunning with all the decorations.

Red Dress, Black Mask

Hayden Turner - October 2, 2011 05:06 AM (GMT)
Hayden had heard of the masquerade ball taking place at the Founders Hall. It must have been at least a century since he last went to any kind of dance. It should be a little fun, hang out with the local cattle. Have a few drinks, dance, and flirt. It was definately starting to sound good. If he were lucky enough he would leave with someone and get a drink afterwards.

So just for the night he got rid of his jeans and t-shirts and put on a silver mask, and a black suite with a gray vest. He definately cleaned up good. He went from looking grungy to looking like a shiney new penny. He made sure that he showered, and put on a little bit of cologn before he went to Founders Hall.

The place looked elegant. Being here definately took him back to the past. The costumes almost looked the same. There were already people out dancing on the veranda, and live music being played. Hayden moved up to a waiter that was carrying a tray of champagne. Hayden snagged one started sipping from it, watching the others around him.

Silver Mask, Costume

Damon Salvatore - October 2, 2011 06:14 PM (GMT)
Damon, of course, was attending the little masquerade party. He’d gone last year after all. But this year, without his brother, would be a totally new ball game. Of course he’d changed so much since last year. Everything had changed. Damon got himself dressed and ready, an elegant tuxedo with a classic cut, and the same black mask he’d worn before. Lines of black, shining beads fanned out across his face. Black on black, classic Damon.

When he got there, people were already dancing on the veranda outside the Founder’s Hall. Normally he didn’t like the place, it wreaked of vervein and was too full of old memories. But tonight, it was decorated in elegance. Ivy vines trimmed in soft white lights, white and gold streamers decorated the ceiling around the main chandelier. It was pretty, not that he cared. He was here for some fun, and, secretly, to babysit Elena. Walking in his pale eyes scanned the room from behind the deep black mask, he saw Elena, in a stunning red dress as always. And he also spotted the dick of a vampire that he’d gotten into a fight with back at Summerfest.

Well, the night just got more interesting. He knew what this vampire’s weakness was and he sure as hell was going to exploit it. For now though, he didn’t approach either. Damon strolled out onto the wide veranda, taking a glass of champagne from one of the waiters as he walked by. Standing at the edge of the railing, he looked out over the grassy yard leading down to the fountain and the garden, all decorated in the same white lights. For anyone that knew him, the way his eyes searched the landscape, he was obviously planning something. That idiot thought he would attack him that way and then get away unharmed? No, it wasn’t going to end that easy.

Damon's Black Mask

Aleksandr - October 2, 2011 07:02 PM (GMT)
It was his first night in town, he had yet to even see or explore all of the tiny, quiet little city- Mystic Falls, Virginia. But his nose already told him the place was crawling with vampires and werewolves alike. He’d arrived in town around noon, and walking down the city’s sidewalks, he’d seen several people putting up decorations. And stopped to ask a very, very pretty young lady what the occasion was. His polite question got him the answer without raising much suspicion at the new face. A Masquerade ball, open to the public, tonight. Alek smiled to himself as he walked away, thinking about where he could get a tux.

He already had the suspicion that everyone would be there, in such a tiny town like this. And that was exactly what he wanted. He’d come to this town for one reason only, and hopefully, this, truly convenient party would bring who he was looking out into the spotlight. Of course, recognizing him would be a totally different matter. But even if he did find Klaus here, he didn’t want to cause a scene with so many innocent lives around. No, he’d try to go unnoticed, and enjoy the party for as long as he could. It hd been so long since he’d went to one of these.

Alek had gotten himself a suit, a beautiful one, with sharp lines and a soft golden vest and tie. It matched perfectly with the black and gold mask, two beautiful pieces of etched gold rolling forward and wrapping around the eyes. He took the liberty of getting himself a room at a small bed and breakfast pretty close to downtown. Showered, shaved, and properly dressed, he was right on time to the party. The mask on his face kept anyone from really noticing he was not a local. And he melded in with the crowd nicely, a glass of sparkling champagne in his hand.

His green eyes scanned the room, admiring the decorations. The place really did look wonderful, taking him back to another time entirely. Glancing to the girl standing not to far away beside him, he leaned over a little to be heard over the live band. “This place looks incredible, do they do this every year?” He asked, simply making idol chat to blend in a bit more.

Black and Gold Mask / His Outfit

Elena Gilbert - October 3, 2011 02:51 AM (GMT)
It didn't take long for Elena to spot Damon. Of course he would be here to keep an eye on her. Hell she had pretty much been under lock and key and left out of the loop about Stefan. So this was definately not shocking. She also knew everything that was going on with Hayden, no shock to see him here either. Just as long as they both behaved themselves things should go smoothly. But she knew to stay away from Hayden. He may be good looking but she didn't like what she knew of him that was just beneath the skin.

Elena moved over to the drink table, of course they had to have non alcoholic drinks for people around her age. She took the ladel in the punch bowl, and filled up a small plastic cup and took a small sip before she headed out on the veranda, she leaned against the door frame and watched as people danced.

Hearing someone talk to her she turned her head and looked up at the rather tall and dashing person standing next to her. Hard to tell what he looked like though seeing as how he was wearing a mask. "Not usually here. Mostly these kinds of parties are held at least once a year at the Lockwood mansion. I don't know why they decided it here. But the place looks amazing." She turned to look at him and gave him a bright smile. "I'm Elena Gilbert," she said holding her hand out to him.

