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Dkaar Zatain
Posted: May 21 2011, 11:20 AM

Advanced Member
Group Icon

Group: Command
Posts: 77
Member No.: 5
Joined: 20-May 11


Commanding Officer
Brigadier General Dkaar Zatain * Atreonid-Capellan(M)

Executive Officer
Fleet Captain Hoyle 'Buck' Gibbs * Human(M)

Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander Jera (npc)*Vulcan (M)

Chief Of The Boat
Master Chief Darrol Barron(NCP) * Human(M)

Mission Advisor
MACO 2nd Lieutenant Lane Bonnet(npc) * Human(M)

Captains Adjutant
Staff Sergeant Mang Loi(PNCP) * Human(F)

Flight Control

Chief Flight Control Officer
Lieutenant JG Teri Milan(ncp)* Human(F)

Assistant Flight Control Officer
Ensign Jo'el Nareem(npc) * Vulcan(F)

Flight Control Officer
Ensign Pete Leonis(npc) * Human(M)

Shuttle/Runabout Pilot]
Lieutenant Barney Coomer(npc)


Chief Strat Operations Officer
Lieutenant Nolan Cromwell(NPC) * Human

Ensign. Gregg Tibits(npc) * Human(M)

Ensign Olay Tavaras(npc) * Bajorian(F)

Chief Security-Tactical Officer
Lieutenant M'Rill * Human(F)

Assistant Chief Sec/Tac Officer
Ensign Breynard Ellison(npc) * Human(M)

Security Officer
PO2 T’Paula(npc) * Romulan(F)

Security Officer
PO2 Qultuq(ncp)* Klingon(M)

Tactical Officer
PO3 Billy Mayfield(npc) * Human(M)

Security Investigations Officer
Shakaar Fala(npc) * Bajorian(F)

Brig Officer
Morgh Bu’(npc) * Klingon(M) (Corporal)

PO2 Anthony Toretta(ncp) Human(M)


Chief Operations Officer
Lieutenant Thom Walker(npc) * Human(M)

Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Master Sgt. Charlie Bass (npc) * Human(M)

Operations Officer
Lieutenant Adam Baker(npc) * Human(M)


Communications Officer
Ensign Iola Karpten(pnpc) * Human(F)

Communications Specialist
PO1 John Mossberg(npc) * Human(M)

Computer Systems Specialist
Ensign Richard Hays * Human(M)

Lieutenant JG Par Lenor(npc) * Ferengi

CPO Royce Daniels(npc) * Human(M)


Chief Engineering Officer
Lieutenant. Vincent Cooper(NCP) * Human(M)

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Ensign Clout "Whisper" Paxton * Human(M)

Engineering Officer
Ensign M’attisss(pncp) * Caitian(M)

Engineering NCO
CPO Carl Fisher (npc) * Human(M)

Damage Control Specialist
PO1 Amos Elliott(npc) * Human(M)

Matter/Energy Systems Specialist
PO3 Dirk Millard(npc) * Human(M)

Propulsion Specialist
Tigen Bachelor(npc) * Civilian(M)

Structural/Env Systems Specialist
Stew Evans (npc) * Civilian(M)

Transporter Chief
Lieutenant JG Aaralyn Huug


Chief Science Officer
Commander M'rall Michaels * Caitian(F)

Assistant Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant JG Isalie Thrax(ncp) * Trill(F)

Science Officer
Ensign Henry Olbermann(npc) * Human(M)

Lieutenant Olinda Ferrari(npc) * Ocampa/Human(F)

Lieutenant JG Zevora Birtek (F) * (F)

Language Specialist
Ensign B'rek(npc) * Vulcan(M)

Stellar Cartographer
Warrant Officer 1 Neil Barclay(npc) * Human(M)

Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Cyrus Marner MD * Human(M)

Chief Counselor
Lieutenant Aila Harvath * Human(F)

Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Safiya Na'ambu MD * Ligonian(F)

Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG Melina Swiftwind * Wolfess(F)

Medical Officer - Surgeon
Ensign I'zzad R'pas(pncp) * Caitian(M)

Ensign Lae Angeles * Human(F)

Charge Nurse
Lieutenant JG Trish Rosario-Gibbs Sexy RN * Human(F)

Ensign Mary Beth Archer RN(NPC) * Human(F)

Chief Petty Officer Alyn Risdon * Human(F) Assigned to MACO

PO3 Edison Nightlinger(NPC) * Human(M)

Morale Officer
Ensign Parker Jobs(npc) * Human(M)

Intelligence Corps

Chief Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant Commander Tallus Vareck(NPC) * Romulan(M)

Assistant Chief Intel Officer
Lieutenant Harrison Echert(NPC) * Human(M)

Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant JG John Stryker * Human(M)

Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant Drago(NCP) * Human/Klingon(M)

Infiltration Specialist
Master Chief Darrol Barron(NCP) * Human(M)

Encryption Specialist
PO2 Aveer* (NPC) El Aurian (M)

Diplomatic Corps

Chief Diplomatic Officer
Commander Fieries Partan(NCP) * Atrenoid (F)

Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer
Lieutenant Commander Ellis Winetraub(NCP) * Human(M)

Diplomatic Officer
Lieutenant JG Morwen Megan White * Orion-Terran(F)

Diplomatic Corpsman
PO2 Brett Monday(NCP) * Human(M)

Legal Officer
Lieutenant Avril Nardoni(PNCP)* Human(F)

1st MACO Division "Raiders"

MACO Commanding Officer
MACO Captain Jonny Conkle

MACO Executive Officer
2nd Lieutenant Raiku Kazanski (ncp) * Human(M)

MACO First Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Anson Vickers(ncp) * Human(M)

First Platoon
1st Platoon Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Mang Loi(PNCP) * Human(F)

Squad Leader
Sergeant Alex "Samurai" Hayami * Human(M)

Squad Leader
Corporal Mike Nelson(NCP) * Human(M)

Squad Leader
Sergeant Ratu(NCP) * Ferengi(M)

Combat Medic
Chief Petty Officer Alyn Risdon * Human(F)

Private Mitchell Reed(NPC) * Human(M)

2nd Platoon
2nd Platoon Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Bobby Pearcy(PNCP) * Human(M)

Squad Leader
Corporal Deke Thorton(NCP) * Human(M)

Squad Leader
Corporal Kevin Sinn(NCP) * Human(M)

Squad Leader
Sergeant Glenn Parvin(NCP) * Human(M)

Combat Medic
Petty Officer 3 Nick Thompson* Human(M)

Private Allison McCormack(NPC) * Human(F)

3rd Platoon
3rd Platoon Sergeant
Staff Sergeant Jayce Frank(PNCP) * Human(M)

Squad Leader
Sergeant Gina “G-Rod” Rodriquez(PNCP) * Human(F)

Squad Leader
Corporal Nick Allison(NCP) * Human(M)

Squad Leader
Corporal Hank Looney(NCP) * Human(M)

Combat Medic
Petty Officer 2 Mike Riely(NCP) * Human(M)

Private Dooley Weber(NPC) * Human(M)

Air Wing 413th Tactical Wing "Peacemakers"

Commanding Officer
Commander Daniel James * Human(M)

Wing Executive Officer
Lieutenant Nveid Tei * Romulan(M)

Red Squadron

Squadron Leader
Lieutenant Honor Heminway * Human (F)

Squadron Pilot
Lieutenant Vic Parker * Human(M)

Gold Squadron
Squadron Leader
Lieutenant Kelm Rethn * Orion Blend(M)

Squadron Pilot
Ensign Johnny Agar(NCP) * Human(M)

Blue Squadron
Squadron Leader
Second Lieutenant Justin Alexander MACO * Human(M)

Squadron Pilot
Ensign Ed "Rip" Rippon(NCP) * Human(M)

Control Operations

Areospace Boss
Commander Flynn Daulton(NPC) * Human(M)

Control Tower Operator
Commander Brady Kern(npc) Human(M)

Flight Deck Division
Deck Chief
Senior Chief Petty Officer Julian Hill(NCP) * Human(M)

Signal Team Leader
Chief Petty Officer Royce Meadows(NCP) * Human(M)

First Class Petty Officer Rance Adams(NCP) * Human(M)

Crew Chief
Second Class Petty Officer Joe Keola (npc)

Petty Officer 1 Shannon Selby(NCP) * Human(M)

Civilian Staff

~Stardust Lounge~
Owner Operator
E.B."Boomer" Bostwyck * Human(M)

Cocktail Waitress
Kim Morigeau(PNCP) * Human(F)

Karl "Zuma" Zumanski(PNCP) * Human(M)

Returning Characters

White Orchid Captain
Fleet Captain Kull Wolfgaar * Capellan(M)

White Orchid Pilot
K'vin(PNCP) * Klingon(M)

White Orchid Security Chief
B'etor(PNCP) * Klingon(F)

Zatain's Ex
LeShan Quadd(PNCP) * Capellan(F)

Wolfgaar's Ex
Leel Raak(PNCP) * Capellan(F)

FS Talon Captain
Philo Trentin(PNCP) * Human-Bajorian(M)

The Bad Guys

Tion Meddon
The Admiral
Capt. Nelson Steadman

the Hirogen

user posted image
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

"Cry Havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!"

"We're already engaged!"
LT A.K. Waters, US Navy SEALs
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