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Title: The birthday
Description: (Damon, Elena, Tyler, Jeremy, Open)

Caroline Forbes - September 12, 2011 11:43 AM (GMT)
As Caroline decorated the manor, she started to think back on the years before; even if they were only 4 when they first met, Caroline still remembers Elena's dark hair and pink little dress playing in the sand of her old's backyard house, how kind she was when without a word, she smiled at her and offered a shovel so that together they could build a princess castle. How stupid she was on thinking her as competition when all she has ever been was nothing but the best of friends a person -or in her case- vampire can have. Elena was always there for her, no matter what, she was the first one at her doorstep when her dad left, when everybody rejected her, when she became a vampire, when Tyler and his wolf gang wanted her dead. it was only now that she saw that Elena was her soul sister, plain and simple.

Shaking her head, Caroline continued to hang balloons and other decorations; she could have done it all at vamp speed but she preferred not to, she wouldn't use them unless it would be completely necessary, she swore to herself not to take things the easy way out and more than anything, everyday stuff as this, she would never be able to live a 'normal' life but at least she's make the effort into making it as normally as possible.

The cell on her pocket rang, for a few seconds she wished it to be Stefan; for months she has been calling him and it lead to voice mail every time, she must have let him no less than 100 messages. Caroline took the cell out of her short's pockets and looked at the small screen, a frown came upon her lips as she flipped it open, still hoping for it to be Stefan; a deep sigh escape her lips and her head ducked as she realized that it wasn't him, it was some stupid kid asking for directions to the Salvatore's house. How stupid kids in town can be? There was only way to the house and everyone knew that.

Despite this, she was kind enough to tell him how to get there and hanged up, saved the cell and looked around, there were still a lot to do but her control freak issues did not allow her to admit it, she'd get it done, if not, then she'd get help. the door bell rang and her eyes went to a watch on her wrist, the party was still a few hours away and Damon and Elena both have keys but then again, it could very well be Tyler or the catering guys to leave the food, Caroline did not look to the door when yelled

"It's open!"

She just kept on hanging stuff.

Jeremy Gilbert - September 13, 2011 02:18 AM (GMT)
Jeremy knew that he should be reminiscing about the old days, remembering the 16 years he had been blessed, so far, with the good grace of his big sister but he really did have much better things to do than that. Besides, any good memory he had of his childhood included his dearly departed parents and yes, he knew people expected him to be over their deaths and in reality he was, but it didn't mean that walking down memory lane didn't hurt or bring a tear to his eyes. Today, the day of Elena's 18th birthday, was meant to be a happy one and so he purposely did not dwell. Instead he was finishing off the present he had been making for the girl that had everything... except her boyfriend, of course.

Jeremy's dark brown eyes skimmed over the finished product. He had started this piece of art before Stefan had decided to leave Mystic Falls and his sister. He knew how much Elena still loved and missed Stefan and so he had decided to proceed with it - besides, he'd already put so much effort into getting it right it seemed a shame to throw it in the bin. He smiled with an artist's pride at the portrait he had made of Elena and Stefan, sketched in charcoal, with Stefan's loving arms wrapped around a delicate Elena. It was a different style to his usual animesque drawings but he had taken his time and it looked perfect. He had even invested in the perfect wooden frame for the picture, in keeping with the era feeling of his master piece. Jeremy hoped Elena would like it, but he knew he would never really know because she was pretty good at her pokerface.

Quickly and quietly he popped it into a gift box and set off on his way to the party. He would be dutifully early, ever the good brother and well he hoped he would get to see more of Bonnie this way, if she wasn't busy with other things. Just the thought of her brought a smile to his face. He picked up his iPhone and sent her a quick text, just to remind her how much he loved her. When he looked up from his phone, Vicki was standing across from him. Well, Vicki's ghost. Jeremy had gotten used to the unexpected drop ins, weirdly enough and luckily he was alone so he said "hey Vicki... what's up? I've got somewhere to be...?"