Eowyn Rowan Stark - October 3, 2011 03:07 AM (GMT)
When Eowyn heard about the Masquerade, she was somewhat excited for the chance to dress up and pleased that she could get some work done while she had some fun. She hadn't been a resident long, but she'd gotten the gist of things pretty quick. Same old historic town, except this one was crawling with supernatural. Ever since her talk with Damon, she'd been glued to her computer doing research. She'd try the library, but she didn't want to draw any unwanted attention. She knew much more than what she ha when she first pulled up to Mystic Falls in her Silverado. She still had yet to learn about those damned ring though. How unfortunate for her.

Back at home, Eowyn had taken the day off from searching for a job and pampered herself. She hadn't done such a thing since... Prom? It was between her brother's and her parents' death. Amy had pulled her out the house and made sure she looked presentable for her boyfriend. Looking back, it seemed like that was the last enjoyable night in her life.

Back to the present, Eowyn actually painted her nails and put on makeup though it would be hidden by a mask. Her lips were painted a crimson red and her eyes were shadowed with a bronze-gold color that matched her dress, her lashes were thick and full while a light blush covered her cheeks, and her hair was what she really went out of her way to do. She curled it and pulled it up into a messy ponytail high up on her hair while her bangs framed her face. Her mask tied beneath her hair and her dress fit her snug and gave her more cleavage than she was used to; not that she minded of course. The skirt wasn't as snug and allowed her to hide her weapons well. Both other her thighs adorned holsters that held stakes and in her black purse was a small crossbow and a bottle of holy water. The rest of her attire contained heels that were black and simple stilettos, and she wore only a simple copper ring that had belonged to her grandmother, long earrings to match, and her vervein necklace. With everything on, she was ready to go.

When she got there, she should have expected it to be an extravagant event, but she was still let in awe. It was beautiful, and even the vampire huntress who had seen a lot had to admit as much. When she got into the middle of things, she allowed herself to relax and to just simple enjoy herself. Well, for now at least. She was busy gazing off at the band with a soft smile when she she sighted someone familiar. From across the dance floor and out on the veranda, she could have sworn that the man looking out at the garden was none other than Damon. As her feet moved without her consent, she mentally cursed herself. She should steer herself far from the vampire, but something compelled her to go up and greet him. "I can see what lured you out here." she said in a light voice, hoping to catch him off guard as she leaned against the railing and admired the view before her.

Dress: Mask

Joaquin Green - October 3, 2011 05:47 PM (GMT)
He felt like a character coming out of a retro movie or something when his mother –the one helping him- suddenly let him see himself in front of the mirror; his black suit and vest with white shirt and tie made him look so not himself but maybe that was the point for the night, masks were made to make belief, right?

His mother and sister almost cried when he came downstairs, he would be the only one of the family to attend to this event, and the first one too, since his mother side of the family came from there but was never invited to an event like this.

With the mask on his hand, he walked to the car and got in; on his way to pick up Amelia where she told him she would be; again, his heart beat a thousand miles per minute the closer he got to the address she gave him. His step-father lend him one of the most expensive cars that they owned just to impress her; he could tell that Amelia was a simple girl so the impress could go as bad as it could go as good.

He put on his mask as soon as he got down of the car and headed towards the door; a shaky hand raised and knocked on the door as a sigh escape his lips a weak and failed attempt to calm himself down before the door opened; he really didn’t want to look as nervous as he really was.


Amelia Honeycutt - October 5, 2011 12:59 AM (GMT)
She was sixteen the last time she was out on date with anyone. That was a scarey thought. Here it is now well over ten years ago and she is going out on another date. She was definately nervous as hell now as the date drew closer. She spent several hours fixing her make up and making sure that her long brown hair was just right. She had just tied on her mask when he knocked on the door.

She stopped at the door and took a deep breath before she answered the door. Taking one look at him it felt as though her heart stopped. My god he was good looking! Even with the mask on. "uhh...hi." She gave a nervous giggle and was nearly kicking herself for that one.

She stepped outside and closed the door behind her. "Okay I have to see you for a second without the mask." She reached up and lightly lifted the mask from his face just to see what he looked like in a tux without it. Smiling she put the mask back on. "I have to say you clean up very nice and look rather dashing."

Dress & Mask

Jacob Alistair - October 5, 2011 01:15 AM (GMT)
Jacob had decided to come mostly just because of the fact that it had been a while since he last had human interaction. He had kept his bookstore closed for the most part until he was able to regain some sense of self control about him. He had already lost his cool once in front of Stella while she laid bleeding in the middle of the street. Lucky for her he had some sense about him to get her to drink some of his blood so that she could heal. But still the fact that he jumped off the band wagon so easily scared him a little.

Jacob had been to a few of these balls in his life time. Knew how to dress and act. Though most of the fun was trying to figure out who everyone was. Sometimes it took a little more than just recognizing the face. It took remembering the voice and any little touches that were given.

Jacob made his way through the room and by the doors watching as people came and went. Just watching curiously for now. It definately brought him back to when times were a little more simpler. Not as complicated. He watched as the younger generation danced and flirted around him, almost without a care in the world.


Luke Calvin - October 5, 2011 01:36 AM (GMT)
Luke had no intention of going to this thing. It was just another way for the rich kids to show off their fashon sense. Hell Luke could care less about what people wear. His moto was that if it was comfortable then wear it. Just as long as it was not illegal like being naked out in public. Whether he wanted to go or not, his parents were making him go so that he could be a little social.

