This website is very new, so a lot of things are still under construction. If something isn't where it's supposed to be, or your frustrated because the site doesn't seem active yet, IT IS! We just don't have very many members at the moment! So that's why we need your help! Register and we can get this website going! Oh and just so everyone is clear, we are not an rp based on the TV show "The Tudors" even though our banner portrays a character from the show. Think of it like "Oh she is wearing a dress from that time period, how neat!" and no one will be confused. View this page in Mozilla Firefox to see how awesome it really is! Internet Explorer makes us look terrible...

It is now 1561 and Queen Elizabeth is only twenty eight years old. She has just begun her reign three years earlier and the people of England are not at all sure if one so young will be able to rule. She is doing her best however, and the people seem to be satisfied... for now. Since TERPG is an AU Tudor Era rpg, it does not stick to history in a lot of aspects, but the culture and behavior of that time still stands. It is absolutely no fun if the story has already been made out for you, so that's why we aren't going to be on top in the history. Make your own story, come up with new ideas! Canons are available and we need them taken! So head on over to the Canons thread and claim one!

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London is getting heavy snow almost every day, and the air is cold and freezing. We are in late December to early January at the moment.

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