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Title: New To Town
Description: Mystic Grill

Luke Calvin - April 7, 2011 05:22 PM (GMT)
Being new in town was never really easy. But when you wanted to start a new life where no one knew you or about your past, it was the perfect time to start. Luke and his family had moved into the ranch just outside of Mystic Falls. They owned a horse ranch. But they thought that the move might best for everybody especially for Luke.

Luke had heard about the local hang out for people around his age. The Grill. A place to listen to live music, to get a drink and maybe some dinner. For a long time Luke after the accident Luke had nearly drank until his kidney's couldn't take it anymore, but then one day he woke up and decided that he didn't want to live his life this way anymore. So offering him a drink was more than likely not going to happen.

Luke stopped just outside the door to the resturant, trying to measure if whether or not his wheelchair was going to fit in through the door. Letting out a small sigh he urged his chair closer. At first he didn't look as if his chair would fit, but with a little bit of elbow grease he was able to make it fit right through. A smile formed upon his lips and some sense of accomplishment. At last a place he can hang out with others and now not have to worry if his chair will fit or not.

Spotting a nearby table he wheeled himself over to it, moving a chair out of the way so he could eat at the table like a normal person. Then he picked up a menu and began to look through it.

Stella Cortez - April 12, 2011 03:57 AM (GMT)
As the end the day came around she decided she’d a reward for getting everything done in a single day. Since she had to work tomorrow she figured she’d go out to eat It was dinner time anyway. The place Mystic Grill had been suggested a few times by a few locals she’d spoke to and her neighbor that came over to say welcomes her. She wasn’t sure how to dress to this restaurant if it was a more casual, mild or slightly fancy so she wore something between them all. She wore her hair down, with the natural curl down her shoulders. A lower cut blouse fit her nicely the silver and black colors looked good against her skin tone with black slacks that were slightly loose and short heels in silver to match.

When she walked into the place she was taken across the room where she’d scan her surroundings typical police officer natural instinct taking everyone in count and took a seat at the table then given a menu. She opened it and over looked all her choices everything looked good they kept it all pretty open choice. When the waitress returned she only ordered a glass of wine till she could figure out what she really wanted to eat. Looking up she saw the boy in the wheelchair at the table. He couldn’t be much older than her if even.

Luke Calvin - April 12, 2011 12:35 PM (GMT)
Luke always hated being the new guy in town…well mostly in school but it could not have been much different. People still liked to stare at the handicapped kid. Not that he minded the staring because he was a pretty nice boy to look at. Built, yet not totally muscular, basically just enough to compensate for the fact that he has no legs and uses a lot of upper body strength just to get through everyday life. He even used to think that he was the kind of person that was invincible…at least that was until he got a bullet to his back. At first he had been all doom and gloom, but he knew that he could not let that obstacle keep him from living a normal life.

It seemed as if the waitress was nervous around him for some reason, so he put on a warm and charming smile for her just to try and cool things down. “Yes, can I have a cheese burger, fries, and a Pepsi please?” It didn’t take too long for his food to come out. He ate quietly, just glancing around the place while he waits. After paying for his food, he thought he would try and play a game of pool. Though not so easy to make a shot when the pool table was a little bit higher than you were, but at least it had easy access to get around.

Luke went around the table and collected the balls, and placed them into the triangle, shuffling them around a bit. Then he grabbed an available queue stick and was just about to make the first shot.

Stella Cortez - April 12, 2011 07:37 PM (GMT)
She ordered steak, with a sweet bake potato with cinnamon and butter with a side of steamed mushrooms. When her dinner came she ate most of it getting the rest put in a doggy bag or to-go box rather. She laid her credit card on the tab and let the woman go charge it to her account. She looked at the boy in the wheel chair who just started to play pool. She watched him lean up far to shoot the ball with the pool stick. When her card and receipt was turned she took it and put them in her purse before standing up with her box leaving a five for a tip on the table. She was going to walk out the door and head home.

She headed out the door and to her truck unlocking it sliding the box of food across to the other seat before reaching into her purse pulling out some cash and shoved it into her back pockets then her keys in her front pocket shoving her purse under the seat shutting the door to her blue truck and headed inside the building off into the back with the pool tables. “Mind if I join?” She had her good and bad days at pool she played in the air force at their tables in the lodge but she hadn't really picked up a pool stick a few times since then only to play some games with the guys in the force but that was about it.

Luke Calvin - April 12, 2011 08:00 PM (GMT)
Luke had to lean up out of his chair in order to be able to reach the ball, luckily he had a strap around his waist to keep him from falling out of the chair. But still it was a bit of a strain on him just to reach the hall that was in the middle of the table. People just seemed to avoid him whenever possible, almost like he was some kind of freak. Not tomention still gawking at him.