Vicki tilted her head at Jeremy and his heart stopped a little bit. He missed her, was still haunted by her loss, and Jeremy guessed that she enjoyed playing with him now. "Oh yesssssss, Elena's 18th birthday! I'm coming with you, of course." "Vicki Donovan, always up for a party. Just behave, will you? I don't need to make a scene at Elena's birthday party. I don't need people asking me questions." Jeremy gave Vicki a crooked smile and continued on his way. He was almost at the door of the Salvatore house and so he needed to stop talking to ghosts. "Hmmm as long as they have good music I will not give you a lap dance at the party..." and with a choked laugh from Jeremy she disappeared.

He knocked on the door and raised a brow when Caroline was so cavalier about it being open. Ok, so his sister's best friend was a vamp-girl but still... what if he was some crazy, like Klaus crazy? He made his way into the parlour and gave a small smile of greeting to Caroline. "Hey Caroline. Thought I'd come by... help out... though why you're not done yet, with your crazy fast vampireness, is beyond me?" he said with a raised brow and a crooked smile. Ok, so Jeremy was slightly jealous of Caroline being a vampire and he didn't understand how it was that she insisted on being "normal". "How have you been Caro? Any news on the missing Salvatore? I'm just going to put the gift on this table..." Jeremy placed the gift box down on the designated table and took a deep breath. "I'm not on punch duty, right? As the birthday girl's younger brother surely I get a place of honor?"

Jeremy patted a few balloons absent mindedly, wondering what he could do but not really caring for helping. He was a typical teenage boy in that department. He looked out the windows absent mindedly, mostly wishing that Bonnie and not Caroline was here right now.

Elena Gilbert - September 16, 2011 03:40 AM (GMT)
The fact that Caroline was a vampire didn't seem as crazy anymore. In fact it almost seemed normal. That having Alaric sleeping on the living room couch, was normal. Elena had tried to get Alaric to sleep in Jenna's room, or their parents. But she could understand his reasoning for not wanting to sleep in either room. He didn't want to feel like a burden to her and Jeremy. They had been trying to piece their lives together, bit by sharp bit.

But today would be different. Today Elena was turning eighteen. Caroline had called her earlier to give her a heads up about her mom, so she gave the sherif a call who gave her another lead upon another weird killing in Tennessee, hopefully this one would lead to Stefan. She had been trying to get Damon on board but Damon was being Damon. Stubborn.

Elena showed up to give Damon the whereabouts of the last killing where Klaus and Stefan might be. But then she headed downstairs to help Caroline with the party decorations. "Well if I have to wake up up one more time, I will put you on punch duty. You are going to be too busy hiding from Matt if you are not careful, you nearly missed work again today." Elena moved over to the box of decorations and got a peak. "Please tell me you are keeping this small."

Tyler Lockwood - September 16, 2011 09:02 PM (GMT)
Tyler was unloading the rest of Caroline and Elena's decorations from his truck when he noticed Jeremy's Cooper pull up. The werewolf scoffed at the vehicle, but gave Elena's little brother a polite smile nonetheless. They were one better terms than before, but there was still that awkwardness around the two of them. Tyler wasn't sure if it'd ever truly disappear.

Walking in after the Gilbert, Tyler emptied his arms of the boxes full to the brim with the party decorations. As Elena joined them and searched the boxes, he gave her a warm smile. "Happy Birthday Elena." he said in a smooth, gentle voice. Elena Gilbert had always been a constant in his life, one he never really took much notice of until his whole werewolf accident. They had grown up together, both being part of founding family gathering and such, but they never really got to be close friends. Now he considered her a true friend. One he could talk to about his wolf secrets. To say that it was nice to have people to talk to was an understatement; to say that it was nice to have someone as understanding as her was the true understatement. When he spoke, he really did wish her a Happy Birthday. She deserved it.