So Luke went out and got a tux and a mask, some shoes. Though he had no idea what to do when he finally got to Founders Hall. He had only been here once before when he met a guy named Patrick and they talked about his girl friend.

The place definately looked a lot different than what he remember with all the beautiful decorations that adorned the place. But he felt really out of place from the moment he wheeled himself in. Mostly everyone here could walk and dance, just while he couldnt. So he instantly made a bee line for the punch table.


Stella Cortez - October 5, 2011 03:05 AM (GMT)
Stella wasn’t going to go to this event. It really wasn’t her thing. Sure she loved to dress up like the next girl but keeping the streets clean was good enough for her. But, soon as she had walked into the building she was hit up with the job of going to the Masquerade.. Only because she was only a female in the station. So if she had to go she was going to dress up. It took her over an hour to get all ready to go. She kissed her dogs head before she walked out the door and headed to the Masquerade at the Founders Hall.

Pulling up she sat out in her car for awhile watching the people heading in. She recognized Jacob right away. Or she really hoped she it was him.. You’d think she’d remember the body she’s been using for awhile now.. It was thanks to him she was able to pull her gunshot wounds as scratches and not fatal like they were before his help.

Opening the door she gave him some time to get in there before heading in herself. The mask she was using was a last minute choice, it’d been hanging on her wall since she was a partier. It mostly went with her dress so she wore it. She left her bomber style jacket in the car she didn’t want to be a dead give away who she was.

Once inside she glanced across the room looking around but mostly for Jacob. Luke was the first one she spotted so she decided to head over and say Hi. He was already making his way to the punch so she met him there. “Don’t you look handsome.” She said looking down at him before placing a hand on his shoulder.


Roxie Boudreaux - October 5, 2011 05:07 AM (GMT)
Roxie was such a queen. She spent hours upon hours making her hair perfect sure she didn‘t have to take so long.. She was a vampire she could get it done no time at all but she had nothing but time to waste.. Making her dress set on her body right even though she had tried on several different ones as they laid spread across the bed. If she planned on sticking around in this town any longer she’d have to find somewhere to live.. Rick would be the only reason she was staying around now anyway. She didn’t think she’d ever find someone that could move his way into her dead unbeating heart.

This dress was perfect, it showed just enough without being enough to be kicked out for.. Which then she’d have to snap a few necks or do it the un-fun way.. Using her powers to change their mind. Sliding on the last heel before stepping out the door.

Standing in front of the founders hall she reached up toying with her mask as she waited for Rick to show up. Which she knew he would. Regardless what she wanted he seemed to always do it, which thinking about it made her grin. She liked the attention he give her it be affectionate or sexual. She decided to stand near the building leaning her body against it as she over looked her red painted finger nails.


Patrick Anthony Hennessy - October 5, 2011 08:54 AM (GMT)
Patrick had absolutely no idea of how to act in a case like this one, formal to the extreme Masquerade ball was so not his thing, he was so used to the jeans and t-shirts things that whenever he had to wear a suit, it was as if the tie would fasten itself and chock him or something. But he had to endure it tonight, Colin as always was out of the Country MIA and that meant that someone representing the music store had to be there.

He knew that the whole town would be there and he was rather nervous about going to a place like this and show himself with Isabella; she was still a minor, despite his cousin’s approval of the relationship and all, he could still be charged with child abuse, that is if anyone asked how old he was, few new his real age, since arriving to town, most thought that Amy and him were twins.

He went for the normal thin back tie, white shirt and black suit, hair combed back and a nice golden mask, just to create a small contrast of his outfit. His first stop was Mrs. Anderson to pick her up, got down of the car and as if a déjà vu, he felt as if he had done this before, a shiver went down his spine and when it was over, his hand raised to knock. Mrs. Anderson was kind enough to let him pass to the parlor to wait for her; there was a mirror right under the stairs, he made sure that his mask was on and sighing deep he looked up after hearing heels coming down the stairs.


Caroline Forbes - October 5, 2011 10:12 AM (GMT)
Going to yet another Masquerade ball was not on Caroline’s expectation, especially since the last one, celebrated on Tyler’s place; so many things could go wrong this time too, just only a year ago, Tyler became a werewolf, Elena was kidnapped, Originals were stepping into Mystic Falls; so many different things, so many scary things… but she owed it to her mother to appear on that place, besides it would be her last appearance as Miss Mystic Falls.

She match everything as best as she could, brand new shoes, dress and mask, a complete different outfit from the one she wore last year, yeah, blood red didn’t go when you are vampire, gave you away a lot…

Caroline stepped out of her car and froze on the stairs, her eyes closed and though she tried, she couldn’t move an inch; thinking on all the possible bad things that could happen. She looked as the doors opened for others and saw the interior, the small purse she had on her hand was being squashed on her hand. Opened her eyes and looked around some, this time moving towards the doors that opened for her.


Tyler Lockwood - October 5, 2011 11:00 AM (GMT)
Looking in the mirror in his room, Tyler gulped as he tightened his tie. He could hear his mother yelling for him downstairs, but he plainly ignored her as he struggled to find some chord of calm. It was at the last one of these joints that Tyler had spent his final days as a human with an unbroken curse. It was at the last one that he had killed someone. It was at the last one that Tyler had broken the curse.

Sweating all of the sudden, Tyler loosened his tie and refused to meet his eyes in the mirror. His eyes strayed around the room and landed on a picture frame. It was of him, Elena, and Caroline when they had all went to the summer festival together. A girl had stopped to take their picture and gave it to them for free. Looking at the two girls, he felt a sense of calm. Caroline had been there for him that night, she'd be there tonight as well, everything would be fine, he told himself.