Hearing someone close by him he looked up a saw a rather pretty girl. He smiled some and shook his head, his blonde locks falling in front of his eyes. "None at all. Just be careful. I tend to be a sore looser and run over people's toes," he laughed. Then he repositioned himself again to make the first strike and just his luck, none of the balls went down the holes. "Name is Luke," he held out his hand to her.

Stella Cortez - April 12, 2011 09:33 PM (GMT)
When he agreed to let her play she grinned some, a waitress was swinging by. “Can I have a beer please? Bring me whatever. “ She let her go then looked over to the blonde. “Oh, I’ve had worse than my toes ran over. I’m sure I can get out of the way fast enough before you speed across them.” Since she was invited now to join his pool game she walked over to the wall and picked up a stick, she used the blue calk across the felt in then rubbed her hands on a block of power before walking back over to him. Some of the power ended up on the hip of her black slacks. She walked over to the table. “I’ll take Odds, You take evens. Eight ball goes in last. I’m sure you know this game.” She said walking over to the other end of the table putting them balls back up then racked them all in the center. “Hot rod your way over here and break these.” She said getting them ready then stepping out of his way.

Just in time for the waitress to return with her beer which she took. “You want one of these?”

Luke Calvin - April 13, 2011 12:27 PM (GMT)
“Whatever you say.” He smirked. “I might not be very good, been a few years since I last played.” He moved over to the side of the table where she had placed the eight ball. Just when he was getting ready to make the first hit, the waitress came by with her beer. What he would not give to drown his own sorrows in alcohol.

Luke shook his head a bit, his blonde hair falling in front of his eyes. “No thank you. It is not best to drink and drive,” he said mostly meaning the wheel chair. “Yeah unfortunately I had a little drinking binge when I was first put into this chair, and believe me I do not want to go back to that.” He gave her a small smile before he started to reposition himself to make the first shot, having to lean up against the table in order to even reach. He hit the eight ball with the end of the pool stick, sending the ball flying to the others that were in a perfect little triangle, but still he could not sink any of the balls into the hole. “Your turn,” he said moving away from the table to give her some room.

Stella Cortez - April 13, 2011 07:34 PM (GMT)
She was out of his way and leaning against the pool table watching him break the stack. When they scattered she picked up her stick and walked to the white ball. Leaning over she aimed it then popped the ball with the end of the pool stick. The white ball shot across the green felt popping another ball with a click then send it into the whole. “I guess I’m not as rusty as I thought. I’ll go easy on you.” She teased him as she stepped back to receive the beer the waitress brought her. She paid her before she left taking a drink of it. Even though she didn’t like the way beer tasted it relaxed her. “Kudos for you having the will power not to do it anymore.” Stella only drank when the memories of her brothers death would haunt her.

Since she had gotten one in it was her turn to shoot again so she walked over to the ball leaned back over once again and aimed the pool stick for the white ball, after she shot it and it went flying it only bounced off the wrong ball shoving one of his in the pocket. “Looks like we’re even now.” She let him wheel around to shoot his ball as she drank gently on the beer before setting it down on the table when it was her turn to shoot a ball

Luke Calvin - April 13, 2011 08:16 PM (GMT)
Luke smirked a bit getting a small view of her assets He was a guy and it could not be helped at all. Though he had the cute and innocent look on his face when she turned to talk to him. “Well I can’t say that it was easy. I always thought that being in a wheel chair was going to be the worst thing that could happen to me…Nope. I was wrong. The worst thing was not being able to lead a full and happy life. Just because I can’t use my legs does not mean that I cannot do what normal people do.”

He leaned back over the table, aiming for the white ball. Hitting the ball with the end of the stick he was finally able to sink one of his own into a hole. He placed the stick in his lap and went to move to make another shot. “But still the temptation is always there. But I know if I start, then I won’t be able to stop.” He was able to sink another, but the third try he was not so lucky. He moved back away from the table and watched her curiously. “So did you just move here?”

Stella Cortez - April 14, 2011 02:26 AM (GMT)
When he shot a few balls in the pockets she was drinking her beer then laughed after she swallowed. “Oh, you trying to hustle me I see. Acting like you aren’t no good then shoot a few in. I got your no good man. Good thing we didn’t place money on this game.” When he missed the last ball she walked over shaking her head placing the beer on the side of the pool table as she’d lean forward to shoot in two balls at the same time. “Here I was trying to be easy on you.” She shook her head then moved around the pool table to lean over once more and shot at another but it bounced off the very corner. She stepped back around the table to pick up her beer letting him take another shot.

“Yeah, I just got here this morning. I moved from California, just needed something that was a little less dangerous.. But something tells me I won’t like it here like I did in California, there was always a rush there.. here seems really slow paced.” She was leaning against another pool table as she waited for him to shoot the ball. She glanced back at a few guys talking and playing pool.