Tyler wasn't sure what to get Elena. With some help from his mother, he got her a gift he hoped she'd enjoy. Price never being much of a problem, he had easily bought something without looking at the price tag. It was an antique jewelry box. One dating back to the founding families. He really hoped she'd like it. Remembering that, he pulled the present out of one of the boxes he was carrying before Elena could spy it. He brought it over to the gift table and placed it next to the few already adorning it. With most of his chores done, he moved over to help Caroline with the decorations. "Need some help?" he asked while flashing her a toothy smile.

Caroline Forbes - September 21, 2011 12:38 PM (GMT)
The one t the door was no other than Jeremy and she wondered what the heck he was doing there when he was supposed to be working at the Grill, to cover that day’s shift, the weight of her body shifted to the left when he spoke about her not using her powers, a brow raised in the young blonde vampire’s face

“Not even gonna try to explain why… you wouldn’t understand anyways…”

As he put his gift on the designated table, Caroline kept hanging stuff or taking them out of boxes

“I don’t know Jeremy but keep it up and you’ll become my punching ball tonight…”

She answered back with a slightly sarcastic smile, her head turned slightly at the sound of Elena coming down the stairs; she heard her coming way before she actually was visible, with both hands on her waist, Caroline looked at her

“I heard you the first twenty times Elena…”

A smile spread across her face at the sight of Tyler, another one that she knew that was coming way before he was actually visible and nodded barely at his question

“Yeah, I thought I’d have time to finish but it looks like I won’t and since the only other male is looking out the window lost in his own world, I could use all the help I could get but…”

Rose a finger in the air and smiled again

“You’ll do it how I tell you to and where to place the decorations anddd… with no speed powers, I want a ‘normal as possible’ birthday for Elena, got it?”

Damon Salvatore - September 22, 2011 03:09 AM (GMT)
Damon was definetly being Damon. He didn't want Elena getting to involved with the 'Klaus' killings because he knew the truth. That they weren't Klaus' victims, but Stefan's. And he knew if she found out, it'd break her heart. And while he would love to be the one winning Elena's love, he couldn't hurt her that way. Damon was just to kind for that, though he'd kill anyone who said it aloud.

He strolled in to the room just as Caroline finished speaking. "Well if you want a normal birthday for her, you shouldn't have invited vampires and one werewolf." His tone was cocky as he shot a look at Tyler. He didn't trust him, or particularly like him after that bite that almost got him killed. He truthfully wanted nothing to do with this party. Not that he didn't love mingling with the humans but he just wasn't in the mood today.

Elena Gilbert - September 26, 2011 01:17 AM (GMT)
Elena moved to a box of decorations and pulled out some lights, and a couple of banners. "Caroline you don't have to hold yourself back because of me. Sometimes being a vampire can have its advantages. Like getting house chores done quicker. Or being able to get dressed quickly in the morning so you wont be late for school and sleeping in a little longer?" Elena looked to Caroline and smiled a little.

Hearing Damon's little remark and turned and looked at him with weary eyes, and shook her head a bit to try and focus at the task at hand. "It dosent matter Damon. Vampire, werewolf or human, they are still my friends. Being with friends are normal. Having a birthday part is sort of normal depending upon who you invite."

Tyler Lockwood - October 5, 2011 03:03 AM (GMT)
Tyler raised a brow at Caroline and stared at her for a second before chuckling and shaking his head. "Yes ma'am." he said in a southern accent and nodded his head as he took the decorations from her hand and waved them around. "Where do these go?" he asked in his normal accent.

Just as he finished talking, Damon strolled in and the look he received made Tyler cringe mentally. He rolled his eyes, but shot a guilty look at Elena. It was his fault that Stephan was with Klaus. Though he didn't regret biting Damon, he didn't have anything against Stephan or Elena. He hoped he could make it up to them somehow. For now though, he'd try to be a friend.

Sighing, Tyler returned his attention back to Caroline and waved the decorations in his hand again. "Sorry. Where again?" he asked sheepishly.