A deep sigh left his lips as he finally calmed down. Tightening his tie, Tyler slipped on his jacket and mask. It was simple, black, and a little scary. Suited him perfectly, though he didn't even try when he went and got it earlier that day. The clothes he wore were not what his mother had picked out, but he knew she'd be fine with it after a small fit. They were close to what he had worn last year, and he just didn't want to repeat that event again.

Finally catching up with his mom, he drove their car to their reserved parking spot and opened the door for her. Leading her up to the foyer, he glanced around hesitantly. After their entrance, Tyler kissed his mother's cheek and disappeared. He quickly found the punch table and got himself a glass. Gulping it down, he finally noticed how his hands were shaking and he was sweating again. Nervous Tyler? he asked himself with a weird laugh in his head. Absolutely, he answered and looked up. Just in time to as the doors opened to reveal Miss Mystic Falls, non other than Caroline Forbes. He'd recognize her anywhere, even with a mask on. Seeing her at the entrance in all of her blonde and white glory, Tyler gulped again except this time it was for a different reason.

Suit: Mask

Zanya Sanchez - October 5, 2011 11:30 AM (GMT)
It had been years since Zanya had attended any Mystic Falls Ball. Her side of town usually didn't associate with parties like this, but something always drew her to such social events. Besides, the food was good and she had an excuse to go out an dance for once. The dress she wore that evening was one she had worn to a recital her senior year. She didn't have the money to go out and buy another dress.

Her mask she had splurged on though. It hadn't cost much since she had gotten it at a thrift store. On her feet were silver strapped stilettos and she had long silver earrings dangling from her ears. On her neck was her silver cross she had received on her Confirmation, and a intricate silver bicep bracelet adorned her left arm while a few silver rings covered her fingers on both hands. Her hair was curled and pulled up into a low bun while her curled bangs framed her face. Eyeliner and a dark indigo purple shadowed her eyes while dark red painted her lips. Other than that, she wore no makeup. Her skin was dark and didn't need foundation or blush. As she had made to leave the house, her mother managed to snap a picture and she could hear her son coo at her. "You look like a princess mommy!" he chirped, and Zanya beamed at him. She sort of felt like one too.

Arriving a few minutes later to the Founder's Hall, Zanya managed to make her way inside and found herself by the punch bowl. Meanwhile her thoughts somehow avoided Hayden. After their... incident, she had gone home and curled up beside her son in his little bed. The next morning she was woken up by her son who was wondering why she was sleeping in his bed. Instead of answering, she told him how much she loved him and kissed his forehead before getting up to make breakfast. She took the day off from work and spent it with him, but her hand would always stray up to her heart unconsciously.

Back to the present, she watched as a young man next to her gulped down some punch before nearly choking on it as he watched what she assumed was his love interest come through the entrance. He... smelled familiar.

Dress: Mask

Ryan Alexander - October 5, 2011 02:02 PM (GMT)
The ranch boy in him was telling him that this event was way over his head, that he was way out of his league here, he was a grown up man who knew how to speak and behave himself socially but this was a whole new level of social and he wasn’t sure on how to act in a situation like that. Besides, he had to be there because it was an open even, vampires and werewolves would be there and as a warlock –witches are too, it’s his responsibility to maintain a balance, if vampire or witches would create havoc, he was there to stop them, plus he’d meet Isabella’s boyfriend there and he could play the jealous big brother, just to tease him, he wasn’t even like that with his own sisters.

They had agreed on meeting there, so Ryan looked at himself on the tall mirror of his bedroom and centered his tie before picking up his mask and putting it on; he didn’t like what he was seeing, it wasn’t his thing but again, he was doing it for the safety of others and not thinking at himself, plus he’d get to see Luna all dressed up and as gorgeous as she’ll ever be and he wanted to brag to other about her, even if he didn’t know anyone.

He pulled on the front and had his car taken away with a valet guy, the door opened and the bigness and luxury of it all made the 6’ 2’’ man feel really small, a waitress walked pass him and he took one of the glasses of champagne from her trade, took a sip of it and pretended to be used to all of that, looking around at people.

Suit :: mask

Rick Whitmeyer - October 5, 2011 05:23 PM (GMT)
Rick arrived at the Founder's Hall with a small smile on his face. He was looking forward to this which was weird for him because he never liked parties before. But being with Roxie had changed his mind. As long as she was around, he felt like he could make it through eternity. His hair was not in the crazy style as it usually was, it was in a ponytail, showing more of his face. The mask he wore was white with black ribbon crisscrosses with gems, slightly covering his black makeup covered blue eyes. He may have to look dressed-up and not the psycho way he looked before, but he still wore biker boots with chains and black leather pants that seemed to hug his muscles just right. He also wore a long-sleeved white shirt with a leather black vest with leather gloves that reached to his elbows to complete the assemble.

All in all, he was ready to dance the night away with the woman he was slowly starting to love more and more. He hoped when they talked tonight, he wanted to ask her if they wanted to get a home together here. He loved Mystic Falls. It was so different from the cities he was used to living in. Besides he never could leave Roxie behind. She gave him a new outlook on his existence. He thought he would forever live alone without anything to hold him down, but one look at Roxie and he could survive.

Seeing Roxie at the entrance with her body leaning against the building, his eyes looked up and down at her outfit, licking his lips. He approached her and smiled. "My, aren't we looking absolutely ravishing tonight? You waiting for someone in particular? Because whoever he is, he's lucky to have you." He took her hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles.