Luke Calvin - April 14, 2011 12:44 PM (GMT)
“I never said that I was any good. Kind of hard to reach when you can’t really stand up. But what can I say I got lucky with a few shots,” he laughed softly. Luke still could not stop himself from checking her out as she bent over the table. Tilting his head to the side somewhat to get a better view. Then as always that cute and innocent look would come back on his face. One of the pleasures of being in a wheel chair was that he had a perfect view of any good looking guy or girl’s ass.

“Sometimes being in a slower paced town can be a good thing. Gives you more time to do the things that you want to do, away from your job. Gives you time to think of the things that you want to do in life rather than just speed by it.” He leaned back over the table, readying for a shot. “Maybe even time to start going out, and having a family.” The white ball actually just bounced off the side, not hitting anything. “Or you could always come out to my parent’s ranch and learn horseback riding. I’m sure that my parents might try and work something out with you.”

Stella Cortez - April 14, 2011 01:45 PM (GMT)
When he mentioned horses she had to think about that for a moment before raising an eye brow. “Do I look like the horse type? I’ll give it a try, you never know.” She was drinking her beer as she watched him. “I don’t know about that. In California, when I was off I’d go surfing. It was the best past time for me. Family, I’m not sure I’m the mothering kind of woman.” She went after the ball when he shot it off the table then placed it back in the middle back behind the line.

“You know.” She started as she leaned over the table again to shoot the white ball into a stack just to break them up but ended up getting one of hers in the pocket giving her another chance to shoot So she did moving across the table she bent over again. “Last guy I played pool with, my partner that kept staring at my ass got a broken pool stick over his head. “ She grinned as she hit another ball across the green felt and with a clank hitting the other ball into the pocket.

Luke Calvin - April 14, 2011 02:07 PM (GMT)
Luke turned bright red, knowing that he was caught looking at her. Could anyone honestly blame him? “Well you will have to excuse my rudeness, it’s the only thrill that I can get since I can’t feel anything from the waist down. Give a crippled guy a break. Plus it wouldn’t be very sportsman like for you to hit the crippled kid.” He smiled, mostly he was just playing with her.

Then he let out a sigh. “But if it bothers you so much then I will stop.” He wheeled himself further away from her and moved into her line of sight so that she could keep an eye on him. “Most women would have taken that as a compliment. It’s not like I am able to act upon my urges anyway. Plus most women tend to steer clear of a guy who can’t feel from the waist down.” He gave a small shrug of his shoulders. It was clear by the moment of sadness that he had upon his face, what he said was true. People purposely tried to avoid having any kind of relationship with him because of his handicap.

Stella Cortez - April 14, 2011 10:21 PM (GMT)
“You aren’t as much of a kid as you wanna assume. Seems you feel just enough to keep you in trouble. I’ll over look you watching my ass for now cut you some slack. But I’m not the giving type so cherish the moment as much as you can. Most women, your right about that but I’m not like those women.” When it was her turn to shoot again she did hitting her last ball into the pocket. They both were even now it was just who ever got the 8-ball in the hole now. She aimed for the 8-ball but she missed the white ball made the connection but it was to far out in the middle for the ball to go into a pocket.

“Let me tell you, I was in a convenient store one time and I had a call to go check on someone was stealing. When I got here it was a guy in a wheelchair. He got pissed because I was going to have carry him in.. So he flung himself out and attacked me. Man, it was crazy he was a strong dude. The upper body strength he had was crazy.”

Luke Calvin - April 15, 2011 12:36 PM (GMT)
“Yeah I think I heard about that before in the news. The upper body strength we have to keep up with so that we are not so dependent on other people taking care of us. We have to compensate for the lack of movement below the waist by building up what we have to work with. I on the other hand, do not want my parents to worry about taking care of me just for that reason. I do want to be on my own…one day. Right now my parents are fighting to keep me with them so they can look after me.”

Luke moved back up to the table to take another shot, she was lucky because the white ball missed the eight ball by a fraction of an inch. “But that is another reason why I don’t drink. I was not exactly the nice guy that everyone says I am. Actually I was told that I was rather bitchy…generally moody when I was drunk. Didn’t help the fact that my youngest sister looks up to me as a role model, I didn’t want her to be like me so…I had to stop.”

Stella Cortez - April 16, 2011 06:58 AM (GMT)
“I make a pitiful drunk, I try not to get drunk but I do drink to relax. “She said watching him miss the 8-ball She walked over to the white ball once he was out of the way. Bending over she aimed the pool stick toward the white ball, drawing the stick back she aimed before shooting the ball across the table clanking the 8-ball and sent it into the left back pocket. Polishing off her beer she let the woman take her empty glass on her way back to the bar. She looked over at Luke. “Looks like I won.” She stepped away just for a moment as she walked to the bar talking to the tender. He’d hand her something then she’d lean down writing something down on a napkin, returning to Luke she handed him the napkin with a phone number. “Call me sometime. When we’re both not busy we’ll go hang out. But I should head home get some sleep for work tomorrow.” She smiled some at him.

After the goodbyes were announced she'd leave the bar and head home for the night.

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