Caroline Forbes - October 6, 2011 12:23 PM (GMT)
Damon had like the perfect timing for bad comment or out of line comments; they were rather enjoying this setting up thing when he came in downstairs, which made Caroline good mood into a crappy one in like a second, she thought about saying something but Elena bit her to it and she was thankful that it wasn’t her the one talking, Elena knew how to shut him up and that is exactly what she did.

Turning her head towards Tyler, Caroline smiled, she knew that the was doing stuff just to please her, the whole summer had been awesome and though the sexual tension was there, no one dared to make a move, she only hoped that Tyler never found out that he had been on her dreams more than once.

She smile brightly at him and just pointed where, spun around and looked at Damon

“You here to criticize or to help Damon?”

Damon Salvatore - October 9, 2011 04:26 AM (GMT)
Damon smirked, not at all thrown off by Elena, or Caroline’s little comments. Hell, it was almost like he basked in the negative attention. As if he liked it best when people disliked him. "Relax, I'm here to help Caroline." He walked across the room lazily, rummaging through a box of decorations and making a look of mild disgust. Party streamers and balloons, happy birthday banners and hats, how cheesy. “Well like I said, shouldn’t have invited the werewolf or the vamps to the party. Especially not when I’m still seriously pissed with Rover for that night that almost got me killed.”

His voice was light, Damon wasn’t going to hurt Tyler. Sure, he was going to keep ten feet of space at all times but he wouldn’t hurt him. He was Elena’s friend, and though Damon would never, ever admit it, he wouldn’t let any of her friends get hurt. That’s why he’d saved Caroline from those wolves, hell that’s what had gotten him hurt all those months ago. “However, I hope you’re not planning some small fry, cake and pizza party. Come on Elena, you’re eighteen, lets break out the booze and invite the football team over, I bet they’ll bring cheerleaders too.” He added with a cocky smirk, pouring himself a drink from his own private bar that sat on an old antique desk in the corner.

Elena Gilbert - October 12, 2011 10:07 PM (GMT)
"I resent that comment since Caroline and I were cheerleaders. We may be cheerleaders but that does not mean that we go to every single party the football team is on. Unless of course you are Caroline." She looked over at her and smiled a little. Elena used to be the same way until her parents died. Then everything changed. Elena dropped out of the squad to take care of herself and her brother.

"Besides Damon, I am just another year older. Things are out of control and they wont be the same again." She sighed a little. "Plus I am only doing this to get Caroline off of my back about having a party." She moved over to him and leaned against the bar looking at him.

"You shouldn't blame Tyler for what happened. It was an accident Damon. He can't control the wolf side of him. It would be like trying to control the blood thirsty side of you. You killed people without reason when you were angry." She looked to Tyler. "So give him a break." Then she snatched the glass out of his hand and took a sip from his glass before handing it back to him.

Tyler Lockwood - October 20, 2011 05:04 PM (GMT)
((Time skip to speed things up?))

Tyler did as Caroline asked him and returned for more decorations. Hearing
Damon's little comment, Tyler flushed and looked down. He wasn't really one to apologize, and no way in hell was he going to apologize to Damon after killing his uncle. Looking at Elena when he stuck up for him, he mouth a thank you at her while guilt filled his eyes.

Tyler continued to hang up decorations by Caroline's orders until it neared five o'clock. He was filthy from both football practice that morning and all the dust he found about the Salvatore house. Hanging up the last decoration in his box, he sighed. "Well, I'd better get going now if I want to get cleaned up and pick up my date." he announced as he dropped the box full of decorations besides Caroline.

Blood Ties Administrator - November 12, 2011 08:10 AM (GMT)
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Tyler Lockwood - November 13, 2011 05:09 PM (GMT)
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Damon Salvatore - November 29, 2011 07:50 PM (GMT)
Is this thread still open? I'd love to post to the party, if so.

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