Katherine Pierce - October 6, 2011 02:18 AM (GMT)
Masquerade balls happened to be one of Katherine's favorite pastimes. Only a couple of things excited her more than slipping on a pretty dress and "disguising" herself with a mask. Like always, she liked to be "fashionably late" to the party, and fashionable she was at that. On her body she wore a shiny gold dress that fell to her mid-thigh and was cinched at the waist. Her mask was gold with a black lace overlay and an accompanying gold rose on the side. Black stilettos adorned her feet. Katherine's long chestnut locks were tightly curled and fell over the top of her shoulders and down her back. Her lips were colored bright red. She had no intention of blending in, it was a masquerade ball where she could truly be herself.

Once Katherine stepped into Founder's Hall, her eyes immediately began to scan the crowd inside. She wasn't one to seek others out, they would come to her. There appeared to be individuals dancing, so it seemed natural that she should partake in the activity as it was a forte of hers. Katherine singled out an unsuspecting, attractive male. She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him close to her, leaning in whispering into his ear to compel him. "Dance with me." Katherine took the guy by the hand and led him out to the dance floor. She exuded nothing but confidence as she danced in the room, all eyes were on her, or so she assumed.

Dress Mask

Luke Calvin - October 6, 2011 03:19 AM (GMT)
Luke hated going to things like this. He always felt out of place because he was more of a blue jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. The suit felt like it was almost suffocating him. All and all he was somewhat miserable to be here and be in something that he was not particularly comfortable in. Hell he swears that he was starting to get a little itchy.

Fixing himself a glass of punch he took a small sip of it before he had to move his chair out of the way, placing the cup between his leg and the arm of the chair. But he stopped when he heard a familiar voice behind him. Luke looked up to see Stella standing next to him. His eyes looked her over a bit and made a small whistle at her.

"So do you," he said grinning a bit. "You look very pretty tonight Stella. Or am I still calling you officer for tonight?"

Roxie Boudreaux - October 6, 2011 05:07 AM (GMT)
The dark haired vampire stayed leaned against the building with her eyes closed. She was smelling everyone around all the blood pumping though the veins of the cattle that walked on two legs. Licking her bottom lip she groaned at the idea of taking someone behind the building and draining them till they were a limp corpse even if she wasn’t hungry.. she was just selfish like that.

Rick’s voice had taking her out of her blood lust day dream. Opening her eyes through her mask she looked forward at Rick. A grin spread across her red painted lips as he took her hand.. “Mm, I was expecting someone. But you know what, you’ll do just fine.” She said stepping up to him sliding her hands to his shoulders leaning forward even in heels he was taller than her so she put a hand into his hair and pulled him down for a kiss. Pressing her lips against his she groaned into his mouth. After the kiss was broken she looked up at him. “It’s going to be hard not to molest you during this.”

Releasing him she winked before heading towards the doors. “Come on. . “ Once she was at the stairs she stopped at the blonde vampire.. She didn’t want to go in. Which made her glance back at Rick before stepping up behind her leaning her head against hers her hands grabbing at her waist. “Go in. No one will bite.” She winked before licking her cheek then giving her that little bit of a shove she needed. Grinning she looked back at Rick before holding her arm out.

Lunar Nightingale - October 6, 2011 05:41 AM (GMT)
She was nervous, never had she been to something like this before hell she didn’t even go to prom. Getting dressed up with no guidance or help from anyone else was hard. She couldn’t tell you how many dresses she’d gone through at the store. Nothing seemed to make her happy. Not till she spotted that black dress in the window. It was beautiful sure black made her look even paler but denying it was hard. She always wanted to be comfortable enough to dress in things like that go to parties were she’d never fit in. Tonight was her chance. She went in and it was just her size. But that was then now she was standing outside the building biting her bottom lip standing there all nervous about heading in.

But she wasn’t going to back off now. Ryan was in there and she wanted to be with him. Now she was through the doors glancing around. Now she was filtering through the crowd it was hard to tell people apart in here.

Standing there for a moment she started to nervously bite her bottom lip. Then she spotted him it was his hair that gave him away. Soon as she knew it was him relief washed over her and she was standing behind him. A hand on his back gripped his jacket lightly. “Ryan.”

Complete Outfit

Stella Cortez - October 6, 2011 06:19 AM (GMT)
Stella grinned down at Luke as he completed her. “Well thank you. Stella’s fine for tonight. I just came to make sure some of you guys behaved yourselves.” She placed a hand on his shoulder and lightly rubbed his shoulder. “Well I wouldn’t have come at all If I wasn’t forced to. Being the only female police officer on patrol well I got voted in for it.” She smiled down at the boy, he didn’t seem to be enjoying himself ether.
“I just got in so I need to scout. Behave yourself. Grab a few asses on my behalf.”

She winked down at him before patting his shoulder and stepping away to just look around she’d make her rounds back to Luke before the night was over. Then she spotted Jacob. She knew it was him you can’t say you been sleeping with someone and not know what their body looked like. Walking over she stepped in front of him. “Aren’t you dashing tonight.”

Joaquin Green - October 6, 2011 01:38 PM (GMT)
As her hands were over his head, Joaquin couldn’t help but to check her up and down, a hand went up to hers and taking it into his, making her spin slowly, he wanted to engrave this moment in his head, when she was again face to face to face with him and still not letting her hand go, Joaquin kissed her cheek barely

“You look really beautiful…”

His cheeks reddened all of the sudden and a stupid nervous giggle came out of his mouth; he put his mask with a hand again and still not letting go of her hand, lead her to the car, opened the door of it for her and lead he in. After she was seating, he shut the door close and looking around sand seeing there was no one in sight, at were speed he circled the car and got in; started the car and drove to the ball, once they were out of the car and the valet guy was taking it away, his hand found hers again and looking down at her, he took a deep breathe


Rick Whitmeyer - October 6, 2011 07:13 PM (GMT)
Hearing her words, Rick smirked as he felt her hands on his shoulders. Feeling himself pulled forward, he kissed her back, groaning against her lips. When the kiss was over and she pulled back, his eyes turned dark at her words. He softly said to her. "I wouldn't mind that..."

He then followed her until they were on top of the stairs, seeing a beautiful blonde vampire. He raised an eyebrow when Roxie glanced back at him. Seeing her go forward and urging the girl to go in, Rick licked his lips. He loved when she played around with women. He felt his body grow hot at the sight of her licking the other girl's cheek.

When she turned back toward him, he stepped forward and put his arm in hers before saying to her. "You keep being sexy like that and I will be the one that's molesting you."

Victoria James Winchester - October 7, 2011 09:11 AM (GMT)
Nothing better than a Halloween party to mix among humans, to pretend once a year something that she stopped being over 250+ years ago; Victoria hated what she was, with every fiber of her being but she loved to live more and that’s the only thing that kept her alive, she knew that sooner or later Isabella would have to come to her end of the deal and that way she’ll have the chance to finally live, even if she truly wasn’t.

She had no date but it really didn’t matter, her charms were enough to make someone her victim and by victim she didn’t mean it in soon to be dead but rather in fall for her and be a potential sexual partner, yes, okay she was horny and it was beginning to show more and more.

With mask on already, she made her way into Founder’s Hall and looked around, thinking that she should have chosen a short dress since every human that resembled her age was wearing a short one but she was glad, at least she would stand out from everyone.

Her gracious walk rose a few stares and she only smirked to herself; immediately picked up the scent of a couple of weres but she didn’t really care, neither parties would be able to do a damn thing about the other party’s presence, it was too risky for all. Took a glass of champagne from a table with other things and made her way to the back.


Caroline Forbes - October 7, 2011 10:07 AM (GMT)
Right before the door opened for her announcing her as Miss Mystic Falls 2010, a young woman took Caroline by the waist and licked her cheek, Caroline had really no idea how to react to that but less than a second later she caught on her scent and smiled barely, shaking her head; whatever she did, gave her the courage to get through those doors.

It was as if the whole crowd opened up, making a clear path from where she was to where Tyler was, Caroline closed her eyes for a second sighing deep and just thought for herself to breathe, she’d recognize him anywhere, even with the mask on. The whole place stopped existing when her eyes laid on him, moving towards Tyler, Caroline’s smile was like a mile long, a feet away from him, she spun around slowly

“So, like it?”

The smile was still there and it seemed like impossible to erase.

Ryan Alexander - October 7, 2011 05:28 PM (GMT)
As soon as he felt the hand on his back, he turned around and a half open mouth followed to the wide open eyes that hide under the mask, leaving the glass on the table next o him, Ryan lean forward and placed a finger under chin, lifting it softly and kissing her lips; took a hand and made her spin around slowly and again face to face to her

“Well, I’m definitely the luckiest guy in this place… you look… so beautiful…”

Leant forward to kiss her again and smiled against her lips; one of his hand lowered to hers and lacing fingers; he was speechless, completely, other than complementary words; he had no idea on what to say to her. One more look from head to toe and still not being able to erase a smile that looked like printed on his face, pulled her close and his fingers from the spare hand stroke slightly over her bare skin

“You smell really good… ummm damn, are you trying to make me lose my sanity or something?”

Hayden Turner - October 9, 2011 12:46 AM (GMT)
Hayden took one look at Damon and felt the muscles in his jaw clenching at the mere thought. He had to just lose his temper with everyone that tried to help him, or claim that they were going to help him. But he highly doubted that they would have in the first place. Hayden had a hard time trying to trust anyone. Because of true nature they would turn him in, just like Katherine had done a long time ago. But that was ancient history.

Hayden caught a rather familiar scent of wolves. His hazel eyes looked over the masked faces trying to figure out who it was. But then he saw Zanya, remembering that he had warned her about him. But he definately took it a little too far that day, when he took her to the warehouse and showed her all the bodies that he had drained the life from.

Seeing that she was distracted he quickly moved up behind her and took her hand into his own, twirling her out onto the dance floor for them to talk. "I'm not here to hurt you or anything. I just want to talk. I'm sorry for what I put you through. I know I shouldn't have." What the hell was he doing? Like she was going to believe him after what he did to her.

Isabella Grace - October 9, 2011 01:37 AM (GMT)
Isabella could be heard coming out of her room. Mrs. Anderson fussing over her make up a little bit. But she was wearing a mask she wouldnt have to worry about too much make up. "I'm sure it looks fine. Please stop worrying." She teased the woman a bit as she slowly made her way down the stairs.

Seeing Patrick she paused in the middle of the stairs, her breath catching in her throat a little. He looked rather mysterious with the mask on and rather dashing. Once she was able to bring herself to breath a little, she made her way down the stairs and over to him, making sure not to fall since she was heels for once. Normally she was too much of a klutz to wear heels but tonight was a special night.

Her dress was completely white, as well as her shoes with a little tow at the tip. Her mask was the same with little tiny beads that hangs off to the side. The small heart shape ring, and the fake diamond earrings, and necklace she bought a few days ago for about thirty dollars. Her long hair was pulled back into a elegant bun, with babies breath in it thanks to Miss Anderson. "Hi," she said to Patrick rather shyly.

Her Dress / Mask

Amelia Honeycutt - October 9, 2011 01:49 AM (GMT)
She was in a little bit of shock when he spun her back out and spun her back in. She was just glade that she didn't trip over her own two left feet when he did that. She could not help but laugh a little at his nervous giggle when she placed the mask back over his face.

Once they were at Founder's Hall she looked to him and gave a nod of her head, a bright smile on her face. Then she got out of the car and moved over to him, linking her arm with his and leading him inside. The place was very pretty. But the moment she saw that people were dancing she lead him over to the dance floor.

Stopping just on the outside of the group, she placed one arm on his shoulder, and then took his other hand in hers. She was not exactly good at dancing, but she doubted that anyone would be paying attention to them. "It's okay if you dont want to dance. I mean I am not very good at it, but I am willing to give it a shot if you are."

Aleksandr - October 9, 2011 03:54 AM (GMT)
Alek smiled, taking her hand and bowing some to kiss the back of it lightly. He was after all, a gentleman. But unaware the girl he was talking with was the Petrova doppelganger- or that his strong power radiated in his touch, anyone with any sort of sensitivity would be able to tell he wasn’t human. "Aleksander. It’s very nice to meet you Elena. May I say you look wonderful." He introduced himself, letting go of her hand.

The girl honestly did look stunning, but hell, so did pretty much everyone here. It was obvious this town regarded this as quite the occasion, and for such a small city, he admired how extravagantly they could throw a party. Pausing to take a sip of his drink, his eyes scanned the room once before looking back to the masked girl beside him. “Forgive my ignorance, I am new in town. Have you lived here long, everyone here seems to know each other.” He said, his voice smooth and light, just a small hint of that European accent left in the under tones.

As more people arrived, the scent of werewolves, and vampires both hit his nose. There were so many it made it hard to tell amongst the crowd exactly who was who. He smiled, it was rare to see the two immortals flocked together like that. This town certainly did have something special about it, though what exactly, he wasn’t sure.

Tyler Lockwood - October 9, 2011 04:11 AM (GMT)
If Tyler thought he was nervous earlier, it was nothing compared to when Caroline walked towards him. He started sweating again and his throat was dry by the time she stood before him. As she twirled around and asked if he liked it, all Tyler could do was nod with his mouth open.

Shaking out of it, he cleared his throat and smoothed out his jacked. "Uhhh. Yeah. You look good." he said cooly, still unable to take his eyes off of her. Tyler took a deep breath and offered her one of his lazy smiles as he held out a hand for her. "Ready to dance?" he asked with toothy grin.

Damon Salvatore - October 9, 2011 04:12 AM (GMT)
The band music was soft, but mixed with the low hum of everyone’s chatter, it really became a dull roar in the vampire’s ears. Thankfully the veranda was a bit more quiet, he was in an obviously not so good mood- freshly reminded of exactly how ticked off at Hayden he was. And with Elena in the building, Damon was definitely in his savage pit bull mind frame- unfortunately for every innocent person attending the party. He took another sip of his champagne, the sweet, mild drink certainly not doing much to take any sort of edge off as he downed the rest.

The soft click of heels approaching, and an all too familiar scent told him exactly who was coming before she spoke. Though he didn’t glance her way at first. His eyes staying focused on the garden. “Can’t get enough of me can you?” He asked, his mouth pulling up at one corner in a half-smile. “Careful, don’t want to give me the wrong impression, I might start to think you like me or something.” Damon said, his voice carefully teasing, though it lacked interest, it was obvious his mind was elsewhere.

Damon looked over at her now scanning her up and down slowly, his pale blue eyes in sharp contrast against that dark black mask. “Though I have to admit, amber brown really is your color.” His half smile turned into a full one for just a moment before he looked away and it vanished. Turning his gaze back out into the garden, trying to focus once more on being angry. Though for some reason, for a minute there he’d forgotten what he was even pissed off with to begin with.

Elena Gilbert - October 9, 2011 05:22 AM (GMT)
For the most part she was pretty much expecting a handshake, not the kiss to the back of her hand. The last one who did that was Damon when they first met each other. A small blush came to her cheeks at the compliment. A bright smile formed on her lips hearing his compliment about her looking wonderful. "Thank you very much for the compliment."

She leaned back against the door frame and looked to Damon for a moment seeing that he was occupied with another woman. Hell they werent even seeing each other so why should she care? "Actually I have lived here most of my life. And it is a pretty small town if you go out and about in the town enough you will probably get to know everyone pretty quickly," she said laughing a little.

Then he took another sip of the punch before she placed the glass down and looked to him. "Would you like to dance?"

Eowyn Rowan Stark - October 9, 2011 05:35 AM (GMT)
The first thing she heard out of his mouth caused the huntress to snort a laugh and roll her eyes at him. Glancing over at him, she glared at him playfully through her mask. "Seeing as you are the only person here that I actually enjoy conversing with, you shouldn't be all that surprised at my appearance. If you are that disturbed by my presence, I can go and make new friends." she stated and moved to leave. She made sure to put an emphasis on the word friends because she wasn't quite sure what to call him. They were more or less friendly acquaintances if anything and Eowyn hadn't been the friend type since high school when she still had a best friend.

Catching his gaze as he eyed her, she gave him a small smirk. "Thanks." she said and moved to hitch her skirt up a tad to show off her arsenal. "It's among other things too." she stated before smoothing her skirt back down. Giving him a once over, she nodded her head in approval. "For a vampire, you don't look half that bad." she teased with a slight grin before she noticed something. He seemed angry about something, and though she figured it wasn't in her best interest to ask, she did anyway. "What's go your knickers in a bunch?" she asked with a slight twang that she still hadn't been able to erase over her years of trying.

Zanya Sanchez - October 9, 2011 05:56 AM (GMT)
Zanya was enjoying herself by just watching the kid next to her gawk over who she assumed was his date. It was cute, and it brought back fond memories of her first time at the Masquerade with Antonio. She was getting better. Memories of him usually pained her, but she was starting to enjoy them too. Slowly but surely she was starting to forgive herself.

She was just about to finally get herself some punch when a hand grasped hers. Before she could turn around to find out who it was, she was spun out onto the dance floor. Despite herself, she found a delighted laugh bubbling from her throat which stopped as soon as she realized just who her dance partner was.

Being pulled into a familiar set of arms, his scent overwhelmed her and his voice made her freeze in their movements. It was so sudden that a couple from behind bumped into them and said a few colorful things. Zanya didn't even hear them, she just glared up at her dance partner while her anger boiled at his words. Shoving him away from her, she snarled up at him. Who did he think he was? First he was hot then he was cold. Couldn't he just make up his damned mind already?

Gold eyes looked up at him through her mask as the beads danced against her cheeks. She wouldn't let him have that chance, just like he wouldn't let her. She had tried. She really did, but he nearly broke her. She didn't want to go through that again. Glaring up at him again, she shook her head firmly before stalking off. He was sorry? Well, she she was more.

Aleksandr - October 10, 2011 03:48 AM (GMT)
Dance? God it had been ages since he danced with anyone. Holding his hand out for Elena to take, he led her out onto the dance floor, already crowded with couples in fine attire and masked faces. Alek smiled brightly, his one hand, holding the young woman’s the other resting respectfully on her side. She was pretty, but he could tell by the way she eyed another man out on the veranda she wasn’t looking for any male company. Not really at least, so he wasn’t going to bother hitting on her. Of course that wasn’t to say he didn’t enjoy their dance. He lifted his hands, spinning her gently a bright grin on his lips as the memories flooded back to him.

As the song started to change, a much slower tune than before he slowed down his steps to match. But as he scanned the crowd behind Elena he saw a brief altercation between a man and a woman. She jerked away from him quickly and stormed off of the dance floor. He hadn’t been paying attention to their conversation and he mentally scolded himself for it now, wishing he knew what the man had said or done. Looking back down at Elena he ducked his head some in politeness. “You’ll have to excuse me, it was lovely meeting you Elena.” He said with another brief kiss to the back of her hand before he made his way out of the crowd.

Following the direction the woman had been headed, he found her pretty easily. Her mask had stood out, the dangling beads hinting at a Latin origin, which was easily confirmed by the beautiful olive skin and dark hair. Alek stepped up beside her, gently putting a hand on her shoulder to get her attention, the woman was obviously furious. “Excuse me miss, are you alright?” Alek asked, not wanting to directly bring up whatever had happened just then on the dance floor. Standing so close to her, he picked up the familiar scent of the werewolves. “My name’s Alek.” He added, as if it would make any difference in the fact she may not be comfortable talking to a stranger.

Damon Salvatore - October 10, 2011 10:09 PM (GMT)
Damon smirked a little, giving her once quick glance of warning. She'd almost made him forget what he was angry about- not that he was happy the hunter could change his focus so quickly, and now she was purposely digging it back up to the surface. "Just some bad blood between myself and another vampire crashing the party." Looking down to the hard flooring of the veranda, he shook his head some. "Not anything you need to worry about."

In most cases, Damon would have already killed someone who threatened him like she had when they first met at the park. But he liked the girl, felt somehow bonded to the girl, their night of somewhat peaceful drinking and talking he figured was the cause. But it was truly unlike Damon to let someone like her live, she was beautiful yes but full of vervein so no fun for him there, and on top of it all she was well armed with stakes and needles loaded in vervein also. Eowyn was definitely a lucky one.

"So you here on a hunting trip? Or did you come to enjoy the festivities? You're new around here so I didn't think you'd be coming to the Founder's Ball." He put a bit of emphasis on the word Founder's, but of course he figured she'd already known he was one of the original founders of this town. Back in 1864. "You know I still remember the first Founder's Ball. It was by far more entertaining than this."

Hayden Turner - October 11, 2011 01:06 AM (GMT)
Hayden let her go. Of course she was going to be mad at him for what happened. Hell she should have torn his head off. Maybe when the full moon comes around she just may try that. Not that he was going to take that lightly. If she attacked he would only protect himself and then it would leave her son without a parent.

Letting out a small sigh he saw another young girl that was free to dance. He made his way over to her as the hybrid left. He gently took her by the hand and brought it up to his lips placing a gentle kiss upon her hand. Then he placed his hand down along by her waist keeping the touch rather light and no way inappropriate. Before she could refuse he was leading her slowly across the dance floor keeping in type with the music. "I dont know about you but I hate being left alone on the dance floor like that," he said giving her a small grin.

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